Keracare Vs Mizani: Which Is Better for Your Hair? - NailRock (2022)

Picking one between Keracare and Mizani might seem difficult. Well, it is actually! But you still have to get the right one for yourself. Otherwise, you’ll not receive your desired results. Furthermore, you can even end up with damaged hair.

So, what are the differences between keracare vs mizani?

When it comes to price, Keracare is a bit cheaper than Mizani. Then Keracare also moisturizes hair better than Mizani. However, both brands carry great cleansers. Next, for dry and itchy scalp, Keracare is a better choice. Also, both Mizani and Keracare are cruelty-free. But unfortunately, some of their products carry sulfate and mineral oil.

Now, these might help you to come to a conclusion. Therefore, we’ve explained all differences between the two.

Therefore, choose the best product for your hair by reading along!

Different Products of Keracare and Mizani with Their Speciality

Both Mizani and Keracare have a wide range of hair products. You’ll never get tired from seeing the varieties.

Each product works to resolve different hair problems. Thus, here we’ve discussed some hair products from both brands. Along with the varieties, we’ve also mentioned their specialty.

Let’s start with Keracare first-

Keracare Vs Mizani: Which Is Better for Your Hair? - NailRock (1)
Name of the ProductSpecialty
Dry & Itchy Scalp Anti-dandruff Moisturizing ShampooWorks to make your scalp and hair healthy.
1st Lather Shampoo (Sulfate-free)Cleans hair and keeps it soft.
Thermal Wonder Cream Cleansing ShampooCleans hair, reduces damage, and keeps the hair soft afterward.
Keracare Hydrating Detangling ShampooMakes hair easy to detangle. Doesn’t promote stripping of hair
Keracare Humecto creme ConditionerMakes hair bouncy, soft, healthy. Also eases detangling.
Keracare Detangling Conditioning MistTakes care of tangles and leaves the hair soft.
Keracare Silken Seal Liquid Sheen Avlon SprayProduces high sheen and softness. Protects from thermal styling damages.

So, these were some popular Keracare products.

Now, let’s go through the popular Mizani hair products-

Keracare Vs Mizani: Which Is Better for Your Hair? - NailRock (2)
Name of the Hair ProductSpecialty
25 Miracle Milk Leave-in ConditionerMoisturizes and protects hair. Keeps hair hydrated and reduces detangling. Also, undoes hair damage, frizziness, dryness.
True Textures Perfect Coil Oil Curl GelDefines curls, coils, and tight coils.
Mizani Styling Foam MousseHelps to hold curls and moisturizes hair.
Mizani 25 Miracle Nourishing OilHydrates hair and makes it soft.
Mizani Scalp Care Dry Scalp ShampooHelps scalp from scaling. Thus, it reduces flaking, irritation, and keeps the scalp healthy.
Mizani True Textures Cream Cleansing ConditionerA light cleanser for wavy and curly hair. Repairs damage. Also, leaves styled hair shiny and protected.

Now, as you can see the two brands have common specialties. Their products work on the same concern. Therefore, it’s possible to differentiate between them on the basis of common factors.

Mizani or Keracare: Quick Comparison for Basic Idea

Before getting to the detailed comparison, it’s best to get a basic idea. The factors you need to focus on are- moisturizing, cleansing, stripping, ingredients, etc. These also help to differentiate between Aura and Aveda shampoo.

Now, let’s just quickly go through the dissimilarities-

CostA bit cheaperA little expensive
Moisturizing abilityGoodGood
Cleansing abilityGoodGood
Repairing dry and itchy scalpBetterGood
Eliminating strippingGoodGood
Detangling abilityBetterGood
Sulfate and mineral-freeAlmost all products are sulfate and mineral-freeMost products are mineral and sulfate-free
Long-lasting or notDepends on userDepends on user

Hopefully, you’ve got an idea about how they differ from each other!

Are There Any Similarities between Keracare and Mizani?

Even though Keracare and Mizani are different brands, they have some common features and benefits. So, here are the similarities between them-

Which One Cleanses Better?

Keracare Vs Mizani: Which Is Better for Your Hair? - NailRock (3)

One of the reasons why people buy hair products is for cleansing the hair thoroughly. Now, to be honest-

There isn’t much difference between Mizani and Keracare in this field.

Keracare cleansing products are great for cleaning dirt, oils from your hair. Plus they also make your hair soft later on.

