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    Rachel Varina

    16 Men's Tuxedo Shirts For Grooms, Groomsmen, and Guests (2)

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    Nothing quite tops the tuxedo in regards to formality. As the quintessential black and white tie outfit, there’s a chance you’ll need to wear a tux at least once or twice in your life. And as you’re pulling together your look, you’ll want to find pieces that are not only within your budget and the dress code, but speak to your personal style as well.

    What Is a Tuxedo Shirt?

    A tuxedo shirt is a more elevated dress shirt, specifically meant to be worn with a tux. They have specific features like luxe fabrics, unique collar styles, and carefully placed studs, all of which are meant to complement the cut of a tuxedo. Tuxedo shirts shouldn't be worn with traditional suits or casual looks.

    While it might seem like all tuxedo shirts are the same, there are actually a variety of styles that can help personalize wedding day attire. Whether you’re a groom who wants to stand out, a groomsman in need of a shirt, or a guest attending a black-tie event, we're here to help you shop for the perfect look.

    Read on for our favorite tuxedo shirts that’ll make anyone feel dressed to the nines.

    Most Relaxed & Refined: Golden Fleece Swiss Pleat Tuxedo Shirt

    16 Men's Tuxedo Shirts For Grooms, Groomsmen, and Guests (3)

    If you want a quality shirt that’s both elevated and understated, Golden Fleece has you covered. Made from pure Egyptian cotton with a Swiss pleat and tennis collar, this tuxedo shirt is relaxed in the chest and sleeves. Even better, it can be machine washed for easy care.

    Most Classic: Suitsupply White Slim Fit Tuxedo Shirt

    16 Men's Tuxedo Shirts For Grooms, Groomsmen, and Guests (5)

    Show off your muscles with a slim-fit shirt built to flatter and compliment. This pure Egyptian cotton tuxedo shirt features a classic collar, double cuffs, and an unpleated bib in a refined, yet comfortable cut.

    Easiest Upkeep: Tie Bar Herringbone Non-Iron Dress Shirt

    16 Men's Tuxedo Shirts For Grooms, Groomsmen, and Guests (7)

    Buy on Thetiebar.com

    16 Men's Tuxedo Shirts For Grooms, Groomsmen, and Guests (8)

    (Video) WEDDING SUIT TRENDS FOR 2021 AND 2022

    No dry cleaner? No problem! This no-fuss tuxedo shirt from Tie Bar is 100% cotton and has a point collar and French cuffs. Best of all, you can throw it in the washer and dryer, and toss it on sans ironing.

    Most Size Options: Big & Tall Ivory Wing Collar Tuxedo Shirt

    16 Men's Tuxedo Shirts For Grooms, Groomsmen, and Guests (9)

    Soft and straightforward, this no-nonsense tuxedo shirt comes in a wide range of sizes—all of which boast a rich ivory hue. It also has an adjustable wingtip collar and convertible barrel cuffs.

    Best Budget Set: JF J. Ferrar Tuxedo Shirt Set

    16 Men's Tuxedo Shirts For Grooms, Groomsmen, and Guests (11)

    Looking to build a full tux on a budget? This slim-fit, machine washable tuxedo shirt comes with a bow tie, cummerbund, and cufflinks—all for under $50.

    Best Stripe Details: Eton Contemporary-Fit Satin Stripe Formal Shirt

    16 Men's Tuxedo Shirts For Grooms, Groomsmen, and Guests (15)

    Upgrade your look with Eton’s satin striped formal shirt. The evening collar will look great even after you take your tie off, and the subtle vertical stripes make for a fashion-forward look.

    Contemporary Favorite: Brunello Cucinelli Chambray Tuxedo Shirt

    16 Men's Tuxedo Shirts For Grooms, Groomsmen, and Guests (17)

    While most tuxedo shirts are cotton and white, if you’re looking for something that stands out, we love how Brunello Cucinelli utilizes chambrary in this unexpected shirt. With its spread collar, pleated bib, and French cuffs, it has all the formality with a touch of contemporary.

