2023 Weekly Jumpchain Challenge RP (2023)

Michael Addams


Extended Family - The Addams clan is extensive and full of unique individuals, of which you are one. Don’t let it worry you, no Addams is ever truly alone.


A Dark Sensibility - You carry with you the logic and dark comedy motifs of the Addams Family wherever you go. You enjoy the dark and the macabre, and have a passion for life that terrifies those not blessed to be an Addams. Existential dread now amuses you and beings that radiate conceptual madness will be more likely to befriend you than try to destroy you. Oddly, you never suffer problems that might crop up from living in dark and gloomy environments, nor have problems seeing due to lack of proper illumination.

Comedic Chops - No matter how horrific your acts or murderous your tools, no one will ever be seriously injured by your actions if you aren’t specifically trying to harm them. They may be terrified, but they will also be unharmed.

Sic Gorgiamus Allos Subjectatos Nunc - The Addams Family Motto! It supposedly means “We Gladly Feast on those who would subdue us… which would actually be Domituros Libenter Devoramus in latin, but hey, you don’t watch Addams Family for accurate latin. You understand the minds of psychopaths, fiends, and mad dog killers… and they feel a kind of kinship with you. Also, you can choose a motto of your very own, and no one will care if you get the latin translation wrong.

Ladykiller? Acquitted! - You have a remarkable ability to escape the consequences of your actions. It is not that people think you are innocent, it is just that evidence seems to disappear, witnesses forget things, and the people trying to punish you just make one mistake after another. It isn’t impossible for you to get convicted of something, but it is going to take a truly herculean effort, and probably some illicit activity of their own, for anyone to pull it off.

Addams Constitution - You have an Addams appreciation for the finer things in life: Whips, chains, red-hot pokers and other such wonderful things. As a true Addams, you still feel pain, but it is hardly something you dislike. Rather, you glory in riding the edge of pain and insanity. What is more, pain and injury never cripple you or make you less capable of anything, and you will heal perfectly from any injury that doesn’t kill you or remove a limb, unless you happen to want a scar. And lastly, you find that otherwise lethal poisons never do more than make you sleepy, with most of them merely providing a bit of extra flavor.

Wake the Dead - If you happen to have a corpse handy, like in the family graveyard, you can ‘wake it up’, calling the person’s spirit into the corpse, allowing you to communicate with them. They can’t do anything other than that, and this does not force them to talk to you.
For an additional 200cp, you can wake yourself up after dying, restoring your body to life and full health. This only works once per ten years or once per jump, whichever comes first.

Addams Agility - You are exceptionally agile, flexible, and dextrous, at the peak of human ability. Your hand-eye coordination is similarly exceptional. You are a highly skilled gymnast and acrobat as well.

I Know What I’m Doing - You are a true master of those most genteel of arts: Combat and Torture. You are an expert with every form of inflicting pain, both physical and psychological and have a sixth sense for how much a subject can take. You are also a skilled fighter both unarmed and with all forms of weapons. Pick one type of weapon to master. With this weapon, you are one of the very best in the world.

Superhuman Strength - You are physically very powerful, easily five times as strong as you would otherwise be. This strength allows you to perform small feats that technically should not be possible, like pinning a man against the wall and rotating him upside down without his body falling away from the wall.

Electric Personality - Due to some mishaps, possibly the result of playing “Is There A God” with your sister, or maybe being struck by lightning, you have an odd ability to generate excessive amounts of electricity in your body. You can’t shock anyone directly, but you can power any electrical device you are touching, as long as it doesn’t require extreme amounts of power. You are also immune to harm from electricity.

Mechanical Genius - While you may focus more on building bombs, bypassing security and constructing ‘special’ theatrical props, you are actually a generalist expert in all forms of engineering, with a significant talent for inventing. You will rapidly achieve an equivalent level of expertise in any new form of technology or engineering that you get an opportunity to examine or play with. You also have a mastery of esoteric and strange alchemy, such as might be needed to make a shrinking potion.

Practically Impervious In Every Way - The Addams lifestyle is often more strenuous than most people can handle. You don’t have to worry about that, thankfully. You could stand next to an explosion powerful enough to blow up a large mansion and walk away unharmed. You are essentially immune to explosions or blunt force trauma, and are well beyond normal human durability to any other form of physical harm. Being electrocuted or hung will probably only hurt you to the same degree a Normal might be harmed by being hit very hard by a particularly large and dense pillow.

Superhuman Charisma - There is just something about you that people find irresistible. It may be your hair, your voice, your debonair charm, or your amazing fashion sense, but your ability to charm, impress and attract others is incredible and undeniable.

Incomprehensible - For some reason, outsiders sometimes claim not to be able to understand what certain members of the Addams clan are saying. They claim that said Addams is speaking gibberish or making random sounds. Thankfully, you will never be subjected to such rude behavior because no matter what language you are attempting to communicate in, you will always be understood perfectly. Not just your words, but the intent you wanted to communicate will be perfectly received and comprehended by your audience.

Where Did You Get Your Costume? - Addams often look unusual or strange to outsiders. Not that they mind that, really, but in your case you don’t need to worry about it at all. No matter how strange your appearance or abilities, observers will make excuses or rationalize them to fit in their world view, leaving them to make judgements solely on your actions and intentions, without bias or prejudice. Also, you always know where to find excellent Halloween costumes.

Made From Real Girl Scouts - Grandmama’s cooking is unique to say the least. But, it is also delicious and highly nutritious. You share her talent for producing amazing food and beverages from virtually any form of ingredients. Also, you can always find acceptable substitutes for ingredients when you have picky eaters to contend with. Your food is world class in flavor and is literally the healthiest thing it is possible to consume. Unfortunately, this does nothing to improve the presentation of your dishes.

Converting the Normals - Those that interact with you over long periods of time seem to become more like you in many ways, adopting your morals and perspective on the world and adapting to your culture while still keeping their unique personalities. Close family and friends especially will come to enjoy many or all of the things that you enjoy. In addition, you can, over an extended period of time, grant such a person one or more of your personal abilities, such as powers, skills or even perks.

Qualifications - You have an actual education and accreditation for some form of normal professional career. You could be an accountant, a lawyer, a psychologist, or even a summer camp director with a passion for theater; it is up to you. This perk may be chosen multiple times, all additional purchases are full price.

Perfectly Normal - As long as you make any effort to conform to the cultural standards of the area you’re in, everyone will assume that you are a normal and productive member of society. Yes, you could be a giant fire-breathing dragon, but if you’re wearing a necktie and a name tag, people will just be like “Ah, good morning, Mr. Jenkins. Lovely weather.” After all, Fester managed to pass as “perfectly normal” while dressed as Gordon… and this is Fester we’re talking about.


Addams Family Motif for Warehouse - Your warehouse takes on the feel of the Addams family mansion, with creepy lighting, secret passages for no special reason, a labyrinthine dungeon, a toxic waste dump, and a secret vault. If you buy the Graveyard property, a similar graveyard is added to your warehouse as well. For an additional 50cp, you may apply said motif to any other properties you own. This motif can be toggled on and off and takes a day to switch on and a night to switch off.

Monthly Expenses - This is a briefcase loaded with golden doubloons (7 grams of 22 carat gold… worth between 300 and 400 dollars each in terms of gold, not considering historical rarity). These are historically accurate spanish 8 escudo coins and are probably worth several thousand dollars each to a collector. The briefcase contains roughly 3,500 of these coins, and weighs in the neighborhood of 25 kilograms. You get one of these every month. No matter how much you flood the market, the price of gold will never decrease… unless you’re actively trying to make it crash… but doing so would take at least a few centuries’ worth of briefcases in a modern world. As a reference, 2,500 tons of gold are mined every year on Earth.

Chest of Tools - You have a sturdy, waterproof chest that is always fully stocked with the tools needed for various criminal enterprises, such as breaking and entering, vault breaking, torture, or assassination. You know, just in case your hosts run out.

Boiling Pitch - A cauldron of boiling… something… conveniently always at a simmer and ready to dump on the heads of unsuspecting guests. Easily moved to almost any location without (much) risk to the user. Refills in about an hour.

Graveyard - When you’re an immortal jumper, the macabre truth is that you’re going to lose friends along the way. Well… now you’ve got a place to store them (and any enemies you want to dispose of). Any friend of yours that you happen to lose to the forces of entropy and time will have their mortal remains interred in your graveyard, nicely preserved and dressed… even if they weren’t exactly intact when they passed. In addition, if you ever feel the need to get rid of a body, living or not, if you bury it in your graveyard, no law enforcement agency will ever think to look there, even if you label the grave with the missing person’s name. The graveyard will always be convenient to one of your properties in any world you travel to. And finally, like any good graveyard, this one is fully stocked with skeletons in various states of decay, as well as a great many interesting crypts, tombs, and cenotaphs. For an additional 100cp (200cp total), any enemy whose remains are buried here, or who have a monument here if their remains are unavailable, will be impossible to resurrect or revive in any way unless you allow it or are doing the resurrecting personally. If you take the Addams’ Family Motif for Warehouse, the graveyard of friends will be attached to your warehouse.

Addams Adoption Papers - This set of documents allow you to adopt anyone into your Addams clan, as long as they agree. This not only officially makes them part of your family and lets you bring them along as a Companion, it also grants them the A Dark Sensibility, Comedic Chops, and Addams Constitution perks.

Going with the Extended Family definitely was the right choice. I was Cousin Michael, and I had one of the most terrifying and evil jobs out of my family.

What was that? A hitman? No, according to Cousin Chuin, Professional Assassination is the highest form of public service. No, I was something much scarier.

I was an auditor for the Department of Treasury, specifically a little known agency called the Internal Revenue Service. Maybe you have heard of it?

But, yeah. When the events of the Addams Family film were happening, I did myself a favor and started an audit on a few people. Surprise, surprise, I found irregularities. Getting access to their bank records was an old hat for someone like my small organization.

The fact that I was a member of the family that got hurt by them meant, as soon as I noticed, I "removed myself from the investigation". This was after setting a few things up, of course.

Knocking sense back into Fester was an easy thing, after all, and he was willing to work with me after finding out who I worked for and did for a living.

Even the Joker doesn't lie on his taxes, people.


The Reed - You’re a scholar and a scientist, probably one of the better ones with a couple patents to your name. You don’t have time for the petty things. Who does?


Blind Love - It can be… difficult forming and maintaining relationships if you look out of the ordinary, especially if the appearance isn’t a very pleasing one. People think all sorts of things based on appearances, and then they start thinking of what others will think. For others, at least. You find that no matter how weird or strange your appearance, people never treat you any differently from they would anyone else. No one gawks, no one shies away, and everyone acts like you’re perfectly normal. This effect is entirely under your control, and you can choose to exclude specific people or drop it entirely at any time you want.

The Truth is… - You’re an interdimensional traveler who just appeared one day. In this world where people can go into space on short notice and come back with superpowers, and where taste-testers for cosmic beings go around making holes for their masters’ cutlery, this can be surprisingly believable. And so it remains in future worlds. No matter how impossible, outlandish your claims, so long as you’re telling the truth people always know you’re telling the truth, and they believe you. It doesn’t even matter how many layers of denial they might be living under.

Acumen - Science and skill are great to have, and being a good person is better… but a man’s gotta eat, y’know? And that means money, knowing how to get it and how to keep it. Which you do. Exquisitely. You’re a master of all things financial, able to manipulate the financial markets with trivial ease and an ungodly level of skill in all things related to finance and commerce, be it the running of a corporation or managing a national economy. You could do either, with all the attached sub-jobs, with a degree of effectiveness and finesse few on the planet could match.

Guest Lecturer - Not everyone gets what you might mean when you say that you might be a nascent pan-dimensional entity on a delayed initiation course across multiple phase vibration substrates of reality to get the ability to achieve voluntary and independent reality-shifts. Good thing you know how to talk to them, eh? You know how to put even the most complicated and complex ideas into the simplest, layman words without losing the thrust of your meaning, and do so naturally and effortlessly. Be it explaining the concepts of spaceflight and gamma mutation, financial jargon to the uninterested, or even the minutiae of Law, you excel at doing it quickly and effectively, and being able to do it for anyone and everyone, regardless of their capabilities or lack thereof. Naturally, this makes you an amazing teacher. For anything that can be taught by verbal instruction, you can talk them through learning it in a fraction of the time it would take anyone else. This works whether you’re doing it via one-on-one instruction, classroom sessions, Youtube videos, or the aforementioned lecture halls.

Generally Specialized - It’s a pity how poorly people skilled at one thing do in others. The greatest scientist in the world is piss-poor at relationships, or money matters. Multiple people skilled and talented enough to fly jets and the like are shitty at science. This should help amoreliate that a bit, eh? First, you are entirely immune from the problem of over-specialisation. No matter how advanced you get in a field, it leaves your ability to work in other fields entirely unaffected. Become a scientist and your interpersonal skills remain intact regardless of how long you conduct experiments in isolation, and so on. Relatedly, you find that your skills tend to remain more or less uniform across all your fields of development. The higher you go in one field, the easier it is to bring your other areas of expertise up to match, with your towering achievement in one field serving as a massive booster for training all others. There’s no real mechanics for how it works (unless you want there to be), you’re just that good.

