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During the survival test, when Yōsuke was chosen to watch over the boys in the class, Suzune requested Kiyotaka join him on guard duty since he needed to be watched as well. While he was picked, Kei noted on him being invisible to the rest of the class, showing that she barely acknowledged his presence in their time together as classmates.

Due to his real thoughts being undisclosed multiple times, it is unknown what he really thinks of her.

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Much like the anime, Kei initially did not think much of Kiyotaka. She often looked down on him for being an "unremarkable guy" and appeared disgusted by his presence when they were both placed in the "Rabbit" group during the summer special test, however, she shared those same feelings with her other groupmates, Hideo and Teruhiko, so it wasn't personal.

After being saved from Manabe and her group during the cruise ship test, she starts to hold a dislike towards Kiyotaka, unable to look at him without an angry expression, and was mad when Hirata arranged a meeting with her but brought Kiyotaka with him. After being bullied by Manabe and her group in the lowest level of the ship, she was blackmailed by Kiyotaka who threatened her that he'll reveal her past to the school but assured her that he'll protect her from being bullied in exchange for aiding him on his scheme. [1]

In volume 4, that was when their relationship starts to blossom from classmates, to platonic, and finally to mutual interest in one another. She offered him advice on how to be more proactive and popular with others. In many instances, she acted sardonically and mordaciously towards others, constantly comparing them to Hirata. Many abhor her presence and demeanor but Kiyotaka was the only one who saw past her facade of wanting to be hated and started suspecting that she might have a dark past due to her uncanny and capricious behaviour. He also recognised that she demonstrates an adequate level of maturity for not confronting Ibuki for stealing her underwear in previous volumes. Kiyotaka was depressed and felt a hint of jealousy whenever Kei got too close to others boys like Machida but knew she did it to antagonise the Class C girls, dignify herself and consolidate her power in the group, and so did nothing but observed on the sidelines. Moreover, he speculated that she attaches herself to hosts to vicariously go through school in a safe manner. Furthermore, he was impressed by the skill of her manipulation, cunningness, and strategic prowess she exhibited to get what she desired. On other occasions, he felt disgusted when he saw Kei being physically bullied by other girls and thought of ways to protect her and taking pictures of the acts clandestinely. He then sought to find out her secret by seeking Hirata. When he saw the dynamic of the fake couple, he began to understand that Kei was just afraid, helpless, and needed protection and security the most. To elevate her and allow her to grow, he started to execute his plan which was to break her down so he could personally bring her up again, forcing her to seek him for refuge. After finding Kei crying in a room, he forced her to confront her egregious past and show him her pathetic side after being bullied. He made Kei think that he was about to sexually assault her by telling her to spread her legs and grabbing her thigh which caused Kei to obey and tell him the iniquitous past she desperately tried to forget and was forced to go through. He then saw her scar, looked her straight in the eyes, and unveiled his own darkness that was reflected in them. By doing so, he eroded away her terror as those with shared darkness are attracted to one another. He promised to be more reliable to her than anyone else and gave her permission to rely on him. As proof of his words, he showed her the pictures he took to play against her enemies which would ensure her safety. Kei began to see him in a scintillating light as he was the first person to not judge her scar and embraced her weaknesses.

In volume 4.5, they are comfortable with each other's company and shared pleasantries whenever the situation allows. She starts to observe Kiyotaka in a deeper light and suspects the veracity of his showcased abilities, surprising him of her perceptiveness. He is shown to be considerate of her as he invited her to join his group and respectfully told her alternatives to hide her body scar if they went swimming. Kei decides to entrust her secret with him and lay herself bare, even though it was a vulnerable and potentially detrimental decision. There was a vestigial unease of abashment she feared he might use against her, but his next words alleviated them. He promised to destroy her enemies as long as she works with him and doesn’t bully others. They are shown to be at eased with direct body contact with one another as the real Kei usually doesn’t touch anyone else, especially boys. She was worried that she might cause trouble for him by being too close to him, allowing rumours to foster and offered to leave first. Additionally, she realised that he is willing to use dirty tactics such as expelling others so as to protect their own classmates and seems to be accepting of that fact. Just from looking into his eyes, she knew that Kiyotaka wasn’t normal and has experienced something as traumatic or even more so than herself which made them relatable. He ordered her to remove and reveal her swimsuit to which she obediently complied with signs of dissatisfaction and embarrassment. He then pushed her into the water to cool her head and get her to relax. As retaliation, once he offered his hand to grab on, she dragged him down as well, pushing his head under the water and childishly enjoying herself. Kiyotaka thought it was worthwhile letting that happen and seeing her smile again. They spend a merriment moment with one another before being chased out. Later on, she was grateful to Kiyotaka for telling her that the guys planted a spycam in their locker room and how to solve the issue.