Mizani cleansing shampoo, conditioners are also known to do the same. For example- Mizani True Textures Cream Cleansing Conditioner cleanses wavy to curly hair lightly. Then leave them soft and shiny.

Furthermore, cleansing products of both brands repair damages. Moreover, they also reduce the chances of split ends and breakage.

So, both Keracare and Mizani lines are good cleansers!!

Are the Two Hair Products Cruelty-free?

Keracare Vs Mizani: Which Is Better for Your Hair? - NailRock (4)

In today’s world, no one wants to use a hair product that is tested on animals. But fortunately, with both Keracare and Mizani, you don’t have to worry about it.

Both brands claim that they’re 100% cruelty-free. Thus, none of their products are tested on animals.

Keracare and Mizani: In-depth Comparison

Now, knowing only the basics difference won’t really help you. Because sometimes you’ll find more useful info in the details. This way you can surely avoid unwanted situations regarding your hair.

For example-

You need in-depth knowledge about sisterlocks and nappylocs before getting one. Otherwise, there’s a possibility that you might regret the decision later on.

Therefore, let’s not take any chances and check out the overall comparison-

Which Is More Expensive?

One important concern while buying a hair product can be the price. Hence, we thought about starting with this factor.

Now, Keracare is more on the cheap side than Mizani. For example-

Dry & Itchy Scalp Anti-dandruff Moisturizing Shampoo costs $12.75 on their official site. And the price is $14 on Amazon. On the other hand, for Mizani Scalp Care Dry Scalp Shampoo you have to pay $24.

Thus, clearly, Mizani costs more. Even though the specialty and benefits of the products are almost similar you have to pay more for Mizani. For this reason, if you’re a teenager or you’re trying to save some money-

Keracare is clearly the best option for you.

Which One Is the Better Moisturizer?

Keracare Vs Mizani: Which Is Better for Your Hair? - NailRock (5)

It’s quite crucial that you buy a shampoo that moisturizes your hair properly. Otherwise, what’s the point!!

Now, Keracare and Mizani both have hair products that work on moisturizing your hair and scalp. However, according to people that used both products-

Most of them said Keracare is a better moisturizer. Because the product can turn dry into soft and bouncy hair.

However, when it came to conditioners, most picked Mizani Moisturizing Conditioners. Furthermore, they have said it moisturizes the hair more.

Nonetheless, the result actually depends on you and your hair. Because all hair types are different. Thus, we advise using the products yourself to identify which works better.

Which Is Best for Dry and Itchy Scalp?

Now, no one wants a dry and itchy scalp. Because this type of scalps causes dandruff and flaking. These further result in hair breakage and split ends.

And do you know what breakage does to your hair?

Well, your hair gets unmanageable. You’ll see hair strands sticking on top of your head.

So, to prevent this type of problem-

People go for shampoo and conditioner that can fix the dry scalp issue. Luckily, both the brands have products regarding the problem.

Now, Keracare dry and itchy scalp shampoo is really great for dry scalp. It creates a tingling sensation and relaxes your scalp.

By using the product you’ll see results pretty quickly (3-4 washes). The dandruff problem will go away. Furthermore, you’ll have a healthy scalp and hair. However, make sure to use the Keracare dry and itchy scalp conditioner with the shampoo.

Then Mizani dry scalp care prioritizes removing scaling, flaking. Both the shampoo and conditioner remove dryness from all types of hair. But they also leave the hair soft and healthy.

However, people who used the Keracare ones loved it more than the Mizani ones. Still, it’s up to you to decide, my friends!

Which One Is Less Stripping and Gentle?

Keracare is known to have all-natural ingredients. Therefore, no matter what product you’re using there’s no chance of stripping. The same goes for the Mizani products.

However, there are a few complaints that Keracare makes hair dry.

Which One Is Better for Detangling?

Keracare Vs Mizani: Which Is Better for Your Hair? - NailRock (6)

Keracare has dedicated products for detangling hair. For example, hydrating detangling shampoo promises to detangle your hair easily and quickly. Then the Keracare detangling conditioning mist immediately fixes your detangling problem.

Now, Mizani doesn’t specifically categorize any product for this issue. But Mizani 25 Miracle milk does help to detangle your hair.

So, if you’re wondering which product to use for detangling your hair-

Keracare has got you covered!

