21 Hottest Male Anime Villains of All Time (2022) (2023)

When deciding what anime to watch, we have a lot of different requirements. Some watch anime for great animations, and some watch anime for the storyline. At the same time, others watch solely for their favorite anime character. Anime characters are essentially important when you are trying to get into a certain anime. Some anime watchers prefer ethically good characters, while some prefer sexy and hot anime guys over anything. Today, we will list down the Hottest Male anime villains who are not just sexy or hot but also make great villains.

21 Hottest Male Anime Villains of All Time (2022)

  • List of Hottest Male Villains In Anime
    • 21. Ferid Bathory – Owari no Seraph
    • 20. Claude Faustus – Black Butler
    • 19. William James Moriarty – Yuukoku no Moriarty
    • 18. Ryuunosuke Akutagawa- Bungo stray dogs
    • 17. Izaya Orihara – Durarara!!
    • 16. Dabi – My Hero academia
    • 15. Muzan Kibutsuji – Demon Slayer
    • 14. Gilgamesh – Fate series
    • 13. Dio brando – Jojo’s bizarre adventures
    • 12. Lelouch Lamperouge – Code Geass
    • 11. Light Yagami – Death note
    • 9. Sosuke Aizen– Bleach
    • 8. Griffith – Berserk
    • 7. Chrollo Lucifer – Hunter x Hunter
    • 6. Shogo Makishima – Psycho pass
    • 5. Hisoka Morrow – Hunter x Hunter
    • 4. Sesshomaru – InuYasha
    • 3. Itachi Uchiha – Naruto shippuden
    • 2. Eren Yeager – Attack On Titan
  • Some Honourable Mentions.
    • 1. Pain – Naruto Shippuden
    • 2. Akaza – Demon Slayer
    • 3. Black Goku – Dragon Ball Super
    • 4. Vegeta – Dragon Ball Series
    • 5. Tsukasa Shishio – Dr. Stone
    • 6. Deidara – Naruto Shippuden
    • 7. Takasugi Shinsuke – Gintama
    • 8. Zeref Dragneel – Fairy Tail

List of Hottest Male Villains In Anime

21. Ferid Bathory – Owari no Seraph

21 Hottest Male Anime Villains of All Time (2022) (1)

Starting off our list with Ferid Bathory, a hot vampire who is the seventh progenitor and one of the main antagonists of Owari no Seraph.Ferid is a tall, skinny, and appealing young man.

He has long hair; his sliver long hair is waist-length, with bangs that make a great combination with a strand over each ear. He wears his hair in a ribbon-tied ponytail.

He has red eyes and pointy ears, much like all true vampires. Ferid is extroverted, cheerful, energetic, playful, and cunning.

Ferid is a brutal murdering machine, despite his attractive looks. He is depicted butchering young children in the first episode for no other reason than to scare and entertain himself. Furthermore, he sucks their blood in front of the other youngsters.

Aside from that, he is clever, manipulative, and untrustworthy. He is selfish and self-serving.

20. Claude Faustus – Black Butler

21 Hottest Male Anime Villains of All Time (2022) (2)

Claude is the antagonist of Black Butler Season 2. He wears spectacles to hide his golden eyes, which are crisp and keen. He is tall and beautiful, with short black hair. What makes him even hotter is that he wears a suit practically all of the time.

Claude is basically emotionless. He’s disinterested in everything, but his personality does vary under specific circumstances.

Claude seems so gloomy and awful, yet he engages in odd things. Who’d have guessed a powerful demon like him would enjoy knitting?

When it comes to birds, he’s adorable. He’s an absolute gentleman. Also, he’s skilled at tap dance, making him more hot.

Now Claude is no different from Sebastian, but he killed Alois, which makes him a villain.

No rival could compete with Sebastian in season one, so Claude’s appearance makes the anime more interesting to watch.

19. William James Moriarty – Yuukoku no Moriarty

21 Hottest Male Anime Villains of All Time (2022) (3)

In the anime Yuukoku no Moriarty, William James Moriarty plays the main character. He is a tall and handsome man with a lovely smile. He has blonde hair, and his eyes are crimson red. His clothing really suits him.

