Best Wedding Dress Designers in Lebanon (2023)

Best Wedding Dress Designers in Lebanon (1)

Abed Mahfouz

Abed Mahfouzcommenced his career with solely designing intricate and refined bridal gowns for the in vogue and graceful woman. In 2001, after the success of "Al-Halimah" - meaning "The Dreamer" - his very first private wedding collection; Mahfouz moved on and joined the world of Couture.In 2000, Abed Mahfouz showcased his first Couture collection during Fashion Week in Rome, "Alta Roma". Mahfouz was one of the first Lebanese designers to join Alta Roma and continues to showcase his Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter Couture collections there.In addition to Italy, Abed Mahfouz continued to receive international coverage and recognition whereby his luxurious collections were showcased in London, New York, Moscow, Marbella, Chenghai, Sofia, as well as, Dubai and Beirut Fashion Week.

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Best Wedding Dress Designers in Lebanon (2)

Azzi & Ostais the brainchild of designer duo,George Azzi&Assaad Osta. The two were born in 1986 and each grew to nourish his creative urges through various influences.The duo carriedtheir design influences and enroll into Esmod Beyrouth in 2004 upon completing their high school studies. Esmod offered the ideal burgeoning ground for their young talents and allowed them to refine their fashion vision. Upon presenting their final collections,Azzireceived the Prize of The President of The Jury Mr. Elie Saab andOstawas awarded the Prize of The Jury. Their diplomas and awards in hand, they both landed the positions of Assistant Designers at Elie Saab Fashion House. Enriched with their 18 months internship under the patronage of Mr. ElieSaab himself, they set out to createAzzi & Ostain the bustling Beyrouth’s art scene where they quickly established theAzzi & Ostasignature style :a style highlighted with its challenging conceptual volumes that are vintage in soul.

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Best Wedding Dress Designers in Lebanon (3)

Elie Saab

Elie Saab is a self taught fashion talent, his interest in dressmaking started at the young age of 9, he started creating clothes for his sisters, he then started to sell his designs to the women in his neighborhood. He opened is first couture atelier in Beirut at the age of 18.He started his business in the early 1980s and specialized in bridal couture (expensive fabrics,lace, gemstones,Swarovskicrystals,pearls, detailedembroidery. Elie Saab also appeared as a judge onProject Runway: Middle East.

He has been worn byQueen Rania of Jordan, Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden, andStéphanie, Hereditary Grand Duchess of Luxembourg. He also dressed many celebrities such as Beyonce, Halle Berry, Nicki Minaj, Aishwarya Rai, Christina Aguilera, Chatherine Zeta-Jones, Angelina Jolie, Celine Dion, and Taylor Swift.

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Best Wedding Dress Designers in Lebanon (4)

Georges Hobeika

Georges Hobeika is aLebanesefashion designerofhaute coutureandready-to-wearclothing. Hobeika officially opened his atelier inBeirut,Lebanonin 1995, and has been presenting his collections inParis, during the city’s officialfashion weeks, for over a decade.Today, Hobeika owns and manages his fashion house which includes four lines: Georges Hobeika Couture – Georges Hobeika Bridal – Georges Hobeika Signature – GH by Georges Hobeika.Georges Hobeikadesigned clothing for royal families in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait. He also has clients from Europe, North and South America, and Asia.

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Best Wedding Dress Designers in Lebanon (5)

Georges Chakra

Georges Chakra, a creative and eclectic artist, has lent his mind to the fashion world creating a modern, feminine, and confident allure. As a fashion and interior designer, sketch artist and painter, Georges Chakra has mirrored all the facets of his self into his unique collections. An artistic mind with an essential need for perfection and attentiveness to detail, Chakra creates fluid art through cuts, embroidery, and prints that radiate confidence and modernity.Georges Chakra has become a favorite of celebrities such as Dame Helen Mirren, Katy Perry, Blake Lively, Jennifer Lopez, Sofia Vergara, Li Bing Bing, Zhang Ziyi, Carrie Underwood, Queen Latifah, and Tyra Banks to name a few.

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Gemy Maalouf

Gemy’s story started in the eyes of an inquisitive young woman, whose dedication and passion would be nurtured to blossom into exceptional talent.

Her innate artistic talent was further developed through a relentless devotion to her work and a determination to challenge the norms of current fashion. By 1996, Gemy Maalouf had opened her prime atelier in Beirut and became the first designer to launch the “Couture a Porter” concept in Lebanon.

Her work exudes sophistication, charm, exceptional detail recognition, and unique cuts she designs have come to define Gemy’s style signature.

Striking colors, delicate fabric, and feminine form underline the essence of the Gemy Maalouf. Expressing a fresh approach to fashion, the bejeweled designs and rich beadings emanate female regency and sophistication in a modern, refined manner.

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Best Wedding Dress Designers in Lebanon (7)

Krikor Jabotian

Krikor Jabotian jumpstarted his career within the creative department at Elie Saab following his graduation from the École Supérieure des Arts et Techniques de la Mode (ESMOD) in Beirut, an enriching experience that paved his path into the industry. Soon after, Krikor developed independent designs and was selected by Starch Foundation, a nonprofit organization founded by Maison Rabih Kayrouz and Solidere, to showcase his creations. His first collection, under a namesake brand, marked the beginning of Atelier Krikor Jabotian.

At the age of 23, Krikor set up his first studio and designed his very first collection. The company quickly evolved into a thriving, family-run business alongside his father, mother and sister. Atelier Krikor Jabotian takes pride in its refined craftsmanship and use of opulent fabrics to create a timeless message of heritage, style, tradition and innovation.

