240+ Pretty French Baby Girl Names & Meanings | Peanut (2022)

Parisian-chic fuelling your baby girl name dreams? Read our guide to popular and unique French girl names to find the perfect baby girl name that’s tres chic!

240+ Pretty French Baby Girl Names & Meanings | Peanut (1)

French names for girls can sound chic, beautiful, and elegant.

And with French-inspired names remaining popular on the US 1,000 baby names list, how do you choose which one suits your daughter?

Are you looking for something Parisian and popular, something pretty and romantic, or something unique with deep meaning?

Well, Charlotte might be the name of a young English princess, but this female French name is a strong contender on the US baby name list top 10.

Or perhaps Caroline, Claire, Josephine, Natalie, or Sophie if you’re looking for a name in the top 200.

Eloise, Margot, Esme, and Adele are climbing the chart so are outside the top 200 but growing in popularity.

And it’s easy to see why when they sound so pretty.

Other more unique French girl names include Elodie, Fleur, Maribel, Ottilie, or Sylvie.

What about names in France that are popular?

Then perhaps you have a little Camille, Arielle, Belle, Eloise, or Gabrielle on the way?

Let’s take un petit peek!

In this article: 📝

  • What is the most popular girl’s name in France?
  • What are some pretty French girl names?
  • What is a typical French girls name?
  • What are unique French baby girl names?
  • What’s the rarest French girl’s name?
  • What is a good French girl name?

What is the most popular girl’s name in France?

According to Statista, here are the most popular girls’ names in France in 2020:

  1. Jade: Meaning “jade stone”.
  2. Louise: Meaning “brave warrior”.
  3. Emma: Meaning “whole”.
  4. Alice: Meaning “truth” or “reality”.
  5. Ambre: Meaning “jewel” or “amber”.
  6. Lina: Meaning “noble”.
  7. Rose: After the flower of love.🌹
  8. Chloé: Meaning “flourishing” and “blooming”.
  9. Mia: Meaning “beauty” or “mine”.
  10. Léa: Meaning “weary”.

What are some pretty French girl names?

When we think of France, we think of fashion, beauty, and chicness.

So here are some pretty French girl names for you to pick for your petite beauté:

  1. Anaïs: Meaning “grace”.
  2. Avriel, Avril, or Avryll: Meaning “spring” and “April”.
  3. Coralie: Meaning “coral”.
  4. Coraline: Meaning “coral”.
  5. Fayette: Meaning “little fairy”.
  6. Fleur: Meaning “flower”.
  7. Jewel: Meaning “pretty” or “precious gemstone”.
  8. Rosalie: Meaning “rose”.

What is the prettiest French girl name?

What prettier French girl’s name could there be than the French word for “pretty”?

  1. Jolie: Meaning “pretty”.

What is a typical French girls name?

Let’s take a look at more traditional French names for girls, rich in history and meaning:

