Glasses-less Tsukishima (2023)

Tsukishima woke up yawning, blinking to focus the blurryworld around him. He got out of bed and stretched, hand reaching for where heusually kept his glasses. His fingers brushed the surface of his nightstand andhe glanced over at the empty space. He approached his desk but his glassesweren’t there either. Where are myglasses? He searched its surface, the nightstand, his closet, and the topof the drawer but they weren’t there. He let out a frustrated breath. What a pain.

“Kei? Are you awake?” a knock sounded on his door beforebeing pushed open. Akiteru blinked at him, noticing he was still dressed in hispajamas. “Aren’t you going to change? You’re going to be late for practice.

“I know. I’ll be down soon.” Tsukishima turned his back onhis brother. Akiteru shook his head and closed the door behind him.

His mother greeted him at the breakfast table. He murmuredhis greeting and bowed his head as he ate his breakfast, avoiding her andAkiteru’s puzzled expressions. He headed out without another word, headphonesaround his neck, his world unclear without his glasses.

He had never gone long without his glasses before. Hisvision had been terrible since he was young so he had gotten used to wearingthem at a young age. Now, the street signs he was able to see every morningwere nothing but blurry characters. He couldn’t even listen to music or else hewould get too absorbed in the song and completely miss whatever was ahead ofhim. At least he wouldn’t need them on the way to school.

Crap. He would need them during practice and school. How washe going to see the board from where he sat?

“Oh, morning, Tsukki!” Yamaguichi hurried after him. “Afterpractice, could I see your English homework? There was one question I couldn’tget at all…” he noticed his friend was without glasses. “Um, Tsukki, where areyour glasses?”

“Shut up, Yamaguichi.” Tsukishima didn’t want to admit toanyone he had lost his glasses. He hoped he could find them before his motheror brother pestered him.

“Sorry, Tsu- but, how are you going to see?” Yamaguichiasked worriedly. “Can you see me? How many fingers am I holding?” he wavedthree fingers in front of Tsukishima’s face.

Tsukishima tsked inannoyance. “I can still see,” he snapped. “I’m not blind.” That was the end ofthat. Yamaguichi was quiet for the rest of the way to school.

Daichi and Sugawara were standing by the doorway stretching,the rest of their teammates stretching independently as Tsukishima and Yamaguichientered the gym. “Good morning,” Yamaguichi called out. Tsukishima muttered hisgreeting, wondering if it was possible for him to avoid eye contact with histeammates for the entire day.

“Morning,” Daichi replied. He noticed Tsukishima without hisglasses easily. “Tsukishima, where are your glasses?”

The second-years raised their heads, awaiting his response.Kageyama had a volleyball in his hands, looking confused at glasses-lessTsukishima. “I couldn’t find them,” he answered shortly.

“Can you still see?” Sugawara asked. At the annoyed look hiskouhai shot him, he added hastily, “I know you can still see, just not clearenough. We don’t want you to get injured.”

“I’ll be fine.” Tsukishima was firm with his answer.

Daichi exchanged looks with Sugawara but he shrugged. “Let’sget started, then!”

Ukai had told them he wouldn’t be able to come to practicesince he had something to do so Daichi led the practice, putting emphasis onblocking. Tsukishima cursed aloud under his breath. Right now, he could barelysee his teammates’ faces. Read blocking was going to be difficult without them,

Kageyama set the ball for Asahi, the third-year jumping up. Ablock like this was easy. Tsukishima jumped with Tanaka but the ace was manageto thwart them. That was expected of Asahi, the strongest spiker on their team.

“Nice kill!” Nishinoya called out. Tsukishima instinctivelyreached for where his glasses would be to adjust them but nothing was there.

“Here’s the next one!” Daichi tossed the ball for Kageyama,who raised his arms as he chose his next course of action. Asahi and Hinataapproached the net at the same time at the third tempo but Tsukishima wonderedif Daichi would move in for a back attack. He watched Kageyama instead, thenfollowed the ball when it was set to Hinata. He jumped, blocking him.

“Damn you, Tsukishima!” Hinata cursed at him. “Even withoutyour glasses, you’re still tall!”