William possesses a variety of personality traits. He is smart, elegant, charismatic, self-assured, and well-mannered.

He’s ideal for you if you enjoy reading books, discussing sophisticated and crucial topics, and spending time playing mind games.

The emotional appeal given to this guy is what makes him so amazing. Often, geniuses are dismissed as dry, rational, and unreal, but this is not the case with William.

As a criminal consultant, he attempts to achieve equality by turning entire Britain into his own crime show, using criminal tactics and proper planning.

18. Ryuunosuke Akutagawa- Bungo stray dogs

21 Hottest Male Anime Villains of All Time (2022) (4)

Ryuunosuke Akutagawa possesses the Rashoumon ability, which he can use in various ways. In the anime, we see Akutagawa act like a tsundere when it comes to Dazai. Despite his ‘notice me senpai’ act, Ryuunosuke is a bad boy from Bungo Stray Dogs Season 1.

His features are quite gentle. His hair is black, but the tip of his hair is white. Akutagawa’s looks may fool you, but he’s a mafia member and a bad guy.

Ryuu is an extremely powerful character. He is the embodiment of loyalty. He has gone through a lot and continues to go through it, but he has never given up on gaining Dazai’s respect.

17. Izaya Orihara – Durarara!!

21 Hottest Male Anime Villains of All Time (2022) (5)

Izaya Orihara is the main antagonist of Durarara!! Season 1. Izaya works as an undercover information broker. He is both admired and despised. Izaya has amazing facial features and short black hair paired with deep brown eyes. People admire his good looks.

Izaya’s personality is manipulative. As a result, he will frequently provoke a fight and then flee or choose sides in the conflict. Despite this, he can be incredibly charming.

Izaya doesn’t miss a chance to piss Shizou off, but he toys around with him once he succeeds. He can easily influence people, not just to believe him but also to entirely change their perspective on life, potentially changing their personalities.

His cunning and wicked personality is fascinating! Ryōgo Narita did an excellent job with this persona.

Izaya shows that not all villains have superhuman physical strength. It’s nearly impossible to stop him from carrying out his plots because he can either stop you or utilize your actions to help him carry them out. He is obnoxious, yet he also has a lot of charisma.

He’s a fascinating guy; he claims to adore humanity, but considering how fascinating their thoughts are, it’s more appropriate to say he’s obsessed with them.

16. Dabi – My Hero academia

21 Hottest Male Anime Villains of All Time (2022) (6)

Toya Todoroki is Dabi’s true name. He is one of the series’ coolest villains. He’s arguably the baddest character in My Hero Academia.

Dabi is tall and skinny. His face is covered in purple stitched patches, his most notable feature. His deep blue eyes always seem to reveal his determination to destroy everything. He has black hair that stands out with his patchwork face, making him hot.

His blue flames and his low-cut clothing and ear piercings draw the audience’s attention, making him one of the hottest anime characters in My Hero Academia.

Dabi despises heroes and intends to destroy them as a result of his horrible background. In his opinion, they are phony and unworthy. He is not afraid to mock anyone. He has a badass attitude, too; for instance, he mocked Shigiraki’s face.

15. Muzan Kibutsuji – Demon Slayer

21 Hottest Male Anime Villains of All Time (2022) (7)

And the next guy on our list is Muzan, the main antagonist of the Demon Slayer anime. His black hair and red demon eyes are what make him stand out. Demon Slayer fans believe his character design is oddly similar to Michael Jackson’s.

Muzan can change his appearance, which is not limited to one gender. He can change into the most beautiful woman we have ever seen.

But the best part is that he is evil and strong and awesome at the same time. Muzan’s brutality is unmatched, and while he enjoys killing demon slayers like flies, he also kills demons.

14. Gilgamesh – Fate series

21 Hottest Male Anime Villains of All Time (2022) (8)

Gilgamesh, commonly known as Archer, is the Fate/Zero and Fate/stay Night secondary antagonist. He is the secondary antagonist in the Fate route, the main antagonist in the Unlimited Blade Works route, and a major antagonist in Heaven’s Feel path. Because of his role in corrupting Kirei Kotomine, he is also the overall antagonist of both storylines.

