9+ Strongest And Smartest In Classroom Of The Elites (2023)

Updated August 28, 2022 by Ernie

Classroom of the Elite is a series that captured the otaku-dom with its dominating aura and grand narrative. The series showcased an unending list of impressive characters that helped it become one of the best school life manga of the year.

The plot chronicles Ayanokojie Kiyotaka and his life in Koudo Ikusei, the school of elites. Koudo Ikusei is famous for nourishing students and building leaders for the future that could help serve the country. However, it is a little extreme how they rank their students and test their potential to bring out their best.

Ayano enters the school and keeps a low profile without showing his true intentions. The story develops with Suzune, our female protagonist, and Ayano forming a team and going through daily challenges of the school that offers 100,000 Yen only for being selected to the school.

Its characters made a huge hype because of their intelligence, strength, and skills. Thus today, I decided to bring the Top 10 Strongest and Smartest Classroom of the Elite Characters for my dearest fellas!

So… what are we waiting for? Let’s get to it!

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10. Kikyo Kushida

PersonalityPhysical StrengthSmartness/IQTotal

Manga: Chapter 0.5

Anime: Episode 1

Let’s start with one of the most irritable characters that irked the otaku right from the start of the series, who gave “the antagonist” vibe. Kikyo Kushida is undoubtedly one of the cute anime girls you’ll love. However, this innocent, polite, and charming girl is indeed not what she pretends to be. Her pretense of a perfect and polite girl helped her gain a huge fan following on school grounds making her famous.

She is sharp and capable enough to maintain a transparent wall between her manipulative, aggressive, and mean side and her fake one. I won’t say she is a genius or has a high intellect. Still, her ability to manipulate everyone is undoubtedly worth the praise.

She successfully blackmailed Ayano on multiple occasions and made him contemplate her two personalities. Kikyo‘s physical strength also isn’t very high either. It’s just her character. She is easily one of the series’ most wicked and untrustworthy characters.

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9. Honami Ichinose

PersonalityPhysical StrengthSmartness/IQTotal

Anime: Episode 1

Manga: Chapter 5

Honami Ichinose is yet another alluring beauty from Classroom of the Elite that shook many hearts both onscreen and off-screen. She is the perfect example of beauty because her polite, pure, and helping nature adds to her personality and charm.

She is a quick thinker who will always voice her opinions but ensures that her words do not hurt anyone. Ichinose is famous for her deep blue eyes and her kind nature among her peers. She may not be physically strong; however, she makes good use of her brains.

Ichinose Honami is an energetic and kind soul always looking to solve problems fairly. She was able to charm our boy Ayano, so her looks and personality are indeed worthy of praise. Also, I would like to add that she holds Ayano very dear. Her sense of justice is kinda sabotaged by him because she will prioritize him over everyone else.

Just so you know, aside from the series, Ichinose is famous as one of the most beautiful anime girls.

8. Youske Hirata

PersonalityPhysical StrengthSmartness/IQTotal

Anime Episode: 1,8

Manga Chapter: 2

Yosuke is another prominent character in the series, as you will see him multiple times doing something good. Yes, he is the goody-two-shoes. Because of his understanding nature and social personality, he was chosen as one of the class representatives.

If I were to name someone who could lead aside from Ayano, it would be Yosuke Hirata. This is also the popular opinion. In terms of strength, this guy isn’t very strong. You will hardly see him fight. Above all, fighting doesn’t go well with his polite, optimistic, and soft-spoken personality.

Hirata is a gullible person, and he desperately tries to understand people by giving them a chance first. Even if he doesn’t know someone, he won’t accuse them. In that sense, he is observing and a just person.

7. Ken Sudo

PersonalityPhysical StrengthSmartness/IQTotal

Anime Episode: 1, 8

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Manga Chapter: 1

If you judge him by his looks, Ken indeed is your delinquent boy, more so than Ryuen. Because of his sturdy personality and red hair with a bad boy haircut, Ken is always mistaken for a bad boy. Well, his quick temper adds to that part, and he is always eager to fight. So, it isn’t wrong to say that he is a bad boy.

However, that is entirely not true. Ken also has an innocent side to him. Ken has an immense love for basketball. No matter how he looks, he is easily dominated by Ryuen because he is sharp and knows his way with words. Ken isn’t much of a genius; instead, he doesn’t bother it.

You won’t see him studying in the anime, call it lazy or whatever, but that’s how he is. The rough and tough guy has a crush on our pretty lady Suzune and his blushing face while thinking of her is utterly cute. He is among the few students in Class-D who became friends with Ayano and Suzune wholeheartedly, without any ill intentions.

