10 Famous Temples In Hyderabad To Seek Blessings (2022)

Hyderabad boasts of several historical places in the city that have enthralled every spectator. The serene temples of Hyderabad will surely leave every visitor, whether an admirer of architecture or a devotee, in awe with their unmatched beauty.

Spiritual Quest – Famous Temples In Hyderabad

The famous temples in Hyderabad are well-known for the festivals organised by them and for their splendid architecture. While some of the temples in the city date back to the 15th century, the other temples are a new addition to the city that were constructed in the 21st century.

Whether you want to spend some time reflecting on life or seek blessings from the supreme power, the temples in Hyderabad are a perfect place for you. For those who are keen on visiting these shrines, we have spotted the best temples in Hyderabad for you to go to.

1. Sri Peddamma Thalli Temple

Sri Peddamma Thalli Temple, also known as Peddamma Gudi, located at Jubilee Hills is one of the most popular temples in Hyderabad. The word “Peddamma” is derived from two words Pedda and Amma, which translates into ‘The Supreme Mother’ or ‘Mother of the Mothers’.

The annual Bonalu festival attracts devotees from different corners of the city to seek the blessings from Goddess Laxmi, the supreme deity of the temple. There are also other smaller temples dedicated to Ganapati, Saraswathi and Naga Devatha. Mahotsavam and Rathotsavam are two other popular festivals celebrated by the devotees during the month of February.

  • Location: Road Number 55, CBI Colony, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500033
  • Timings: 6 AM to 1 PM and 3 PM to 8 PM

2. Birla Mandir

The elegant Birla Mandir in Hyderabad is dedicated to Lord Venkateshwara. Since the temple was constructed by Birla Foundation, this temple is popularly known as Birla Mandir. The Birla Mandirs are located in several cities in India.

The consorts of Lord Venkateshwara, Padmavati and Andal are also placed in separate shrines within the Birla Mandir. There are also shrines within the temple premises dedicated to other gods and goddesses, namely Shiva, Shakti, Brahma, Ganesha, Hanuman, Saraswati, Lakshmi and Saibaba.

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  • Location: Hill Fort Road, Ambedkar Colony, Khairatabad, Hyderabad, Telangana 500004
  • Timings: 7 AM to 12 PM and 3 PM to 9 PM

3. Shri Jagannath Temple

Shri Jagannath Temple in Hyderabad was constructed by the Odia community of the city. The temple at Banjara Hills is said to be a replica of the iconic Jagannath Temple of Puri. Similar to the Rath Yatra of Puri, this temple also organises this popular annual festival, which attracts devotees from across the city.

Although the temple is dedicated to Lord Jagannath, the idols of his siblings, namely Lord Balabhadra and Devi Subhadra are also placed in the sanctum of the temple. There are also shrines within the temple premises dedicated to other gods and goddesses of Hinduism such as Lakshmi, Shiva, Ganesha, Hanuman and Navagrahas.

  • Location: Plot No- 1269, Road No 12, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500034
  • Timings: 6 AM to 12 PM and 5 PM to 9 PM

4. Chilkur Balaji Temple

Chilkur Balaji Temple, also known as Visa Balaji Temple, is one of the oldest temples in Hyderabad, constructed in the 14th century. Lord Balaji is the presiding deity of Chilkur Balaji Temple.

This temple situated on the banks of Osman Sagar is one of the few temples in the country with no green channel or privileges for VIP persons.

  • Location: Chilkur Balaji Temple Road, Himayat Nagar, Hyderabad, Telangana 500075
  • Timings: 5 AM to 8 PM

5. Balkampet Yellamma Pochamma Temple

Balkampet Yellamma is one of the most revered temples in Hyderabad, and was built in the 15th century. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Yellamma; Yellamma translates into Mother of the Universe. Goddess Yellamma is believed to be an incarnation of Goddess Kali.

The temple witnesses a huge crowd every Sunday and Tuesday. The celestial marriage ceremony of Yellamma Kalyanotsavam and Bonalu Jathara Festival are two main festivals celebrated at the temple.

(Video) Famous Ganesh Temple Near Hyderabad||స్వయంభు సిద్ది వినాయక ఆలయం హైదరాబాద్ దగ్గరలో|GaneshGadda Temple

  • Location: Balkampet Road, BK Guda, Balkampet, Hyderabad, Telangana 500038
  • Timings: 6 AM to 1 PM and 3 PM to 8 PM

6. Shri Ashtalakshmi Temple

Shri Ashtalakshmi Temple located at Kothapet is dedicated to Goddesses Ashtalakshmi. The magnificent temple has a distinct style of South Indian architecture that often bewilders its onlookers. It is one of the few temples in India that house Goddess Lakshmi in her eight splendorous forms.