“Don’t mind, don’t mind!” Daichi called out. “It’s yourserve, Tsukishima.”

Tsukishima stood at the back of the court, arms raised toserve. He blinked, unsure where to aim. Just not out. He served too close tothe sideline and Nishinoya called it out. He scowled at himself. “One moretime, Tsukishima!” Sugawara told him as Nishinoya threw the ball back to him.

He caught it and let out a breath. This time, he aimed atthe front of the court but it hit the net instead. Tanaka burst out laughing. “Comeon, Tsukishima! You’re supposed to be better than Hinata!”

“I-I’m not that bad!” Hinata said indignantly. Tsukishimawas allowed one more serve so, just to be safe, he stood near the center of thecourt to serve. This one stayed in.

After practice was over, he and Yamaguichi headed to class.They sat at their desks, Yamaguichi coming back to him to ask him for hisEnglish homework. Tsukishima looked up at the board, unable to read any of thewritten content. If he squinted, he was able to make out a few characters butthat was it.

“Um, Tsukki?” he looked up at Yamaguichi. “If you can’t seethe board, I can let you copy my notes during lunch break.”

“Oh. Thanks.” Yamaguichi was surprised by the response. Hesmiled as the bell rang, signaling the start of class.

Majority of his classmates came up to him to ask him abouthis missing glasses, wondering if he was wearing contacts. At first he hadactually responded to them but after an hour, he ignored them completely.During lunch break, Yamaguichi handed him his notebook for Tsukishima to copydown the notes he couldn’t see.

About an hour remained between the period when he got homefrom practice and his mother returned from her errands. Akiteru had volleyballpractice and would come home around the same time she would, which meantTsukishima could find his glasses and pretend everything was all right beforeeither of them came home. He left his jacket and bag on the couch and startedhis search, peering under the cushions, in the drawers, and behind the shelvesfor them. He came up empty.

Damnit. Where did he put them? He couldn’t even remember atthis point. Was he going to have to admit to losing them to his mother afterall? He didn’t want to. He hadn’t lost his glasses once. The only time had hadgotten them replaced was when he needed a new pair.

“I’m home.” Akiteru’s voice drifted into the living room. “Kei?Are you home?”

Tsukishima grabbed his stuff and tried to flee but Akiteruentered the room before he could reach the stairs. “Oh, you are home. Let’s getstarted on dinner.” He blinked, realizing his brother was still withoutglasses. “Did you lose your glasses?”

“No.” Tsukishima’s answer was immediate.

“Don’t lie. You never walk around anywhere without them. You’vealways had bad eyesight. I’ll help you look.” Akiteru was about to place hisbag down but Tsukishima started heading upstairs.

“They’re not here. I don’t know where they are.”

Akiteru raised an eyebrow. “Really? Did you leave themsomewhere? At school, maybe? In the gym? At a friend’s house?”

Tsukishima shook his head. He was sure he would never leavethem somewhere. Akiteru shook his head. “You have to tell Mom so she can getyou a new pair.“

“I’ll find them.” He headed upstairs and entered his room sohe could change. He repeated his words in his mind. I’ll find them. I have to.

When Yamaguichi came home after extra practice with Shimada,he entered his room after eating and showering. He sat down at his desk andreached for his schoolbag to take out his homework. His elbow knocked intosomething and it fell onto the floor with a soft clatter. He reached over toretrieve it, realizing it was a pair of glasses. Are these Tsukki’s glasses? He wondered. He remembered now.

Last night, Tsukishima had gone to Yamaguichi’s house tohelp him with his homework and to eat dinner with him. Yamaguichi couldn’tremember exactly when Tsukishima had taken them off though. Probably justbefore he went home. He couldn’t figure out why.

Still, he reached for his phone and called Tsukishima. “Tsukki,your glasses are at my house. I’ll bring them to you tomorrow, okay?”

“Oh. Okay. Thanks.” Their conversation was brief. Yamaguichiput the glasses on top of his phone so he wouldn’t forget.

The next morning, he had woken late and ran out of thehouse, forgetting his phone and the glasses.

Inspired by a set of headcannons where Tsukishima lost his glasses for three days and Akiteru teased him for it. If you know which post that was, please let me know. Thanks!

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