In volume 5, she was amazed by his displayed physical abilities and praised him openly at the sports festival after he raced Manabu Horikita and nearly won.[2] She seems to have formed a friendship with him which evolves into a close trusting bond with him, where Kiyotaka is shown to truly trust her more so than others, even more than Suzune.

In volume 6 of the light novel, it seems that she develops a crush on Kiyotaka. She immediately called him at night to ask whether Maya confessed to him and afterward if he turned her down to which she was surreptitiously glad that nothing of note happened. Kei was going on with her usual antics of being close and holding onto Hirata, but after locking eyes for a moment with Kiyotaka, she immediately detached herself. When everyone was against her when she lost her cool at a Karaoke dispute, she looked at him but was saddened to see him not on her side. In the end, she apologised and admitted that she was in the wrong after losing her cool.

Her crush on him was also hinted further in the light novels when she became jealous of Maya's flirtations with Kiyotaka. She was also the first person to celebrate his birthday, causing him to hesitate to delete her text message, which he usually does as an added precaution. He also learned of her birthday and decided to do the same for her.[3]

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In Volume 7, even though she learned from Kakeru Ryūen that Kiyotaka had betrayed her by using her from the very beginning, she still refused to betray Kiyotaka, calling him her saviour, as she refused to tell Kakeru Ryūen that Kiyotaka is the true mastermind and lynchpin of Class D, even after being threatened and abused both physically and mentally by them. She profusely shouted at Kiyotaka to run away and leave her behind when he suddenly appears, however, she was surprised to see Kiyotaka easily beating up Ryūen's gang, and angrily attack Ryūen for threatening her. She was shaken by his abilities but hugged him as she was relieved that he came to her aid as he mentioned his promise to protect her. He then comforted her and told her that if something like this ever happened again and that he would be here to protect her. By delaying his arrival and ultimately still showing up, he was able to strengthen her belief and faith in him while also ascertaining that she will never betray her. He felt horrible having to subject her to such suffering again but knew it was necessary to humble her and let her rely on him. He has successfully made her overcome her past and create a new identity for her. Their relationship exponentially improved from this point onward. as Kei felt ingratiated to him as he was the only one there for her when she needed someone the most. [4]

In her monologue in volume 7.5, she admits that she has truly fallen in love with him.[5] Although she was in charge of setting up the date between Satou and Kiyotaka, deep down she was very conflicted due to her own feelings towards him but decided to suppress them for the sake of her friend's happiness. She even told Satou that Kiyotaka is one of the Top 10 cutest boys in school but just needed to know how to communicate to become popular, potentially even more so than Hirata. She constantly shot 'love arrows' for them to take the bait but in the end it was unneeded. She couldn’t stop herself from staying back after the date and was nearby eavesdropping when Satou confessed and was rejected before Kiyotaka called out to her to come out of hiding. She then handed him a wrapped Christmas gift and jokingly told him to give back twice the value next time to which he merrily accepts. He then shocks her by calling her first name which stuns her and made her heart skip a beat. She also agreed to follow him to his meeting with Vice President Kiriyama. This was when they both started to call each other by their first names. She voiced her concerns on whether she will stop be useful to him and protect her if she broke up with Hirata, to which Kiyotaka actually encouraged her to do so that he could be the new person to protect her. Kiyotaka also handed a gift to her which came in the form of medicine. Initially she was skeptical but later on she felt terrible for believing that he did not care about her as he took the time and money to give her this, and was happy that he was thinking about her since the events of the last volume.

In volume 8, he tasked Kei to research into the backgrounds of many people to which she dutifully did so. She was happy deep inside that he relied on her but questioned her own sanity for being delighted on being worked to the bone. They met up inconspicuously in the cafeteria and exchanged information before he called her by her first name which she hadn’t gotten used to, momentarily freezing her. He then reiterates once again that she is the most trusted person to him in the class.

In volume 9, after Kei dumped Hirata, Kei met up with Kiyotaka and asked if he could tutor her to prepare for the end-of-year examinations so as to not cause a scene in the class. They then made a schedule. She then handed Kiyotaka her Valentine's day gift and was happy that she was the first and only girl at that point to have handed him a gift. She secretly hoped that she may monopolise him on white day. Rumors then began popping up that they were dating but were mostly ignored.