The richly decorated idols of about 134 idols adorn the mahagunpuram. This splendid temple looks even more spectacular at night after being illuminated.

  • Location: Plot No.52, 55, W Road No. 4, Ramakrishnapuram, Kothapet, Hyderabad, Telangana 500102
  • Timings: 6 AM to 12 PM and 5 PM to 9 PM


The majestic ISKCON temple at Abids is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Hyderabad. ISKCON is also known as Sri Radha-Madana-Mohana temple since Lord Sri Krishna is the presiding deity of the temple. The beautiful paintings and richly decorated idols of the temple will surely amaze you.

The tranquil surroundings of the temple make it a perfect place to visit early in the morning for aarti, meditation, kirtan, bhajans and many such spiritual activities. The splendid architecture and lush green lawns add on to the tranquillity of the place.

  • Location: Nampally Station Road, Sri Sri Radha Madanmohan Mandir, Hare Krishna Land, Abids, Hyderabad, Telangana 500001
  • Timings: 4:30 AM to 1 PM and 4:30 PM to 8:45 PM

8. Hare Krishna Golden Temple

Hare Krishna Golden Temple located at Banjara Hills in Hyderabad is the first Golden Temple to be constructed in Telangana. Since the temple is situated on Hare Krishna Hillock, the temple is named as Hare Krishna Golden Temple.

The splendid temple has some unique architectural features such as 50 feet Golden Dhwaja Stambh, 4600 square feet Maha Mandapam, 5 golden stairs Rajagopuram and 10 step Japa Mantapa. Hare Krishna Golden Temple has two shrines, namely at Swayambhu Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy and Sri Sri Radha-Govinda.


  • Location: Swayambhu Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Kshetram Road #12, near Anti Corruption Bureau office, NBT Nagar, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500034
  • Timings: 4:30 AM to 12:15 PM and 4:30 PM to 8:25 PM

9. Sai Baba Temple

Sai Baba Temple at Dilsukhnagar is one of the most popular temples for the devotees of Sai Baba. Marathi Pooja and Aarati are held every day at the temple in the morning and evenings.

The temple attracts devotees from different parts of the city to take part in the spiritual activities of the temple and enjoy the tranquillity of the place. Devotees visit to experience the peaceful ambience and other spiritual activities of the temple.

  • Location: 46, Sai Baba Temple Road, Anamangal Kumari Kunta, besides Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad, Telangana 500060
  • Timings: 7 :15 AM to 11:45 AM, 12:30 PM to 2:30 PM, 3 PM to 5:45 PM and 6:30 PM to 8:45 PM

10. Film Nagar Daiva Sannidhanam

The splendid white marble temple is one of the most serene temples in Hyderabad. The temple has shrines dedicated to several Hindu gods and goddesses such as Venkateshwara Swamy, Rama, Hanuman, Ganesh and many others.

  • Location: Road 38, Jubilee Hills, Near Film chamber, Film Nagar, Hyderabad, Telangana 500082
  • Timings: 6 AM to 12 PM and 4 PM and 8 PM


The peaceful ambience, aarti and bhajans will surely have a positive impact on your mind and soul. The temples in Hyderabad are some of the best places to experience spirituality.
Have you visited any of the above-mentioned temples? Share your experience with us by commenting in the section below. Let us know in the comment section below if you would like to add any other beautiful temple on this list.

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Which is the most powerful temple in Hyderabad? ›

Peddamma Temple

The word "Peddamma", which is "Pedda+Amma", literally means 'Mother of Mothers' or "The Supreme Mother". She is one of the 11 forms of Village Deities and The Supreme most. The Temple is a must-visit during this "Bonaalu" festival which occurs during June–July every year.

Which temple is famous in Hyderabad? ›

1. Jagannath Temple. Built by the Odiya Community, Jagannath Temple is considered to be the most famous temple in the entire city of Hyderabad. The temple is located in the Banjara Hills and boasts of views of present-day Hyderabad or modern architecture and designs.

How many famous temples are there in Hyderabad? ›

Hyderabad has various famous temples due to its culturally rich heritage and history. It reflects a distinct facet of the city.

Which God is Worshipped in Hyderabad? ›

Jagannath Temple, Hyderabad
FestivalsRath Yatra
13 more rows

Which is the richest area in Hyderabad? ›

Banjara Hills is one of the most affluent and preferred localities, which is situated in the north-west part of Hyderabad. It is a well-developed residential cum commercial area. This locality is well-known for huge commercial ventures such as restaurants, shopping complexes, and hotels.