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Best Wedding Dress Designers in Lebanon (8)

Nicolas Jebran

Seeking his own career track ever since he was a child, his love of artlead him to fashion school and abundantly opening the door intofashion industry. Thus creating his own brand:Nicolas Jebran,making it a unique aspect of what he believes to be a futuristic thinking andinterpretation of fashion. Renown worldwide, and in the Arab world, Jebran marked his journey with local and international awards, and dressed up celebrities all overthe globe. Creating themed outfits, making designs that can tell acomplete story; inspired by nature, by architecture and fascinated bythe utmost details in creation."It's a matter of perspective, of admiring the greatness, of reflecting theculture & of acquiring traits that keep you moving." Nicolas Jebran.

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Best Wedding Dress Designers in Lebanon (9)

Rami Kadi

Rami Kadiis a Lebanese-American fashion designer. His diverging origins fuse flavors from the East and the West, exuding a mixed blend of freedom, emancipation and traditional warmth. Whilst these worlds sometimes clash, they also attract each other, and ultimately find a common bond: their long-established ancestral know-how.Not only has Rami Kadi built his credentials among Couture Clients, but he also became a true Celebrities’ sweetheart, including divas such as Burlesque artist Dita Von Teese, Arab stars such as Myriam Fares, Ahlam and Maya Diab, Taiwanese Model and actress Lin Chi-ling. Vietnamese catwalks producer Jessica Minh Anh. Indian Actress and model Aishwarya Rai and Bollywood celebrities like Amy Jackson, Malaika Arora and Divya Khosla Kumar as well as fashion influencers and socialites like Candela Novembre, Shanina Shaik, Negin Mirsalehi and Jamie Chua.

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Best Wedding Dress Designers in Lebanon (10)

Reem Acra

Reem Acra is a renowned international designer known for her breathtaking collections in Ready to Wear and Bridal. She combines tradition with amodern aesthetic and leads the way by continuously redefining the boundaries of fashion.After successfully establishing herself in the bridal market with her detailed and innovative couture designs, Acra expanded into Ready to Wear in 2001. Similar to its bridal counterpart, the collection features carefully crafted pieces with ornate beading, flawless embroidery and layered texture details.

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Best Wedding Dress Designers in Lebanon (11)

Robert Abi Nader

Robert Abi Nader started his fashion steps in Paris; he was the first and youngest Lebanese to attend and graduate from the prestigious Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne. His talents were quickly spotted by Yves Saint Laurent who immediately selected him for an internship at his fashion house. Later on, he honed his skills at other prestigious labels such as Claude Montana and Christian Dior.His designs strike an almost unattainable balance between two contradictory states whimsicality and boldness for the woman who stands apart from the crowd, high on her femininity and confident in her attitude. They cater to the modern woman on the move; comfortable to wear yet exquisitely put together and oozing femininity through the use of delicate and noble fabrics and elaborate designs that flaunt the body’s curves.

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Best Wedding Dress Designers in Lebanon (12)

Saiid Kobeisy

With cascading silhouettes, dynamic cuts and elegant handcrafted touches, Saiid Kobeisy gives expression to every facet of the modern-day woman, from her fearless ambition and passion, to her riveting charm and strength.Weaving in inspiration from faraway cultures, the house’s works are a striking mélange of opposites, where the modern meets the classic, the sensual softens the bold, and the unexpected twist makes a lasting impression. The brand’s hypnotic and ethereal creations have seduced women the world over, landing in more than 35 countries. Their global appeal is a testament to Saiid Kobeisy’s innate flair for beauty and creativity, which he has devoted himself to since the age of 15.Never failing to introduce iconic pieces to the fashion world, the House of Saiid Kobeisy presents 3 much-awaited haute couture, ready-to-wear, and bridal lines.

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Best Wedding Dress Designers in Lebanon (13)

Tony Ward

Tony Ward is aLebanese-Italian fashion designer whose creations are present in over 60 stores worldwide.Tony Ward son of Elie Ward a well-known couturier based in Beirut, grew up in the effervescent world of Fashion.He createsCouture,Ready to Wearand Bridal Collections, all of which combining the craftsmanship of his family Atelier with innovation and masterful cuts and lines. His creations attract members of Royal Families, Celebrities, and high-end international stores.After celebrating the 60th birthday of the historical Ward Atelier, Tony Ward Couture moved to its New Headquarters on Hôtel-Dieu Avenue inBeirut,Lebanon. The modern building gathers the Boutique, Couture Salons, Offices and Ateliers.

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Best Wedding Dress Designers in Lebanon (14)

Ziad Nakad

Born of a Lebanese descent, Ziad Nakad knew from his very early teens that he was to work in fashion. Since his young years, he was attracted by eccentric fabrics, sheer embroideries and unconventional beadings which married his designs back then especially sketched for his family to wear. Encouraged by this genuine success, the talented young man decided to explore more his passion for fashion and embrace the dressmaking art with studies in the field. In parallel, he mastered the art of haute couture by working with many famous fashion designers in Beirut. In 1997, he turned his dream into a career when he was invited to take part to the Beirut International Fashion Show for Haute Couture in Beirut and dressed renowned super models like Karen Mudler, NadjaUrman and Jennifer Driver.Celebrated for his ability to reveal the feminine side of every woman, Ziad Nakad is now a design reference in fashion shows in Lebanon, the Middle East, the Gulf, Europe, Asia, the Americas, and the world.

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Best Wedding Dress Designers in Lebanon (15)

Zuhair Murad

Lebanese fashion designer Zuhair Muradmoved to Paris after high school, where he obtained his degree in fashion. Zuhair Murad has become one of the most famous and sought after fashion designers in the world, hisextensive lines encompasshaute couture,ready-to-wearandaccessories. Zuhair Murad dressed many famous celebrities, such as Marion Cotillard, Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Ivanka Trump, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Najwa Karam, Shakira, Katy Perry, Blake Lively and many other celebrities.

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