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In volume 10, Kei sought him for advice on how she should act and do for the examinations and gossips spreading around them. After knowing that everyone was targeting to expel him, she panicked and called him repeatedly to notify him. She was surprised at his unflappability and didn’t care if she was targeted as well for telling him the news. He knew from the onset that she was one of the people that would definitely not vote him out.

In Volume 11, she was consulted by Kiyotaka and provided relevant information of all the girls in Class 1-A in under 10 minutes, which surprised Kei that he was able to retain all that information. She even praised him and said he could beat the class representative of 1-A, Sakayanagi. She was shocked to see that he knew of her birthday and had a gift prepared. He told her that it was also for White Day. After discovering it was an expensive heart-shaped Gold Necklace, she was shocked to realise how much he was willing to spend for her. She tried to hide her true feelings by giving Kiyotaka a 10 out of 100 in terms of points, but she couldn’t hide her glee and satisfaction when she wore it. In her internal monologue, she hoped that there would come a time where she could wear this and go somewhere together with him, knowing that it will definitely be an enjoyable day.

In volume 11.5, Kei sees Kiyotaka and Hiyori Shiina going on a date and becomes jealous. She is also jealous that Kiyotaka has the same hobby as Hiyori. She would always glare at him whenever they cross paths but deep down he was happy as he wanted her to feel jealous for his sake.

In the epilogue of volume 11.5, during the spring break before becoming second years, Kiyotaka declares his love for her to which she accepts and they officially became a couple. They decided to keep their relationship a secret. At this moment, the couple both knew that they have grown closer to one another more than anyone else throughout the year and silently prayed that this would continue.

In the short volume 11.75, one of the couple's phone calls was shown. They talked about a myriad of frivolous things, but both were clearly enjoying it. It was getting late at night so they decided to end it, but Kei was reluctant to do so and told Kiyotaka to end it. Without hesitation, he turned it off, causing Kei to call back and asked why and how he did it so easily. Kiyotaka answered that he would be glad to continue but today would never end and that he wanted to see her tomorrow. She reciprocated those feelings and decided to forgive him.

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In 2nd Year Volume 1, Kei called Kiyotaka to share the pieces of informations he asked her to research. She raillery asked if it was useful and told him to thank her properly later. Kiyotaka went along with the banter and asked if she’s been diligent in her studies to which she said she’s been putting it off until later. She then said that she will work hard in front of her boyfriend, so Ayanokōji invited Kei to his room to study together to which she enthusiastically agreed. She teases him and asked if he was concerned for her to which he immediately answered as he wouldn’t want his girlfriend to be expelled. They then talked about others topics as Kei ruthlessly chewed out Kiyotaka for trying to end the call early with her when they hadn’t talked for awhile.

When she arrived, she wanted to converse with him first before studying but was refused since it was getting late. He then made Kei take the test exams Keisei made to gauge her capabilities. He collected that she got a good head on her shoulders but just need to be consistent to catch up on the work she missed during her blank period.

Afterward, Kei asked Ayanokōji why he was hiding his academic prowess and fighting skills and knew that he was more capable than what he was displaying. She thinks that his reputation can easily eclipse that of Hirata if he chooses to do so, but his reasoning was that he didn’t want to stand out. Thus, he was lackadaisical with his grades. Kei then asked what he could get when he gets serious, with his ultimatum being that if he told her, she would have to attend Hirata's study sessions. After knowing the dangers of expulsion and being excited for his answer, she agreed. Ayanokōji told her that he 'will' get 400 points, instead of 'could' which Kei stated was equal to an academic ability A. Kei was awed by his answer as she couldn’t comprehend herself close to even achieving a score such as that. Additionally, Ayanokōji said that there hadn't been a problem that he couldn't solve ever since coming to the school. Kei then told Kiyotaka to sit beside her instead of the opposite so that she could learn better. The scent of Kiyotaka carried by a breeze when he moved caused Kei to be joyful and distracted but she immediately focused for the sake of their future together.

Later that evening, Kei noticed a strand of red hair on the floor and inquired Ayanokōji on who it belongs to. At that moment, the doorbell rang and the figure of Amasawa was shown on the monitor, which made Kei furiously gripped the strand of hair in her hand as both are of the same color. Forgetting her secret relationship with Kiyotaka, she angrily answered the machine which causes Kiyotaka to pull her away to calm her down. Kei then introduced herself to Amasawa not hiding her disdain and inquired her on her relationship with Kiyotaka. Amasawa told Kei that Ayanokōji was her personal chef, which confused Kei. Amasawa then bent over to look for her lost hair rubber under the bed. Amasawa then teased Ayanokōji saying that he should stop looking at her butt, which made Kei glare at Ayanokōji in anger and switch positions. After the hairband was found, Amasawa jokingly said that she shouldn’t be alone next time with senpai, and should invite Kei. After Amasawa left, the studious mood vanished as Kiyotaka had to reveal the entire truth to Kei. She sarcastically remarked that he has made acquaintance with a rather cute Kouhai.