Which temple is best for marriage in Hyderabad? ›

If you are looking for a small wedding, Sri Seetha Rama Chandra Swamy Temple in Ammapalli is a great choice. Some more popular wedding venues in Hyderabad include Le Palais Royal, Imperial Gardens, Chiran Fort, Grand Lawn at Jalvihar.

Which area is heart of Hyderabad? ›

Hussain sagar is one of the tourist place of Hyderabad.

What is the old name of Hyderabad? ›

The city was originally called Baghnagar "city of gardens", and later acquired the name Hyderabad.

What is famous of Hyderabad? ›

A: Golconda Fort, Charminar, Qutub Shahi Tombs, Chowmahalla Palace and Salar Jung Museum are obviously the must-visit historical places in Hyderabad. Other heritage sites in Hyderabad include Mecca Masjid, Taramati Baradari, Toli Masjid, Paigah Tombs, Spanish Mosque, Falaknuma Palace and Purani Haveli.

Which shivling is in Hyderabad? ›

Srisailam Jyotirlinga Temple - The Bhramaramba Mallikarjuna Temple located in Srisailam is one of the 12 Jyotirlinga temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. Near the Shiva temple is a Parvati Temple known as Bhramaramba Temple and is considered one of the 51 Shakti Peetha Temples.

Which holy city is linked with Lord Shiva? ›

The land of Varanasi (Kashi) has been the ultimate pilgrimage spot for Hindus for ages. Hindus believe that one who is graced to die on the land of Varanasi would attain salvation and freedom from the cycle of birth and re-birth. Abode of Lord Shiva and Parvati, the origins of Varanasi are yet unknown.

Who is the strongest god in India? ›

Shiva is the Supreme, in Shaivite Traditions while in Shakti Traditions, Adi Parashakti is supreme.

Which Pooja is good for marriage? ›

People who are planning to get married should conduct the Mangal Gauri Puja and Yajna. This puja ritual is done for finding a suitable, compatible & desired life partner and for a happy and peaceful married life. Mangala Gauri Vrat is performed for the wellbeing of the husband and a happy & prosperous married life.

Which temple husband carries wife? ›

Agree? Since centuries, newly married couples have visited the Jejuri shrine, about 49 km from Pune, to seek the blessings of Lord Khandoba. Grooms have a daunting ritual awaiting them at the steps of the temple. They are supposed to lift their brides up the stairs that lead up to the sanctum.

Which is the temple in 2 states marriage? ›

Not many know that Alia Bhatt and Arjun Kapoor's wedding scene from the movie 2 States was shot at the Mahabalipuram Shore Temple, an UNESCO World Heritage site.

Which is the poorest area in Hyderabad? ›

With 23%, Hyderabad has the second largest population of urban poor in cities of India. This means out of 100 Hyderabadis, 23 are living under the poverty line. They live in 775 notified urban slums in Hyderabad, with Indiranagar and Bushannagar having the largest concentrations.

Who Has Biggest House in Hyderabad? ›

Well, as per various reports, Stylish Star allu Arjun, who is one of the well-established and banakable actors down south, owns the most expensive home in the 'City of Nizams'.

Can unmarried couples stay Hyderabad? ›

Couples just have to produce valid ID proof to check in. Hotel rooms are fully sanitized and are safe to stay. Hotels in Hyderabad for unmarried couples also provide hourly stay and day stay options.

Can we marry in Iskcon temple? ›

ISKCON Kalyana Mantapa is one of the best wedding venues in Bangalore. This place offers you two convention halls to choose from. These halls are absolutely suitable for conducting any type of event, be it a wedding, engagement ceremony or any other festivities.

Which is the cheapest area in Hyderabad? ›

8 Most Affordable Localities to Live in Hyderabad in 2022
  • Uppal: East Hyderabad.
  • Somajiguda - Green Views.
  • Jubilee Hills or Tinsel Town.
  • Shamshabad South Hyderabad.
  • Miyapur: Outskirts of Hyderabad.
  • Begumpet: North of Hussain Sagar Lake.
  • Manikonda - Close to Commercial Hubs.
  • Ameerpet Educational Hub.
10 Mar 2022

Where do Muslims live in Hyderabad? ›

The largest concentration of Hyderabadi Muslims is in the old city of Hyderabad.