Voice of Authority - You have it. While it’s rare that you allow others to feel it, you are the cleverest and most authoritative in most rooms, and when you want you can make it felt. You have a gift for calming others down and getting your voice heard without much effort, be it in family arguments or scientific conventions. This also lends you a sort of charisma that makes people subconsciously more willing to hand you the center stage when you ask for it, and finally, gives you a modicum of actual speaking skills to use it.

Family Time - A person like you… you’re busy. So busy, so much to do, worlds to save, paperwork to fill, anomalies to track, and all that jazz. In between all that, taking time out for family can be one tough SOB. Unless you have this, of course. As it turns out, any of your work that doesn’t require direct, personal interaction with other people gets done by itself. Be it training your powers or filling out paperwork or even things like interacting with other people over the phone or similar, it is all done every bit as if you’d done it with your whole focus and attention… except the part where you actually have to do it.

Genius - What can I say? You are one. You have a brain that leaves supercomputers, all the supercomputers looking like an early 1900s adding machine. The speed at which your brain processes information is legendary as is your sheer intelligence and inventiveness. You could pioneer entire branches of science in your basement, or build equipment capable of affecting and manipulating the building blocks of the universe with nothing but what you could find in an ordinary 21st century lab. Any and all designs and items, be they technological or otherwise, leap for the chance to unveil their secrets to you, allowing you to understand every detail with just a glance. And more than understanding them, you have an instinctive gift for breaking such things down, improving them and copying stuff from one to the other. Just... don’t become useless, Jumper.

Doombringer - There’s something terrifying about a silent man in a metal mask and robes. Or wait, was that silly? It hardly matters. Not to you. You find that you have an aura about you that radiates your power and ability to the world. You can terrify grown adults with a look, and trying to actually act menacing could send all but the absolute strongest minds running for the hills in a matter of minutes, if not seconds.

Schemes of Doom - What kind of supervillain can’t make plans? The dumb kind, that’s right. And you, Jumper, are not dumb. You find yourself not just good but a master of plans and schemes of all types, be they short or long term ones. It doesn’t matter if it’s a national/corporate policy or a plan for a heist or a terrorist attack, making them, and making on a level anyone else would consider unimaginable, comes to you easy as breathing. Your tactics and strategies are simultaneously simple enough to be robust and complex enough to cover all but the most wildly inconceivable contingencies, and you are able to anticipate other people’s reactions and set up your plans to take advantage of them to a degree that borders on precognition.

Mastery of Doom - So many beings and people out there that don’t appreciate what they have. Don’t comprehend what their powers can make them, how far they could go with them. Not for you such blindness, oh no. You find that you have an absolute, perfect comprehension of the full possible scope of any powers you encounter, not just your own but all others’ too. When it comes to your own powers you can control them perfectly, down to the exact temperature of your flames, or the precise nanometer you stretch too, or tune your lifting strength to the pinpoint milligram, and so on. Moreover, you have a perfect grasp for how they all work together, how they can be used to cover each other’s weaknesses and boost their strengths. With some practice, you can even do it for any allies or friends you have, flawlessly covering each other’s weaknesses and working as a well-oiled machine. But where you really shine is to do so, and worse, with your enemies’ powers. All you have to do is to look at someone using their powers and you have an instinctive understanding of it’s weaknesses and vulnerabilities, and how to use them to disable or even kill your targets. You specialize in turning your enemies’ strengths against them, and in disabling their abilities or even turning them on your enemies themselves… and how to steal them for yourself.


Inviolable - It’s never fun when something important to you, such as your innate abilities or superpowers are fucked with. And there’s a distressingly large number of people capable of doing that out there! They could be a real threat… to others. You find that any abilities to steal, suppress, copy or otherwise try and affect any of your powers or abilities without your consent fail disastrously for the would-be perpetrator, no matter how many different ways they might have of doing it and what the difference in power between you and them may be. This does not protect you from drawbacks, of course, but nothing short of them can hit you in the powers.


More Money than God - Whoa, you’re rich! While an exact accounting would take longer than we have (it’s all spread across a thousand trusts and investments and companies and all, y’know), you have a net worth very nearly close to ‘yes’. That is, somewhere in the hundreds of millions of dollars, maybe a few billion. Let’s not get crazy, here.

Costumes - Superhero ones! How can you be a hero, or better, a team, if you don’t have these? These are finely designed, form-fitting wear made of cosmically irradiated ‘unstable molecules’, and they come with some crazy advantages. First, they adapt to your powers. No matter how crazy the things you can do may be, the costumes part of this set remain with you through thick and thin, perfectly adapting to whatever powers you exhibit or whatever forms you take. Second, they really are very well designed, and reflect the idea of heroism and greatness all around you, so anyone who sees you in them is naturally inclined to treat you as a great hero of some kind.

PhDs - Now this is the most obvious thing for you to have, isn’t it? You have no less than three separate PhD, covering any three areas of science you want. You’re a leading expert and genius in each of these, a true giant in the field. But more than these, you find you now also have documents, proofs and complete records for any other degrees or qualifications you’re, well, qualified to hold. So long as you have the ability, you find that whatever is needed to indicate this just appears, complete with a full story behind it. These records are entirely genuine, and are treated by everyone just as they would any other similar documents.

Sensor Setup - There are all sorts of threats that can pop up out of nowhere, and you don’t always have the luxury to track or monitor them from afar. Except now you do. This is a hyper-advanced, extraordinarily well-designed suite of sensors and monitors, capable of tracking anything and everything on the planet. The exact details are left up to you. Maybe it’s just that strong an antenna, maybe it’s a whole network of satellites, but whichever it is, it has everything you need to track anything exotic and most things native to the planet, even pointing out items of interest by itself.

Candyland - What is a scientist without a worthy lab? Yours is, thankfully. Indeed, few laboratories in the world could be found that would be able to beat this place. You have a huge lab setup, probably spanning multiple floors of a huge building or a truly ridiculously sized compound on the ground, and when it comes to Science of any and all kinds, this place is as close to nirvana as it gets. It doesn’t even matter what kind of science you pursue, as the facilities here cover every single one of them. From biology to advanced astrophysics to psychology, this place has the very, absolute finest facilities possible to get, millions, potentially billions of dollars worth of equipment. The quantities you have here of things depends on their rarity in the outside world, but you have an unlimited supply of everything ‘common’, including live bodies of generic non-people and animals, all up to specifications. From there the rarer something is the fewer samples you have of it, but no matter if it’s rare samples of bacteria, radioactive metals… or anything in between, this place is bound to have some of it, enough to make something good. Everything restocks, again depending on rarity, but even the rarest samples are back in a couple months. In future worlds too, everything here, including the databases in the computers, updates to equal levels in the local world.

Wardrobe - A wardrobe full of the sharpest, snappiest, very highest quality clothes in the latest fashions! Enough for you and any companions.

Your Own Place - Something seriously nice. Maybe a humongous penthouse suite, or something like a beach house or even a small mansion, it’s absurdly luxurious, and very, very comfortable. Also, it’s equally discrete. While here you find you can’t be tracked by any of your enemies, unless you start operating directly out of it.

Jumper Car - Ooh, nice! This is a sweet ride, jumper A flying machine of your very own! This is a fully equipped, highly advanced aircraft, capable of some very special tricks! First of all, there’s the speed. Capable of traveling across half the planet in a matter of minutes, this is one fast ride, let me tell you. More than just that, though, the Car protects you from the harmful effects such travel could cause, be they wind or gravity. Riding in it is always just like riding in a warmed, comfortable car, instead of… well, what it is. This is not a solo vehicle, either. It can seat nine people at peak capacity, you and eight companions. And comprising of a collection of fliers locked in together, it’s capable of splitting apart in its component parts at any moment. Other than that it’s got all the usual conveniences; needs no fuel, is all but indestructible to any and all attacks, no matter how exotic, and one last thing. While in this, you find your powers boosted so as to be able to use them with this in some way. The exact mechanics are left up to you to figure out, but it’s really rather impressive.

Hacked In - Oh, wow. This is really rather impressive, Jumper! This is a computer terminal with several monitors and an extensive processor setup, providing you processing power and monitoring capabilities far beyond what one would imagine. But that’s just what’s there on the surface. Beyond being a very, very impressive computer setup, this system is connected, jacked into most every database, secure and unsecured, in the world. Military Satellites, coded communications, you name it, you can get at it. All these connections are, of course, utterly undetectable and inviolable, even if you show up at the doorstep of the people you steal data from already knowing all kinds of secrets. If you want, you can instead have it all in a laptop or even a smartphone with no loss in capabilities… somehow.


Crossover w/Spider-Man Trilogy


Scientist - Whether you work with chemicals and formulas attempting to make super soldiers, technology making the weapons of the future, or machines working on sci-fi energy sources, you now have a job working in a laboratory. Maybe you’re an intern, on a work experience program from school, or you might be gainfully employed, perhaps even the head researcher. You start alone in the lab, apparently having come in on the weekend.


Photography - Where others may need years of experience to even be looked at by big publishers and newspapers, you can get in, even if it’s a low position, right out of highschool - that’s how good a photographer you are. With a bit of effort you could turn this skill into a full on job, taking high quality images even in difficult or dangerous situations.

Police Radio - While this isn’t literally a police radio in your head, people can be forgiven for thinking it is. You have an unnatural sense for hunting down or just stumbling across trouble. If you go looking, and something is happening anywhere nearby, you can find it. You can also toggle the ability to have such things happen or pass by just near enough for you to hear or notice even when you are not actively looking for it.

Master Prevaricator - You have a suite of skills to help maintain a double identity. You’re a pretty damn good liar, and can even spoof technological or supernatural methods of lie detection. You also have an almost supernatural skill at rescheduling even important meetings or events on short notice, even after the fact (though not too long), so long as you can give a halfway decent excuse - and you can always give a good excuse, although excessive use of this may wear this ability thin. Finally, you also have exceptional skill at compartmentalizing information, able to ensure you never say the names of people you know in your secret identity in your caped persona, or reveal information you discovered in your masked acvies in your normal life.

Human Resources - Interns can be a huge waste of money, and hiring someone who isn’t up for the job is just a bad deal all around. Fortunately for you, you possess the singular talent of identifying good potential laborers and employees. Any interns you bring in will be prodigies who will apply to work at your company as soon as they can, and any workers will be dedicated, hard-working, and very competent at their jobs.

Sell, Sell, Sell - All the scienfic advances in the world won't help if you can't find someone to buy your product, but that will never be a problem for you. Even if your first buyer falls through it is not worth worrying about, as you can find another buyer within days. No matter how esoteric your products or services you will also be able to get a good deal for them.

Not So Ethical Science - For some reason people seem far more willing than to let your less than ethical practices go unremarked. This won’t let you get away with murder, but human testing on volunteers, so long as they actually volunteered, will be let slide even when there are very sensible rules or lab protocols that would otherwise hold you back.

Incidental Inventor - You are a skilled inventor and designer, able to create a wide variety of tools years, if not decades ahead of the rest of the world, but that alone is not enough. You can create ancillary devices to aid in your endeavors, ranging from machine-neural interfaces to mechanized limbs precise enough to be used in scienfic experiments, as well as shielding systems that could allow people to stand next to a fusion reaction without being lethally irradiated. Most, if not all, of the devices you build to aid in your scienfic ventures will prove useful in other fields as well, such as the aforementioned manipulator limbs turning out to be rather dangerous in a fight.

Beyond the Bleeding Edge - Like Otto Octavius himself you possess a staggering intellect, enough to open the doors to what most would consider science ficon. With a few years study, maybe a decade or so on the outside, you could design super soldier enhancement formulas that would let an untrained fighter toss around grown men with ease, or a man sized hovercraft armed with a deadly arsenal of missiles and bombs. Even room sized fusion reactors are possible, though you may need some rare materials for something like that.

Girl Next Door - Not to put too much emphasis on it, but you’re incredibly aracve. You’re beautiful enough to turn heads even at a beauty pageant, and should you put some effort in could easily get hired to be in advertising and other photographic opportunities. With the right clothes a modeling career isn’t out of the picture.

Never a Damsel - Unlike a certain other celebrity-to-be, unless someone is specifically looking to kidnap or endanger you, you’re extremely unlikely to be picked from a crowd to be used as a hostage, or tossed at a hero as a distraction. You’re even less likely to end up being the one in extreme danger in an already dangerous situation. Unless you actively try to, you'll never be the one dangling from a collapsing balcony while others scramble to safety.

