Fatal Frame (Nintendo Cinematic Universe) (2022)

Fatal Frame is a Japanese anime series.

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  • 1 Summary
    • 1.1 Season 1
    • 1.2 Crimson Butterfly
    • 1.3 The Tormented
    • 1.4 Mask of the Lunar Eclipse
    • 1.5 Maiden of Black Water
  • 2 Characters
    • 2.1 Season 1—Mask of the Lunar Eclipse
    • 2.2 Maiden of Black Water
  • 3 Plot Elements
    • 3.1 Season 1
    • 3.2 Crimson Butterfly
    • 3.3 The Tormented
    • 3.4 Mask of the Lunar Eclipse
    • 3.5 Maiden of Black Water
  • 4 Notes
    • 4.1 Season 1
    • 4.2 Crimson Butterfly
    • 4.3 The Tormented
    • 4.4 Mask of the Lunar Eclipse
    • 4.5 Maiden of Black Water


Season 1

An aspiring photographer visits a mysterious haunted mansion to find her older brother.

Crimson Butterfly

Two twin sisters' regular visit to their childhood playspot turns into a nightmare when a vengeful spirit attacks them in a haunted village.

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The Tormented

During a photography job, a freelance photographer discovers the apparition of her deceased fiancée.

Mask of the Lunar Eclipse

After escaping imprisonment on an island, a former kidnap victim return to her prison home with some other captives to uncover the truth about their kidnapping.

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Maiden of Black Water

Three youths must seal away the malevolent Black Water.


Season 1—Mask of the Lunar Eclipse

Japanese VoiceEnglish VoiceCharacterDescription (Season 1)Description (Crimson Butterfly)Description (The Tormented)Description (Mask of the Lunar Eclipse)
Kiyoshi KobayashiMatt LaganJunsei TakamineA best-selling novelist and Mafuyu's tutor who went missing in Himuro Mansion.[N/A][N/A][N/A]
?Matt LaganKoji OgataAn editor whoused to work for Junsei Takamine.[N/A][N/A][N/A]
Jun'ichi KanemaruDominic AllenMafuyu HinasakiMiku's older brother who disappears.[N/A][N/A][N/A]
??Mikoto MunakataRyozo's daughter.[N/A][N/A][N/A]
Rika WakusawaKim Mai GuestMiku HinasakiAn aspiring photographer.[N/A]An aspiring photographer now living with Rei.[N/A]
??Miyuki HinasakiMiku and Mafuyu's deceased mother.[N/A][N/A][N/A]
??Ryozo MunakataA famous folklorist.A famous folklorist and Seijiro's assistant.[N/A][N/A]
?Bianca AllenTomoe HirasakaJunsei's assistant.[N/A][N/A][N/A]
??Yae KurosawaRyozo's ailing wife.[N/A][N/A][N/A]
Yoko YamamotoLenne HardtKirie HimuroA hostile female spirit who haunts Himuro Mansion.[N/A][N/A][N/A]
??Dr. Kunihiko Asou[N/A]A brilliant occult philosopher and scientist who lived during the late 1800s and early 1900s.A brilliant occult philosopher and scientist who lived during the late 1800s and early 1900s.A brilliant occult philosopher and scientist who lived during the late 1800s and early 1900s.
Soichiro HoshiSam SalletaItsuki Tachibana[N/A]A soul trapped within All God's Village.[N/A][N/A]
Rie Tanaka?Kureha[N/A]A twin shrine maiden who conducted the Shadow Festival.[N/A][N/A]
Ayako KawasumiKim Mai GuestMayu Amakura[N/A]Mio's older twin sister.[N/A][N/A]
Akemi KandaKari WahlgrenMio Amakura[N/A]Mayu's younger twin sister.A Remaining.[N/A]
??Mitsuki Tachibana[N/A]Itsuki's twin brother.[N/A][N/A]
Jun HazumiMichael BellSeijiro Makabe[N/A]A folklorist.[N/A][N/A]
Ayako KawasumiKim Mai GuestSae Kurosawa[N/A]A vengeful spirit who haunts the All God's Village.[N/A][N/A]
??Akito Kashiwagi[N/A][N/A]A folklorist and scholar.[N/A]
?Josh KeatonKaname Ototsuki[N/A][N/A]Akito's son.[N/A]
Yusei OdaJosh KeatonKei Amakura[N/A][N/A]A young man researching the folklore of the Kuze Shrine.[N/A]
Junko MinagawaKimberly BrooksRei Kurosawa[N/A][N/A]A freelance photographer.[N/A]
??Serizara[N/A][N/A]A victim of the Manor of Sleep.[N/A]
??Yoshino Takigawa[N/A][N/A]A violent spirit trapped within the cursed Manor of Sleep.[N/A]
Takaya KurodaJD CullumYuu Asou[N/A][N/A]An aspiring folklorist and Rei's deceased fiancée.[N/A]
??Reika Kuze[N/A][N/A]A hostile spirit and the last Tattooed Priestess.[N/A]
Katsuyuki KonishiVincent TongChoushiro Kirishmia[N/A][N/A][N/A]A detective investigating the kidnappings.
Saori GotoHynden WalchMadoka Tsukmori[N/A][N/A][N/A]A girl once held prisoner on Rougetsu Island.
??Marie Shinomiya[N/A][N/A][N/A]A girl once held prisoner on Rougetsu Island.
Miyuki SawashiroCree SummerMisaki Asou[N/A][N/A][N/A]A girl once held prisoner on Rougetsu Island.
Mamiko NotoTara StrongRuka Minazuki[N/A][N/A][N/A]A girl once held prisoner on Rougetsu Island.
??Sayaka Minazuki[N/A][N/A][N/A]Ruka's mother.
??Tomoe Nanamura[N/A][N/A][N/A]A girl once held prisoner on Rougetsu Island.
Takahiro Sakurai?You Haibara[N/A][N/A][N/A]The lead suspect of the kidnappings.
Rie Tanaka?Sakuya Haibara[N/A][N/A][N/A]A spirit cursed by the Mask of the Lunar Eclipse after failing Rougetsu Island's Ceremony of Passage.