Which area is peaceful in Hyderabad? ›

Which place is peaceful in the city of Hyderabad? Somajguda is one of the peaceful residential places in Hyderabad and it is also a contemporary business center & commercial area for numerous business activities.

What is Hyderabad nickname? ›

City of Pearls

Who is the Don of Hyderabad? ›

He was a resident of Bhongir located in Nalgonda district on the border of Hyderabad.
DiedAugust 8, 2016 Shadnagar
Cause of deathpolice Encounter
Years active1980 to 2016
9 more rows

Who ruled Hyderabad before Muslims? ›

The state was ruled from 1724 to 1857 by the Nizam, who was initially a viceroy of the Mughal empire in the Deccan. Hyderabad gradually became the first princely state to come under British paramountcy signing a subsidiary alliance agreement. During British rule in 1901 the state had an average revenue of Rs.

What is ameerpet famous for? ›

Ameerpet is known for its commerce and business of all kinds, but mainly as an education hub. Ameerpet is also a well-known destination for software training in India.

What is the oldest thing in Hyderabad? ›

Qutub Shahi Tombs, Hyderabad

One of the oldest monuments in the city, Qutub Shahi Tombs were built by Sultan Quli. The tombs are located in Ibrahim Bagh and are approximately 850 meters away from Banjara Darwaza of Golconda fort.

Which item is best in Hyderabad? ›

The most popular items to be bought from Hyderabad include Bidri Work, Hyderabadi Pearls, Lac Bangles, and so on. Each of these items is very unique to the city and brings about its essence well.

Can two unmarried couples stay in a hotel? ›

Yes. No law in the country denies an unmarried couple a stay in a hotel. However, checking-in a couple is at the discretion of the hotel owners / managers.

Can I stay with my girlfriend in Oyo rooms in Hyderabad? ›

Alternatively, if you are using the OYO App, you can activate the Relationship mode to get hotels that are couple friendly. These hotels are comfortable and convenient for unmarried couples. They accept local IDs and the staff members are well trained and will ensure total privacy and security for all guests.

Which is the richest place in Telangana? ›

Banjara Hills – the expensive posh area in Hyderabad

The area is home to some of the city's high-end restaurants, retail malls, green spaces and educational institutions. This posh locality in Hyderabad is home to the richest 1% of both Telugu states.

How can I spend 1 day in Hyderabad? ›

  1. Visit Golconda Fort. ...
  2. Witness the Qutb Shahi Tombs in Ibrahim Bagh. ...
  3. Feel the Royalty in Chowmahalla Palace. ...
  4. Stroll Around the Charminar. ...
  5. Revisit the British Essence around Koti Residency. ...
  6. Visit Moula Ali Dargah. ...
  7. Visit the Paigah Tombs. ...
  8. Spend an Fun-filled Day in Ramoji Film City.

Which is the best village in Hyderabad? ›

Pochampally is an artisanal village set about 50 kilometres from Hyderabad.

Can we touch srisailam lingam? ›

Srisailam Devasthanam

The Darshan which is available to those devotees who buy the tickets costing 500 INR per person is all about visiting the Mallikarjuna Swamy in his real Linga form and the devotees can be able to touch the Linga and worship in the nearest possible way.

Where is Asia's biggest shivling? ›

Baba Bhusandeswar Temple is located at Bhograi Block, Kumbhirgadi village of Balasore district, Odisha, India. The 12 feet long and 14 feet width lingam is carved out on a black granite and only half of the lingam is visible. The other half has remained buried for years.

What are the 12 Lingas? ›

The 12 Jyotirlingas in India are Somnath, Nageshwar, Bhimashankar, Trimbakeshwar, Grishneshwar, Vaidyanath, Mahakaleshwar, Omkareshwar, Kashi Vishwanath, Kedarnath, Rameshwaram, and Mallikarjuna.

What are the 7 sacred cities in India? ›

Seven of holy cities of Sapta Puri are Ayodhya, Mathura, Maya (Haridwar), Kasi (Varanasi), Kanchi (Kanchipuram), Avantika (Ujjain) and Dvaravati (Dwarka). These are also considered to be the holiest Hindu Teerths.

Which god is equal to Lord Shiva? ›

Thus, Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra are not deities different from Shiva, but rather are forms of Shiva. As Brahma/Sadyojata, Shiva creates. As Vishnu/Vamadeva, Shiva preserves.

Where is Shiva god now? ›

In benevolent aspects, he is depicted as an omniscient Yogi who lives an ascetic life on Mount Kailash as well as a householder with his wife Parvati and his three children, Ganesha, Kartikeya and Ashokasundari.