Days later, Satou called Kei to hang out which hadn’t happened for a while. Satou blatantly confronted Kei and asked if she had broken up with Hirata so that she could date Ayanokōji. Normally, Kei would had denied it, but Satou said that they would stop being friends if she lied and already suspects the truth beforehand. Seeing no way out, she resolutely told her that she was indeed dating Kiyotaka, purposefully addressing him by his first name. Satou then slapped Kei and asked when she first liked him. She replied that she didn’t know the answer to that for sure but replied saying that she has had her eye on him for a long time, even before setting up the date between Satou and Kiyotaka. Kei offered her other cheek to make amends but it was rejected. Kei then declared to herself that she won’t make light of her position as Kiyotaka's girlfriend and knew that many more would be attracted to his charms. She was determined to fight and vowed to not lose to any of them

In Second Year volume 2, Kei was the one subtly defending Kiyotaka when their classmates were targeting him for hiding his academic abilities after he achieved full marks on a really difficult math test and accusing him of cheating by diverting their attention elsewhere. It has become a customary routine for Kei to visit Kiyotaka's room to study and hang out at night. On one occasion, Kei was in the process of making hot drinks and told Kiyotaka that it has become harder to come out with their relationship due to his perfect score in Math. She was worried and annoyed that others may see her as only dating him for status instead of love to which he reassured her that it's not wrong to date for status like for a boy like himself to date such a cute girl. Hearing that, Kei blushed and said that he was very handsome as well. They shared a long conversation but eventually ran out of things to talk about. Both of them were feeling the same emotion and their bodies began to approach one another. Moments before their lips came into contact the door rang. It was Amasawa, and it was revealed that she has been spying on Kei. Amasawa then handed them some contraceptives and dropped the news about Kiyotaka's 20 million bounty and her role in his injury. She left soon after, which forced Kiyotaka to explain to her the entire situation although he did not want her to worry.

After a while, in another study session, Kei shyly wanted to group up with Kiyotaka for protection in the upcoming class event but he told her that he was going solo and did not want to put her in danger. She said that he can probably take first place with no problem and started fantasising about his achievement and how she would faint from his awesomeness. However, Kiyotaka said that it would be difficult even for him to get 1st and said it would be a 50-50 shot. Seeing how she decided to pick another team, as an added protection, he gave her all his private points and decided to sell his Trial Card so that Kei would have enough points to save herself from expulsion if it ever came down to it. Kei then timidly but sincerely thanked him.

In Second Year volume 3, they coincidentally met each other during the test, which caused Kei to let out an unintentional squeal, confusing her teammates. After leaving the main group for a while, Kei met Kiyotaka behind a tree and held hands together, both looking contented. After telling her experiences during the test, she suddenly looked him straight in the eyes and asked why he was sticking with a first-year so closely to the point that everyone knew. She then said she trusts him completely, but the idea of him being alone with another girl, she vehemently hates it. Feeling heartened and not wanting her to be worried, Kiyotaka gave her his first kiss which lasted for a second, and told her to have faith in him and wait just a little bit longer to which she nodded her head robotically. For a while, Kei was in a daze and all she could think about was the kiss.

In Second Year volume 4, they went on a unique trial date. Instead of actually being together, Kiyotaka was always a few stores behind Kei so others wouldn’t question their close relation. After traveling around the mall, Kei eventually entered a store where new phone straps arrived. Kei sent him a picture of the strap that caught her eye and initially wanted to jokingly ask Kiyotaka to buy the cute cat strap for her but decided to go against it. Although Kei found the date as an enjoyable experience, she hoped that there would come a day where they can hang out openly. Later on when she returned to her dorm to rest, suddenly a knock came at her door. After opening it, she found a bag with the cat strap in it. She remarked on how Kiyotaka was really simple when it comes to romance and decided to remove all of her old straps to put on this new one on her phone. She spent the rest of the day glancing at her phone, satisfied and happy.

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In Second Year volume 4.5, Kei has became bolder in talking about her relationship with Kiyotaka. She confidently told Satou of her progress with Kiyotaka and even revealed they kissed in the exam when they were in a public area. Furthermore, she further elaborated that it was her first kiss. When Satou joked about stealing Kiyotaka if Kei decides to move on to higher profile men like Nagumo since that was in her nature, Kei gave her a disgruntled look, perfectly conveying across the message to Satou that she thinks Kiyotaka is the best, no matter what others may say.