6. Suzune Horikita

PersonalityPhysical StrengthSmartness/IQTotal

Anime Episode: 1

Manga Chapter: 0.5

Suzune, the lady of the show, is pretty unquestionably and hardworking. She is one of the smartest anime girls with black hair. Being the protagonist, she entered the series right from the start and made a connection with Ayano. At first, she may seem like a rude girl; however, it isn’t true. She has her circumstances, and once you get to know her, she is your best person.

Suzune is sincere and is always eager to help her fellows. Because of her uncompromising attitude, she was eyed by many of her peers. She is brilliant but takes her time to make her presence known in the series through her brains.

If I were to describe her in a few words, it would be bold and beautiful. You will see her standing up to the male students who are unquestionably stronger than her in terms of physical strength and then not flinching even a little. Her character is still developing, so there is much more to see, but one thing is sure she lacks any fighting abilities. Well, not that they are mandatory in the school.

5. Katsuragi Kohei

PersonalityPhysical StrengthSmartness/IQTotal

Anime Episode: 2

Manga Chapter: 2, 17

He is one of the most decent and sincere students in Koudo Ikusei. Kohei stands out because of his “old guy” appearance. He isn’t an old fella, it is because he has a medical condition, that’s all. Katsuragi Kohei made his debut in the beginning during the welcome ceremony of all first years and later slowly made his presence known.

If I talk about his brains, then he is knowledgeable. Kohei relied on his intellect and became a representative of Class-A, year 1. He doesn’t fight much, but it does not mean he can’t. He simply chooses to deal with matters by words only. Still, occasionally you might see him dominating many with his huge personality and strength.

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Another thing that makes him stand out is his adherence to rules. It is one of the prominent reasons he took his place as a co-representative of Class-A. Kohei will punish anyone who breaks the rule, no matter how strong they are. So, it is safe to say he is one of the Just characters in COTE.

4. Ryuen Kakeru

PersonalityPhysical StrengthSmartness/IQTotal

Anime Episode: 3, 10

Manga Chapter: 15

One of the prominent characters in season one of the series was Ryuen Kakeru. Everyone remembers him as a problem child. At the beginning of the anime, he made his debut as the leader of Class-C year 1. Ryuen is famous for being a delinquent and maintains a cranky personality. One thing about him is that he has excellent fighting skills that allow him to control his class, showcasing fear.

He is a genius as he finds odd ways to get what he wants. Ryuen doesn’t care about how his actions would affect others. This guy would opt to do something as long as it benefits him.

Later in the anime, you will see how he owns his decisions. He states that he does things his own way; there is nothing else to be done about that. Man, this guy sure knows how to be cool without effort. In terms of brains, this handsome boy is easily one of the series’ best manipulative characters with high intelligence.

Many of the series’ characters make an impression in the fillers. So, try watching the Classroom of the Elite with its complete fillers.

3. Horikita Manabu

PersonalityPhysical StrengthSmartness/IQTotal

Manga: Chapter 2

Anime: Episode 2

Horikita Manabu, in a few words, is a highly intellectual, keen observer, and sharp individual. He has to be because he is the student council president of Koudo Ikusei. He is said to be one of the first students who figured that Ayano deliberately scored a perfect 50 in each subject only to maintain a low profile.

He has a trashy personality (sometimes he does sound reasonable) regarding his sister, and overall it’s the same. I mean, he is self-centered, solely relying on himself alone, which makes him an unsympathetic character. However, being the student council president, he has a lot of experience and is physically strong.

Still, compared to his brain, his physical strength isn’t at the top level. He made his debut at the beginning of the series as the strict student council president and later reveals that he is the brother of our female protagonist Suzune.

2. Kouenji Rokusuke

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PersonalityPhysical StrengthSmartness/IQTotal

Anime Episode: 1, 9

Manga Chapter: 1

If I were to point out a mysterious and queer character aside from Ayano, it would undoubtedly be Kouenji. He is charming with his long, kinda blonde hair and has a sturdy physique. Kouenji admires his beauty and has a high confidence level in his appearance.

He even said he was the pinnacle of beauty. (I need that level of confidence) After Ayano, he is easily the most intelligent student in Class-D and eventually in the school. During the island test, he was one of the few students who decoded the quest only through his observations.

Plus, in terms of physical strength, he is competent. Kouenji showed off his stamina and strength on multiple occasions, including his chase of a wild boar. There is this thing about him that gives off antagonist vibes. He is very selfish and will abandon anyone if it means he can save himself.

1. Ayanokojie Kiyotaka


Physical StrengthSmartness/IQTotal

Anime Episode: 2

Manga Chapter: 1

It is time for the show’s star, the man himself, Ayanokojie Kiyotaka. If it wasn’t for this guy, the whole school wouldn’t be fussing around so openly and aggressively about showing their best. Just so you know, he isn’t your regular goody-two-shoes protagonist. Many are still contemplating if he is even a protagonist or not.