Gilgamesh is the hottest male in the anime. Gilgamesh was a tall, elegant young man with a blaze of golden hair. His crimson-red irises give off a strange brightness that makes people shrivel and makes his gaze even more stunning.

He is an extremely handsome, incredibly muscular and charming with an attractive face. Gilgamesh has a calm voice, faultless silky skin, perfect teeth, and a “perfect, golden-proportioned figure.”

13. Dio brando – Jojo’s bizarre adventures

21 Hottest Male Anime Villains of All Time (2022) (9)

Dio Brando, known as DIO from Part 3 onwards, is the major antagonist of Part 1 and Part 3 and the overall main antagonist of Jojo’s bizarre adventures. He has a darkly alluring aura about him. He’s charming, as are many serial killers.

His attractiveness is typically a major aspect for both the audience and the characters in the series. He also has a way of getting to the person with whom he talks. It’s difficult to resist him, as he’s a master of words.

His bad-boy look is only enhanced by his vest and jacket ensemble, including an emerald-green tiara and gold-hoop earrings. Compare this to JoJo (of any generation), who believes that pouting makes him appear more attractive.

12. Lelouch Lamperouge – Code Geass

21 Hottest Male Anime Villains of All Time (2022) (10)

Lelouch Lamperouge plays the main protagonist and the main antagonist of Code Geass.

He is a Magnificent Chessmaster who was given the power of a Magical Eye called a Geass in his left eye, which allows him to compel anybody to obey him and do whatever he requests – however it only works once on each individual. Lelouch Lelouch is also our pick for the cutest villain on this list.

The most notable feature of Lelouch is his violet eyes which he inherited from his mother. Lelouch is a frail man with little muscle mass, and he’s tall, like other characters in the series.

He’s also known as Black Prince, signaling his black clothing as his school uniform is black, and he wears a black helmet and cloak as Zero.

Lelouch Lamperouge acquired the Geass power and chose to use it to wipe out the Holy Britannian Empire, an imperial monarchy and superpower that had been conquering numerous countries.

11. Light Yagami – Death note

21 Hottest Male Anime Villains of All Time (2022) (11)

Death Note is a popular anime that practically everyone has seen. Death Note was, in fact, the first anime that most new-generation anime fans watched. As a result, Light Yagami is one of the first hot anime guys many girls are familiar with.

Light Yagami is a charismatic natural genius who suffers from a god complex. Watching Light’s transition from an innocent high-school student to a vicious mass murderer with a god complex is fascinating in and of itself.

Many people admire him for his intelligence, talent, and hardworking attitude. He also has a strong sense of justice and a desire to make the world a better place to live in. But the power of the death note had an adverse effect on him, and he became compulsive.

Light has a god complex and is a captivating natural genius. At first glance, Light Yagami appears to be a normal student, but a kill count of 220,000 using a death note makes him a serial killer.

10. Ryomen Sukuna- Jujutsu Kaisen

21 Hottest Male Anime Villains of All Time (2022) (12)

Although Sukuna and Itadori share the same body and features, Sukuna’s distinct personality and attitude make him more appealing.

When Yuji turns into Sukuna, he develops tattoo-like marks on his body that complement him and make him more hot and appealing.

Whenever Sukuna enters Yuji’s body, he rips off Yuji’s t-shirt to show off his abs with his cutesy smile. Though, these markings do not suit Itadori. Sukuna’s voice and his arrogance draw the audience and fangirls.

Sukuna can easily break Special Grade Curses. His Reverse Cursed Technique can regrow Yuji’s limbs and even bring him back from the dead while being locked inside Yuji Itadori’s body and limited to a fraction of his ability.

9. Sosuke Aizen– Bleach

21 Hottest Male Anime Villains of All Time (2022) (13)

Former fifth division captain Sosuke Aizen is the most badass anime villain on the list. Aizen starts his journey with defection from Soul Society and ends with his defeat by the main protagonist Ichigo’s Mugetsu. Aizen plays the role of the overarching villain for the longest time.