Anyways, to further help you-

We’ve mentioned some detangling hair brushes for you. These will definitely loosen those knots-

Keracare Vs Mizani: Which Is Better for Your Hair? - NailRock (7)

Wet Brush Original Detangler Hair Brush

Keracare Vs Mizani: Which Is Better for Your Hair? - NailRock (8)

BESTOOL Detangling Brush for Black Natural Hair

So, buy the products to solve your issue right away!

Do the Products Carry Sulfate, Paraben, Or Mineral Oil?

Sulfate, paraben, and mineral oil are potential threats to your hair. They can cause serious damage. Hence, it’s best to avoid hair products that have these as ingredients.

Now, almost all Keracare products are safe. They’re sulfate-free, paraben-free, mineral oil-free, and silicone-free.

On the other hand-

Even though all of the Mizani conditioners are mineral oil-free, some styling products have it. For example, Mizani Thermastrength Style Serum contains mineral oils. But it doesn’t awfully dry out your hair.

Furthermore, their Botanifying Poo and Purifying Poo have sulfate in them. However, it’s said that the Botanifying Poo is gentle on the hair. But the result of Purifying Poo isn’t clearly stated by users. Thus, it’s a bit hard to tell if it’s worth the risk.

Which Products Lasts Longer?

The shelf life of your product depends on how you use it. If you use too much of it, you’ll need another one sooner than you expected.

Therefore, we suggest using both products according to their directions. This way you can ensure not only good results. But you’ll also be able to use the products for a longer time.

To be specific, how long the product will last depends on-

How often you use the products and how much of them you’re using. Because if you’re applying a dime-size amount but daily, an 8oz bottle will last for 2 months. But for a half dollar size amount-

Your 8oz shampoo or conditioner bottle will finish before 2 months. You’ll be able to use it for 3 weeks.

Furthermore, you should always check the expiration date. And finish using it before the stated date. Most Keracare shampoos and conditioners have a shelf life of 12 months. The same goes for Mizani shampoos and conditioners too.

So, for this section, both the products are either winners or losers. The result solely depends on you!

Mizani Vs Keracare: Who Wins?

To be honest, the winner is hard to determine. They’re both great in their own ways.

However, we wanted to point out some things which can make your decision a bit easier.

Keracare Vs Mizani: Which Is Better for Your Hair? - NailRock (9)

Firstly, if you’re looking for cheaper hair products with great results-

Keracare is the one for you.

Keracare Vs Mizani: Which Is Better for Your Hair? - NailRock (10)

But you might think expensive products carry better results. And you’re willing to spend some more money on hair products. In this case, you can try out the Mizani line.

But we suggest going for Keracare. Only if you’re suffering from tangled hair or dry and itchy scalp.

Nonetheless, no matter which one you use, remember to use it properly. Because using an excess amount of a hair product will never bring any benefits. Instead, the products will be the reason for your hair damage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Keracare good for black hair?

Yes, Keracare is one of the top choices for black hair care. The products are often used by African American women. And they love it. Thus, Keracare is definitely a must-try for black hair.

Is Mizani good for defining curls?

Yup, Mizani works great on curly hairs. It moisturizes the hair and helps to hold curls. In fact, it’s also a great choice for wavy and curly hair. For example, True Textures Perfect Coil Oil Curl Gel and Mizani Styling Foam Mousse are great picks for ladies with wavy and curly hair.

Is Keracare worth it?

To be honest, it is. Because Keracare presents you with amazing products. And the cost of the products is quite cheaper too. Thus, you’ll get good results at a cheaper price. Hence, Keracare is definitely a cost-effective option.


That’s it! We tried keeping the comparison between keracare vs mizani simple for you!

Also, if you have dyed or colored hair, Keracare and Mizani are both good picks. Because Keracare’s moisturizing shampoo and Mizani’s Butter Blend Relaxed are great for color-treated hair.

Now, it’s just up to you to decide. But do let us know which one you picked and how it was!! Good luck!!


Is KeraCare good for black hair? ›

“I love KERACARE Humecto it has been my go to conditioner for my clients with Afro and curly hair who haven't had any keratin, ” says Mimi. For best results, leave the conditioner on hair for at least 10 minutes and watch it work its magic.