Broadway - Your acting and singing skills are phenomenal, easily enough for you to make your name on broadway even just out of highschool. You can fake emotions like the best of them, and ooze sincerity at will. On the singing front you’re able to reach and easily maintain every pitch your age and gender could be expected to, and a little bit more besides. Your voice is clear and can be easily heard even in large music halls or social gatherings, you can also pull off a reasonably convincing mimicry of people with only a little practice -take your time to learn their vocal tics and it’ll be hard to tell you from the original.


Costume - A surprisingly well designed costume with your choice of motif. It’s not the most durable, but it will be repaired or replaced a few hours after being put away, lost, or destroyed.
Secret Identity - Your costume, while not necessarily skin-ght, can now easily fit under your other clothes, which you can quickly remove and shove into the accompanying bag, which you can then hide away and come back to later. Using it to hide MacGuffin’s may not work, but as long as it’s used for its intended purpose the bag will go unnoticed even when it really should be found.
Emotive - If your entire face is covered by your mask it can be pretty hard for you to convey emotions. This costume, on the other hand, doesn’t impede your facial expressions at all, even if it completely obscures your face. How does this work? Maybe the costume was bitten by a radioactive emotion?
Goblin Armor - Your costume is now both durable, and aerodynamic. It will follow your costumes theme, which need not be goblinoid.

29 Minute Pizza - A number you can ring to have pizza delivered to you in exactly 30 minutes. That means it’s free! Fortunately it won’t be messed up. Works even without phones in the setting.

Camera - A top of the line camera with impressive clarity even at maximum zoom. Comes with either regularly replenished film or memory cards. Has several unusual properties, including rarely catching people blinking unintentionally, getting better lighting than may be strictly possible, and never getting red-eye.

Cozy Home - The key and deed for a small home in the suburbs, which suburbs? Any suburbs. Just wander around unl you find an area you like, and once you’ve made your decision you’ll receive the key and deed in the quickest way available in the setting you’re in, anything from a courier delivering to your hands to a spell or robot depositing it with you. The home is two stories, with several bedrooms, bathrooms, and a nice kitchen. Comes with a garage if possible and will always be nice and cozy. Oddly enough, even if your enemies know your identity, they’ll be unlikely to actually attack you here, though paying you a visit isn’t out of the question.

Rolodex - A self-updang Rolodex featuring the phone numbers, addresses, and basic business profile of people involved in your intended acvies, so long as they haven’t taken steps to obscure such information. Quite useful for the aspiring business person attempting to set up a new business or geng some new contacts.

Secret Stash - In your me if need you will receive a letter with directions to a secret location, a hidden cache of weapons perhaps, or an abandoned and hard to reach locale in surprisingly good condition that is just perfect for a hideout or lair. You can receive one such missive every year, and although they'll never have exceptionally rare or valuable resources at them each location will be fairly useful at the very least.

PhD (Chemistry, Physics, Engineering, Biology) - Maybe you majored in Bio, or possibly Chem, whatever the case you now have a fancy piece of paper that people will accept as proof of your level of education, regardless of your situation. If you're too young, or prove to know nothing about the subject people may suspect foul play. You can buy this a second time at full price for a double major.

Lab - A high tech lab, complete with a full store of chemicals, including several hard to get ones, and very advanced manufacturing facilities to create prototypes of your inventions. You are the head of R&D, and have an unusual degree of free reign. As long as whatever you study can be used, even tangentially, by the mysterious backing company financing your operations, they’ll continue to fund you: highly competent research assistants will be hired and paid, new equipment and supplies will be delivered fairly regularly, and you’ll be able to work on whatever you want in safety. You will also have privacy, as the employees will all be exceedingly loyal and sck to their NDA’s with fervor. In subsequent jumps you’ll be able to find a similar research position - just go looking for it and you’ll be offered a job, often on that very same day.

Make-up Kit - An exceptionally well stocked and self-replenishing make-up kit that will have something for anything even remotely human. With a bit of practice anyone who uses it will be applying make-up like a pro.


Goblin Formula - You’ve gone through the Goblinization process, in which some rather dubious medical experiments were performed upon you in an attempt to create a super soldier. Unlike a certain other individual, this process has not driven you insane, instead the goblin has fused with your consciousness, increasing your willpower and determination greatly. The main benefit of the formula, however, is the increase to your strength and physical attributes. You can easily toss people around, and throwing a certain web-head through solid brick walls is well within your capability.

Spider Bite - You’ve been bitten by a genetically enhanced spider, and, rather than dying a horrible death, have gained superhuman traits because of it. Your physical stats are boosted dramatically, leng you toss and catch cars, bounce around like a jumping spider, and take a hell of a lot more of a beating than any normal person could survive. This includes a low level healing factor, and the automatic correction of minor physical defects such as eyesight. You also possess extremely enhanced senses ed into your incredible reflexes that, so long as you physically can avoid danger, will almost always assure you will. The final changes of note are the growth of small patches of scar-like tissue on your wrists that generate large quantities of spider webs and can propel them at great speeds and into a variety of shapes, and retractable microscopic hooks you can use to stick to surfaces - somehow this even works through thin materials, though it’ll need to be essentially skinght to work.

As a member of the Fantastic Four (now Five) after already having the powers of the refined Goblin Serum and the Spider Bite, I have to say getting Inviolable was just a nice bonus.

It was assumed my powers just came from the Cosmic Radiation, and I did absolutely nothing to make people think otherwise.

What I did do, though, was stop the Green Goblin when he made his debut by 1) getting invited thanks to my Rolodex as a tech expert and bringing down Osborne (and unmasking him). When your powers are already known, it makes it easy.

When his company's stock started tanking, I bought up quite a bit of it. It's not insider trading, I promise. Just good business sense.

I managed to keep Harry from becoming the Hobgoblin by helping him work through his issues. He had quite a bit, but it's nothing to be ashamed about, son.

I managed to turn the company into quite the Candyland for many inventors. My PhDs made it so that my ideas were listened to, bypassing the Doc Oc incident by reinforcing the shield to the AI and correcting his experiment to be a success.

Also having the experiment done remotely in a desert can help keep people safe, just saying.

Doctor Conners was also easy to help due to being a genius in Biology. Refining that formula was an amazing project that he didn't have to test on himself ahead of time. And the fact that we made it marketable (and going against the medical industry that was only wanting profits) made us heroes to the common man. Especially when we showed the actual costs of the meds (development, production, distribution, and MSRP) for transparency of not only our products but our competitors. Oh? You didn't want that released? Shame it was on an open network and shared by insiders (OK, I used Hacked In, but the burden of proof is on them to prove I did anything illegal).


Demon - The man with the gun. The nightmare and the boogeyman. You are a one-man army, a peerless master assassin. And not one of the crude ones, jumper. Come on, you’re not an animal. No, you’re the professional’s professional, keeping to all the rules and codes. Or at least, seeming to.


That Angers Me So - It would be so embarrassing if you were to lose control of yourself at the wrong time. Good thing that isn’t possible anymore. No matter what may be going on in your mind, how much rage or fear or hate you may be feeling, you have perfect poise and control, letting none of it show on your face or in your actions. In future jumps, you can also fool any abilities that can suss out your thoughts or emotions or similar, magical or scientific or otherwise.

Fuckin’ Nobody - Always going full-blast murder-beast can be troublesome, let’s just say. Good thing you can turn it off. This perk provides you complete control over any and all powers you have, so you can reduce their effects or just switch them off, partially or completely, just by willing it so. You can undo these changes with just a thought too, of course.

Oh - Reputation is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? And yours is greater than most. All your deeds, adventures and achievements, good or bad, take a sort of mythical, possibly nightmarish status, told and retold repeatedly. They permeate to the extent that just about anyone in the biz has heard at least something of you. It will never be anything that reveals your exact powers or weaknesses, but it’s enough that as soon as they realize who you are, they just go ‘Oh’.

With A Fuckin’ Pencil! - You are a killer, plain and simple. And there is nothing you cannot use to kill with. Be it a pencil or a piece of paper or a ball of cotton, you know the exact way anything can be used to extinguish the lives of another. With a gun...well, anyone you’re up against might as well jump from a bridge. Applies to anything and everything you can get your hands on. Mind you, this doesn’t make you an expert in properly wielding the item, you don’t become a wizard if you pick up a wand. But you can still kill people with it.

Focus, Commitment, and Sheer Will - As good as you are, it’s almost impossible for even the fastest, strongest of people to completely avoid injury when they take part in intense combat. And such injuries can easily slow them down, keep them from fulfilling what they want to do. Not you, though. You have a sort of absolute, all-consuming drive, which keeps you from succumbing to anything less than utterly debilitating, keeping yourself going through sheer will. It’s not that you don’t feel or acknowledge things. Pain, injury, everything is detected, but you find yourself ‘detached’ from all that, remaining entirely functional until either your objective is achieved or you simply cannot function.

Mine and Mine Alone - Powerful people have a very bad habit. They tend to be busybodies, always sticking their noses in where they are not wanted. Not so with you. As long as you don’t go out of your way to cross people and remain within the bounds of your remit, you find that people are far more likely to leave you alone to conduct your affairs in peace, even if those affairs do sometimes infringe on their interests.

Now I Am A King! - Suffering, pain and humiliation, your oldest trio of friends. You are self-made in a way few are, jumper. You rose from the very bottom of the world, a mere pawn being pushed around by those stronger than you, but rise you did, until you reached where you are now, a force of your own. And you can do it over and over again now. No matter how much you lose, no matter how low you end up having to sink, you will always rise up. You will never lose patience, never give up, no matter what you may end up having to endure.


Tactical Lining - It’s surprising what kind of things tailors are coming up with these days. Anyway, this is a high-quality lining that can be applied to the underside of any clothes you may wear. Simply by willing it, this renders the clothes completely immune to all cutting and piercing weapons upto the 21st century. Bludgeoning weapons work less effectively too, but they still work. You have enough to completely upgrade one outfit, which can be done just by willing it. You can move this to any other outfit similarly.

Favorite Gun - Not necessarily a gun, this is a weapon that suits you above all others. Its grip is exactly how you like it, it doesn’t run out of bullets, but most important of all, it grows and changes with you, becoming every bit as impressive as you are. Simply put, it’s the best melee/shooting weapon for you in all circumstances. You can summon this weapon to you from anywhere, including your warehouse, simply by willing it so.

The Usual Room - You have a hotel room. It’s a very high quality suite, all full of soft sofas and feather beds. But the thing about it is, it’s a perfect hidey hole. If you can make it here, it counts as basically a ‘time out’. Only those absolutely legendary at finding people can find you here, and even then, there will inevitably be some reason or another why they can’t act against you while here. In future jumps, you have one of this in every city.

Nice Car - A very, very sleek, impressive car. Doesn’t require any fuel, holds a small armory in the boot. While it takes damage as a normal car, leave it alone for six hours and it’s good as new.

I’d Like To Book A Table - Yours is a trade that leaves behind a lot of blood and bodies, not to mention things like guns and weapons. Good thing that simply by picking up a phone and requesting a table for as many corpses as you want cleaned up, you can have every last bit of evidence disappear. They are big, burly men who don’t speak, who come in a garbage disposal van. This van can go anywhere and they can survive anywhere, be it an active volcano or the cold vacuum of space. They will clean up the bodies, the weapons and everything else too. Once you use this power, it doesn’t matter what kind of evidence it is, it all goes away. Video evidence goes bad and people’s memories go fuzzy too.

The Hoard - You never know just when you might end up having to urgently go back into business, do you? Thankfully, this makes it much simpler. ‘This’, in question, is a big trunk buried under the cement flooring of the basement of every single property you own, through Jump-fiat or otherwise. It holds several thousand dollars’ equivalents in whatever the local currency might be, along with the finest weapons and armor that money can buy. Thing is, to get to it you need to hit the flooring above it with a sledgehammer several times. It doesn't matter if you’re actually strong enough to break it or not, you just have to hit it.

Money - It takes a lot of money to maintain the kind of position you have. You have to pay for the bought cops, the guards, the weapons...lucky you have this. Ten million of whatever currency is strongest at the time. Can turn into any and all currencies of your choice in future jumps.

The Marker - This is a simple thing, made of copper with elaborate gothic designs on the cover. By pressing a small nub on the side, a needle pokes out of the top and the cover opens. Inside is just enough space to place two fingerprints. What you do with this is that whenever you do something for anyone, be they man, beast, eldritch being or whatever, you may ask them to prick their thumb on the needle and place a bloody thumbprint on the inside space. Afterwards, you may choose one task for them to perform, and they will be bound to do so. They refuse, they die. They kill you, they die, and if they run, they die. It doesn’t matter who or what they are, the Marker’s power will punish them with its only punishment regardless. Additionally, they will be very unlikely to be recalcitrant anyway, seeing it as a debt to be discharged. As long as you don’t mistreat them or act as too much of an asshole, they won’t come after you afterwards. Finally, the favor you extract from them must be equal or lesser effort for them than their request was for you. Asking someone to kill a country off because you got their cat out of the tree counts as mistreatment, and won’t work besides.

