8 Best 3 Tiered Shoe Racks of 2021 - Home Vella (2023)

Do you have several pairs of shoes that are cluttering your entryway or room? Or are you struggling to keep the shoes organized and looking to create added storage? Remodeling your home or adding a new closet will involve significant investment that you may not be ready to invest in. One of the best decisions to deal with the messy pile of shoes that makes your place tidy is to get a 3 tiered shoe rack.

The best 3 tiered shoe rack can accommodate 10+ pairs of shoes in a well-organized way, look like a piece of furniture, easy to clean, lightweight and sturdy, adjusts in small space, has enough space between shelves to hold large shoes as well as come at a reasonable price and helps to avoid cluttering.

We all need different types of shoes for different occasions and weather; therefore, a shoe rack is necessary to keep them organized. A shoe rack is a necessary shelve required in the house at the doorstep. That can keep the shoes of the family in a well-organized way without consuming a lot of space. Before moving forward have a look at our top three recommendations of 3 tiered shoe racks:

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You must measure the space where you need to place the shoe rack before buying. It will help you to get the right size. Also, pay attention to how many pairs it can accommodate as well as the maximum weight and height of each shelve.

I review more than 30 3 tiered shoe racks and finally find some best products to share with you, which are listed below.

1. SONGMICS 3-Tier Shoe Rack

8 Best 3 Tiered Shoe Racks of 2021 - Home Vella (4)8 Best 3 Tiered Shoe Racks of 2021 - Home Vella (5)


  • Stores up to 15 Pairs of heels OR 12 Pairs of athletic shoes
  • Made with thickened iron tubes and plastic joints.
  • Easy to assemble, free of tools assembly.
  • Vertically stackable, you can joint two to get a bigger rack.
  • Great storage solution for your cubby closet, wardrobe, cabinet, entryway, garage, etc
  • It will take little space in your store when not in used.

The SONGMICS 3-tier shoe rack organizer is a grey color storage solution that looks great and a durable one, it’s built to last for a much longer time. The color is permanent repeated use will not decolor it or shows will not leave scratches on the painted iron tubes.

It’s crafted with the Iron poles and plastic where thick plastic is only used on joints that not only make the structure permanent and durable. But it also makes the assembly easy.

Without using any special tool you can assemble it in five minutes and in future if there is a need to store it you can reassemble it, it will take only a little space in your store.

It is a simple yet practical and functional shoe rack that will keep the shoes organized and will save you from embarrassing of scratching the shoes around.

We recommend it most due to its reasonable price, durability, and because it’s stackable, it’s future if you need to add more racks it’s vertically stackable.

It is an extremely well-designed product that also has rubberized feet that will prevent any scratching on the floor. It will give your proficient space, work appropriately at any place in your home.

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2. Jerry & Maggie – 3 Tier Steel Shoe Rack Shelf

8 Best 3 Tiered Shoe Racks of 2021 - Home Vella (6)


  • Trending tower design can accommodate 10 pairs of shoes easily.
  • Made with sturdy material that can hold more weight.
  • An adjustable height feature allows to set the different height of each tier.
  • It is completely waterproof and dustproof.
  • Sturdy and thick plastic connectors in matching color.
  • Easy to assemble and split up.

Jerry & Maggie – 3 Tier Steel Shoe Rack is a competent free-standing flat rack classic style shoe organizer that is made of steel tubes, plastic joints, and non-woven cloths. It makes a spot on our list because it is a multi-purpose product that can serve you anywhere in your house for any purpose.

It’s designed with three stackable shelves for optimized usage that not only save a lot of space but also keep the shoe and other stuff organized into a decent and elegant way.

I like the non-woven extra durable fabric most in this product, it’s easy to clean and looks nice and shiny. Just a damp cloth gives it a new look while it’s soft and does not make any noise.

The steel, color, and plastic all are non-toxic and safe, which makes it ideal to use in the kitchen as well. A fantastic solution for those who prefer to keep the shoes organized.

This organizer is sturdy, well made, and can hold other accessories in addition to the shoes. It can accommodate high heels, sneakers, wide shoes, thick athletic shoes, ankle boot, and men’s shoes of all sizes.

The 3 tier shoe rack is made for 10 shoe pairs, I recommend it for small places where you hard can place any other thing. It is 39 inches in length.