After she found out that Satou partnered up with Kiyotaka for a game, she immediately wanted to call him as she feared what could had happened between them and was worried that she may had made a move on him. Moreover, she complained further on how he was still meeting with the first year girl daily. She decides to forgive him on the condition that Kiyotaka says the words 'I love you' to her. She chuckled after hearing him, and asked him to repeat it. After getting her fill, she then asked if he wanted to her to say it as well but Kiyotaka attempted to cut their conversation short while giving off a nonchalant attitude about it. She got angry at his apathetic attitude, but in the end, she still said those three magical words to him, wishing him good night.

Later on, Kei met up with Kiyotaka and the couple decides to finally reveal their relationship to the public the next day when the second semester begins. She is determined and resolved to do it and told Kiyotaka to protect her if/when her social standing takes a hit. She doesn’t mind being gossiped or accused of for dating him for status, and decides to take the next step with him. Kiyotaka suddenly kissed her twice on her lips, leaving her in a state of shock. She tells him to at least warn her first before doing it so she can mentally prepare herself. Although it seems like she was complaining, deep down she was elated and wanted more. Kiyotaka decides to take her advice and tell her that he was about to do it again. She closed her eyes and nodded as they engaged in their first deep kiss. They repeated the action again and again, each kiss lasting 10 seconds or more, but both seemed to be really into it. She entrusted her body to him and reciprocated all his kisses. They reflect on how their relationship would continue moving forward. Kiyotaka would view Kei to be someone irreplaceable and indispensable to him in the future, though he also feels that their relationship has a limited timeframe as they were inevitably going to meet the hardest hurdle which was his father. Until that time comes, Kiyotaka hope that she will grow and be able to handle herself without latching on to another host as they repeatedly tasted each other's lips.

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Since the beginning, she seems to have quickly established a relatively close and trusting relationship with Yōsuke. When the school first started, she was seen to have appreciated and supported his idea of having the students introduce themselves just before the ceremony.

After several days of school, to the eyes of schoolmates, they seemed to have form a strong bond as they are often seen together. In truth, they had just established and were just pretending to be in a relationship in order for Kei to not get bullied in school, so it is unknown how they really feel about each other.

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Hirata was one of the trusted few which Kei willingly confide her humiliating past secret with. She was relieved when Hirata didn’t reject or pity her but instead agreed to be her fake boyfriend. He also knew the conditions of not being able to go out with anyone else and allowed her to use his image for protection. Furthermore, she trusts his judgment and leadership immensely and due to his high academic scores, she has a high impression of him.

In Volume 4 of the light novel, despite promising to protect Karuizawa from being bullied by Manabe and her group, Yōsuke did not want to take a side but rather tried to discuss it peacefully among themselves without resorting to violence against someone. He did offer his help to her, but since he was not her real boyfriend, he didn't feel any obligation to go any further for her other than words. He also tells her that he won't help her in similar situations and that she won't be able to depend on him when there's nothing he can do for her.[1] She was extremely upset and betrayed at his explanation of how he felt nothing for her which caused their relationship to sour as she now knows she can’t readily depend on him for protection.

In volume 11, one of their biggest arguments broke out in class. Hirata was not his normal gregarious self which was shown when he went too far in reprimanding Mei-Yu. Kei then stepped in as the leader of the girls in the class and tried to defuse the situation. Hirata lambasted her for calling him his given name so intimately especially after they broke up. She corrected herself but continued to stand her ground against him. She was ready to protect her classmate, but ultimately, he threatened to reveal her entire secret to everyone in class which caused Kei to begrudgingly back down. She was worried about his behavior before he eventually went back to normal thanks to Kiyotaka's interference.

After the incident, she didn’t hold a grudge and they are still on friendly terms as classmates. Kei has made it a point of not being too close to him as that might cause others to suspect they are still together. As for Hirata, he feels no sentimental attachment to her as he felt like hasn’t developed enough to experience romance. They still address each other respectfully if they are ever in contact.

The two of them are now commonly called and relied upon by Kiyotaka due to their respective social statuses, which allows them to work with each other more often. Hirata was surprised but wasn’t against the fact when Kei announced to the class that Kiyotaka is her boyfriend.

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They don't have much interaction early on in the series and don't appear to be on good terms due to their contrasting personalities.

In episode 7, she was rather callous to her and told Yōsuke that they should leave so as to not spend more time than necessary.