Polished Wooden Box - An elegant, fine box about the size of a big shoebox, polished so well it has a sheen on it, this box is quite the useful thing for one in your trade. You can store anything that would fit into it, and there is no power that can detect what it is. Molecular scans, detection wards, anything and everything just slides off the box, returning the result as generic safe items it’s not at all strange for you to have.


Helen Lives - A woman who would have gotten an illness and died doesn’t. Helen lives, and Santino d’Antonio chokes on an olive and dies without ever having a chance to call in his marker. She and John will, barring your interference, go on and live a happy life free of his past. This completely derails the movie plot, but leaves you free to do whatever in this world.

You know that whole question of "What If?" that pops up occasionally? Well I was in that kind of universe. I was a hitman for this world. I was known as "The Mechanic" due to being able to engineer solutions and fix problems as they arise. Schemes of Doom came in very handy with this.

That doesn't mean I never got my hands dirty. How would I keep my skills when someone tries to put a hit out on me via another organization?

So, here I am, doing a hostile takeover of Vigo's empire. Why, you ask? Simple, his son decided to put me where John was. My house was broken into, my dog killed, and my (other) car stolen. And my back story included that my wife had just died a week ago.

Yeah, real original, but, unlike John I didn't need to break the rules. Nor did I have any markers out.

I did have one marker, though. John's. Pulling up to his house, I ring the doorbell. Helen answers and John and i step outside.

"John, I'm calling in my Marker. It's to get you out of the life permanently."

He looks over at me. "Santino d’Antonio has a marker of mine too."

I flick it over to him. "He violated my rules and incurred a penalty. Then choked on an Olive. Not even lying here, I didn't plan that one. It actually happened at a Continental. I just chose not to help."

Sighing, John takes the marker from me. "What do I need to do?"

At this, I grin. "I need you to adopt two dogs. I have them in my truck now. I am going to be going after some serious scum and feel they need a food home."

He looks at me. "So this is a peppercorn price?" aah, referring to the peppercorn rent, where it is a pittance.

I grin. "Yep. No further tasks. The hard part may be talking your wife into it, but I think Daisy will make it easy enough…"

That's right, I'm giving him his dogs from Cannon.

After that, I head over to Winston to close out the debt.

Now, what to do with Perkins…


Warrior - You, like many, have dedicated your life to the art of war. Whether you’re a Dornish spearman, an Essossi sellsword, a Southron Knight or a Braavosi water dancer, you are a warrior.

The North - Last civilised bastion of the First Men, and the Old Gods, ruled by House Stark of Winter fell.

Human - Whether you are an Andal, Dothraki, First Man, Rhoynar, or Qartheen, you are a bog standard human.
For an extra 50 cp, you can be a pureblood Valyrian.


Musical Skill - The art of Song and Instruments, one you're quite talented at, to the point that many would compare your skill to the late Prince Rhaegar Targaryen. Weaving new songs and music comes as easy to you as winning the hearts and minds of your audience and you’ll find that you seem to never run out of inspiration; drawing ideas from your experiences and environment. To think, with this alone you could indeed make quite a lot of coin; though do be careful, not every King or Lord enjoys a good song.

Start When You Want - Don't want to start your jump when the jump document says? Well then, start whenever you want, but you'll still have to either complete at least ten years here, or survive right up to the default end of the jump, when drawbacks say you should have ended, or as long as you want past when drawbacks say you should have ended. Whenever you enter another world, however you enter another world, you can choose the time period you land in.
Pay 200cp to keep it beyond this jump.

Frey Pies - You are a world class chef capable of making any material taste delicious, and masking any flavor. Literally any flavor.

Tradecraft Skills (blacksmith, carpenter, woodworker, leather worker, tailor) - You have skills in a mundane trade of your choice which someone of Planetos of your political standing, geographic location and time could conceivably learn. This includes being a Myrrish glassmaker, a carpenter, a brewer or other such trades.

Linguist Unparalleled You can speak any human language as if you grew up with it.
For 200 CP, you can speak the language of any sapient being.

Resistant to Magical Area Effects - Does an area seem too cold to be natural? Is an area still volcanically deadly even almost five hundred years after the area was blighted by an unspecified doom? Perhaps being too long in an area will cause grayscale to latch onto you. Well, no longer. You are resistant to the effects of magical environments, be the source of a curse, damnation of fourteen gods, or just a shroud worn by the White Walkers. Now, it takes a bit longer for the effect to affect you. As long as you’re moving through the area, the magic won’t take hold on you, but the moment you stop with the intent of staying, the magic will very slowly start to work, 1% per ten minutes until you start leaving the area again. When it gets to 100%, the magic works on you as it would any other person. In future jumps, you’ll be highly resistant to magical area effects, and can train it up to an immunity.

Smith - You are a skilled blacksmith, capable of forging most things seen on Planetos. Items forged by you are better at their intended function in some way, with swords being sharper, plows plowing more easily, armor blocking blows more easily, or decorative items being more eye-catching. Whilst by default you cannot forge Valyrian Steel, if you also purchase the Valyrian Steelsmith perk further down, you will no longer need access to dragon fire to create such works and will be capable of working with starmetal.

Born of the Divine - There was a divinity in your family history, and no matter how many generations the benefits have skipped over, they are shining through you now. You’re a little taller, a lot smarter, a little more attractive and charming, and a fair bit stronger and faster than you were before. You will live maybe half again as long as others of your kind, and be in full vigor until the end of your years. This works as a capstone booster, boosting all of your perks slightly, but most especially all of your capstone perks. The enhanced version of the perks are in the notes, as are the height differences.

Giant’s Strength - The children of stone, one thing all giants have above all else is strength. You are a true paragon of your race, with a strength similar to that of any three giants. This is enough to casually lift literal tonnes, and also provides a small height bonus, making you a head taller than the average of your race, or you were before.

Aqua Affinity - When submerged in water, a merling gains an overall boost to everything about them, from their physical attributes to their spirit and intelligence.

Blessing of Valyria (Free Dragons) As perhaps the closest there is to magic given form, dragons are given many abilities. The chief amongst these are their intensely magical fire breath, their flight and their continual growth throughout the entirety of their lives. Dragonfire, whilst a dragon is young, is barely capable of lighting straw on fire, yet as they age, this quickly changes till eventually, a dragon’s breath may melt stone and steel, or incinerate a man to ash. Dragonfire also has intensely magical properties, with it being involved in some way with the creation of dragonstone, valyrian steel, and a vast array of artifacts created by the Valyrian Freehold before its destruction. A dragon’s ability to both fly, and grow continuously throughout their life in violation of the square cube law is tied again to their intrinsic magic, with their bodies being made of magically infused materials which are far lighter, stronger and more durable than any non-magical material could hope to match. Truly, dragons are magic’s most beloved. For jumpers who take this perk without being a dragon, your body becomes intensely magical, with everything from your skin to your bones, blood, organs, breath, bodily fluids or hair being so imbued with magic that they count as top tier magical reagents. Quenching a freshly forged metallic object in your blood might transform it into Valyrian Steels whilst simply breathing on a rune might be enough to power it for several days. Fires, and heat of any kind, will not burn you.

Songs of the Earth - Those who sing the songs of the earth have many gifts. Chief amongst these is the ability to speak the True Tongue, a great affinity for magic, and a deep spiritual connection to nature which increases potency of nature based magics. The True Tongue is based on the sounds of the world, including things like wind on leaves, rain on water and the sound of stones in a brook. By binding themselves to a weirwood, an earthsinger may live for far longer than any other of their kind. There is evidence that some of the Children currently alive today were amongst those who created the Others 12,000 years ago.

Winter’s Children - More than any other beings, the White Walkers are the children of winter. This manifests in their immensely powerful winter magic, as well as their ability to reshape ice into any form they wish. At first, all you will be able to do is create crude forms out of ice, and affect the weather around you towards the cooler side. But as you gain experience, you will learn to create weapons of ice capable of cutting castle forged steel like butter as well as alter the weather on a large enough scale to plunge an entire continent into a decades long ice age. As one of the others, you also possess the ability to raise vast armies of the dead as wights. Other species can do this if they practice, however White Walkers have a greater affinity, and are capable of simultaneously raising hosts numbering in the thousands with a bit of effort. If you also purchase Necromancy, this increases to tens, or even hundreds of thousands at once, and dramatically reduces the cost of necromantic abilities.

Way of the Land - As wanderers move they pick up knowledge of the lands they visit and now so do you. Whenever you take a jump you immediately gain a basic understanding of the world’s history and languages as well as the important figures with it.

The Onion Knight - You are an amazing smuggler. This may not sound like much, but it comes with a host of benefits. You are a master sailor, capable of taming the fiercest of sea storms, and in addition, are truly superb at hiding things. When hiding things, you seem to be exceptionally good at causing people to overlook you, which stops officials and unwanted individuals from noticing your concealed cargo. This SEP field shorts out if A) your hidden items are physically discovered (eg. falling through a hidden door), or B) you rely solely upon it for protection. Finally, if you are ever caught, officials will be far less likely to hit you with the full punishment. You will still be punished, but the punishment itself will be drastically reduced in severity.

Cold Hands - It is common for men to break when they come eye to eye with the Dark. You are made of far stronger stuff. Even tortured to the brink, isolated and abandoned, you will never forget your beliefs and purpose. If you are part of an organization, that organization will always recognize you as one of them, as long as you abide by their rules to the best of your ability. In addition, your adamantine will grant you immunity to possession or trickery based magics such as warging, mind control, glamours or shadow binding.

She Just Kind Of Forgot - Napoleon said not to face an enemy too many times, or you will teach them your entire art of war. This is no longer a problem for you, as once per year, you can guarantee an oversight on their part. How many times can an enemy fall for the old "ship full of wildfire" trick? Well, how many years will they be fighting you at sea?

Well Read - An educated man is a valuable thing at any time. In addition to basic literacy in the local language, and common trade languages, you have a wide yet shallow general knowledge appropriate for a learned person of Planetos. The basic literacy updates every jump whilst the general knowledge does not.

Littlefinger School of Persuasion -You are great at convincing others to do things for you which probably aren’t in their best interest. This works best when used against those you dislike, are somewhat opposed to and yet still capable of talking to in the first place. Obviously, as this perk relies upon talking to people to persuade them, it won’t work on those who you can’t sit down and convince in the first place. Examples of this would be sworn feuding enemies, people on the battlefield, or quick decisions. It also takes you time to convince someone- generally at least an hour or two unless they already agree with you.

“Trustworthy” Ordinarily, when a single group or faction gains a monopoly, people start to get a bit… antsy. Thankfully, you don’t have this problem! When it comes to you and your business, people tend to gloss over any unsettling details which in any other person would send alarm bells ringing. “I’ve been seeding malicious rumours about myself and your wife? No, you can trust me.” or “I’ll definitely help you expose the secrets of the people who keep me in power.” always seem to work no matter how suspect they really are. This doesn’t work on anyone who you’ve out and out declared as an enemy though.

Light Touch - Sometimes, when engaging in any endeavor, you don’t necessarily want people to link that activity back to you. This perk makes such connections far less likely to occur. For example, if you were to become the accountant of an organisation, then suddenly the money situation drastically changed, people would most likely not link it back to you. Alternatively, you could slowly gain monopoly over a market through shady strong arm business practices, and be undetected by any save your competitors. Be aware that this perk does have its limits, and if you are making large scale changes which are either suspicious, or not in line with what people would expect, people are far more likely to realize and take action.

Maester of the Citadel - Whether you are a Maester, or simply have the accreditation, you have studied enough to have forged a full chain, and are the equal of any Maester of the Citadel in academic knowledge. This knowledge stretches from healing to scholarly knowledge, science and the training of ravenry, who carry messages in the Seven Kingdoms.

A Coin in Little Fingers - You have a way with money that most don’t gain in their lifetime, for you’re able to turn investments into entire enterprises and find money in industries no one else would and how to manage your economy with ease. For this extends to cover all avenues of trade such as seaborne and others and you’ll always be the first to find out about new and more importantly wealth inducing trends. In the right position, you can sink an entire empire into dangerous levels of debt. You can easily do the opposite as well, and make the kingdom flourish, creating trade opportunities that wouldn't have existed without your expertise.

True Nobility - You're actually a ruler worth the name. Every day you are slightly superior to what you were before, and you walk with dignity that lets anyone see you are nobility, even if you were dressed in rags. You can lead skillfully and with great prosperity, because you have wit, wisdom, and an unerring sense of justice. Under your reign, the lands you rule will experience a golden age as great as that of Jaehaerys himself.