3. Top Rated3-Tier Stackable Shoe Rack

8 Best 3 Tiered Shoe Racks of 2021 - Home Vella (7)8 Best 3 Tiered Shoe Racks of 2021 - Home Vella (8)


  • 3 tier shoe rack for 9 to 12 pairs of shoes.
  • Ideally designed for heels.
  • Stack able and expandable to increase the storage space.
  • Sturdy metal mesh in the racks to hold shoes.
  • Bronze color make it elegant and keep the metal rust free.

Simple Trending 3-Tier Stackable Shoe Rack is my favorite because this is a style with metal mesh and bronze color makes it similar to wood. It’s a premium closet storage organizer that is equipped with the rubberized leveling feet, so wherever you place it you can expect no scratch on the floor or closet.

Ideally, it is made to keep the shoes organized and perfect for the person who always wants o keep the hoes aside in an organized way.

It is stylish and perfect small spaces, the lower tier is high enough to accommodate the standard shoes under it that enhance its capacity to almost 30%.

You may use it to keep your other stuff organized as it’s not designed to carry an exceptionally heavy load if overloaded the organizer may sag. I also love its leveling feet that allow using this 3 tier shoe rack on an uneven surface where leveler allows to balance it.

You can hang sandals on the side rods and also can adjust the height to organize and save space conveniently as its fully expandable you may use two shelves to reduce the clutter.

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It’s easy to assemble and hardly takes ten minutes and you can set it as per your own space. I recommend it for those who are looking for a flexible 3 tier shoe rack.


4. Furinno Turn-S-Tube 3-Tier Shoe Rack

8 Best 3 Tiered Shoe Racks of 2021 - Home Vella (9)


  • CARB compliant composite wood made 3 tiered shoe rack can accommodate 9 pairs.
  • Flat surface for all of your shoes.
  • No injuries, round edge design eliminate chances of injuries, especially for kids.
  • Certified by Forest Stewardship Council.
  • Made for limited space.

Furinno Turn-S-Tube 3-Tier Shoe Rack is the most successful product of Furinno, the manufacturer is known well for making different kinds of racks and shelves to improve the living experience. The product in the spotlight is designed to meet the demand of fits in space.

A durable shoe organizer that is efficient as well as economical, surely it will fit into your budget. It’s functionality, price and no-hassle assembly make its hot selling cake. It’s functional and suitable for any room.

No screw involved in its assembly, assembling of this open display rack will be a fun job for you as well as for your kids. CARB compliant composite wood is an added advantage that will ensure your spending is not hurting the environment and its non-toxic. Materials used in its construction comply with E1 grade that further ensure the safety of the environment.

I recommend it on the basis of its round edges that really keep the people safe from injuries and its easy cleaning also convinces me to give it a spot on my list. Just a damp cloth and simply wipe with soft hand will give it new look every time. Moreover, its PVC tubes are lightweight and durable.


5. Whitmor 3 Tier Shoe Rack

8 Best 3 Tiered Shoe Racks of 2021 - Home Vella (10)8 Best 3 Tiered Shoe Racks of 2021 - Home Vella (11)


  • Multi purpose 3 tier closet storage organizes shoes has capacity of 10+ pairs.
  • Silver epoxy metal frame can carry more weight.
  • Slat shelving designed to look like wood, as well as its non-toxic.
  • Heavy duty, stylish and durable.
  • Equipped with rubberized feet and leveler.

Whitmor 3 Tier Closet Shoe Organizer is made for you if you think that you need multipurpose shelves that can be used to keep the stuff organized either shoes or your garage hardware and even for kitchen.

Considered among the best in the market; it can accommodate more the ten pairs of shoes. A well-designed rack for three tire accessory placement; that works well in small as well as large and uneven grounds.

Yes, its equipped with the levelers that you can set to keep it sturdy on the uneven ground, as well as it works well in the closet, hallways. It’s sleek, sturdy, and a design that can hold adult shoes.


I recommend it because of its affordable and easy to disassemble for easy storage. It’s designed to look like wood and shelving unit that can be used for multiple jobs. I like the metal frame because many times kids used these shelve to sit on, keep their stuff one, and play with toys while sitting on the top shelve.

Its steel frame is storing enough to withstand against all of such activities. This is a shoe rack which the maker legitimately outlines and can work splendidly in either rooms or extensive ones. It can hold shoes without creating a mess.