    For Something Blue: Helston Plain-Front Light Blue Tuxedo Shirt

    16 Men's Tuxedo Shirts For Grooms, Groomsmen, and Guests (19)

    (Video) 5 Types of Tuxedo Shirts You Might Not Have Known Existed

    Add a dash of color and wear your own something blue with this plain-front tuxedo shirt by Helston. Made from 100% cotton, it’ll keep you cool while the hue will keep you looking sharp.

    Best Designer Splurge: Giorgio Armani Front Bib Tuxedo Shirt

    16 Men's Tuxedo Shirts For Grooms, Groomsmen, and Guests (21)

    If you’re looking for a luxurious tuxedo shirt that will stand the test of time, this Giorgio Armani staple is a must. With a point collar, bib front, French cuffs, and shirttail hem, it’ll impress each time you put it on.

    Most Luxurious: Stefano Ricci Swarovski Hidden-Placket Formal Dress Shirt

    16 Men's Tuxedo Shirts For Grooms, Groomsmen, and Guests (23)

    If you’re going to dress up, why not go all out with this Stefano Ricci favorite? The hidden-button placket, French cuffs, and shirttail hem are further elevated thanks to the spread collar with a Swarovski crystal button.

    The Ultimate Guide to Groom's Fashion

    Best For First Timers: The Groomsman Suit Classic Tuxedo Shirt

    16 Men's Tuxedo Shirts For Grooms, Groomsmen, and Guests (25)

    It doesn’t get more simple than The Groomsman Suit’s classic tuxedo shirt. Made with 100% cotton, you can select either a slim or modern fit. The removable studs also give you an option to customize your look.

    Most Customizable: Hockerty Perfect Tux Shirt

    16 Men's Tuxedo Shirts For Grooms, Groomsmen, and Guests (27)

    If you want a tuxedo shirt that’s completely you, customizing one with Hockerty is the ideal solution. Select everything from the texture, the type of collar, the cuffs, the fit, and even the buttons.

    Best Royal Oxford: Thomas Mason Royal Oxford Tuxedo Shirt

    16 Men's Tuxedo Shirts For Grooms, Groomsmen, and Guests (29)

    (Video) Home & Family - Wedding Series - Tuxedo Shopping

    This Thomas Mason tuxedo shirt is a smart choice for any formal occasion. Even better, you can customize your look by adding a monogram or chest pocket.

    For the Life of the Party: White and Black Slim Fit Ruffle Tuxedo Shirt

    16 Men's Tuxedo Shirts For Grooms, Groomsmen, and Guests (31)

    Don’t let ruffles scare you! While this retro look isn’t for everyone, we love when people find subtle ways to make their tuxes unique. The black trimmed ruffles add a cheeky element to an otherwise formal look.

    Best Non-Traditional Option: Tom Ford Pleated Bib Tuxedo Shirt

    16 Men's Tuxedo Shirts For Grooms, Groomsmen, and Guests (33)

    If your aesthetic is a little bolder, you can still rock a tux without compromising your statement-making style. This black tuxedo shirt strikes the perfect balance between edgy and elegant.

    What to look for in a tuxedo shirt

    When it comes to shopping for a tuxedo shirt it's important to find a style and silhouette that fits you perfectly and complements your tux. While it may seem as though all tuxedo shirts look alike, there are actually lots of different styles to choose from. Tuxedo shirts feature specific design elements that range from wing top collars to mother of pearl studs and pleated bibs. All tuxedo shirts are appropriate for a black-tie wedding and must always be worn with a tux.


    • When is it appropriate to wear a tuxedo shirt?

      A tuxedo shirt should always be worn with a tux. For those attending black-tie and white-tie events, tuxedos are typically required.

    • Can I wear a normal dress shirt with a tuxedo?