Old Blood - Within your veins pumps the blood of one of the Great Houses of Westeros, such as Stark or Lannister. As befitting of your blood, people give you more attention than they normally would when you demand it and are far more likely to bend to your demands or orders than normal. This also gives you a bit of divine right to rule causing vassals to be far less likely to betray you, after all your family has ruled well for centuries. In future worlds this manifests by making you a part of a Great family of whatever worlds you visit, examples would be the Barthomeloi of the Clocktower or the Carolingians.

Guest Rites - By taking this perk, those with whom you make promises or agreements in good faith are far more likely to hold to them. This is strongest in promises not to attack you, but even then, sufficiently motivated or honorless individuals may break them. To break agreements made with you would generally require someone to hate you with all their being, be single mindedly devoted to whatever cause motivates them, or in some other way find breaking the oath to be the lesser problem

Advisor to the Throne - It is a sad but common fact amongst those who seek to advise kings, that their leaders do not always take it very well. Luckily, you will never share those unlucky souls’ fate, as, no matter your personal relationship with someone, their mental state or the particular news, you can be safe in the knowledge that they will both take it on board and won’t harm you for doing so. This only works if you are sincere and faithful in your attempts to help; however, inciting rebellion amongst their subjects or undermining their rule would still get you arrested for treason.

Silver Tongue - You are a skillful orator, storyteller, and performer, capable of great snark and japes. As a side effect of this, you are a truly brilliant liar and incredibly persuasive as a general rule.

King Beyond the Wall - Much like the many Kings Beyond the Wall who have existed over the years, you are a prodigy when it comes to convincing disparate groups and factions to work together. When it comes to creating cooperation, you could unite a people of a thousand kingdoms, bridge a divide of hatred which has stood several thousand, then keep the resulting alliance together long enough for the factions to first learn to work together, then, with lots of work, forge that alliance into a cohesive whole- though that would probably take decades, maybe even generations if the hatred was as strong as that between the Night Watch and the Free Folk.

Breaker of Chains -When you make a decree which is unpopular, the people damn well follow through with it, because you are their leader! With this perk, any orders you give to your followers, subordinates or subjects are actually followed in both word and spirit.

Divination Mage Perks Whether you do it by looking into the heart of the flames, communing with the weirwoods, or simply have it as an innate gift, you are capable of seeing other events. At first, this gift will manifest as fleeting glimpses of important events occurring to those close to you, but with practice, you will eventually be able to see first the past, and then later, the future. The limitation on only being able to see the fates of those who you know will go away as you get stronger. 100cp - The Blood of Kings For most maegi of Planetos, the main struggle of magic is creating a large enough sacrifice. Thankfully, thanks to this perk, a weaker sacrifice can be used instead, with no loss in power. If the magic calls for mass human sacrifice you may get away with a single human sacrifice and a whole lot of animals. If instead it calls for human life, human flesh should work. If it needs a single animal sacrifice, or human blood, you may scrape through with pure willpower. Nonetheless, for whatever reason, when it comes to you, magic seems just a touch cheaper. 100cp - Mummer’s Farce At least in Westeros, magic is commonly believed to be dead or faded. This makes it harder for an aspiring mage to gain the patronage often necessary to get reagents and artefacts with which to do magic. Thankfully, you don’t have that problem! You are an expert in getting people to believe in your prowess, and can get them to sacrifice things on your behalf to power your magic. Yes, you too can convince a man to burn his own daughter! 200cp - Beloved of Magic Ordinarily, the overall strength of magic on Planetos is related to the tides of the earth, and the existence of magical creatures such as dragons. This means that in times of great magical power, the least of magicians could cast complex and powerful magics limited only to the strongest in times when magic wanes. Of course the flipside of this is that in times when magic isn’t strong, magicians can barely cast, with that same magician from before barely being able to summon sparks of fire with an ignition source. You gracefully avoid this problem, as magic seems to favour you, preventing any such environmental factors affecting your power negatively.

Magical Tradition
Aeromancy: Primarily practiced in Asshai by the Shadows, aeromancy is the use of magic to manipulate the air. This magic can be used to create a variety of effects, including creating gusts of wind, creating vacuums, sucking things close through strong winds, flight, the summoning of scything winds to flay your enemies, and sucking the breath from a man’s body. Quite frankly, aeromancy can, with enough magic and effort, do whatever you can imagine wind magic as being capable of.
Alchemy - Alchemy covers a diverse array of disciplines relating to the creation of substances or materials with magical powers. The two main effects of alchemy are the refinement or transmutation of things into better versions of themselves, and the infusion of magical properties into objects. Known effects include the transmutation of base metals into gold and the creation of wildfire. In addition, the Alchemist’s Guild of King’s Landing have long maintained that there are vast secrets to the practice, so in time, you can learn to create things like an elixir of life, a panacea, a universal solvent, various potions or the infusement of a magical effect into another material.
Glamoring - A specialty of the Faceless Men, though used by various other groups, glamoring is the use of magic to create an illusion. Glamors do not actually change the appearance of an object- to do that requires additional work which is also covered by this perk- and work best when built or worn close to the target. Glamors can be anchored to objects such as rubies or moonstone which can then be set into jewelry to create wearable illusions Whilst worn, these masks cause the wearer to look exactly like the deceased including any broken teeth or other injuries, though they themselves will be unable to tell the difference, sensing only their own face and features. When first applied, the wearer may experience some of the memories of the deceased, and may dream those memories as nightmares.
Pyromancy - One of the more widely practiced magical disciplines, Pyromancy is the use of magic to manipulate fire. Known uses are the use of flames as weapons, engulfing weapons, as items of spectacle, and as mediums for other abilities- such as the priests of R’hllor using flames to perform divination. Pyromancers also have skill in other ways of creating and controlling fire, including the use of powders, walking the hot coals and making fiery symbols in the air.
Rune Crafting - A dying art in this day and age, runecrafting is the act of anchoring a spell and making it permanent by binding it to carved runes. Runecrafting excels in magics related to defense, strengthening, and enemy specific wards. Within their purview, a runecrafter can enhance fortifications to be capable of surviving several thousand years, defenses designed to hold off non-human entities such as white walkers or gods as well as enchanting near weightless, ever sharp weapons or indestructible armor.
Skinchanging: You are a Skinchanger, known to the First Men as a Warg. By reaching your mind out of your body and into an animal’s, you may control it.
Water Magic - The magic of the Rhoynar, water magic is considered to be the gift of Mother Rhoyne (the main goddess of the Rhoynar, and the River Rhoyne). This magic is most common amongst the Dornish in this age, and allows for a number of powerful abilities, including the raising of enormous waterspouts, fog, “watery walls” and flooding of rivers. It is also suggested that water magic can be used to find water, stop drought and perhaps even cause greyscale. Water magic was also used by the Children of the Forest’s hammer of the waters to attempt to shatter Westeros in two. Whilst it didn’t work, it did shatter the Arm of Dorne, and flood the Neck.
Valyrian Stone Shaping - Far stronger even than steel, granite or diamond, dragonstone is an ancient material used by the Valyrians in much of their constructions. By purchasing this perk, you have the magical ability to shape the material into any form you may wish. You can transmute regular stone into this with intensive magical effort, or slightly less exhaustingly create it wholesale similar to cement. Whilst it is possible to alter the shape of the stone by using dragonfire to melt it into a liquid, then shaping and fusing it from there, this magic is far faster and easier, as well as safer.
Valyrian Smithing - You have all the skills of a Valyrian Master Smith, able to forge and reforge Valyrian Steel And craft Items of power, particularly those related to dragons or fire.
Blood Magic - Blood magic, or blood sorcery as it is sometimes called, is commonly considered to be the darkest and possibly most powerful of magics, capable of nearly anything with enough sacrifice. Examples of its abilities include healing, the merging of animals of different species into one, the changing of physical appearance, enchantment, artificing, resurrection and all manner of other abilities. The greater the magic, the more which must be sacrificed. Sacrifices must be personal or valuable, with greater sacrifices granting greater power. You instinctively know how much you need to sacrifice in order to get what you want.

Power Overwhelming! - For most mages on Planetos, the greatest barrier to being a powerful mage is sacrifice. Specifically, the fact that all magics known to Planetos require some degree of blood, soul or human sacrifice to function. You neatly sidestep this issue through your innate connection to a powerful natural network of magic like the Weirwoods, instead powering your magic through that. You’ll even be able to craft items using this connection. This natural network of magic will appear in future worlds, and provides you with enough power that you could cast high level magics near trivially. This does not give you the power to pull off spells like the Hammer of the Gods by yourself, but by working with others, such powers may be within your grasp.

A Proficient Warrior - You are the equal of any knight in swordfighting, jousting and riding, as well as capable of caring for your armor and weapons without the aid of a squire. You have a weapon you are slightly more skilled in, than your average knight, whether that is a greatsword, a warhammer or something different.

"The Tall" - You're just about seven feet tall. If you were already about that, or taller, then add another of your heads worth of height. This is a proportional size increase, and you've a powerful build to go with it. If you bought this as a giant, then you will be pushing 20ft in height, and have a proportional build.

Always Armored - For whatever reason, it’s a fairly common practice in Westeros for nobles and important characters to fight without all their armor- rule of cool maybe? Nonetheless, now you can too! As long as you are wearing some kind of armor, you will be protected by the concept of armor to the same extent that what you are already wearing would protect you. Finally, you too can run around the battlefield without a helmet like all the other morons- and as a bonus, you won’t die doing so!

Master of Arms - You are a skilled teacher, capable of imparting a mastery of five weapon types and a martial philosophy over the course of a few years.

Unparalleled Rider - It’s as if you were born in the saddle, for you are able to ride any kind of steed better than anyone in a few generations. You are also truly capable of caring for your steeds, as well as make them easily follow your commands. This also works on dragons and other exotic animals as well as vehicles.

Unsullied Grit You have unbreakable will, easily equal to that of the Unsullied Legions from Astapor, able to stand through extreme pain and hardship. You are also capable of completely controlling yourself, no longer falling into a bloodthirsty rage in the case of a battle, only to then commit atrocities.

Genius Strategist - You are now a strategist unparallelled on Planetos, rivaling the likes of Napoleon and Alexander the Great, with a strategic mind that can, with enough resources and determination, change the face of the world. You can now win a battle whilst greatly outnumbered if only you have the time to prepare.

Sword of the Morning -You are one of the greatest warriors to grace the face of Planetos in a generation. Your mind and body are in perfect sync with combat. You could easily analyze a battlefield to create an imaginary version of it in your Mind’s Eye to easily predict the movements of your opponent until they stop being a threat… or if they play dead. You could fight 10 men, perhaps even 20 by yourself, and come out without a scratch. Against truly skilled opponents on the level of Ned Stark in his prime, this number goes down to 4-7. This is quite straining to a baseline human, but it is possible to expand the limits of your predictions with training, unnatural modifications or perks from another Jump. You also gain a substantial increase in skill to dual wield your preferred weapon with the same level of mastery that you wield one.


Bag of Groats - You also have a small leather bag with two hundred groats, you also have a small box with a hundred silver stags, and a thousand silver stars.
For 50cp you instead have a small leather bag with two hundred silver stags, and a couple of chests containing a total of ten gold dragons, a thousand silver moons, and ten thousand silver stags.
Finally, for 100cp you have a small leather bag with two hundred silver moons, as well as a large chest with a thousand golden dragons, and a hundred thousand silver moons. The money refills every second month if any is taken out.

Title of Land - A title of land equal to what someone of your station would expect. Regular warriors may have a small block for them and their family, a lord may have a castle, and the surrounding area, a lord paramount may have a massive castle, and an enormous area around as their personal domain, and a royal may have not just an enormous castle, but also an area near equal to the other kingdoms as their land. In future jumps, you can choose to have this be a warehouse attachment, or for it to seamlessly insert itself into the world without anyone but you noticing.

Ship of Some - Sort Every man is the king of the ship he captain’s. Now you too are a king (of your own ship). This ship can be anything that would make sense for someone of your social standing, position, geological location and time, but otherwise, have fun.

Animal Companion (Owl) - In this land, it’s somewhat common for people to have animal companions by their side. Whilst this item won’t get you a dragon, a sapient creature or anything which has absolutely no basis in this setting (such as trying to get a legend of zelda cucco as a pet), there are few real limits on size or species of animal. Examples of what can be gained through this item include a direwolf, mammoth, lion, eagle, hawk, viper, horse, war elephant or raven. Animals gained through this item are smart, loyal companions with a near human intelligence. The default is whatever would make sense for your origin, such as a Stark having a direwolf, a giant having a mammoth or a golden company member having a war elephant. If you have any animal based magics such as warging, this animal is far better suited for it and slightly boosts the effectiveness of such abilities.

Travel Supplies - A leather satchel which, when opened, contains the minimum needed to survive in the wild, as well as enough food for the day. Each day, the contents of the bag will change to cover this, with, for example, an arctic biome providing (among other things) warm clothes, firewood and a tinderbox, whilst a desert locale might provide thin, light, covering clothes, extra water and a tent. Once a week the perishables are replaced.