  1. Adélaïde: Meaning “noble”.
  2. Adeline or Adelle: Meaning “noble”.
  3. Adelyn: Meaning “noble”.
  4. Adrienne: Meaning “from the city of Hadria”.
  5. Agathe: Meaning “kind”.
  6. Albertine: Meaning “noble and bright”.
  7. Alexandrine: Meaning “defending men”.
  8. Alida: Meaning “noble”.
  9. Aline: Meaning “noble”.
  10. Alphosine: Meaning “noble and ready”.
  11. Amelie: Meaning “hardworking”.
  12. Anastasie: Meaning “resurrection”.
  13. Andrée: Meaning “brave”.
  14. Angeline: Meaning “angelic”.
  15. Angélique: Meaning “messenger”.
  16. Annabelle: Meaning “loving”.
  17. Anne: Meaning “gracious”.
  18. Annette: Meaning “grace”.
  19. Antoinette or Antonine: Meaning “praiseworthy”.
  20. Arielle: Meaning “lion of God”.
  21. Armande: Meaning “army man”.
  22. Aubrey: Meaning “elf ruler”.
  23. Audrey: Meaning “noble strength”.
  24. Augustine: Meaning “venerable”.
  25. Aurelie: Meaning “golden”.
  26. Aveline: Meaning “little hazelnut tree”.
  27. Barbe: Meaning “foreigner”.
  28. Bernadette: Meaning “brave as a bear”.
  29. Berthe: Meaning “bright”.
  30. Brielle: Meaning “hunting grounds”.
  31. Brigitte: Meaning “magnificent and great”.
  32. Camille: Meaning “young ceremonial attendant”.
  33. Carole: Meaning “strong woman”.
  34. Carolina: Meaning “free man”.
  35. Caroline: Meaning “strong”.
  36. Cécile: Meaning “blind”.
  37. Celeste: Meaning “heavenly”.
  38. Célestine: Meaning “heavenly”.
  39. Chanel: Meaning “from the canal”.
  40. Charlotte: Meaning “strong and free”.
  41. Christine: Meaning “follower of Christ”.
  42. Claire: Meaning “bright” or “clear”.
  43. Clarisse: Meaning “bright” or “gentle”.
  44. Claudine: Meaning “lame”.
  45. Clémence or Clementine: Meaning “merciful” or “mild”.
  46. Clotilde: Meaning “famous in battle”.
  47. Colette: Meaning “people of victory”.
  48. Constance: Meaning “constancy”.
  49. Corinne: Meaning “maiden”.
  50. Cosette: Meaning “something small and tiny”.
  51. Danielle: Meaning “God is the judge”.
  52. Delphine: Meaning “dolphin”.
  53. Denise: Meaning “devoted to the wine god, Dionysius”.
  54. Desiree: Meaning “desired and longed for”.
  55. Dominique: Meaning “belonging to the Lord”.
  56. Édith: Meaning “blessed with riches”.
  57. Eglantine: Meaning “wild rose”.
  58. Elaina or Elaine: Meaning “bright, shining light”.
  59. Eléonore: Meaning “shining light”.
  60. Elise: Meaning “pledged to God”.
  61. Elle: Meaning “she”.
  62. Élodie: Meaning “foreign riches”.
  63. Eloise: Meaning “healthy”.
  64. Ember: Meaning “amber”.
  65. Émilie: Meaning “excelling in all things”.
  66. Estelle: Meaning “star”.
  67. Étiennette: Meaning “woman with crown”.
  68. Eugénie: Meaning “well-born”.
  69. Eulalie: Meaning “sweetly speaking”.
  70. Félice: Meaning “lucky”.
  71. Fernande: Meaning “traveller”.
  72. Florentine: Meaning “blossoming”.
  73. Fosette: Meaning “dimpled”.
  74. Gabrielle: Meaning “God is my strength
  75. Genevieve: Meaning “tribe woman”.
  76. Georgette: Meaning “farmer”.
  77. Gertrude: Meaning “strength”.
  78. Giselle: Meaning “promise” or “pledge”.
  79. Hélène: Meaning “bright and shining”.
  80. Héloïse: Meaning “famous warrior”.
  81. Henriette: Meaning “home ruler”.
  82. Honorine: Meaning “woman of honor”.
  83. Hortense: Meaning “gardener”.
  84. Isabelle: Meaning “pledged to God”.
  85. Jacqueline: Meaning “supplanter”.
  86. Jeanne: Meaning “God is gracious”.
  87. Josephine: Meaning “Jehovah increases”.
  88. Juliet: Meaning “youthful”.
  89. Juliette: Meaning “youthful”.
  90. Léonie: Meaning “lion”.
  91. Liana: Meaning “climb like a vine”.
  92. Lille: Meaning “lily”.
  93. Lilou: Meaning “lily”.
  94. Lorraine: Meaning “from the province of Lorraine”.
  95. Lourdes: Meaning “from the town of Lourdes”.
  96. Lucie: Meaning “illuminating and light”.
  97. Lucienne: Meaning “light”.
  98. Lucile or Lucille: Meaning “light”.
  99. Lydie: Meaning “maiden from Lydia, Greece”.
  100. Madeleine: Meaning “woman from Magdala” or “high tower”.
  101. Madelyn: Meaning “woman from Magdala” or “high tower”.
  102. Mallory: Meaning “unfortunate”.
  103. Manette: Meaning “sea of bitterness”.
  104. Manon: Meaning “bitter” or “child of wishes”.
  105. Margot or Margaux: Meaning “pearl”.
  106. Marguerite: Meaning “pearl”.
  107. Marie: Meaning “star from the sea of bitterness”.
  108. Mathilde: Meaning “strength in battle”.
  109. Mélanie: Meaning “little dark-haired girl”.
  110. Meline: Meaning “little honey”.
  111. Michelle: Meaning “who is like God”.
  112. Mirabelle: Meaning “plum”.
  113. Mirielle: Meaning “to admire”.
  114. Monique: Meaning “wise counselor and advisor”.
  115. Natalie: Meaning “birthday of the Lord”.
  116. Nicole: Meaning “people of victory”.
  117. Nicolette: Meaning “victory of the people”.
  118. Noelle: Meaning “Christmas”.
  119. Noémie: Meaning “winsome, pleasant, and lovely”.
  120. Octavie: Meaning “eighth”.
  121. Odette: Meaning “praise God”, “poem”, or “wealthy”.
  122. Patrice: Meaning “born into nobility”.
  123. Pauline: Meaning “petite and small”.
  124. Pierrette: Meaning “rock”.
  125. Reine: Meaning “queen”.
  126. Renée: Meaning “reborn”.
  127. Risette: Meaning “pleasant little laugh”.
  128. Sara: Meaning “princess”.
  129. Sidonie: Meaning “follower of Saint Denys”.
  130. Simone: Meaning “she heard”.
  131. Sophie: Meaning “wisdom”.
  132. Stéphane: Meaning “crown of glory”.
  133. Suzanne: Meaning “lily”.
  134. Suzette: Meaning “graceful like a lily”.
  135. Sydney: Meaning “Saint-Denis”.
  136. Sylvie: Meaning “from the forest”.
  137. Thérèse: Meaning “to reap” or “to gather”.
  138. Valentine: Meaning “strength”.
  139. Valerie: Meaning “strength” or “health”.
  140. Véronique: Meaning “true image”.
  141. Violette: Meaning “violet”.
  142. Vivienne: Meaning “life”.
  143. Yvette: Meaning “yew”.
  144. Yvonne: Meaning “yew wood”.