Maiden of Black Water

Japanese VoiceEnglish VoiceCharacterDescription (Maiden of Black Water)
Rika WakusawaKim Mai GuestMiku HinasakiAn aspiring photographer who has now gone missing.
??Dr. Kunihiko AsouA brilliant occult philosopher and scientist who lived during the late 1800s and early 1900s.
Imai AsakaKatie BeudertFuyuhi HiminoA survivor of a failed suicide attempt.
Haruka Tomatsu?Haruka MomoseA survivor of a failed suicide attempt.
Atsuko TanakaElena SaurelHisoka KurosawaA descendant of one of the escaped shrine maidens from Hikami Mountain.
??Kazuya SakiA restaurant owner.
??Keiji WataraiA folklorist researching Hikami Mountain.
??Miu HinasakiMiku's daughter.
Tatsuhisa SuzukiJoesph MayRen HojoAn author and Dr. Kunihiko's descendant.
Maaya Sakamoto?Rui KagamiyaRen's assistant.
Natsumi TakamoriSarah PitardShiragikuA young shrine maiden whose sacrifice has preserved her as a wandering spirit
Risa TanedaTressa BrooksYuri KozukataThe sole survivor of a traffic accident that claimed her family's lives.
Houko Kuwashima?Ouse KurosawaA hostile ghost.

Plot Elements

Season 1

  • In 1986, Mafuyu disappears while investigating Himuro Mansion in search of his tutor, Junsei Takamine.
  • Two weeks later, Miku, Mafuyu's younger sister, visits the mansion in search of her older brother.
  • Miku learns that Junsei and his assistants are dead and that Mafuyu was kidnapped by Kirie Himuro, a spirit that haunts Himuro Mansion.
    • Mafuyu bears a striking resemblance to Kirie's deceased lover.
  • Flashback: Shortly before the "Strangling Ritual", Kirie fell in love with a visitor to the mansion. Fearing that Kirie would not want to perform the ritual, the Master of the Himuro Mansion has the visitor killed and lies to Kirie, telling her that the visitor has left. However, she does find out the visitor's fate and as feared does not want to perform the ritual. This caused the ritual to fail and the Malice to leak out, killing everyone in Himuro Mansion and causing the ghosts to remain there and attack anyone who explored there.
  • Miku finds Mafuyu, but Mafuyu decides to stay behind to keep Kirie company.

Crimson Butterfly

  • While on their way to visit their childhood playspot in the Minakami region, twin sisters, Mio and Mayu, follow a red butterfly to a seemingly abandoned village; however, the village contains the tortured souls of the dead, forever reliving the events that trapped them in this state.
  • Flashback: Twins Yae and Sae Kurosawa tried to escape their fate with Itsuki's help. During their escape, Sae was caught and brought back to the village, while Yae escaped. The Minakami villagers desperately hanged Sae to try to satisfy the Hellish Abyss; the attempt failed, causing the Repentance to occur and the village to disappear. During the Repentance, Sae returned from the Hellish Abyss as a vengeful spirit and, along with Seijiro Makabe, made a Kusabi for the Abyss, slaughtering the priests and villagers.
  • Reocurring Moment: Several ghosts refer to Mio as Yae and seem to expect her to perform the ritual with Mayu, who becomes possessed by Sae. Itsuki, however, tries to help her—believing the two to be the Kurosawa twins, he tries to aid their escape from the village again.
  • Mio learns that in Minakami Village, the twin born second is considered the elder, as the village believes that the "elder" lets the weaker, "younger" twin be born first. This completely reverses Mio's implied fate: instead of being sacrificed herself, she must strangle her "younger" twin sister.
  • To save the village, the sisters proceed with the ritual: Mio strangles Mayu, who becomes a butterfly.