During the survival test, after Yōsuke was chosen by Kei to watch over the boys in the class, Suzune stepped in. She didn't oppose Kei's request of watching the boys but requested that another boy join him on guard duty since he needed to be watched as well. After Kei mentioned that there was no other boy who seemed trustworthy, Suzune selected Kiyotaka.

In the novels, they still have limited interactions with one another but on one occasion, Kei saw Suzune and advised her to open up with Kiyotaka if she ever hopes to have a friendly relation with him. Adding on that if she continues putting him at a distance, she should then expect the same thing to happen to her. Hearing these unexpected words of wisdom from her, Suzune took them to heart and resolved herself to open up to Kiyotaka and get to know him better. Kei left soon after with her friends, being indifferent as to how Suzune would take her opinion.

Kei and Kikyō appears to be on good terms at least on the surface level. In episode 2, Kei went to Kikyō to borrow private points as she was out of it after blowing through her own funds and seemed desperate for points as she used their friendship as an excuse to do so however, it appears that Kikyō didn't go through with it. After Kikyo's true nature has been exposed by Kiyotaka, her opinion changed and prefer want Kikyo expelled.

Satsuki is one of Kei's friends in Class 1-D. The two can often be seen interacting with each other in the anime and getting along very well.

During the survival test, Satsuki was among the many girls that comforted Kei after her underwear was stolen.

Maya Satō is also one of Kei's close friends in Class 1-D, as they get along well. The two can often be seen interacting with each other in the anime and getting along very well.

During the survival test, Maya was among the many girls that comforted Kei after her underwear was stolen.

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In Volume 6 of the light novel, Kei becomes jealous of Maya's flirtatious attitude towards Kiyotaka and their seemingly close relationship. This causes her to reflect on her feelings for Kiyotaka.

After Sato told of her feelings about Kiyotaka to Kei, Kei secretly thought to herself that Sato's feelings for Kiyotaka were shallow and that she was being too simplistic for falling for his looks and abilities without knowing his character unlike herself who knew Kiyotaka for who he was. Initially, she attempted to recommend different boys for her to date but gave up soon after as she realized that Sato has truly fallen for Kiyotaka. She was on edge as if it was any other boys, Kei would have fully supported her friend without being conflicted.

However, she does recognize the fact that Sato trusted and depended on her because she herself already had a 'boyfriend', and wouldn’t be considered a rival for her crush. She then agreed to help her friend in pursuing her crush while disregarding her own feelings. She also gave advice on how they should go about their date and even praised her for presenting herself by doing up her hair just for Kiyotaka. She was willing to drag herself and Hirata into Sato's idea for a double date and actively tried to get those two to open up to one another during it.

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After Kiyotaka rejected Sato, Kei hid behind the bush to hear the entire ordeal happening even though Hirata and herself should have returned to the dormitories beforehand. She felt guilty for betraying her friend as she admitted that she really has fallen head over heels for Kiyotaka.

In Volume 11.5 Maya has a feeling that Kiyotaka has developed feelings for Kei and thinks that Kei might have broken up with Hirata just to be with him. She then told some of her friends about her intuition that their interactions were very suggestive. [6]

Kei Karuizawa/Relationships (4)

In Second Year Arc Volume 1 Kei was together with Maya at Keyaki Mall and was heading towards the school before she suddenly inquired Kei of the reason for her break up with Hirata. Not satisfied with Kei trying to change the subject, she then directly asked Kei if she was dating Ayanokoji. Kei originally planned to deny Maya's claims but Maya continued her barrage of questions which made Kei answer her truthfully that she is indeed dating Ayanokoji after she threatened their friendship to be dissolved if she was found lying. Unable to accept the answer given to her, Maya cried and slapped Kei for taking advantage of her and going behind her back when she was the only person she thought could be trusted to convey her crush with.

Maya apologized for her impulsive behavior but Kei apologized as well, citing the fact that even though she knew of Maya's feelings for Ayanokoji, she still decided to fall for the same person and even went out with him. She felt like Sato was entirely in the right and was justified, even offering her other cheek as recompense. She then consoled her with a hug and invited her for tea as they agreed that falling for the same person meant that they both recognized his charms. They then attempted to rekindle their old friendship. [7]

As for the more recent volumes, Sato has come to terms with their relationship and even supported them for trying to make it publicly known. Though she has made it clear that she would steal him away if Kei ever decides to break up or go for higher profile men. Kei is also willing to share the intimate moments she shares with Kiyotaka to Sato like her first kiss which Sato seems to be very interested in.