Is Mizani hair products good for black hair? ›

Is Mizani for Black hair? While many Mizani products are formulated with textured hair in mind, Black hair is not defined by one texture, color, or curl pattern. Mizani is suitable for all hair textures, whether coily, straight, color-treated, or relaxed.

Is KeraCare good for your hair? ›

KeraCare products are ideal for permed, relaxed, natural and colour-treated hair, and work to build condition, strength and shine with every use. The KeraCare 1st Lather Shampoo is one of the best shampoos to begin the process, producing a lather that cleanses without stripping.

Is Mizani good for hair? ›

It acts as a heat protectant to prevent damage, breakage, and thinning. The best part about this Mizani heat protectant spray is that it is weightless, which makes it suitable for fine hair (with low porosity). This serves as a perfect hydrating agent for straight, wavy, curly, and coily hair.

Which is best for hair black? ›

Black Hair Color
  • L'Oréal Paris Casting Creme Gloss Hair Color Small Pack... 4.2. (19,936) ₹196. ...
  • L'Oréal Paris Casting Creme Gloss Hair Color , Medium B... 4.4. (57,593) ₹506. ...
  • Bestseller. GARNIER Color Naturals Creme , Shade 1, Natural Black. 4.4. (46,980) ...
  • GARNIER Color Naturals Creme , Shade 3, Darkest Brown. 4.2. (40,192) ₹160.

Is Mizani for black people? ›

L'Oreal's Mizani hair care range is specifically formulated for excessively curly hair textures, and although not exclusive for afro hair, it works a charm on heavily textured, colour treated and relaxed afro locks.

Which cream is best for black hair? ›

11 Best Hair Moisturizers For Natural Hair
  1. Best Overall: As I Am Double Butter Cream. ...
  2. Best For Dry Hair: Carol's Daughter Hair Milk. ...
  3. Best Daily Moisturizer: TGIN Butter Cream Daily Moisturizer. ...
  4. Best Hydrating Formula: Roots Naturelle Curly Bouncy Curls Ultra Rich Hydrating Crème.
2 Aug 2022

Which hair oil is best for black hair? ›

Castor oil

"It's one of the go-to oils for afro-textured hair types. It helps to combat dryness and adds moisture to the hair. It's also known to strengthen hair and to stimulate hair growth." Dionne mentions it's also great for alleviating scalp and skin conditions such as itchiness and dandruff.

Is KeraCare good? ›

This is the only stuff I've found that doesn't strip my perms. Great product. I simply love the way my hair feels after shampooing with the Avlon Keracare Hydrating Detangling Shampoo. My hair feels so soft and smells really good.

Is KeraCare good for dry scalp? ›

A superb treatment specifically formulated to alleviate dry and itchy scalp conditions. It cleans hair and scalp while eliminating flakiness. Contains superb conditioning agents that help protect the hair and scalp.

Does KeraCare have sulfate? ›

1st Lather® Shampoo cleans hair thoroughly without stripping natural oils.

What is the best brand for hair relaxing? ›

The Best Relaxers for Natural Hair
  • Best No-Lye Relaxer – SoftSheen-Carson Defy Breakage No-Lye Relaxer.
  • Best Hydroxide-Free Relaxer – PHYTO PARIS Index 1.
  • Best No-Lye Relaxer for Coarse Hair – ORS Olive Oil Hair Relaxer.
  • Best Relaxer for Sensitive Scalps – Avlon Affirm Sensitive Scalp Relaxer 9.
9 Aug 2022

Which black hair dye is the healthiest? ›

The Clairol Natural Instincts Demi-Permanent Hair Dye and the Garnier Nutrisse Permanent Hair Color are the least damaging as they are ammonia-free, paraben-free, phthalates-free, and gluten-free. In addition, these dye offers 100% gray coverage and leaves your hair healthy and shiny.

What should Black people put in their hair everyday? ›

Use conditioner every time you wash your hair. Be sure to coat the ends of the hair with conditioner, as the ends are the oldest and most fragile part of your hair. Use a hot oil treatment twice a month.

Which oil is best for hair growth and thickness for black hair? ›

Tea tree oil

Because it helps the scalp absorb nutrients efficiently and stimulates dormant hair follicles, tea tree is the best oil for hair growth and thickness.

What oil makes black hair grow faster? ›

Pumpkin seed oil is one of the best options for growing hair faster. Jojoba and argan oil are two other popular options for black hair growth.

