Elden Ring: Starting Gear Each Class Should Pick According To Lore (2023)

There isn't a restriction on what weapons and gear a Tarnished may apply to a class inElden Ring, but they may wish to select a fewspecificallyin order to create a lore-accurate build. Despite player choices throughout the story mattering more than the class one chooses, certain roleplaying types fit certain moulds. Prophets are aligned with the Golden Order while Astrologers with Raya Lucaria. With this in mind, certain items in the early game can be sought out to match a chosen class with its lore.


Elden Ring's opening area is Limgrave, which lies in the south of the Lands Between. As players move along their journey, they will find the region much more vast than expected, as it extends all the way to the distant south, into the Weeping Peninsula. Furthermore, to the east the Tarnished will find that the war-torn region of Caelid is available despite its difficult bosses. All of this open land mass means that players have access to tons of loot that complement their chosen class's stats and lore.

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Some of the classes have very similar goals in mind, however. Heroes, Warriors, and Vagabonds all want to get the most out of melee combat, while Astrologers, Prisoners, and even Samurai will find themselves looking to enhance their dexterity and intelligence. To help in the quest of finding not only strong weapons at the start ofElden Ringbut lore-accurate ones, here are some of the awesome armaments available as soon as one steps foot into the Lands Between.

Heroes, Warriors, And Vagabonds Want Swords In Elden Ring

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Heroes, Warriors, and Vagabonds all want to utilize their high stats in strength and dexterity while restraining themselves to the art of the blade. This means weapons that utilize magical abilities in Elden Ringmay not fit into the lore surrounding these classes, ruling out many strong armaments available at the beginning of the game. Nevertheless, one weapon stands out as a clear choice for each of these classes: the Bloodhound's Fang.

Available as soon as players enter Limgrave, the Bloodhound Fang can be found in the southeastern part of the region at the Forlorn Hound Evergaol, where the Tarnished will have to battle Bloodhound Knight Darriwil, one of the optional bosses located in Elden Ring's Limgrave region, for his prized possession. But once obtained, the Bloodhound Fang will prove to be a strong choice for either a dexterity build for Heroes and Warriors or an early strength build for Vagabonds.

A weapon that will continue to prove useful to strength-based Vagabonds is the Zweihander. Available from a merchant just southwest of the Fourth Church of Marika, the Zweihander is a long sword that suits the Vagabond perfectly. Mix this in with the golden halberd from the Tree Sentinel guarding Elden Ring's entrance, and a Vagabond is basically set for the game with lore-accurate weaponry.

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But perhaps no weapon is moresuited for a class in the early gamethan the ornamental straight swords dropped by the Grafted Scion in the tutorial ofElden Ringfor the Warrior. The Warrior can replace their twin scimitars with the straight swords, which come with the unique skill Golden Tempering as well. This plays into the power stancing Warriors prefer as well as the class's high dexterity stat.

Elden Ring: What Prisoners, Astrologers,& Samurai Have In Common

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Though Prisoners, Astrologers, and Samurai all appear to be disparate classes in Elden Ring, they have two goals in common: building dexterity and intelligence. The prisoner and astrologer class need high dexterity to help them cast spells quicker. Additionally, their swordsmanship and Carian sorceries directly benefit from higher dexterity stats. The Samurai may appear as if they only want to build their dexterity up, but many of the strongest katanas in the game come with intelligence-based abilities and ashes of war.

Two such katanas can be found in and around one ofElden Ring's hardest areas, Caelid, and they are immediately available to players at the beginning of the game. The two weapons, the Meteoric Ore Blade and the Moonveil, both build upon dexterity and intelligence. These weapons thus fit into all three classes lore-wise because they have explicit relationships with gravity and Glintstone magic and have designs that come from the Land of the Reeds. However, they should also be aware that the meteoric ore blade can be underwhelming and the moonveil difficult to acquire.

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Other than that, the most important item for Astrologers and Prisoners to acquire in the early game is the meteorite staff. With a natural S grade in intelligence scaling and a unique ability that boosts gravity-based magic, the meteorite staff is devastating in the early game. Obtaining it in Street of Sages Ruins will also lead players to the spell Rock Sling, which will help them design strong Prisoner and Astrology builds in Elden Ringwith overpowered yet lore-accurate armaments early on.

Confessors And Prophets Are After The Same Things In Elden Ring

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Confessors and Prophets are both followers of the Golden Older, and thus they both look to utilize weapons that embrace faith-based magic and honor. For this reason, the golden halberd is more fitting for a Prophet than even a Vagabond. Its faith-related ability speaks to how such a weapon was designed to defend the Erdtree inElden Ring, not to be wielded by a warrior who understands little about incantations.

In line with this thread on weapon abilities, finding the Ash of War Sacred Blade just north of the Third Church of Marika is imperative for a lore-accurate Confessor build. As travelers who spread the word of the Golden Order, Confessors had to learn to incorporate melee combat into their lifestyle, so they often hold a shield and sword. The Sacred Blade Ash of War shoots golden projectiles from a blade, which helps with creating a strong Confessor build inElden Ringby giving it access to incantations while wielding a sword and shield.

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Nevertheless, both Prophets and Confessors will benefit from strong, faith scaling weapons, and one of the best is the winged scythe. Found in the ruins just west of the Fourth Church of Marika in the Weeping Peninsula, the winged scythe primarily scales with faith and dexterity, comes with the ability Angel's Wings, and even causes blood build-up. The result of this combination is a weapon that perfectly suits the lore and stats of both Prophets and Confessors and allows both classes to become overpowered by the beginning ofElden Ring.

Accurate Gear Elden Ring's Bandit Class Should Be Equipped With

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Of all the classes, the Bandit has perhaps the most unique lore when it comes to designing a build. This is because Bandits use the now overpowered Arcane magic inElden Ringfor luck and blood build-up. Additionally, this class prefers daggers and bows to match with the overall theme of a sneaky assassin-thief type. Considering this, the best early game weapon for Bandits to acquire is the Reduvia dagger from the fight with invader Bloody Finger Nerijus. Reduvia cannot only be upgraded and have Ashes of War applied to it, but it also has a natural blood build-up ability that plays into the Bandit's style of fighting.

To further enhance blood build-up, Bandits can make their way to Fort Haight to acquire the Bloody Slash Ash of War. As one of the mostbroken Ashes of War inElden Ring, Bloody Slash inflicts serious damage and allows Bandits to use their blood-focused attacks. That Bloody Slash scales based on Arcane makes the ability that much more fitting.

But to round out the Bandit class, players can fight enemies in the same ruins where they acquired the winged scythe to obtain a red branch short bow. Compared to the bow given to Bandits at the beginning of the game, thisone has better scaling. It also comes with the borderline overpowered Ash of War Barrage.

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EldenRing's classes do not end up meaning much by the end of the game. Players can build their characters however they choose to, and they can even rebirth themselves in case they do not like the fighter they have designed. Nevertheless,the game provides new players plenty of options to stick to true to the class they choseupon entering the Lands Between.

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