What French name means love?

Because when your little girl arrives into your life, c’est l’amour.

Here are our favorite French female names meaning “love”:

  1. Amandine: Meaning “much loved”.
  2. Amory: An Anglicized version of the French amour, meaning “love”.
  3. Amy or Aimée: Meaning “beloved”.
  4. Amya or Amia: Meaning “beloved”.
  5. Armandine: Meaning “much loved”.
  6. Cherie: Meaning “loved one” or “dear”.
  7. Esme or Esmée: Meaning “esteemed”, “beloved”; or “emerald”.
  8. Philomène: Meaning “loved”.

Is Bella a French name?

Yes and no.

It’s more traditionally seen as an Italian, Portuguese, Latin, or Greek name, but it can be a version of the French name Belle.

  1. Bella: Meaning “beauty”.

What French name means joy?

After all, your baby girl is a bundle of joy, so how about some French female names meaning “joy”?

  1. Abigail: Meaning “father’s joy”.
  2. Blisse: Meaning “delight” or “joy”.
  3. Gail: Meaning “lively” or “joyous”.
  4. Joie: Meaning “joy”.
  5. Laetitia: Meaning “joy”.

Can you name a girl Paris?

Yes, you certainly can!

It’s a modern-sounding French name, but all you need to decide is whether you pronounce it “pah‒riss” or “pah-ree”.

  1. Paris: After the French capital.

What is French for baby girl?

It’s a bit unusual, but how about the French word for “baby girl” for your baby girl?

  1. Fille: Meaning “baby girl”.

What French name means happiness?

Other than the French names for girls that mean “joy”, what about a French girls’ name that means “happiness”?

Well, it’s not very well-known, but we love how poetic it sounds:

  1. Felicienneis: Meaning “happiness”.

What is the French name for moon?

There are a few beautiful French girl names that mean moon, perfect for a petite fille born under the stars:

  1. Celine: Meaning “heavenly” or “moon”.
  2. Luna: Meaning “moon”.
  3. Lune: Meaning “moon”.
  4. Lunette: Meaning “little moon”.

What name means pure in French?

These beautiful French girls’ names that mean pure reflect the innocence with which your baby girl arrives into the world:

  1. Agnès: Meaning “pure” or “holy”.
  2. Akrisna: Meaning “pure”.
  3. Catherine: Meaning “pure and clear”.
  4. Inés: Meaning “chaste and pure”.
  5. Virginie: Meaning “pure maiden”.