Sato also enjoys every limited time spent with Kiyotaka and finds it a small price to pay, though she does exercise caution not to overstep her boundaries as a careful thought for Kei. Sato also enjoys Kei's frantic reactions whenever she teases her about her relationship and constantly brings up sensitive topics. Kei still hadn’t told her the truth of her past and continues to play off the image that she was a playgirl ever since middle school.

Currently, their relationship could be described as something akin to like a best friend as they are closer than they ever have been before. She is one of the few who knows of Kei's secret relationship from the beginning and even before they decide to reveal it.

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Chiaki Matsushita is one of Kei's many friends in Class 1-D.

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She is one of the few to have noticed that Kei often looks at Kiyotaka a particular way. Previously she ignored this because Kei had a 'boyfriend' but after she broke up with Hirata, she now becomes suspicious of it and questions if Kiyotaka was behind it.

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Who does Kei Karuizawa end up with? ›

In the epilogue of volume 11.5, during the spring break before becoming second years, Kiyotaka declares his love for her to which she accepts and they officially became a couple. They decided to keep their relationship a secret.

Who does Ayanokoji end up with Kei? ›

As of this writing, Ayanokoji is dating Kei. In the anime, no one would have thought of this possibility. Kei disliked Ayanokoji and is in fact dating Yosuke. This changed by volume four after Ayanokoji told her that he would protect her from being bullied by keeping her secret.

What is Kei Karuizawa secret? ›

Background. During her time in middle school, Kei was known to always be the headstrong and competitive type, unwittingly causing her to make enemies out of similar girls and becoming the target of severe and cruel bullying by their hands. They scribbled on her textbooks and stole her notes.

Does Suzune have feelings for Kiyotaka? ›

She considers Kiyotaka to be an indispensable person to her and her whole class, as well as an important comrade who she and her fellow classmates can't do without. Additionally, she added that if he was in a precarious situation, it would be impossible for her not to rush to his side and aid him.

Did Ayanokoji break up with Kei? ›

Kei realizes that she is in love with Kiyotaka and in the epilogue they talk about Karuizawa breaking up with Hirata, which Ayanokōji agrees with because it was the plan all along. Ayanokōji now states that he will now call Karuizawa by her first name, Kei, as well.

Do horikita and Ayanokoji end up together? ›

Their relationship continued to progress as Horikita now wants to understand Ayanokoji better. She knows that she needs him to achieve her goal and to improve herself as well. Their relationship continues to be platonic in the recent light novel chapters.

Who is the traitor in Class D? ›

In Volume 6 of Classroom of the Elite it is revealed that Shiho Maabe was the traitor. Kakeru Ryuen was a victim of her plan to win the festival. She made a recording and sent it to Class D.

Does Kushida get expelled? ›

Kushida kept voting for yes so they had to decide. - Kiyo was going to expel Kushida but Horikita said she will definitely not allow Kushida to get expelled (out of Kiyo's expectation) and was doubting about sacrificing Sakura, she then decided not to but Kiyotaka did it instead of her.

Does Ayanokoji ever show emotion? ›

Many see him as someone who is devoid of emotions as he has never once cried or smiled in their presence calling him abnormal. In contrast to the anime, the light novel depicts (to an extent) Kiyotaka with more dynamic facial expressions.

Who is the female lead in Classroom of the Elite? ›

Adaptation Expansion: Due to the anime being a Compressed Adaptation, Suzune has been promoted to the "female lead" of the series.

Who is the main heroine in Classroom of the Elite? ›

In the first season of Classroom of the Elite, it appeared that Suzune was the main heroine as she is the one who is mostly with Ayanokoji.

Who wants to expel Ayanokoji? ›

After the survival test, it was further confirmed that it was indeed his father's wish to expel him and stated that Kiyotaka will soon pick expulsion out of his own will.

Why did Horikita cut her hair? ›

While their speculations ranged from a change in her image to unrequited love, Horikita rejected all of their speculations outright. She then replied saying that if she had to state the reason, it would be that she wanted to show her resolve.

Does Horikita reach Class A? ›

As of this writing, Horikita, along with the other students of Class D, are still not in Class A. They have, however, moved up to Class B after the unanimous special exam and sports festival.

What is the White Room in Classroom of the elite? ›

The White Room is a secret educational institute that operates differently than a typical academic institute. The White Room aims to remove all unnecessary attributes that hinder students' intellect and make them more effective in terms of recieving knowledge.

How does Sakayanagi know Ayanokoji? ›

In Volume 7.5 Sakayanagi met Ayanokoji at Keyaki mall and they had a small chat with regards to the fallout within Class C Sakayanagi had a suspicion that Ayanokoji may be behind it. On the other hand, Ayanokoji stated to her that he knows that Sakayanagi is the daughter of the school chairman.