      While you might be tempted to grab your everyday dress shirt, a tuxedo shirt is a crucial component of a tux. From the cut to the collar to the buttons (whether hidden, studded, or exposed), a tuxedo shirt is essential when donning your best.

    • Are men’s tuxedo shirts expensive?

      While some men choose to invest in a luxe tuxedo shirt, others opt for something lower in price but still high in quality. The key is finding a tuxedo shirt that doesn’t take away from the final, formal look.

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    What is the best shirt to wear with a tuxedo? ›

    First thing's first. If you want to get the most out of your tuxedo, always wear a white shirt. Black shirts are permissible for some formal events like proms, but they never achieve the same masculine effect of a white shirt underneath a black coat.

    Do you need a special dress shirt for a tuxedo? ›

    A tuxedo shirt is markedly different than your standard dress shirt. It's important to know the differences. In terms of collars, both a formal wing-style and a classic turn-down collar are acceptable for black-tie. A wing collar is generally considered more formal and is the only appropriate option for white-tie.

    What is the difference between a dress shirt and a tuxedo shirt? ›

    A tuxedo shirt is a more elevated dress shirt, specifically meant to be worn with a tux. They have specific features like luxe fabrics, unique collar styles, and carefully placed studs, all of which are meant to complement the cut of a tuxedo. Tuxedo shirts shouldn't be worn with traditional suits or casual looks.

    Can I wear a regular dress shirt with a tuxedo? ›

    Can you wear a normal dress shirt with a tuxedo? While there is no hard and fast rule that says you have to wear a white shirt with your tuxedo, it is definitely the most popular and traditional style available today. It is, on the other hand, the only choice if the event is of a more formal type.

    What color looks good for tuxedo? ›

    Grey is the most versatile of tuxedo and suit colors. Adjusting the shade only shifts the colors you can pair with it as well as how you accessorize. This hue is your answer for any outdoor, indoor or destination wedding. Grey can be modern, classic, compelling and eye-catching.

    What color shoes do you wear with a tuxedo? ›

    If you're throwing a black-tie wedding and donning a traditional black tux, you can never go wrong with classic dress shoes like oxfords and loafers in black or navy. For a blue or tan tuxedo, black still works well, but you can go for a dressy brown shoe for a slightly more casual effect.

    Can you wear a tuxedo shirt without a cummerbund? ›

    Wear a cummerbund or vest.

    Unless you're wearing a double-breasted jacket that you keep buttoned at all times, you'll likely expose your shirt. Your tux will look incomplete if you're not wearing a cummerbund or vest.

    Do you have to wear a French cuff shirt with a tuxedo? ›

    In fact, black tie events were one of the only times a man would wear French cuffs. Even now, French cuffs aren't suggested for a tux, they are obligatory. For a black tie event, a white cotton French cuff dress shirt is the appropriate choice.

    Do you unbutton a tuxedo when sitting? ›

    Tuxedo Tips

    Jacket buttoned when standing and unbuttoned when sitting. When buttoned, your top button should always be buttoned and your bottom button should remain unbuttoned. If you're not wearing cufflinks, you will clasp the buttons on your cuff.

    How do you pick a tuxedo shirt? ›

    Generally, we suggest solid white twills and broadcloths for tuxedo shirts. Twills are more opaque and have more shine than broadcloths, lending them a more formal appeal. Twills also drape better under tuxedo jackets. Broadcloths feel smoother and more modern, but are generally more sheer than twills.

    Can you wear a black shirt with tuxedo to wedding? ›

    While a black dress or jumpsuit is appropriate for women, black suits and accessories are perfectly fine options for men as well. "Anything from a black tie, a black shirt or a black suit is definitely appropriate to wear to a wedding," says Onyx Martinez, Lead Stylist for The Tie Bar.

