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This walkthrough will run you through how to find every Chaos Emerald in Sonic Frontiers' third world: Chaos Island. After arriving on Chaos Island due to defeating the Wyvern, Sonic will have access to a variety of stage portals he can step through to complete levels.


By completing these levels (and the optional objectives they offer), Sonic will receive a currency known as Vault Keys. Once you've stored a decent number of Vault Keys, take them to any of the Chaos Emerald Vaults listed below to grab the emerald trapped within and bring yourself one step closer to defeating the area's titan. So, let's quickly run through how to find every Chaos Emerald Vault on Chaos Island.

How to Find The Blue Chaos EmeraldHow to Find The Red Chaos EmeraldHow to Find The Gold Chaos Emerald
How to Find The Silver Chaos EmeraldHow to Find The Green Chaos EmeraldHow to Find The Cyan Chaos Emerald

It's worth noting that you'll never have to find the seventh emerald in the open world segment of any island. They're usually found on top of a titan, meaning you'll get them during the course of the main story

How to Find The Blue Chaos Emerald on Chaos Island

The blue chaos emerald can be found to the west of the map. It's just west of the silver chaos emerald vault. The map location is shown below.

When you're ready, head that way and use the rail system west of the southern volcano. When you reach the vault, interact with it. If you have 7 keys, Sonic will unlock the emerald and add it to your collection.

How to Find The Red Chaos Emerald on Chaos Island


To find the red Chaos Emerald, you'll have to revive the Death Egg with Tails and open the subterranean tunnel to the northwest island. Once you have, we can now reach the previously inaccessible island housing the red chaos emerald. I'll mark the entrance on the map below for you.

There are some enemies and obstacles down here, so you'll want to come prepared. Head through the passage and descend until you reach a large hall. Exit this room on the opposite side from where you entered and ascend the tower you find yourself in. When you reach the top, you'll exit out onto the island with the red Chaos Emerald.

You'll exit onto a small island housing the gem. Make your way to the vault (the map location is pictured above) and insert 7 keys to access it.

How to Find The Gold Chaos Emerald on Chaos Island

Our next objective is to grab the gold Chaos Emerald. It can be found on the northmost island on the map, which can be accessed using the grind rail system south of the island. It's marked by the yellow circle on the map below.


Head over to the Chaos Emerald and insert 7 keys to free it. Once it's yours, you'll trigger another new cutscene.

How to Find The Silver Chaos Emerald on Chaos Island

As always, they've saved the hardest emerald vault for last. The silver Chaos Emerald can be found in the centre of the map, just east of Stage 3-2. Its location is marked by the blue circle on the map below.

However, as with most of the Frontiers' worlds, reaching the final Emerald Vault won't be easy. We'll have to begin an obstacle course starting below the emerald's position.

Head to where the emerald is located on the map and look for a spring directly below it. The spring is pictured above. This spring will lead you to the obstacle course you need to conquer to reach the emerald.


The course itself is comprised of a long sequence of wall runs, homing attacks, dash pads and other obstacles. When you first reach the top of the structure, you'll want to push right. Eventually, you'll reach a stone tower south of the emerald and use a grind rail to circle around to the other side of the path.

Once you've switched sides, continue moving right. You'll eventually arrive at the Chaos Emerald Vault. Unlock it using four keys, and we'll have our silver Chaos Emerald.

How to Find The Green Chaos Emerald on Chaos Island

We'll need to find Tails to find the Green Chaos Emerald. We'll want to look for him in the north section of Chaos Island, just east of the Death Egg crash site. The map location is pictured below.

Talk to him when you arrive. Tails will tell Sonic that he's trying to fix the nearby cannon, but currently has no parts. Sonic will agree to source the parts for Tails.

Mechanical Collectible Mini-Game: Green Chaos Emerald


As soon as Tails is done talking, you'll be transported to a small area filled with boxes. Our goal is to smash as many boxes as possible before the timer runs out. If we can get 600 parts or more from the boxes, we win. If not, we'll have to try again.

When you start the game, you'll quickly notice there are three types of boxes: yellow, blue and purple. Yellow boxes break easily but produce the fewest parts. Meanwhile, Blue boxes are harder to break but produce more parts and purple boxes are the hardest to break but produce the most parts.

It's also worth noting that the platforms beneath Sonic will fall throughout the game. If you touch the lava, you lose a life. Sonic only has three lives, so you'll want to watch where you step.

If you're running out of platforms or want to move to find more boxes, look for buttons in each area. These will lower a pulley that moves you to a new area. A good tip is to remember to stop and actually pick up the parts after attacking a box. It can be easy to break a box and move away in an effort to save time, but you'll find you pick up very few parts by speeding away. Be slow but methodical and you should be able to quickly wrap the game up.


Once you do complete the mini-game, you'll be rewarded with the green chaos emerald.

How to Find The Cyan Chaos Emerald on Chaos Island

To track down the cyan Chaos Emerald, you'll need to find Tails. This time, he's in the northeast section of Chaos Island, just northeast of the silver Chaos Emerald. His location is marked on the map below.

Head over to Tails, exchange some memory tokens and talk to him. After a short cutscene, you'll initiate a new mini-game.

Bridge the Gap Mini-Game: Cyan Chaos Emerald

This mini-game will see Sonic run up the raised bridge and skydive to the control panel on the other side. He'll need to reach the ground before the time limit ends, although he'll be contending with obstacles as he dives.


As you fall, you'll see there are springs and dash rings that will knock you further up into the sky if you hit them. That means our goal is to dodge as many obstacles as possible and move through the gaps where there are no springs or dash rings.

To speed yourself up as you're falling, use boost. This is key to hitting the floor as soon as possible, so make sure your finger is always on the boost trigger whenever there are no obstacles in the way.

Be warned that the game will try and bait you into hitting certain obstacles. Rings will be placed in front of springs, while enemies will obscure obstacles. Be careful and analyse every route to the bottom.

When you reach the ground, Sonic will connect the bridge and earn the cyan Chaos Emerald.

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