Is Mizani good for dry hair? ›

Our Best Mizani Shampoo For Dry Hair

If your mane is feeling a little parched these days, pick up Mizani's Moisture Fusion Moisture Rich Shampoo. The formula gently cleanses and conditions hair and is infused with cupuacu butter, argan oil, and honey.

Who is Mizani owned by? ›

Zaino Mizani, the founder & CEO, is very knowledgable and experienced in the field of marketing. Him and his team of industry professionals are more than able to create a new brand or transform a current brand.

Is Mizani owned by L Oreal? ›

Already a member? Brands in L'Oréal's professional products division include Pureology, L'Oréal Professionnel, Redken, Kérastase, Matrix, Mizani, Decléor, Shu Uemura and Biolage.

How can I get my hair fully black? ›

How to Naturally Darken Your Hair
  1. Going Darker with Mustard Oil.
  2. Going Darker with Amla Powder.
  3. Going Darker with Henna Powder.
  4. Using Walnut Shells.
  5. Going Darker with Conditioner.
  6. Going Darker with Black Tea.
  7. Going Darker with Coffee.

How can I make my hair super black? ›

  1. Coffee. You can darken your hair easily with coffee. ...
  2. Black Tea. Black tea also has a staining effect on hair that can darken it. ...
  3. Walnuts. Using walnuts—especially black walnuts—to dye hair works really well. ...
  4. Cocoa. ...
  5. Mustard Seed Oil. ...
  6. Sage. ...
  7. Amla Powder. ...
  8. Henna.
4 Apr 2022

What oil is good for thinning hair? ›

Best essential hair loss oils:

Lavender oil. Peppermint oil. Rosemary oil. Lemongrass oil.

Which oil is best for all types of hair? ›

Ideal for- Coconut oil is suitable for every hair type, but it is particularly recommended for those with damaged, dry, and lifeless hair. It works by repairing brittle hair and prevents split-ends.

Does KeraCare have protein? ›

Keracare Moisturizing Co-Wash Shampoo

The reason is it does a good job of removing surface dirt and build-up from my hair while also bringing back some moisture. Oh, and it's also protein-free.

Are KeraCare products sulfate free? ›

Gently detangles and softens hair while moisturizing and conditioning hair. A beauty bath for hair that produces a rich lather as it lightly conditions and cleanses hair.

Is KeraCare natural? ›

Product Description: KeraCare Natural Textures™ Leave In Conditioner is composed of a unique blend of natural ingredients. Amla and Shikakai moisturize dry frizzy hair while wet and prepare the hair for styling into concise coils and curls.

What do hairdressers recommend for dry scalp? ›

The most effective dandruff-fighting ingredients are pyrithione zinc, selenium disulfide and ketoconazole. Most of today's formulas are gentle enough even for color-treated hair. For clients with scalp tightness, suggest a shampoo that's extra-moisturizing.

Does KeraCare have Formaldehyde? ›

KeraCare® products do not contain human placenta extracts, formaldehyde or its derivatives – and most products do not contain sulfates, parabens, mineral oil, phthalates or petrolatum.

Do sulfates damage hair follicles? ›

Sulfates aren't currently known to affect scalp DHT levels, and as such aren't directly linked to hair loss in men. However, sulfates can be indirectly linked to male hair loss. If you're susceptible to skin irritation from sulfates, you could temporarily lose hair as a result of irritation.

What is the best hydrating shampoo? ›

Our Best Shampoos For Dry Hair To Buy Now
  • Pureology. Hydrate Shampoo. ...
  • Biolage Professional. Hydra Source Shampoo. ...
  • Shu Uemura. Urban Moisture Hydro-Nourishing Shampoo for Dry Hair. ...
  • Mizani. Moisture Fusion Moisture Rich Shampoo. ...
  • Shu Uemura. Cleansing Oil Shampoo. ...
  • Redken. All Soft Argan-Oil Enriched Shampoo for Dry Hair. ...
  • Mizani. ...
  • Redken.

What is most damaging to hair? ›

Harsh shampoo, hair treatments, styling products, and excessive brushing contribute the most to poor hair health. However, other culprits include: overconsumption of alcohol. low-calorie and crash diets.