    How many studs should a tuxedo shirt have? ›

    Buttons and Tuxedo Studs

    The most formal tuxedo shirts are worn with four or five tuxedo studs. These are small, decorative alternatives to shirt buttons. (Think of it as cufflinks for the front of your shirt.) Tuxedo studs are removable so you can change up the style or use the standard shirt buttons instead.

    What shoes not to wear with a tuxedo? ›

    I do not recommend wearing a fancy wingtip shoe as a sleek and plain shoe look pair much better with a tuxedo. Go with a plain toe, cap toe, or one piece style as it looks smooth and sleek to pair with your tuxedo. As a groom, you could wear a patent leather tuxedo shoe as a way to stand out from your groomsmen.

    Should you wear a pocket square with a tuxedo? ›

    As a general rule, you'll want to wear a pocket square whenever you're wearing a suit coat, jacket, or tuxedo jacket that has a pocket—and you'll always want to make use of them for formal and semi-formal events.

    What goes around your waist with a tuxedo? ›

    You'll be cooler wearing a cummerbund under a tuxedo than a vest. However, today the purpose of a cummerbund is mainly to cover the waist.

    What Colour tuxedo must not be worn during the day? ›

    Black Tie Is Not Daytime Wear

    The trend is unlikely to stop, but for people who are serious about getting their formal and semi-formal dress right, tuxedos are evening wear only. The usual rule of thumb is that you dress for the end time of an event.

    What are appropriate shoes to wear with a tuxedo? ›

    Which Shoes Should you Wear with a Tuxedo? Generally, there are four accepted shoe styles to wear to a black tie event: the court shoe or opera pump, an Oxford, a Venetian loafer, and finally a slipper (sometimes called Prince Albert Slippers).

    What Colour socks do you wear with a tuxedo? ›

    What Type of Socks Do You Wear With A Tuxedo? With that cleared up, you should also know that you'll need black dress socks to complete the tuxedo look. Not just any black socks will do — you should really go for a high quality pair of black cotton or black merino wool dress socks.

    Are cummerbunds out of style? ›

    Cummerbund or Vest (or Neither?)

    If you want a more modern, effortless look, consider ditching the vest or cummerbund altogether. Going vestless is an increasingly popular, contemporary choice, and acceptable with either a tuxedo or a suit.

    What is the point of cummerbund? ›

    Cummerbunds are an essential part of black tie etiquette and they give formal suits a finished appeal. Cummerbunds are used to cover the unsightly bunching that occurs when a shirt is tucked into trousers and they also provide an aesthetic benefit to your overall ensemble.

    What should you not wear to a black tie event? ›

    For a black-tie event, avoid wearing: Suits even black – black-tie dress code means a tuxedo or formal dinner jacket outfit. Opened toed shoes. Shorts.

    What color shirt goes with a black tuxedo? ›

    It's definitely best to wear a white shirt or a light-colored dress shirt with a black tie to offset its overwhelming darkness. Men in black tuxedos always look classy and sophisticated, so if you want to make sure that you don't stand out for the wrong reasons, go with this tuxedo combination.

    How do you not look like a waiter in a tuxedo? ›

    Wear a One-button jacket along with a proper dress shirt or tailored evening shirt and ensure you're clad in matching trousers and not jeans! Your Lapels – Stick to Peaked or Shawl Lapels only! No Notched Lapels please; as these are the most common and generally used in Business suits.

    Do you wear gloves with a tuxedo? ›

    Formal gloves are usually worn with a tuxedo, as it's a very formal and stylish option. It gives the finishing touch to your formal outfit, and it's available in many different colors. There are many instances where you need formal gloves for your tuxedo, and this will depend on the specific event you are attending.

    What buttons should you not use in a tuxedo? ›

    Regardless, no matter what kind of suit you're wearing, the bottom button should never be buttoned up. For a waistcoat, there's a similar rule: always leave the bottom button open.

