Live updates as Overground train crashes through barriers in Enfield (2023)

Live updates as Overground train crashes through barriers in Enfield (1)

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A train has dramatically crashed through the buffers at Enfield Town Station this morning (October 12) leaving two people with minor injuries.

Pictures taken from the scene show the train raised up at an angle as it has hit the buffers.

The London Fire Brigade have confirmed they evacuated around 50 people from the stricken train.

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Overground services have been suspended between Enfield Town and Edmonton Green as a result of the crash.

They are expected to resume at 3pm.

MyLondon has approached Transport for London for more information on the incident.

This event is currently unfolding.

To stay up to date with the latest information, follow our live blog below.

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Josh Bolton

Full story as two left 'concussed' and 'scraped and bruised' in crash

Two people were injured in the crash this morning, according to locals one was left 'concussed' while another was 'scraped and bruised'.

You can read the full story here as TfL open a full investigation into the cause of the crash.

John James

'My sister was in the station'

Live updates as Overground train crashes through barriers in Enfield (2)

(Video) Enfield Train Crash

For the passengers caught up in the ruckus, it was a very scary morning indeed.

A member of staff from Gourmet Chubby Burgers told MyLondon how they learnt their sister was in the station.

She said: "“We weren’t open when it happened, but my sister works at the stand in the station.

"She called me to tell me what happened and that she had been evacuated out of the station.

"She was fine and has gone home now but it did sound very scary.”

John James

'Apparently one person was concussed'

Eyewitnesses who saw some of the crash have been speaking to MyLondon at the scene.

Aaron works at No7 Coffee Grind outside the station.

Live updates as Overground train crashes through barriers in Enfield (3)

He said: "“I was here at the time, but I didn’t actually hear it happening. First I realised something was happening was when loads of people came running out the station.

"Obviously lots of kids were on their way to school or college, because a lot of kids came running out the station.”

“Within half an hour it had all calmed down and police were talking to people. One guy had just turned up and was kicking off about not being able to get in the station, but don’t think he could complain too much when that had happened.

"Apparently one person was concussed and another one had some scrapes and bruises. All the people in the front carriages had to go back through the other carriages to get out the doors because the front ones were vaulted in the air.”

The London Ambulance Service has not revealed the nature of the injuries to the two passengers.

Hannah Kane

Train still stuck on platform

Live updates as Overground train crashes through barriers in Enfield (4)

Latest pictures from the scene show the train still stuck on the platform, with the front of the train skewed.

Hannah Kane

'Kids were running' from the station after crash

Coffee shop worker Aaron, who works at No7 Coffee Grind next to the station was working at the time of the crash.

He described seeing passengers, including children, running from the station.

I was here at the time, but I didn’t actually hear it happening. First I realised something was happening was when loads of people came running out the station. Obviously lots of kids were on their way to school or college, because a lot of kids came running out the station.”

“Within half an hour it had all calmed down and police were talking to people. One guy had just turned up and was kicking off about not being able to get in the station, but don’t think he could complain too much when that had happened.”

John James

Video shows rescue workers freeing the train

(Video) Two injured after train crashes through buffers at London station

John James

We're currently live from the scene

Visit our Facebook page here for more.

John James

The train remains stuck on the buffer

Live updates as Overground train crashes through barriers in Enfield (5)

John James

Emergency vehicles remain at the scene

Live updates as Overground train crashes through barriers in Enfield (6)

MyLondon reporter Josh Bolton has arrived at the scene where a series of emergency veichles remain.

Normal service from the station is not expected to return until 3pm.

Live updates as Overground train crashes through barriers in Enfield (7)

John James

Pictures show how close train came to hitting station

Live updates as Overground train crashes through barriers in Enfield (8)

This is how close the train came to hitting the station thsi morning.

Click here to see more pictures from a dramatic morning.

John James

'Low speed collision' - Transport for London

Transport for London has shed some light on what caused the crash this morning.

Rory O’Neill, TfL’s General Manager for London Overground, said: “A London Overground train had a low speed collision with a buffer at around 8:20 this morning at Enfield Town station.

"Emergency services attended this morning and there will be a full investigation to establish how this happened."

John James

(Video) Train Collides With Barrier and Derails at London Station

More pictures from the scene

Live updates as Overground train crashes through barriers in Enfield (9)

More pictures have emerged from the station.

The eight carriage train can be seen sticking out along the track.

Live updates as Overground train crashes through barriers in Enfield (10)

It appears to be being partially supported by the buffer it has collided with.

In one photo taken from inside the station you can see how close the train got to the window.