Accommodations When travelling, it is a common problem that you don’t have a place to bed down at the end of the night. By buying this item, you don’t have this problem.
Every town you stop at will at least have a terrible room in an inn (or room in the stables) for you to sleep in.
Every town has a nice room, with no chance of being robbed whilst in it.
Every town has a luxurious room, fit for a high lord.
Your own set of apartments in every High Lord or Kings castle, with a welcome for those who travel with you, and all of the above.

Armour of the Laughing Tree - Despite its name, the Armour of the Laughing Tree is not necessarily an armor. Instead, it is an upgrade you can apply to any piece of clothing or armor you wear. When activated, the wearer will be near-impossible to unmask or capture, whilst people’s memories seem to gloss over any attempts to connect the unmasked and masked forms.

Valyrian Steel Dagger - You are the proud owner of a Valyrian Steel dagger. Or not. See, this dagger is special beyond just being made of one of the strongest metals on the planet and worth an exorbitant amount of money. Anyone who you try to hoodwink or bamboozle whilst wearing this will be far more likely to believe whatever bullshit you’re spinning. Those with tricky minds, or strong will can break through its effect however.

Agents (Non Companion NPC's) - A loyal menagerie of agents to run your operations, and keep your businesses running well. Every agent is literate, undyingly loyal and skilled in their respective roles. Roles include Accountants, who manage your money, Enforcers who ensure that the peace is kept in your businesses/your desires are met, Taxmen who collect any money owed to you, Scribes who keep the written records of your operations sorted, and Managers who ensure the others are doing their jobs, and direct everything so you don’t have to. Depending on your actions and behaviours, the exact form these agents may take will change, with lawful individuals gaining agents to help them in enforcing the law (such as taxmen, town guards or foremen), whilst criminals may gain agents to help them in their illicit activities (such as conmen, leg breakers, money launderers or other such individuals).
500 Accountants, 500 Scribes, 1000 Enforcers, 50 Taxmen, 20 Managers

Iron Bank’s Cheque Book You've got Iron Bank's Cheque Book, the ultimate credit Cheque Book and personal identification as needed. This cheque book can take whatever form, colour, size, shape, or design you want. While it can't exchange currencies for you it does have access to everything you own. Any time the Iron Bank's Cheque Book is used in a transaction process it can pull from your stuff and facilitate the transaction. No one can use this without your permission. All transactions with the Cheque Book are validated by fiat. Due to its capabilities, it can facilitate any transaction or barter in any environment. If the other party doesn't have the goods you'll know instantly and Iron Bank's Cheque Book won’t pay up and you will be notified that the other party has the goods but was planning to cheat you, Iron Bank's Cheque Book will enforce the transaction.

Safehouse Sometimes, a man of wealth has to simply drop off the radar for a little while. Now you can do so in style. This lavishly appointed town house in a foreign city comes with servants and a fiat backed guarantee that as long as you actively are trying to hide, that your enemies will not find you. This can also be used as a handy way to hide people- such as your crush’s daughter who you’re trying to turn into your sex slave- where they will never be found. Sadly, it does not come with anything stopping anyone from escaping.

Mountain of Gold - Much like the Lannisters of Casterly Rock, you now own a truly impressive gold mine. This gold mine could be mined for centuries- millennia perhaps without running dry. In addition, you own a mint which will print valid money for you from now on. Please be aware that this does not come with inflation protection, so you could truly wreck the economy if you spend too much.

Great Manse - As a diplomat, you generally represent some powerful faction. As such, you have been provided with a great manse to show off your (and your faction’s) status. This lodging is almost decadently luxurious, coming with fine furnishings and an array of servants to look after it.

Courtiers (Non Companion NPC's) - A loyal network of spies, agents and courtiers who report directly to you, no matter who you may be sworn to or your personal rank. They are well trained in their role, and drilled in espionage, infiltration and intelligence gathering. Little Birds are slum dwellers, and give a general understanding of the working class’s problems, Courtiers specialise in learning the going ons of the nobility, Foreigners specialise in learning the intricacies of foreign powers, whilst a Spymaster is someone who collates the intel, and transforms it into an understandable report for you.
10,000 Little Birds, 5,000 Foreigners, 1,000 Courtiers, a large suborned spy network of a rival

Dirty Secrets - It’s truly a wonderful thing when people decide to work with you of their own free will, but unfortunately that isn’t always reality and so “motivation” may need to be given. Well you seem to have just that, located within a locked safe in your possession is a decent amount of blackmail for a number of middling Lords/officials in your nation. While it may lack material for the High Lords or Magisters it will provide you with a number of “contacts” who will only be too willing to use their influence to your benefit.

Tribute - When the barbarians are battering at the gate, sometimes you need a little something to pay them off. This provides you with that. This item provides a non-specific array of precious goods and items which, when given to another, generate far more good will than they should. It also enforces a geass which ensures that any deals sealed by the trading of these items will be kept. Examples of what could be provided by the Tribute include gold, jewels, food, livestock, slaves, horses, good quality weapons, and other precious goods. The contents of the tribute changes to be whatever the second party would consider to be a good tribute. The item refills once per jump.

Dragonglass Candle - A candle made of obsidian, Dragonglass candles are magical artefacts which when burnt, allow the mage using them to see across mountains, seas and deserts, give men visions and dreams and communicate with one another half a world apart. Light behaves bizarrely around them, with whites becoming as white as freshly fallen snow, reds like flame, yellows like gold and shadows so black they look like holes in the world. Ordinarily, to light the candles requires magic to be strong, but given that you’ve paid good CP, you may light them at will.

Crate of Weirwood Saplings - Ten sapplings. They grow to full maturity within a year. Every ten years, another crate of twenty arrives. Weirwoods are sacred trees grown by the Children of the Forest and used as places of worship for those who follow the Old Gods. They have white bark, red sap and red leaves. The children often carve elaborate faces into the trunks as well, which the sap will swell up from, giving the appearance of tears. This type of tree will create a mystical connection to trees of their fellow species, and can be used as a network to divine anything that has happened in their presence in the past or present. They can even be used to communicate through, over vast distances, as long as you have skills in divination.

Valyrian Link - Maesters of the Citadel frown on magic, not because it takes power out of their hands, whatever you may have heard, but because it so invariably requires human sacrifice to carry out. Proof of your mastery of magic, this Maester’s link will work as a form of certification of your magical technique in future worlds.

Surprise Teleporting Fleet - What’s that? Actually have to have your forces travel the distance to fight your enemies? Oh no no no… no no. With the purchase of this fleet of ships, in times of need your army will seemingly teleport far closer than they should be, ignoring distance and physical barriers. This ability works best when you are on the ropes, and may turn the tides of battle for you. The fleet comprises roughly 80 ships, 50 of which are warships, whilst the remainder are trade ships. All are crewed by NPCs, however anyone who travels on it will be unable to remember how exactly they got from point A to point B.

Dragonbinder - A priceless relic of Old Valyria, this horn has the unique ability to bind dragons and their kin. Whenever blown any draconic creatures within earshot will be forced to kneel to you, completely incapable of going against you and entirely submissive.

Weapons and Armor - Weapons and armor suitable for your station, profession and location. If you are a Stormslander knight, then you get heavy plate armor and your specialty weapon. If you are a diplomat from Dorne, you probably have leather armor and a poisoned dagger. This gear respawns in the warehouse a day after if lost or destroyed. This gear is generally about average for what your social position would expect.

Sworn Swords (Non-Companion NPC's) - These are your personal men, sworn directly to you, no matter who you may be sworn to, or your personal rank. They are well trained in their role, and rigorously drilled to battlefield formations. The Heavy infantrymen are in brigandine, riveted mail, and gambeson, with the Archers in brigandine and gambeson, and the Knights and squires are in full plate, riveted mail, and gambeson. Your knights need not actually be anointed knights, merely heavily armoured cavalry if you desire.
20,000 Heavy Infantrymen, 5,000 Longbowmen, 2,000 Knights with their squires, and twenty noble vassals with their own retinue and forces.

Legendary Weapon - Within your possession is a valuable weapon, although it need not be a sword. This weapon is made of either valyrian steel or star forged steel as one might imagine and as a result is a fine weapon far superior to anything but peers of the same make, thus allowing you to eventually cut through steel swords and armor cutting men open like tomatoes. Furthermore, the weapon scales with you becoming more and more powerful as you grow in strength. Another weapon can be imported into this option for free.

Qyburn's Scorpion - Repeating scorpion, range of several miles, hits what it’s aimed at in a straight line. You will not need to adjust for either distance, curvature of the earth, or weather.

Valyrian Steel Armor - By purchasing this armor, you have gained one of the greatest personal protections available in this entire setting. At first pierceable only by another Valyrian Steel weapon, as you grow in power, this armor will scale with you. Be aware that it only protects the parts it covers, so if you’re shot through your visor, you’re shit out of luck.

Great Fortification You have a full Westerosi castle. This is a fortification comparable to Winterfell itself, being capable of holding several thousand people, enchanted with to be immune to offensive magics, and to keep out a single sentient species which is defined at the start of each jump.

Starting the story just after the Mad King is taken off his throne is a hell of a place to start, especially for a pure-blooded Valerian, but that is besides the point. Glamoring is easy enough. Raised in the north by Benjen before he went to The Wall, I made it my goal to help ensure that the Night King died.

When he made his choice, I was fostered to Ned along with his "bastard son", Jon. Of course, I knew the truth. So I took it upon myself to train the man.

Mama Stark (nee Tully) was not happy, but she should grow up. The sins of the father (even though they are false) should not go onto the sins of the child.

And if it is because "the Seven say that bastard children and their descendents are evil children and unredeemable" (like she told me in a private conversation) then I informed her I'll be sure that the Barathians know of her views. After all, one of their ancestors was a bastard.

So, I had a few missions here. Kill the Mountain, teach Robert to be a good king, get the country out of debt, and make it so that Dany does not go bats hit insane.

I have a lot of work to do.

Seattle - Legally owned by the United Canadian and American States, every MegaCorp has a presence here. It's basically the Shadowrunning Capital of the World.

Elf - The humanlike metahuman, they can be hard to distinguish from humans except by their pointed ears and thinner, lither bodies. They're generally faster than humans, and have an innate read on body language some attribute to subconscious aura-reading. They also have an implausibly long lifespan, theorized to be anywhere from several centuries to functional immortality.

The Professional - You lived your life on the straight and narrow, finishing high school and staying out of trouble. Whether that's how things ended up or not is up to you. You've learned how to deal with people, and can get around a Corp without embarrassing yourself, but don't have much experience on the street.


Knowledge - Knowledge is power, and being powerless is a bad place to be. Each time you purchase this, you gain substantial information about a broad area of interest. While this won't give you any secret information, it can cover anything from astral topography to local criminal elements to elven cuisine.

Perception - No matter what the circumstances, you're on the ball. You've got a keen eye for detail, especially when it comes to people, and can easily spot things that others would miss. You can't read minds, but you can tell when someone's starting to get angry, and whether that's a gun in their pocket or not.

Build/Repair - As long as you understand how it works, you understand how to make it work. You can easily construct any object you understand as long as you've got the tools, and can diagnose and repair any existing object with practiced ease.

Awakened - Only a small percentage of Metahumanity can sense and manipulate mana. You're one of them. You've been opened up to the world of magic, and by focusing, you can now perceive the Astral Plane. This lets you see auras and spiritual lifeforms, and allows you to learn the art of Assennsing, letting you read peoples' auras to find out information about them, trace astral signatures, and identify magical disturbances. You MUST have this ability to use magic.

Wetwork - Any thug can kill a man, but you've learned how to do it like a professional. You're skilled with either ranged or melee combat, giving you extensive training in any commonly-available forms of weaponry in that style, and the ability to kill anyone without similar training easily and neatly using it. While you can't stand up to an army, you'll mop the floor with a gang of thugs.
For +100 CP, this applies to ranged AND melee combat.

Will To Live - Some people are just extremely stubborn about dying. This ability lets you push aside any pain you're feeling in the heat of the moment, although you'll still feel it later. You're also guaranteed to survive anything which is reasonably survivable, though you'll still be in critical condition and easy to finish off. A rocket to the face will leave you in a body bag, but a bullet will somehow miss anything vital, and you'll somehow find the hollow in a collapsed building.

Exceptional - You've got the potential to be amazing, as long as you live that long. All of your abilities - body, mind, skill, magic - have the potential to be significantly stronger than the best you could have achieved before. Of course, this won't help you reach those lofty peaks any faster, especially if you limit yourself to mundane challenges.

Stealth - You've mastered the art of getting around unnoticed. Whether it's slipping past a web of sensors, moving without being seen or heard, or sneaking a pistol into a party while wearing nothing but a sheer dress, you do it with style.