Who was the 1st God? ›

Who is Brahma? Brahma is the first god in the Hindu triumvirate, or trimurti. The triumvirate consists of three gods who are responsible for the creation, upkeep and destruction of the world. The other two gods are Vishnu and Shiva.

Who is Lord Shiva daughter? ›

Ashokasundari (Sanskrit: अशोकसुन्दरी, Aśokasundarī) is a Hindu goddess and daughter of the deities Shiva and Parvati. She is referenced in the Padma Purana, which narrates her story. The goddess is mostly venerated in South India in the form of Bala Tripurasundari.

Who is Shiva biggest Bhakt? ›

According to a folklore, Lord Shiva also blessed him to be born as his greatest devotee in his next birth. So, he is born again as a devotee in the Kali Yuga as Kannappa Nayanar and finally got liberation.

Which temple is very powerful? ›

Tirumala Balaji temple is famous world wide.

Which is the number 1 temple in India? ›

The Srirangam Temple is often listed as the largest functioning Hindu temple in the world. The temple, located in Tamil Nadu, occupies an area of 156 acres (631,000 m²) with a perimeter of 4,116m (10,710 feet), making it the largest temple in India and one of the largest religious complexes in the world.

Which is biggest temple in Telangana? ›

Hemachala Lakshmi Narsimha Swamy Temple is the most ancient architectural divine ensemble which is located on the Mallur Ghat in the Mangapeta mandal of Warangal district.

Which is the biggest palace in Hyderabad? ›

Perched 2,000 feet above the city of Hyderabad is Taj Falaknuma Palace, a jewel amongst the clouds. Built in 1894, it is the former palace of the Nizam, rumoured to be the richest man in the world at one time.

Who is the richest God in the world? ›

This revelation has solidified the status of the Padmanabhaswamy Temple as the wealthiest place of worship in the world.

Which temple has highest gold? ›

The Padmanabhaswamy temple treasure is a collection of valuable objects including gold thrones, crowns, coins, statues and ornaments, diamonds and other precious stones.

Which temple is very rich in world? ›

The famed Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple located in the heart of the capital city might be the world's richest temple with an asset base worth over Rs one lakh crore, mostly in gold, silver and diamonds.

Who is the richest God in Hinduism? ›

Kubera (Sanskrit: कुबेर, romanized: Kuberā) also known as Kuvera, Kuber and Kuberan, is the god of wealth, and the god-king of the semi-divine yakshas in Hinduism.

Which is the No 2 temple in India? ›

Venkateshwara Tirupati Balaji is the second richest temple in India. The ancient temple was visited by many rulers of great South-Indian dynasties.

Which is oldest temple in world? ›

In 2008, however, the German archaeologist Klaus Schmidt determined that Göbekli Tepe is, in fact, the oldest known temple in the world. The site was purposefully buried around 8,000 B.C. for unknown reasons, although this allowed the structures to be preserved for future discovery and study.

Which God is famous in Telangana? ›


Beechupally is home to a famous shrine of god Hanuman (Anjaneya Swamy). The shrine is located on the banks of river Krishna approximately 30 kilometers downstream of Jurala Hydro Electric Project in Mahabubnagar district of Telangana.

Which is the richest district in Telangana? ›

List of districts in Telangana by GDP
RankDistrictGDP (in Billion USD)
6 more rows

Who built Yadagirigutta temple? ›

The new temple is the brainchild of a modern day ruler, albeit one who has been elected — Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao. Mr. Rao consulted the well-known Vaishnavite figure Chinna Jeeyar Swamy for the temple, dedicated to Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy, while film set designer Anand Sai designed it.

Who is the king of Hyderabad? ›

He was styled as His Exalted Highness-(H.E.H) the Nizam of Hyderabad, and was widely considered as one of the world's wealthiest person of all time.
Mir Osman Ali Khan
Died24 February 1967 (aged 80) King Kothi Palace, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India (now in Telangana, India)
17 more rows

Who is the king of Hyderabad now? ›

Nizam Mir Barkat Ali Khan Siddiqi Mukarram Jah, Asaf Jah VIII (born 6 October 1933), less formally known as Mukarram Jah, has been the titular Nizam of Hyderabad since the death of his grandfather in 1967.

What is the oldest place in Hyderabad? ›

Qutub Shahi Tombs, Hyderabad

One of the oldest monuments in the city, Qutub Shahi Tombs were built by Sultan Quli. The tombs are located in Ibrahim Bagh and are approximately 850 meters away from Banjara Darwaza of Golconda fort.


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