What is the least damaging hair product? ›

The 12 Best Hair Products for Dry, Damaged Hair
  1. Pureology Nanoworks Gold Shampoo. ...
  2. Moroccanoil Hydrating Shampoo. ...
  3. Nexxus Keraphix Conditioner For Severely Damaged Hair. ...
  4. It's A 10 Miracle Leave-in Product. ...
  5. Shea Moisture Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Hair Masque.
21 Dec 2021

What is the number one hair care company in the world? ›

L'Oréal is the world's largest cosmetics group with a presence in 150 countries. The company creates and develops cosmetic products across skincare, haircare, make-up and perfumes.

What is the best hair care products in the world? ›

Best of Beauty Awards 2022: Hair
  • Best Shampoo & Conditioner (Damaged): Dove Hair Therapy Rescue & Protect Shampoo and Conditioner.
  • Best Shampoo & Conditioner (Dry): Pantene Pro-V Daily Moisture Renewal Shampoo and Conditioner.
  • Best Clarifying Shampoo: Olaplex Bond Maintenance Clarifying Shampoo.
13 Sept 2022

What is the most important hair product? ›

Luckily, we've produced the ultimate list of the five essential hair products you need to have a great hair day, every single day.
  1. Dry Shampoo. ...
  2. Leave-In Conditioner. ...
  3. Texturizing Spray. ...
  4. Volumizer. ...
  5. Essential Oils.
16 Jul 2020

Is mizani good for relaxed hair? ›

This deep conditioner for natural hair was made for post-relaxer hair that craves supreme hydration. A moisturizing deep conditioner to be used after the Mizani Classic Relaxer. Use as deep conditioning for relaxed hair that needs additional moisture.

How long does mizani relaxer last? ›

Relaxers are great for anyone who likes to wear their hair straight everyday without having to do the work of actually straightening their strands every day, but you only need to head to the salon for a relaxer every three to six months—so how do you maintain your hair in between. It's all about the products you use.

Does keratin treatment work on Black hair? ›

Keratin treatments, also known as Brazilian keratin treatment (BKT for short) and Brazilian straightening treatment, have become one of the most popular straightening processes, particularly for Black hair.

What products make Black hair grow faster? ›

  • The Best Hair Growth Products For African American Hair.
  • Nutrafol Hair Growth Serum.
  • CB SMOOTHE Wild Jamaican Black Castor Oil Hair Growth Formula.
  • Hairfinity Botanical Hair Oil.
  • Marc Anthony Grow Long Hair Mask.
27 Feb 2022

What is the best scalp treatment for Black hair? ›

For black hair, we recommend using honey and olive oil before shampooing. You'll find that Jojoba oil and Coconut oil also work well. Hairdressers and dermatologists recommend these for treating dry scalp in African Americans.

What is better than keratin for hair? ›

Cysteine treatment is known to be quite safe as compared to keratin. In fact, this can even be used when you are pregnant. Of course, consult your doctor before you go that route. This treatment is also better than keratin and most other hair treatments.

Can keratin break your hair? ›

Another possible side effect of keratin treatment is hair breakage. High temperatures from flat iron can dry out the hair and lead to hair breakage in the days to come. So opt for formaldehyde-free keratin treatments, like the ones containing glyoxylic acid [5] to be safe.

Does keratin damage hair permanently? ›

On its own, keratin treatments won't always damage your hair. However, there are a few things to be aware of before booking yourself a treatment. There's a lot of research showing formaldehyde-based keratin treatments are neither safe nor healthy.

Which oil is best for hair growth? ›

A number of essential oils including lavender, rosemary, thyme, and cedarwood are effective in boosting hair growth. Some carrier oils like jojoba oil, coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, castor oil, etc. can also be used to improve hair growth.

Which vitamin is responsible for black hair? ›

Melanin deficiency is associated with vitamin deficiency. That's why you need to increase your vitamin intake through your food or vitamin supplements. Vitamin A, C and B12 are the most needed vitamins to increase the melanin production in your hair.

What is the best moisturizer for the scalp? ›

The Best Scalp Lotions:

Best Scalp Lotion for Thinning Hair: Living Proof Scalp Care Revitalizing Treatment. Best Scalp Lotion for Natural Hair: Head & Shoulders Royal Oils Scalp Cream Treatment. Best Moisturizing Scalp Lotion: LivSo Moisturizing Lotion. Best Overnight Scalp Lotion: Kamedis Scalp Lotion.

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