Influence - Calling you a people person would be an understate. You've got an innate understanding of when how to lie, intimidate, negotiate, or smooth-talk others. Better yet, you know when to use each tool in your arsenal, and have a sixth sense for realizing when a threat will make someone fold and when it'll make them mad.

Decker - Code is your medium, and computers your canvas. You're able to hack and counterhack anything from a database to a security system to someone's smartlinked weaponry. You can also navigate the Matrix like you were born in it, and bang out complex and intricate programs after a single night with a pot of coffee.

Rigger - Drones and vehicles are an extension of your body. You understand how to control anything from bug-sized to vehicle-sized machines by remote, as well as how to construct, repair, and improve said drones.

Sorcery (Requires Awakened) - A regular Magician, you've learned to channel mana through your will to create specific effects. You start with a generous allotment of spells, scattered between Combat, Detection, Health, Illusion, and Manipulation, and can learn others with time. You've also learned how to use your magic to defend against the spells of others, and how to use complex rituals to create even more powerful effects.

Conjuring (Requires Awakened) - The Spirit World is now open to you. You've learned the art of dealing with spirits, independent astral beings conceptualized by metahumanity, and can conjure, bind, and banish them easily. You are also gain significant knowledge about the spirit world, including what types of spirits are out there, and the Astral Plane in general.

Adept - Instead of channeling mana outward, you've learned channel it into yourself. The effects can range from granting you supernatural strength to letting you walk over a pile of junk without making a sound to gaining a sixth sense for danger, and will only get stronger as you train them. You do not need to be Awakened to purchase this ability.

Erased - In a world where there are records of everything, you're the guy who nobody can find. You can can change your posture, mannerisms, and voice like others change clothes. Moreover, any data trails except for those you want to remain simply vanish within a day.

Fixer - You ARE the guy who knows a guy. You can quickly and easily make contacts for pretty much any purpose you can think of, from someone to sell used and dripping cyberware to to someone who can get you into a Megacorp's headquarters. You also gain a sixth sense about their reliability, usefulness, loyalty, and price.

First Impression - You know how to make an impact. Whenever you meet someone for the first time, they get the exact impression of you that you want them to have. No matter what they've heard about you, they're going to react in a positive way - and if you're trying to sneak your way into somewhere, they'll be convinced you belong. Just be careful not to ruin it the next time you two meet.

Resonance - One of the lucky few, you've been born with an innate connection to the Matrix. You feel it move around you, and can control it with a thought, intuitively operating technology by performing mental algorithms. You can even use this power to create semi-autonomous computer programs, known as Sprites, which will do your bidding.

Inventor - You've got the potential to be the next Leonardo, whoever the hell that is. Other people can build and repair, but you can innovate, using your existing skills to create entirely new functionality. Whether it's machinery, code, or even something esoteric like a new spell, if you understand how to make it, you can invent it.

Initiation (Requires Awakened) - After a trying ordeal, you have advanced your understanding of the nature of magic to a far deeper level. You may now learn to utilize metamagic to modify any known spell, and any magical ability you have or gain will be significantly enhanced. You may now also access the Astral Metaplane.

Spirit Totem (Requires Awakened) - Your Awakening guided you to a powerful conceptual being known as a Mentor Spirit. Taking the form of an animal or conceptual archetype, this spirit guides you, advises you, and empowers you. Though it will place some restrictions on your behavior, it will teach you secrets no mortal will ever learn otherwise.


Contacts - You know a couple of people who can help you out when the situation calls for it. Each time you purchase this, you get two Contacts, each with with one of the skillsets from the Team list and the age, sex, and metatype of your choice. They're generally loyal, but this can change if you treat them poorly.

Silver Credstick - Money talks, and you've got something to say. You've got 20,000 nuyen, enough to pay for an apartment for a couple of months, or buy yourself a cheap car.

Apartment (100 CP) (Free non-Newbie) - It's not much, but it's yours. You've got a tiny apartment, a regular supply of hot nutrisoy, and rationed power and water, and it's all paid up for the next ten years.
+100 CP - You've got an actual condo, roomy enough that you're not tripping over yourself. You've also got an autocook with high-quality flavor faucets, for those times when you don't have enough for real food.
+200 CP - Now you've got an actual house, all paid up and everything. It's in a secure zone, which means nobody's likely to ever break in, and you've even got enough tech built in to take care of the housekeeping for you.

SIN - A System Identification Number is the basic authentication you need to be accepted into the world at large. Without one, you're stuck in the Shadows. You choose if this is a legitimate SIN or an extremely high-grade fake; any additional ones you buy after that are extras that you can swap out at will. As a bonus, any Equipment you buy can be licensed to any of your SINS; while this means they may be traced back to you, it also means you can't be arrested just for carrying the equipment – or, at least, that you won't be charged with a crime after your arrest.

Electrochromic Clothes - A stylish outfit run with electrochromic threads, letting you alter the patterns of the clothes to whatever you'd like. Colors, text, images, patterns - this is the only outfit you'll ever need.

Bag of Tricks - All the tools you need to break into somewhere you don't need to be. Consists of a lockpick set, a cellular glove molder, a keycard copier, and an electronic lock sequencer, all of the highest grade and quality.

Grapple Gun - In case you ever wanted to be Batman, this is a grappling hook with attached rope, which fires like a crossbow. Myomeric enhancements let you control it remotely, and a catalyst stick lets you vaporize the rope with a touch for stealthy escapes. Somehow, you'll always have another hook and more rope.

Platinum Docwagon Contract - This biomonitor wristband will summon an armed trauma team within 10 minutes if you've hit critical condition. They provide free emergency medical care, four free resuscitations per year, and a discount on extended medical care. It's paid up for 10 years, and will give you a discount on medical services even in the future - even if you head back home.

Basic Weapon (Ares Predator & Combat Knife) - The streets can be a dangerous place, and it's a good idea to have a bit of protection. This gets you one basic melee weapon - anything from a combat knife to a katana - or a single pistol with a full magazine. Whatever it is, it's a Throwback - no wireless presence whatsoever.

Yamaha Raiden - A bleeding edge electronic-firing assault rifle, still technically in the beta-testing stages at this point. Aside from a smartgun system, it has an integral sound suppressor, reducing its series of booms to the result of a bad SoyCaff, and an electronic recoil compensation mechanism.

Armored Clothing - A standard-looking suit of clothing in the color and style of your choice, crafted out of a lightweight ballistic weave fiber. Nearly undetectable, but it won't protect against the big guns.

Actioneer Business Suit - Looking for all the world like a well-tailored, expensive business suit, spiderweave venelar and thin but flexible composite plates provide high-class protection. A concealable holster is tailored in.

Full Body Armor - A suit of military-style body armor, with a full array of tactical holsters, pouches, and webbing, as well as some environmental protection. It is not subtle in the least, and cannot be concealed.

Chameleon Suit - A full-body suit with a ruthenium polymer coating surrounded by a built-in sensor suite. Scans its surroundings and replicates the images at the proper perspectives. Nearly useless when moving, but perfect when hiding.

Meta Link - The most basic Commlink, a universal communication device utilized by everyone in the world. Even the most basic can browse the Matrix in Augmented Reality mode, and have functionality that makes a Smartphone look downright Paleolithic.
You've upgraded to a Farlight Caliban, the hottest piece of Commlink technology on the market. Blazingly fast, with amazing storage space and features, including a Sim module that turns data into neural signals.

Renraku Tsurugi - A mid-grade Cyberdeck - a computer about the size of a small book with a universal data connector and an array of fun features. Exploring the Matrix outside of what's literally within eyesight requires one of these.
Forget the Tsurugi, you're running around with a Farlight Excalibur. This is the highest-grade Deck on the market, costing nearly a million Nuyen and worth every penny. The only limit on what it can do is your own skill with it.

MCT Fly-Spy - Looking like nothing more than a large insect, this Drone is nearly impossible to spot, can be programmed or operated remotely, and includes a number of interesting features a normal model won't, such as thermographics and ultrasonic imaging.

Wheels - A mid-grade car, truck, or motorcycle, your choice, with a built-in Rigger interface. Can be piloted remotely, giving you a perfect view of everything in front of it as you go, and is ready to have weapons mounted.

Spell Focus - An astral construct, designed to help you cast magic with greater efficiency. Each is designed to significantly boost a single type of magic - Combat, Detection, Health, Illusion, and Manipulation - or may instead boost your Counterspelling or Ritual Magic abilities. They may look like pretty much anything you want them to.

Spirit Focus - A different form of astral construct, used to attune you with the spirit world. It boosts your power at Summoning, Banishing, or Binding any spirit you may encounter - but only one of the three specialties.

Weapon Focus - Although it started out as an archaic melee weapon, an astral enhancement makes this deadlier than any mere piece of metal could ever be. It comes with you if you project yourself into the Astral Plane, and it damages any astral forms you may end up fighting as well.

Power Focus - The best magical toy money can buy. It takes whatever form you'd like, and gives a significant boost to every single bit of magic you do, whether conjuring, sorcery, ritual magic, counter-spelling, or anything in between.

You know that guy, the one that says "don't make me come over there? Yeah, that was me.

I was the man behind the curtain in many cases. The Johnson for many jobs. My spy network had tendrils into every Mega Corp in the world and every government had my card as a" guy in the know."

So, when some no-name Shadowrunner team was hired by a man from Aztlan, and they decided they wanted me dead, well I needed to make an example.

It. Was. Glorious.

Sending proof of corporate espionage of the men that hired them to their bosses was just step one. That would mean that, even if I were to die, they wouldn't get paid because their employer was not there to pay on delivery. The neophytes didn't even ask for half up front. The employee had his employment contract where he "volunteered" to take part in a "ritual" executed.

Next I started to put together files on each member of the four man cell that was going to be sent against me.

The first, a human Adept by the name of Yami. His story about how he escaped conscription at the cost of his parents and younger brother's lives. I did, however, show him pictures of his sister he didn't know he had. And that I had people now watching her in case he didn't back off. He now wasn't a problem.

The second was an Elf Technopath. Now, people have a bad feeling about them, but they merely were online during the collapse and now have a bit of the resonance in them. Giving her a file about what the hell was going on in exchange for backing down was good enough compensation.

The third was the Street Sam. As soon as I showed he wasn't going to get paid, he called it off. They were real professional.

Lastly wss the Troll Battle Mage. He, honestly, just wanted a good fight. When I offered him one outside of the job in an arena match where he would get a cut win or lose, he took it.

It was a good time had by all in the Shadows that night.


Hybrid - Maybe you’re a combination between a Shinigami and a Hollow (Visord), or something else. The cost of doing this is not cheap, and is the number of races combined +100cp, so two is 300cp, three is 400cp, and so on. There is no perk or item tree for hybrids, instead gaining access to all trees purchased.
Fullbringer: Pride, especially in something that you hold dear to you is a power in its own. While you lack the numbers of the other origins, your powers are truly unique as they are all based on someone else's’ “pride”. Fullbringers are able to bring out the “soul” of an object with varying powers as a result.
Hollow: In the event that a Shinigami fails to reach your soul in time, or that you had a regret that was never truly resolved your soul became corrupted, and your heart vanished, leaving you with only a hole. This brings you to torment, and the only way to sate this pain is to eat souls, and even then that only increases your hunger, leading you on an endless journey to fill your hole with other souls.
Soul Reaper: Once souls pass into the afterlife, they are able to attend school if their reiatsu is high enough, and graduate as shinigami. These shinigami are trained to be great hunters to purify the hollow spirits, and to defend human life at all cost; The Shinigami’s main tool is their Zanpakuto, which have the ability to grow in power with their wielder.
Quincy: Humans that carry the blood of the Soul King’s son, Juha Bach. Quincies are known for their reishi manipulation to pull surrounding spirit particles to them in order to create weapons. They are on bad terms with the Soul Reapers because Quincies will destroy the souls of hollows, while the Soul Reapers purify them; this lead to an escalating conflict which has wiped out almost all of the surviving Quincy.

Drop-in - As you wake, you notice that there is a chain coming out of your chest leading back into a body… a body that looks identical to yours! You can either sever this chain of fate, and become a true spiritual being (aka a ghost), or crawl back into your body and continue life. Either way, this will open your eyes to the realm of the spirits, and now you can see the truth to this world.

Kurosaki Clinic - Home of the main character and also a clinic, you wake up on an operating table with none in sight.


Completely Normal - Nope, nothing to see here friend; I’m just an average person with a cape. With both your words and your powers, you can mask them to be indistinguishable from whatever is considered “normal” in the setting.

Potential Maximization - Kinda like a built-in scouter you can tell what someone's current state is, and their possible potential. If you’ve ever wanted to scout for greatness, or see how much energy an opponent has left this is the perk for you.

My Soul, My Badge - And no one else’s. Your power, skills, abilities, and even energies are your own, and cannot be taken away from you unless you so will it.You can still lose them by performing the ultimate forbidden technique or something that takes them as a cost.