Does Ayanokoji join the student council? ›

Trivia. All the Student Council Presidents in the school's history except Miyabi originally hailed from Class A. Kiyotaka Ayanokōji was offered a chance to become a secretary in the council in Volume 2 by Manabu Horikita. He was invited again in Volume 4.5 to fill the role as the second Vice President.

Does Sudou like horikita? ›

During the cruise in Episode 8, he quickly asks Kiyotaka over Horikita's first name and after being told he got excited. He started blushing while saying her name repeatedly, showing that he has developed romantic feelings and a crush her, in spite of their previous hostile interactions but is clearly one-sided.

Why does Ichinose have so many points? ›

The reason behind why Honami was able to stockpile more private points than anybody else was because she happened to be acting as the bank of her class, where every classmate gave up portions of their points to her.

Did Ayanokoji exposed Kushida? ›

Ultimately, Kushida's finds her conniving self exposed (ironically since it's Ayanokoji who declares himself the conniving one in this episode). But all thisgoes to support the idea that your true character will eventually shine through.

Who is the VIP in the classroom of the elite? ›

Hirata receives information from someone that Kikyo Kushida is a VIP, which he tells to Yukimura and Kiyotaka. Rokusuke Koenji presumably discovers the true VIP, and as a result, the Jupiter group's test has been concluded.

What is Kushida secret? ›

Suzune planned with Hirata believing that the VIP which is in D-Class would not be correctly guessed. However, Kushida secretly gave a signal to the other classes just before the final session ended, allowing all the participants to correctly guessed the VIP.

Did Ichinose confess to Ayanokoji? ›

2-4 Scene 1: Ichinose Confesses “Ayanokouji-kun———!” I was walking while listening to the sound of flowing water when a voice calling my name came from a distance.

Who is the villain in classroom of the elite? ›

Reiko Ayanokouji | Villains Wiki | Fandom.

Did Hirata get expelled? ›

That may have been one of the reasons why Hirata had hardened his resolve to get expelled. Then, after a long silence, Chabashira entered the classroom. "Well then, the class vote will now begin.

What is Ayanokoji secret? ›

He appears to not enjoy showing off his talents, which was the main reason for concealing himself from unwarranted attention. It's unknown why he hides his intellect but it is shown in a flashback that a mysterious man, later revealed to be his father, informed him that those who would hide their talent are fools.

Is Ayanokoji smarter than l? ›

Yes, both characters had victories and defeats. Instances when they outwitted the other or were outwitted themselves. But there's one simple fact that is undeniable: Light has such a significant advantage that the fact that they were close indicates that L is far smarter.

What class is Ayanokoji in currently? ›

Class 2-D (2nd Year)

Who is the main girl in classroom of the elite season 2? ›

The main cast for the Classroom of the Elite Season 2 anime includes: Shoya Chiba as Kiyotaka Ayanokoji. Akari Kito as Suzune Horikita. Ryota Osaka as Yosuke Hirata.

Who gets expelled in elite? ›

His potentially inimical actions also got exposed and after getting the most combined amount of criticism votes in the class without having the 20 million points needed to save himself, Haruki became the very first student of his class to receive expulsion from the school.

Is classroom of the elite finished? ›

Classroom of the Elite is a franchise consisting of three works – a light novel series, a manga series, and an anime series – and all three works are still ongoing and are not finished.

Who is Ayanokoji father? ›

Her father's name was Akabane Natsuhiko and mother's name was Akabane Teruha. Her mother's surname was Ayanokoji and her father's surname was Akabane.

Who was the traitor in classroom of the elite? ›

In Volume 6 of Classroom of the Elite it is revealed that Shiho Maabe was the traitor. Kakeru Ryuen was a victim of her plan to win the festival. She made a recording and sent it to Class D. They won.

Does Ayanokoji get expelled? ›

After the decision was unanimously made, her expulsion became irreversible.

Is classroom of the elite finished? ›

Classroom of the Elite is a franchise consisting of three works – a light novel series, a manga series, and an anime series – and all three works are still ongoing and are not finished.

How does Sakayanagi know Ayanokoji? ›

In Volume 7.5 Sakayanagi met Ayanokoji at Keyaki mall and they had a small chat with regards to the fallout within Class C Sakayanagi had a suspicion that Ayanokoji may be behind it. On the other hand, Ayanokoji stated to her that he knows that Sakayanagi is the daughter of the school chairman.


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