Is Zoë a French name?

It certainly is!

Zoë is a popular French girl name that’s found across the world:

  1. Zoë: Meaning “life”.

What French name means hope?

If your little one took a while to arrive, but you never gave up hope, how about these beautiful French girl names meaning “hope”:

  1. Madeleine: Meaning “ray of hope”.
  2. Nadine: Meaning “hope”.

What are unique French baby girl names?

Are you looking for more unique French girl names inspired by romance, literature, or history?

There are French female names gaining popularity in the US, including Delphine, Elodie, Oceane, Ottilie, and Romilly.

And here are some others that might take your fancy:

  1. Abrielle: Meaning “woman of God”.
  2. Aceline: Meaning “noble woman”.
  3. Adalaide: Meaning “noble person”.
  4. Adalene: Meaning “person of aristocracy”.
  5. Adaline: Meaning “kind-hearted person”.
  6. Adele: Meaning “noble”.
  7. Alodie: Meaning “wealthy”.
  8. Amalie: Meaning “hardworking and curious”.
  9. Amaranthe: Meaning “flower”.
  10. Anelise: Meaning “devoted to God”.
  11. Audette: Meaning “bird”.
  12. Aurore or Auroette: Meaning “Goddess of dawn”.
  13. Avice: Meaning “refuge in battle”.
  14. Belle: Meaning “beautiful”.
  15. Bijou: Meaning “jewel”.
  16. Blanche: Meaning “white”.
  17. Capucine: Meaning “cape”.
  18. Cerise: Meaning “cherry”.
  19. Cezanne: Meaning “big flower”.
  20. Chantae: Meaning “sweet song”.
  21. Chantal: Meaning “stone for building”.
  22. Clarette: Meaning “clear and bright”.
  23. Cléore: Meaning “glory”.
  24. Édelie: Meaning “having high principles”.
  25. Elayne: Meaning “ray of light”.
  26. Elloise: Meaning “famous in war”.
  27. Eulalie: Meaning “well-spoken” or “sweet-speaking person”.
  28. Fleurine: Meaning “to flow” or “little flower”.
  29. Frederique: Meaning “peaceful ruler”.
  30. Geneve: Meaning “of the race of women”.
  31. Herminie: Meaning “messenger”.
  32. Hughette: Meaning “bright in mind and spirit”.
  33. Inaya: Meaning “care”.
  34. Joelene: Meaning “pretty”.
  35. Lizette: Meaning “consecrated in God”.
  36. Magalie: Meaning “pearl”.
  37. Marlène: Meaning “graceful star of the sea”.
  38. Maëlle: Meaning “princess” or “ambitious”
  39. Maëlys: Pronounced mah-eh-lee, meaning “chief”.
  40. Ninette: Meaning “God’s valuable talent”.
  41. Océane: Meaning “[ocean](https://www.peanut-app.io/blog/baby-names-that-mean-ocean]”.
  42. Ottilie: Meaning “prosperous in battle”.
  43. Rochelle: Meaning “woman who is like a rock”.
  44. Romilly: Meaning “from Rome”.
  45. Rosalee: Meaning “garden full of roses”.
  46. Sabine: Meaning “woman”.
  47. Salomé: Meaning “peace”.
  48. Severine: Meaning “stern person”.
  49. Seychelle: Meaning “island”
  50. Solange: Meaning “solemn” or “religious”.
  51. Soline: Meaning “religious”.
  52. Victoire: Meaning “victory”.
  53. Yolanthe: Meaning “strong”.
  54. Zélie: Meaning “noble” or “solemn”.

What’s the rarest French girl’s name?

There are a few French female names that have fallen out of style or been lost to the history books, but we think it’s time for a resurgence!

Here are some truly unique French girl names:

  1. Alora: Meaning “dreamer”.

What is a good French girl name?

That’s up to you!

But as for the most French girls’ name? How about:

  1. Francine: Meaning “from France” or “free”.

Hopefully, you are feeling excited about finding a French baby name for your new bundle of joy.

But if you don’t know if your baby is a boy or a girl, you might also want to check out our list of French names for boys.

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