The Tormented

  • Freelance photographer Rei Kurosawa has been suffering from nightmares after the death of her fiancée, Yuu Asou.
  • Rei is tasked with observing the "Manor of Sleep", the recurring location of her nightmares.
  • Flashback: Reika Kuze, the last Tattooed Priestess, was tasked with the duty of containing others' emotional pain within the tattoos on her body. Although meant to rest for eternity, Reika had unintentionally released "the Rift", a form of darkness which destroyed the village, after her childhood lover Kaname was murdered in front of her eyes. Now corrupted and unable to rest, she haunts people with a strong attachment to dead loved ones. Within time, the tattoos Reika had cursed her victims with will completely cover their bodies and cause them to disappear, leaving behind black soot, although following the dead would eventually lead to death as well. Because of Rei's attachment to Yuu; Miku's to her brother Mafuyu; and Kei's strong connection to Mio, mourning for her sister Mayu, all three are trapped in the Manor of Sleep.
  • When Miku enters a coma, Rei loses all hope of ending the curse until Kei suggests that by staking down Reika's body in the Chamber of Thorns, she can rest peacefully and no longer endanger them; however, he becomes trapped in the chamber himself upon making a horrific discovery: Reika's body has already been pinned to the ground.
  • With only Rei remaining, she confronts Reika and exorcises her spirit. Following the lyrics of a song in the ritual, Rei puts the bodies of Reika and Kaname in a small boat and pushes it across an underground sea behind the stone ritual chamber - the Abyss of the Horizon, the passage to the spirit world. As the boat begins to vanish into the distance, other dead spirits begin to cross the sea, one of them being Yuu. The tattoo which now covers Rei's body transfers to Yuu, who insists that she must go on living and keep his memory alive.
  • Rei and Miku recover from their comas and resume their normal lives.

Mask of the Lunar Eclipse

  • In 1970, five girls were kidnapped and imprisoned on Rougetsu Island, but were rescued by detective Choushiro Kirishima.
  • Two years later, a catastrophe strikes Rougetsu Island which kills off the inhabitants.
  • Eight years later, in 1980, after two of the rescued girls die, the rest of the rescued girls, Ruka, Misaki, and Madoka return to the island to discover the truth behind their kidnapping. Choushiro returns to the island to find them.
    • Choushiro died ten years after rescuing the girls; he is now helping the girls guided by the spirit of Ruka's mother Sayaka.
  • Madoka gets killed by hostile spirits.
  • Ruka and Misaki begin suffering the Hidden Mioon Disease, which affects their memories.
  • Ruka's father Souya had become obsessed with helping complete a ritual dance that would purify the islanders of the Hidden Moon Disease, which required the construction of a special mask for the dancer.
  • Flashback: The five kidnapped girls were supposed to be part of the Rougetsu Island's Ceremony of Passage with Sakuya Haibara; hoever, the ritual failed and Sakuya was forever affected by the Mask of the Lunar Eclipse.
  • Ruka completes the ritual by reforming the mask, while Choushiro puts the mask on Sakuya, lifting the curse.
  • Misaki's fate is unknown, although it is implied that she survived and returned home with Ruka.

Maiden of Black Water

  • Hikami Mountain is a place infamous for suicides and spiritual happenings connected with local bodies of water. In the past, resident shrine maidens would use their mind-reading abilities to help guide people to a peaceful death. In time, they would grow too emotional to perform their abilities, and they would be sacrificed as an Eternal Flower to keep a malevolent otherworldly power called the Black Water at bay.
  • Flashback: Prior to Ouse Kurosawa's Eternal Flower ritual, her photograph was taken by Kunihiko Asou, creator of the Camera Obscura. They fell in love, and when the time came for the ritual, Ose's feelings for Kunihiko and the pain of the shrine maidens murdered by Kururugi caused the ritual to fail. The Black Water was unleashed and Ose became a hostile spirit that corrupted the mountain and its ghosts.
  • Miu's father is Mafuyu, Miku's deceased older brother, making her a child of incest.
  • Miku goes to see her brother one last time before being saved from the mountain's power by Miu.
  • Ren, while helping Yuri and Miu, regularly crosses paths with Shiragiku and learns that recurring dreams he has been having are the inherited memories of his ancestor Asou. He puts Shiragiku to rest and returns to the living world.
  • Yuri's search through the mountain leads to her encountering many of the powerful ghosts and using her Camera Obscura to lay them to rest. Learning of Ose's history, she heads to a final confrontation with her.
  • Yuri frees Ose from her duty, allowing her and the other spirits to pass on, while Yuri returns to the world of the living with Hisoka by her side.
  • Rui wakes up to find Ren in front of her, before he tells her he will remain by her side forever.


  • Set within the Nintendo Cinematic Universe.
  • Based on the Fatal Frame series.

Season 1

  • Based on Fatal Frame.

Crimson Butterfly

  • Based on Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly.

The Tormented

  • Based on Fatal Frame III: The Tormented.

Mask of the Lunar Eclipse

  • Based on Fatal Frame IV: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse.

Maiden of Black Water

  • Based on Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water.


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