He is a genius, quite handsome, and skilled in hand-to-hand combat. In terms of brains, no one can come even a bit closer to him. Ayano’s wittiness, level headed thinking, foresight, and manipulative skills are superior. He started showing his intellect right from the beginning. Still, He chose to work from behind the scenes, and on multiple occasions, he shocked everyone with his wits.

Not only that, but he is physically stronger. He hasn’t lost to anyone until now in a one-on-one fight. Because of his slim physique as compared to many other strong students, Ayano is easily mistaken to be weak. However, appearances are deceptive, and Ayano deliberately gives off the aura of a lazy and uninterested individual.

So if you are looking for a lazy but secretly OP MC, he will surely aid your search.


So, this was all from the Classroom of the Elite. Bow to the creators for building up and showcasing such a superb cast. I love how all the characters are drawn wholly and thoughtfully. I bet you have favorites from one of the best thriller anime of modern times.

I am eager to know who your favorite character is and if they are on the list mentioned above or not. So, be generous and drop some comments to let me know your thoughts on this.

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I’ll be back with something engaging soon. Till then, bye-bye!!!


How smart is Manabu horikita? ›

Manabu is a vastly intelligent and serious man who was very dedicated to his duty as student council president. He holds his role in high regard, displayed through his belief that his reputation could be tarnished if it was discovered that Suzune Horikita was in D-Class, the lowest class.

Is Ayanokoji the smartest anime character? ›

He is very intelligent. In the anime, we know all about this in last episode. He also scores 50 out of 100 in every subject just to avoid unnecessary attention.

Does Ayanokoji go to Class A? ›

Ayanokoji decided to focus on the rest of class. He was in Class A. Not that it was what he desired,but now he was free. He can use his abilities to his minimum cleaning after the mess of Sakayanagi.

Who are the white room students in Classroom of the Elite? ›

The White Room aims to remove all unnecessary attributes that hinder students' intellect and make them more effective in terms of recieving knowledge. There have been 19 generations of White Roomers with each generation forming annually.

Is Ichinose smarter than Ayanokoji? ›

Undoubtedly, Ichinose is one of the smartest characters in the series, and her intelligence was shown more in season 2. In the Cruise Ship test, she was able to see through Ayanokoji's bluff, and even though Ayanokoji predicted this outcome, it showed her incredible perceptiveness.

How is Ayanokoji so strong? ›

Powers and Abilities: Martial Arts Mastery (A master in every single form of traditional martial arts), Social Influencing (In a test against every other class, Ayanokouji convinced members of other classes to do things for him. Convinced everyone he is weaker than he looks.

Who has highest IQ in anime? ›

Senku Ishigami is believed to possess an IQ of 180 to 200, making him a highly gifted being. He holds a profound knowledge of chemistry, mathematics, physics, biology, and all other subjects. Using his wide sense of knowledge, Senku has proved himself to be the savior of humanity multiple times.

What is Aizens IQ? ›

9. Sosuke Aizen (IQ 200+)

Is Light Yagami smarter than Ayanokoji? ›

Light Yagami, without a doubt.

Who will Ayanokoji marry? ›

Ayanokōji now states that he will now call Karuizawa by her first name, Kei, as well. He then shows that he was worried about her. In the epilogue of volume 11.5, Kiyotaka declares his love for her and she accepts.

Who has Ayanokoji crush? ›

As of this writing, Ayanokoji is dating Kei. In the anime, no one would have thought of this possibility. Kei disliked Ayanokoji and is in fact dating Yosuke. This changed by volume four after Ayanokoji told her that he would protect her from being bullied by keeping her secret.

Does Ayanokoji fall in love? ›

In volume 11.5, Kei sees Kiyotaka and Hiyori Shiina going on a date and becomes jealous. She is also jealous that Kiyotaka has the same hobby as Hiyori. In the epilogue of volume 11.5, Kiyotaka declares his love for her and she accepts.

Does Manabu care about Suzune? ›

Suzune Horikita. Suzune is his younger sister who seeks to prove herself in his eyes, showing that she greatly admires him. Despite this, Manabu views his sister as a disappointment due to her placement in Class D which greatly displeases him.

Why did horikita cut her hair? ›

That is, the seat right next to mine. Her once long, beautiful black hair was now short, not even reaching down to her shoulders. She had chosen to cut her hair after reconciling with Horikita Manabu, her older brother, and bidding farewell to her former self.

What power does Kiyotaka have? ›

Kiyotaka is an inconspicuous and unobtrusive student, and while his grades are average (on purpose), he possesses a sagacious ability to read the emotions of people around him with pinpoint accuracy and either helps or destroys them.


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