Live updates as Overground train crashes through barriers in Enfield (11)

John James

What we know so far

A train has crashed into the buffers at Enfield Town Station leaving two people with minor injuries.

Around 50 people were evacuated from the train by the London Fire Brigade who remain at the scene.

Services between Enfield Town and Edmonton Green are not expected to resume until at least 3pm.

John James

No services from Enfield Town to Edmonton Green until 3pm

National Rail has said that no services will run from Enfield Town to Edmonton Green until at least 3pm this afternoon.

Their update reads: "An operating incident at Enfield Town means no trains will run between Edmonton Green and Enfield Town.

"Trains will continue to run as normal between London Liverpool Street and Edmonton Green before taking a diversion to terminate at / restart at Cheshunt.

"We expect this to continue until approximately 15:00."

John James

'50 people evacuated from the train' - London Fire Brigade

The London Fire Brigade have released a detailed statement regarding their rescue operation this morning.

A spokesman confirmed to MyLondon: "Firefighters have been called to a derailed train at Enfield Town Railway Station this morning.

"An eight carriage passenger train derailed after hitting buffers at the station.

"Around 50 people were evacuated from the train before the Brigade arrived by TfL and station staff. Two people have been treated at the scene for minor injuries by London Ambulance Service crews.

"The Brigade was called at 0827 and is still at the scene. Three fire engines and two fire rescue units are in attendance.

Station Commander Jim O’Neill, who is at the scene, said: “The train has hit the buffers at the station, which is at the end of the line, and gone up over the top of them.

“Firefighters carried out a systematic search of the train to ensure there were no further people on board.

“Crews are now assisting station staff to make the scene safe and a recovery operation will then be carried out.”

(Video) Suspect in death of elderly woman in Enfield hospitalized after car crash

John James

London Ambulance treat two people for 'minor injures'

A London Ambulance Service spokesperson said: “We were called at 8:16am this morning (12 October) to reports of a train derailed at Enfield Town railway station, Enfield.

"We sent a number of resources to the scene: one ambulance crew, an emergency planning officer, a clinical team manager, two incident response officers, medics in cars, and our hazardous area response team.

“Two people were assessed at the scene for minor injuries, but they were not taken to hospital."

John James

Picture shows train jutting over the tracks

Live updates as Overground train crashes through barriers in Enfield (12)

A birds eye view of the crash offers an intriquing angle on what has happened to the train.

After colliding with the buffers, a section of the train has been rolled partially and lifted above the tracks.

John James

'Chaos at the station'

An eyewitness has described the 'chaos' at Enfield Station this morning following the crash.

They also make refernce to a number of ambulances at the scene.

MyLondon has approached the London Ambulance Service for more information.

Just been there & chaos at the door. Train arrived at Enfield Town & crashed into the buffers. Fortunately didn't go through the station window.

— Kyel Matin (@massiveboy90) October 12, 2021

John James

Train hit barriers at 8:14am

A tracker has shown the trajectory of the morning train that crashed into the buffers this morning.

After leaving Liverpool Street Station, the 7:45am service travelled uneventfully through its stops before hitting the barriers in Enfield at 8:14am.

Live updates as Overground train crashes through barriers in Enfield (13)

Another metric has posited that trains could resume in the station as early as 9:40am though this is not yet confirmed.

MyLondon has approached Transport for London for more information.


What caused the Enfield Town train crash? ›

The driver of a train which crashed through buffers at a north London station had fallen asleep after taking drink or drugs, a court has heard. One commuter was injured when the train derailed at Enfield Town station during rush hour on 12 October.

What has happened at Enfield Town station today? ›

No disruptions. There are no reported disruptions at any .

Has a bullet train crashed? ›

China's Bullet Train Crashes; Brings Back Memories Of 2011 Accident When Scores Were Killed Due To 'Design Flaws' China boasts of the world's largest network of high-speed (bullet) trains. However, the meticulously put-together rail network is not invincible against accidents.

Are trains running from Enfield Town today? ›

No disruptions

There are no reported disruptions at any .

What was the deadliest train crash in history? ›

The Maurienne Derailment – Between 800 & 1,000 Deaths

The single worst railway disaster in history, the Saint-Michel-de-Maurienne incident took place the same year as the previous disaster on this list.

How many times has the bullet train crashed? ›

The Shinkansen, Japan's high-speed rail line, has never had a fatal crash or derailment in its 55-year history.

Does Enfield Town station have barriers? ›

Wider ticket barriers are available to access platforms. Platforms which have tactile markings at the platform edge are 1,2,3. Accessible toilets are not located on the platform(s). Accessible toilets are located on the main station concourse.