6. 3 Tier Wood Like Shoe Rack By Furinno

8 Best 3 Tiered Shoe Racks of 2021 - Home Vella (12)


  • Designed with particleboard and PVC tubes can hold 9 pairs.
  • Made to look like real wood
  • Thick and non-toxic fat PVC rods used to hold boards.
  • Round edge and sturdy feet to keep it at one place
  • Skid protection to prevent any move around

Furinno 3-Tier Shoe Rack can match you with your furniture taste if you like to get a wood-like design at less price. Its brownish wood-like appearance will make it a part of your home interior, as well as its three-tiered accommodation, which crafted to hold nine large/adult size shoe pairs.

Particleboard considered best for its durability, while on the other side, it’s easy to clean and does not require any maintenance.

Ideal for those with several pairs fo shoes and shopping for space-efficient 3 tier shoe rack that installs easily in hallways, dorm rooms, and even closets Furinno 3 tier organizer is surprisingly lightweight and portable.

This sturdy rack system is made with stylish particleboard, its color theme will make it the center of attention for every visitor.

I recommend it for traditional and modern homes, there is a need to accommodate more shoes in a small place.

Shelves are removable, and you can place long shoes on the top shelve, it’s also easy to disassemble and designed while keeping portability in view. In the event, you are looking for a space-efficient shoe rack that can hold a load of shoes and can be introduced effortlessly in passages, storage rooms, and in your apartment, Furinno is the best choice.

It’s suitable for cutting edge and conventional homes and work legitimately because it has a sturdier rack framework which obliges more load.


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7. SONGMICS Shoe Bench, 3-Tier Shoe Rack

8 Best 3 Tiered Shoe Racks of 2021 - Home Vella (13)8 Best 3 Tiered Shoe Racks of 2021 - Home Vella (14)


  • Eye-catcher bench style 3 tier shoe rack with 12 pairs capacity.
  • Two shelves can contain 8 pairs of shoes.
  • Well-padded bench can hold up to 440 lb
  • Sturdy powder-coated iron frame (Black Color)
  • Bench with 2″ foam and PVC cover.

SONGMICS Shoe Bench, 3-Tier Shoe Rack with foam padded seat is designed as a storage organizer for entryways. Its padded seat is covered with the Faux Leather and the metal frame can hold weight like a normal iron bench.

It will raise the welcoming atmosphere in your entryway and ready to support you as you lace up your shoes.

Powder coating on the iron frame extends the longevity of the bench and also protects the frame from foreign elements like rust and weather conditions. The well-padded bench that can be used to keep the long shoes also can serve as sitting capacity for two people comfortably, and it is more resistant to wobbling, providing quality for the price.

It’s for those looking for a stylish and elegant way to organize shoes, 3 tier shoe rack ideally made for small spaces, and it has a capacity of 8 pairs on just two of its shelf. Still, you can store several pairs of shoes on its top shelve.

Overall it gives ample storage space so you will never lack the place to organize your vast shoe collection. Ideally suited for use in living rooms as well as entryways. Additionally, the overall build is durable and sturdy thanks to its steel structure.


8. Furinno No Tools 3-Tier Wide Shoe Storage Rack

8 Best 3 Tiered Shoe Racks of 2021 - Home Vella (15)


  • Simple, stylish and wide design made to accommodate 18 pairs of shoes.
  • Made of composite wood and PVC tubes.
  • Sturdy on flat surface.
  • Easy to assemble take only 10 minutes.
  • Furinno’s products had been granted ‘Green Label’ by Singapore Environment Council.

Furinno No Tools 3-Tier Wide Shoe Storage Rack is available in multiple colors, and its the biggest on our list. Yes, it is the biggest 3 tier shoe rack that accommodates 6 pairs of shoes on a single shelve means you can store your 18 pairs either standard or the long ones.

It’s important to know that Furinno is a fist furniture manufacturer which introduce the concept of RTA the ready to assemble furniture to the consumer with quality and in affordable price. At this moment, they are enjoying the top position among RTA furniture manufacturers.

The product in the spotlight is their best creation as a large three-tier shoe rack. Its an innovative design and priced reasonably that everyone can afford it. Ideal for those living in a limited space.


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Final Words

Unorganized shoes can create a lot of mess around and that causes different challenges for family members when it’s in the entryway while in-room the use a lot of space. Everybody needs to influence their home to look slick and clean

If you don’t have a place to keep your shoes unblemished then a 3 tiered shoe rack can be the best choice as it takes less space and provides ample space to keep a number of shoes organized.

All the above products are selected with due care and you can choose any one that matches your style and fits your space.


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