He would’ve been the cutest villain if we were to judge him while he was still captain. His aura was calm, but he controlled everything around him at the same time.

You know Aizen was badass when Yhwach had to take precautions around him. His reiatsu is so strong that even Yhwach notices this and takes precautions, making him one of the five Special War Potentials.

When he stopped wearing glasses and altered his hairstyle, he transformed dramatically. He became quite hot and was adored by all. Aizen radiates a serene and charismatic presence. This earned him the respect and fear of his followers in both the Soul Society and Hueco Mundo.

8. Griffith – Berserk

21 Hottest Male Anime Villains of All Time (2022) (14)

Griffith is one of Berserk’s most well-written and interesting characters. He’s a fascinating guy.

Everything that made Griffith such a likable figure now contributes to his impact as a villain. He was an outstanding warrior, tactician, and commander. He was stunning, attracting both men’s and women’s attention.

Due to gender stereotypes, you don’t say “beautiful” to boys; instead, you say “handsome.” Griffith breaks these stereotypes. Griffith is beautiful and strong. Griffith is charismatic and devoted to his beliefs.

He believes in the best for humanity, making him a candidate for the series’s main protagonists. However, the nice guy persona is lost after a particular Last Supper re-enactment.

His principles are as far-fetched as his personality, a characteristic that would put him on this list rather than the “hottest heroes.”

7. Chrollo Lucifer – Hunter x Hunter

21 Hottest Male Anime Villains of All Time (2022) (15)

Chrollo Lucifer is also from Hunter x Hunter and the coolest villain on this list. He is tall and strong, with black hair and grey eyes that appeal to the audience.

His tattoos and piercings add to his charm. Chrollo is a sharp, charismatic, and bold character.

His charm and the mystery surrounding Chrollo’s past are enough to pique anyone’s interest. And his search for his life’s purpose is completely realistic because people in real life struggle to find their purpose.

His skills are developed in the manga, and they are, quite plainly, broken. He can execute any of his stolen abilities, which are numerous. One of the most memorable anime villains.

6. Shogo Makishima – Psycho pass

21 Hottest Male Anime Villains of All Time (2022) (16)

Shogo Makishima’s claimed purpose is to free Japanese society from the Sibyl System, which he claims is converting citizens into non-thinking automatons rather than autonomous thinking human beings. He is the main antagonist of Psycho Pass Season 1.

Shogo is a charming young man with nearly angelic features, light silver hair, golden eyes, and a mesmerizing smile.

He’s also brimming with charisma, wit, and intellect, which naturally draws people to him and makes it easy for him to recruit supporters for his cause.

Shogo is philosophical and asks intriguing questions that pique people’s interest in learning more about the solutions.

He’s one of the bad guys in the psycho pass, but his philosophical preachings will make you question who’s the real villain in anime. Is it the Sibyl System or Makishima himself?

5. Hisoka Morrow – Hunter x Hunter

21 Hottest Male Anime Villains of All Time (2022) (17)

Hisoka is a really attractive man, according to the majority of the female audience.

He is a sensual body figure with a tear and a star drawn on his cheeks, narrow yellow eyes; raspberry-colored hair; and a sexy body shape. Furthermore, Hisoka is composed, making it difficult to imagine him losing his cool.

He only fights incredibly powerful opponents unless he really needs to, since anything less is too tiresome for him.

Hisoka is fantastic and terrifying, and we never saw how powerful he is. He has an eye for people as he can determine how strong they will become, explaining why he wants to challenge Adult Gon.

He undoubtedly adds to the excitement of HxH just by being there. When this guy is around, you never know what will happen. He is unpredictable, chaotic, immoral, and downright sexy.

4. Sesshomaru – InuYasha

21 Hottest Male Anime Villains of All Time (2022) (18)

Sesshomaru is the sexiest antagonist. He’s a cold demon whose hatred for humanity is made obvious from the very start. But his liking for a girl shows off his good side, and women love a bad guy who turns nice for them. His deceptively beautiful looks are another reason why he is on this list.

Inuyasha is one anime where the audience wants the antagonist as the main character.