    How tight should a tuxedo fit? ›

    To achieve the perfect fit, your tuxedo should fit your shoulders and chest a certain way. For example, the lapels of your jacket should lie flat. They shouldn't billow out awkwardly when you fasten the top button. If this happens, it means your jacket is too tight.

    What color is the classic tuxedo? ›

    The black or white tuxedo is a classic but it's increasingly common to find navy tuxedos, burgundy tuxedos and grey tuxedos in weddings and red carpet events! The White Dinner Jacket typically has no satin but it is a unique look for any formal themed parties or weddings.

    What color should wedding tuxedo be? ›

    For a formal wedding, you can never go wrong with a black tuxedo, white shirt, bow tie or necktie, pocket square, and a vest. Depending on how traditional the wedding is, you might also consider tailcoats and a cummerbund.

    What is the most formal tuxedo style? ›

    3. PEAK LAPEL TUXEDO SUIT. Among the different types of tuxedos, the ones with a peak lapel are the most fitting for highly formal and traditional events.

    What colors are you not supposed to wear to a wedding? ›

    Here are the colours that are off limits for wedding guest attire.
    • Any shade of white. OK, this is probably pretty obvious, but you really can't wear white to a wedding. ...
    • Gold (and other metallics) ...
    • Light pastels. ...
    • Neon. ...
    • The colour the bridesmaids are wearing.
    16 Aug 2019

    Can you wear a metal watch with a tuxedo? ›

    For evening watches that are worn with black tie, a metal, rubber or nylon bracelet is inappropriate. When wearing a timepiece with a tuxedo, you should ensure it has a simple black leather strap that fits well.

    Should a guest wear a tuxedo to a wedding? ›

    They're as different as night and day. A tux is typically worn in the evening. If the wedding occurs during the day, then a suit would be more appropriate. However, if the festivities go well into the night, then you can wear whichever you prefer.

    Should there be a stud every 16 inches? ›

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    Why are 16 studs on the center? ›

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    Are most studs 16 on Center? ›

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    Can you wear no show socks with a tuxedo? ›

    It's All About the Pants

    This style can also work for suits, both casual and tuxedo, as long as they're paired with a shoe that matches the dressiness (i.e. a velvet loafer with a no-show sock would go well with a tuxedo, while a knitted oxford may look fabulous with a linen pant).

    Can you wear sunglasses with a tuxedo? ›

    A pair of tinted shades from, say, Moscot, the excellent NYC brand, worn at night with a sharp bit of tailoring, or even better with a tuxedo, is an elegant way to pump up the energy of one's outfit, making even the humblest of dinner guests feel like Ol' Nick.

    Should I wear suspenders with a tuxedo? ›

    No Belts or Suspenders

    Never wear a belt with formalwear. Suspenders may seem cool, but only if you're still in high school. Realistically, your tuxedo pants should have a strong waistband that fits securely around your waist, so there really isn't a need for a belt or suspenders. Resist the urge, no matter how strong.

    What color should grooms pocket square be? ›

    When worn with tuxedos, men tend to keep their pocket squares classic crisp white, while men in suits embrace more creative freedom, such as matching their pocket squares to the bridesmaid dress color.

    How do you look good in a tuxedo? ›

    Black tie rules require you to be a stickler for details the night of the event. The key to shining in your black tie outfit is nailing the little things like wearing a proper tuxedo dress shirt, black tie shoes, a bowtie, cufflinks, a formal pocket square, and a tuxedo belt, waistcoat or cummerbund.

    What is the white thing in a tuxedo pocket? ›

    A tuxedo pocket square, also referred to as a tuxedo handkerchief, is simply a piece of fabric that is placed in the breast pocket of a tuxedo jacket. The tuxedo pocket square is placed in a way that it remains visible, becoming a part of the full ensemble and serving a true accessory to your formal outfit.