Linking Spirits - More than just your object of power, you can now “call” upon the souls of your environment and gently modify them to your advantage. Falling on a canopy from the atmosphere? You’ll be banged up, but can still walk. About to hit a brick wall? The wall is brittle now, and you’ll break through it. While these are just the beginnings, in time you can “convince” the air around you not to go inside your opponent's lungs, or the energy attack to pass through you instead of making contact.

Fred’s Blessing - You sure do love traps! All kinds of them, from the small caltrops to the gigantic trojan horse. You can make new and novel traps, and when combining any previous ability can even grant them unheard of functions! Pairing this with Keikaku Dori will make you have the ability to plan for entire battles in only a few short hours! In short, you have the technical ability to plan for battles as Kisuke Urahara has.

Mental Censor - A unique gift, your thoughts can only be read if you wish them to be. Maybe confuse an enemy, or give them half truths, either way you need no longer fear those who can tap the mind.

Reishi Manipulation - Quincies already have the ability to manipulate Reishi, but you’re special. You can move those energies around much more precisely than the average Quincy, and can even manage to absorb some from your opponent's attacks!

Sternritter -0, The Jumper (Imagination Manifestation) - The final evolution of a Quincy that will otherwise need to be given to you by Yhwach (and likely taken once you mature it), Sternritters have greatly increased power and reishi control. Sufficiently weaker energy-based attacks will not harm you instead; they will end up increasing your existing reserves. Additionally the speed and ability to control energy has increased as well. While you can still gain power from weaker attacks you have to take the brunt of it, and receive no damage reduction. You can also pick a single Sternritter ability from Sternritter | Bleach Wiki | Fandom, which would scale in power (weaker or stronger) to your existing ability. Pairing this with the Reishi Manipulation perk would make the energy based attacks gain you health as well as energy when weaker, and weaken the blow of stronger attacks as well.

Fancy Swordplay - You’re one of the few who have become so attuned with their Zanpakuto that you have your own style for it! This style depends on the design chosen, but no matter what will keep the enemies guessing.

Fated Encounter - Shinigami have the ability to determine someone’s location by their string of fate, but you’ve taken that to the extreme. You can view this string of fate, and use it to find the path that someone took for the past 48 hours, as well as their current location.

Reiryoku - One of those gifted sorts with above average reserves and production, you can produce massive amounts of spiritual energy compared to those at the same level as you, and if you purchase Bankai then your reserves would rival even that of the captain of the Kido Corps.

Squad 0 - While Captains are much stronger than their lieutenants, so too is the Royal Guard to the Captains. By purchasing this option, not only do you gain an increase of Reiryoku to be on equal footing with the 0 Squad, but also the strength of one too. In addition to this your body is imparted with an Oken. What this does is, in addition to allowing you to travel between related worlds (ie Bleach has Human World, Soul Society), it has a second power. Once per 10 years, should you fall in battle you will instead be instantly revived. The traveling worlds part can be shared with companions so long as they are going to the same location as you.

Acidic Touch - No one really knows how it works, but Hollows always seem to leave burn marks on escaped targets. You are special in that your “acid” is strong enough to corrode flesh upon contact instead of just mildly damaging it.

Extra sensory - Like other feral beasts, Hollows can sense the smell and also energy of beings in order to hunt them. Unlike them your ability is much above average, to the point where you couldn’t lose a “scent”, and in addition you can tell how much of a chance you have against the target as well from a single encounter.

Separation - Sometimes you don’t have a camera ready when you should have, or a tape recorder, now this is no longer a problem! By removing the associated sensory organ(s) you can replay any set of stimuli that occurred to them prior. Gives a new meaning to the term Eyewitness! Of course, if you want more than that, you can break off entire pieces of your soul, giving them sentient life and your powers in the process. The amount of power however, never changes. If you break off a piece of yourself containing all of your powers at 50%, your own power is weakened by that much. These beings have steadfast loyalty to you, as you and them are one in the same.

Second Release - While most Arrancar are able to reach only one level of resurreccion, you are capable of reaching a second one. Beyond granting you with near instantaneous regeneration from injury, it also allows you to quickly draw out massive amounts of energy for explosive attacks, and physical attributes greater than those of a captain. In addition to this, you can now “rain” down your own reitsu, capable of draining your foes of their own, or even evoking strong emotions like despair!

Fashion - You have a taste with threads and thread accessories! You become an excellent designer, and are able to choose complimenting materials and can sew items faster than any machine could hope to!

Super - When something is not right you can feel it. Any time an illusion is cast over you, or someone hijacks a body you’ll know, and while you may not know the specifics of the problem you’ll have a general idea on how to fix it.

Keikaku Dori - You always know what to bring before a battle, and can guess what items you should bring for a fight to turn the tides as well. Never get caught off-guard by a new foe again!

Transcendence - The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and yours are no exception. By fusing different powers of similar origin together you can increase the power greater than if they were used on their own, and as a result also use less of whatever energy is needed!

Genius-Level Intellect - On par with the likes of Urahara, or Mayuri, you have an amazing intellect. Managing to reverse engineer specialty soul products in short time periods (like the Squad 0 hotsprings), to accurately predict the exact items you’ll need for a battle before it begins.

Weird Science - While the rest of the Soul Society resembles feudal Japan, the Shinigami R&D area is the exception. You possess a photographic memory of the blueprints, schematics, and plans of Shinigami R&D including (but not limited to) mod soul creation, Vizard creation, Asauchi creation, and more. In addition to this you have an affinity with soul related engineering, and can come up with even more concepts on your own.

Keep Them Talking - Something about your presence makes your enemies want to talk. A lot. Yes you have a plan, and yes you’re oh so smart for getting this far, but do I really care? Enemies will engage you in conversation in battle when they think they have the upper plan, and go into detail about their aspirations or past. So long as you listen to what they’re saying (or pretend to) you’ll be able to buy much needed time for your friends to arrive.

With Friends Like These - Trust is a powerful thing, you can have utmost faith in one person one moment, confiding your darkest secrets to them, only to have them betray you later on, leaving you broken. This no longer applies to you though, companions and those whom you put your utmost faith in will reciprocate in kind, your allies will never willingly betray you unless you intentionally harm them first, and when imminent harm does come to them you will experience a great boost to your abilities to come to their aid.

Plot Armor - Even though you are not a main character, the worlds you visit don’t seem to care. As long as you involve yourself with the plot, fate conspires to make you live to see another day. Powerful blows seem to graze you, and when your enemies think that they have finished you off they will temporarily leave you in search of other foes.

Number 1 - You are number one, and what better to prove it than with your skill? Your power capacity and growth in terms of powers have been greatly increased, allowing you to learn new skills much faster than your peers.

Reincarnation - Should you die in this world your spirit emerges, but that’s not the Reincarnation I’m talking about here. Once per jump you may choose to wake up a day later in the closest spot to where you have died. One purchase only.

Items - Import - If you have an existing item, it can be imported to any of your purchases here. This includes the combat bug purchase. In case it has to be said, Shinigami gain a free Zanpakuto with the purchase of their origin.

Meta-Console - Essentially a lightweight handheld, this device is capable of playing any game at the highest setting, and can transform into a stationary console at will including whatever device(s) are necessary. Yes, it can do multiplayer.

Fullbrought - If you have an existing item, or have a future item in mind, you can imbue it with your own soul, making it your personal fullbring. This item will grant any one item the benefits of fiat-protection, and in addition to this empowers the item based on the strength of your own soul, granting it with different properties.

Sewing Kit - A collection of needles, threads, and other related items, this kit never runs out of supplies!

Artefact - A relic lost to the ages, this glove can be bonded to you and greatly increase Reishi collection and manipulation, and when broken off more than doubles this ability as well, though you will become severely weakened for the next month or so. You gain one glove that repairs itself monthly.

Sōshingu - This bangle, while fashionable also serves another purpose. It can mimic the abilities of a Quincy, such as concentrating and forming reiatsu constructs in order to assist the weaker Quincies in battle. This functions as a boost to any sort of energy collecting technique, and can be used to restore your powers if they ever become lost.

The Silver Arrow - Acts as the fatal weakness to any being, stripping them of their power temporarily. Only gets one.

Themed Gear - You gain a set of accessories matching your main weapon (Zanpaktuo), which also carry some usefulness in battle.

Memory Replacement Drug - Replaces the recent memory of an event in the target, causing them to vehemently believe that it was caused by another factor. Purchasing it here allows you to control the replacement memory, rather than it being completely random and unreliable.

Urahara’s Special - A device that was normally used for gaining Bankai in a short period of time, this one has instead been modified to greatly increase the proficiency in a single weapon and skill. It can also be used to gain Bankai as a Shinigami.

Mod Soul - While the only death that matters is your spiritual one, having your physical body break down and rot while you’re off adventuring isn’t too fun. By swallowing a mod soul you will be ejected from your body while the soul protects it in the meantime. Of course, since it is a mod soul, give it a single upgrade from below. Multiple purchases can be used to buy additional upgrades for your mod soul or as separate souls.
Super Strength: In case your body is in a bad predicament, the mod soul can be granted with superhuman strength, enough to bench press a car!
Super Speed: Similar to Kon’s leg ability, your soul can now move at incredible speeds, outrunning even race-cars.
Invisibility: Need I explain it?
Shapeshifting: Only changes the body’s form, it does not grant any additional power.
Gate Creation: Large (or small) portals can be summoned, linking your mod to you at will.

Hojiku-Zai - Generously given as a option by Mayuri Kurotsuchi, this small vial functions as a instant health bonus, capable of completely healing a functional wound. Comes in a pack of 2 that replenish once a jump, or get 2 more for every 50cp spent.

Mysterious Blueprints - Near undecipherable prints that seem to detail the creation of all of the specific races in Bleach. You’re gonna be looking at this for a while.

Mayuri’s Facility - Vats of weird jelly, canisters for housing souls. There’s a lot that goes into R&D in Bleach, and you’re covered on all of it. This laboratory comes stocked with everything needed to perform the research and experiments done in Bleach, with roughly the same amount of souls being regenerated as it would take to forge an Asauchi. The souls replenish every 10 years.

Power Restoring Artifact - Maybe a bankai was stolen by a Quincy, or something else entirely. How the power was stolen matters not, as pressing this against a being that has lost their power will return it in full. The artifact contains no power of its own other than this, and cannot be used to grant beings powers that they did not have.

Karakuraizer Watch - A small, golden watch, that transforms the wearer into the protector of Karakura town, the Karakura-Raizer! Not really, but this watch contains any one outfit of your choice immediately and completely donned onto you when activated.

Oken Clothing - Fashioned from the hair and oken of a certain squad 0 member, this Haori set grants the wearer with a great defense, enough to the point where it could break through all of the protective shields of the soul society at blinding speeds without the wearer suffer from so much as a scratch.

A Protective Charm - Maybe you have someone in your life that gets themselves into trouble for the sake of others, or just that they’re a prime target to attack for whatever reason. This small charm can, once per 10 years no-sell any attack that would be fatal to its wearer. If you have someone specific in mind you can implement it in their body so it cannot be lost, if not it takes the form of a small satchel.

Kushanada Armor - When the Kushanada deem a person worthy, they pool their powers into them, manifesting as a set of skull-clad golden armor. What this does is that, beyond allowing them to phase through physical objects and boosting their physical and spiritual attributes, it allows the wearer to both create and break the nigh-invincible chains of Hell. If worn in Hell in future jumps, the guards will ignore the wearer, so long as they aren’t actively aiding an escape.

Training Room - Under a house, or a bridge maybe; the location doesn’t matter but only what’s inside. In this massive room you can use your powers to the fullest extent without worry, and cannot die either, though this applies to everyone in here. The room includes any variety of environment you could wish for, so long as it is natural.

Hogyoku - A small device that seemingly has a will of its own, the Hogyoku absorbs the desires of the ones closest to it and will manifest this on reality. The main power of this artifact is that it can break the barrier between species, causing one to become more like the other, or more evolved within their own race.

My goal here is to spend time not with Ichigo and the main cast.

No, my time is going to be spent training his sisters and his other friends that didn't get as much screen time.

They kinda get screwed and forgotten about in much of the storyline. By first getting them a Perfectly Normal and Perfect Control Perks, they won't be blaring their power levels around and be safer. Now, as for training them, we'll the girls are already half Quincy, Half Shinigami, as well as Fullbringers. As much as I hate to say it, they could have been viable alternatives to Ichigo. And they are just forgotten about? Please.

Getting Pops to train with me was as easy as telling him who I was, showing him what I could offer, the likely future of what was coming, and a good fight.

He is a simple man that loves his family.

Shame I didn't get here until after Ichigo went to Soul Society, but I'll make it work.

I do wonder if he punched old Hat and Clogs in the face though for not telling him, though.

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