Sesshomaru has amazing character development for a small number of episodes. His cold attitude makes him unpredictable, badass, and lovable all at the same time. Specifically when we get to see his actual emotions later in the series.

Like the moon on his forehead, Sesshomaru slicing his blade through lighting looks graceful as grace. Not to mention really attractive.

3. Itachi Uchiha – Naruto shippuden

21 Hottest Male Anime Villains of All Time (2022) (19)

Itachi appears in only a few scenes throughout Naruto, yet his popularity among fans shows how well-written his character is. In the ninja world, he has the sexiest appearance and charisma.

Itachi is portrayed as an invincible older brother who slaughtered his own family from the start. He has a laid-back, peaceful, but relaxed aura. He is also intelligent and has a broad perspective on things.

People initially mistake Itachi for one of the villains. However, as the story progresses, we learn that he is a good guy. Itachi has crimson eyes and black hair tied in a loose ponytail.

Overall, Itachi is a great character, and everything he does has a purpose. Yes, annihilating his entire clan also had a purpose, making him one of the coolest anime villains.

2. Eren Yeager – Attack On Titan

21 Hottest Male Anime Villains of All Time (2022) (20)

Eren Yeager, previously known as the main character of the Attack on Titan anime series, is now the main villain or antagonist of the series. Now there’s a lot of debate on whether Eren should be called protagonist or antagonist.

Since the beginning of the anime, Eren has gone through many phases, and while he has grown considerably, his personality didn’t change at all.

When people say he’s one of the hottest anime characters, chances are they are referring to time-skip Eren. At the time, Eren is a big man with long brown hair and gray eyes. Some aspects of his personality are appealing. He is passionate, strong-willed, and rash in general.

The time skip in the fourth season made Eren hot, who had matured into a man in the eyes of the audience. Nearly everyone was taken aback by the shirtless scene. Twitter timelines of people were filled with shirtless Eren, not that anyone was complaining.

1. Grimmjow Jeagerjaquez – Bleach

21 Hottest Male Anime Villains of All Time (2022) (21)

Grimmjow is the hottest character in Bleach, and his hollow mask just adds to his attractiveness. His electric blue hair, open-front coat, and charismatic smile are almost undeniable in their perfection. He’s the bad guy type that everyone wants to befriend. He is everything you desire.

He’s brutal, violent, sarcastic, and impetuous, and he has a bad temper, but one look at his stunning sea-blue eyes, and you’ll fall for him.

His hollow mask might be one of the most note-able features of his face, highlighting his jawline and beautiful face. His blue hair and blue eyes leave the audience in awe.

If we compare him with other Espadas, his character is easily the most sophisticated. He has incredible fighting skills, and he is truly honorable to those he considers worthy opponents. Let’s not forget that his resurrection is the coolest of all of them.

Though a villain, Grimmjow likes to fight fair. He refused to fight Ichigo unless he was healed completely, also repaying Orihime because she healed him. Grimmjow is perfect in every way making him the number one our list.

Some Honourable Mentions.

1. Pain – Naruto Shippuden

21 Hottest Male Anime Villains of All Time (2022) (22)

2. Akaza – Demon Slayer

21 Hottest Male Anime Villains of All Time (2022) (23)

3. Black Goku – Dragon Ball Super

21 Hottest Male Anime Villains of All Time (2022) (24)

4. Vegeta – Dragon Ball Series

21 Hottest Male Anime Villains of All Time (2022) (25)

5. Tsukasa Shishio – Dr. Stone

21 Hottest Male Anime Villains of All Time (2022) (26)

6. Deidara – Naruto Shippuden

21 Hottest Male Anime Villains of All Time (2022) (27)

7. Takasugi Shinsuke – Gintama

21 Hottest Male Anime Villains of All Time (2022) (28)

8. Zeref Dragneel – Fairy Tail

21 Hottest Male Anime Villains of All Time (2022) (29)

We have Aizen as the baddest male anime villain, Chrollo as the coolest male anime villain and Lelouch Lamperouge as the cutest male anime villain.

These were our picks for hottest male villains in anime. Comments down your favorite ones in the comments section below.

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