    What are the 9 pieces of a tuxedo? ›

    Here are the most important parts of a tuxedo to know—plus some optional add-ons you can use to customize your look.
    • Jacket. ...
    • Notch lapel. ...
    • Peak lapel. ...
    • Bow tie. ...
    • Studs. ...
    • Cummerbund. ...
    • Lapel pin. ...
    • Wingtip collar.
    11 May 2020

    What color cummerbund goes with tuxedo? ›

    Traditionally black in color, a tuxedo cummerbund is a pleated waist sash that is worn with single-breasted tuxedo jackets. While most tuxedo cummerbunds are black in color, other colors can also be worn including gold, burgundy, bottle green, as well as white.

    Can I wear a black tie with a tuxedo? ›

    A slim black or ivory/white tie is definitely becoming a more common accessory for tuxes, especially for people who want a less traditional look while still achieving the level of formality a tuxedo creates.”

    What should I wear with a tuxedo? ›

    For a classic black tuxedo look, black dress socks will work best. 2. Put on your dress shirt, studs, and cuffs. The white dress shirt, or tuxedo bib, goes underneath your jacket, and the buttonholes fasten with black studs that tie the black-and-white ensemble together.

    Are tuxedo shirts supposed to be baggy? ›

    In short, no. A dress shirt should not be baggy but nor should it be too small or restrict your movement. That being said, it's often easier to tell if your shirt is too tight on your body. Any man will know the struggle of wearing a shirt that is one size too small because in most cases, it's just uncomfortable.

    Do you have to wear French cuffs with a tuxedo? ›

    French Cuffs.

    A tuxedo shirt should be worn with cuff links, which require French cuffs. Both square and rounded varieties are acceptable. The common barrel cuff is typically too casual for a formal event.

    How do you make a tuxedo look good? ›

    Looking Your Best: How to Wear a Tuxedo
    1. Choose the right time. ...
    2. Take the black tie option. ...
    3. Pick the right jacket and pants. ...
    4. Select a subdued shirt. ...
    5. Don't cut corners on the bow tie. ...
    6. Wear a cummerbund or vest. ...
    7. Wear patent leather shoes or highly polished Oxfords. ...
    8. Tuxedo accessories to add.

    What kind of pants do you wear with a tuxedo? ›

    The suit pant should have a tapered fit i.e. it should be slimmer towards the ankle, meaning boot-cut trousers are not acceptable. Target between 14 and 15 inches Ankle Width depending on your body size, anything less than this width size is a skinny fit pant, and anything more, is tending towards "big fit".

    What color shoes do you wear with a black suit? ›

    Black suits, including pinstripe, look best with black shoes. However, a dark burgundy colored shoe is also a great complement to this traditional suit. Brown or linen suits can be worn with all different shades of brown and black shoes.

    Can you wear brown shoes with a tuxedo? ›

    Answer: Typically, it is not acceptable to wear brown leather dress shoes with a black tuxedo. Different than a black suit, a black tuxedo always falls in the category of formal wear and should be worn with formal shoes.

    How tight should tuxedo shirt Be? ›

    Wearing a shirt that fits too tight can be uncomfortable and embarrassing if you start to sweat. Tuxedo shirt collar should fit close to the neck, but not too tight. The correct measurement is about half an inch of open space between your collar and neck.

    Do you fold the collar of a tuxedo shirt? ›

    The entire collar does not fold down over itself, like a standard collar. The points on this type of collar fold out, like wings. It is only suitable to wear with tuxedos. Choosing a wingtip collar for your tuxedo shirt is best for showing off your bowtie.

    Do you wear a wrist watch with a tuxedo? ›

    Traditionally, wearing a timepiece with a tuxedo to a formal affair was a no-no because it was considered rude to watch the time. Fortunately today it is completely acceptable as long as you select a timepiece that is appropriate, formal and elegant.

    Are suspenders necessary for tuxedo? ›

    Thou shall wear suspenders with a tuxedo. However, in the event that pants stay up without suspenders they are not necessary. 23. Thou shall not don pants with either cuffs or pleats with a tuxedo.


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