Is Enfield town a nice place to live? ›

Enfield feels like a collection of small villages and towns, from bustling Southgate to up-market Winchmore Hill. There's lots of wonderful bars and restaurants but what makes Enfield special is the array of green space which makes you feel like you are outside of London.

Is Enfield CT a good area? ›

Enfield is a great place to raise your kids. The schools are awesome and there is a lot of sports opportunities. However the taxes are high. It's an affordable, middle of the road area.

Which train has most accidents in India? ›

India's deadliest rail accident was the Bihar train disaster (600–800 killed), further were the Firozabad rail disaster (358 killed), the Gaisal train disaster (285 killed) and the Khanna rail disaster (212 killed). The following is an incomplete chronological list of railway accidents and incidents in India.

Do people get hit by bullet trains? ›

The last major incident happened in 2005 when a train derailed in the western city of Amagasaki, killing 107 people. The Shinkansen, which is Japan's bullet train rail network, has never had an accident in its 57-year history.

Who is the owner of bullet train? ›

The National High Speed Rail Corporation Limited (NHSRCL) has been incorporated since 2016 to manage the High Speed Rail Corridor in India. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Indian Railways, Ministry of Railways, Government of India.

Which local trains are Cancelled today? ›

Cancelled Trains
  • 01605. Pathankot - Jwalamukhi Road Express Special. ...
  • 01606. Jwalamukhi Road - Pathankot Express Special. ...
  • 01607. Pathankot - Baijnath Paprola Express Special. ...
  • 01610. Baijnath Paprola - Pathankot Express Special. ...
  • 01620. Shamli - Delhi Express Special. ...
  • 01623. Delhi - Shamli Express Special. ...
  • 01823. ...
  • 01824.

Are trains suspended? ›

There are two main types of suspension systems used in trains, both of which are involved with springs. The primary suspension consists mainly of a normal spring damper system which supports the structural suspension of the carriage and entire train.

How will I know that my train is Cancelled? ›

You can actually find out about train cancellations and rescheduling as well as delays on or NTES app. Through this, you can get the details of the actual arrival-departure of cancelled trains.

What is a scariest train in the world? ›

Devil's Nose Train, Ecuador

Also known as Nariz del Diablo, Nose of the Devil Ecuador is located at 9000 feet above sea level and is perhaps one of the scariest train rides in the world. Initiated in 1872, its construction took a long time to finish.

Which is the safest carriage on a train? ›

When choosing a seat on a train, try to get one in the center-most car, or one of the central cars. This will put you as far as possible from the most common points of issue for collisions or derailment, namely the front and end of the train.

Can you survive underneath a train? ›

So the answer is yes – it is possible to survive lying under the oncoming train, but it is very unlikely that you could survive that without a major injury. It is a good idea to stay away from railroad tracks.

Who robbed the most trains? ›

Some of the most notable train robbers are:
  • Ronnie Biggs (1929–2013)
  • Butch Cassidy (1866–1908)
  • Bill Downing (1860–1908)
  • Buster Edwards (1931–1994)
  • Brian Field (1934–1979)
  • The Dalton Gang (1890–1892)
  • Jesse James (1847–1882)
  • Frank James (1843–1915)

Which country has most rail accident? ›

European countries witnessing the highest number of rail accidents in 2019 include Germany with close to 300 incidents, Poland, and Hungary.
Total number of rail accidents in Europe in 2020, by country.
CharacteristicNumber of accidents
12 more rows
13 Jan 2022

Did China bury a train? ›

The high speed rail is a national honor in China and one of the country's best examples of 21st century modernity. Burying parts of the wreckage was "part of the rescue operation and not an attempt to hide evidence.

Which overground stations have no barriers? ›

London Underground

Mill Hill East, Roding Valley and South Kenton do not have ticket barriers as there is insufficient space for them. These stations instead have equipment where electronic tickets can be validated to start or end a journey. They are also monitored by customer service staff and CCTV.

Is Enfield a deprived area? ›

Enfield is home to the most deprived households under two and three different dimensions, as it sits on the border of Hertfordshire.

Are trains running from Enfield Lock today? ›

No disruptions

There are no reported disruptions at any .

Is Enfield rich? ›

In Enfield, 28.7% of residents were estimated to be earning below the Living Wage in 2021. This was worse than the average London Borough. Average rent for a one-bedroom house or flat on the private market was at least 38.7 percent of median pre-tax pay in London in April 2021 - March 2022.

Is Enfield expensive to live? ›

The borough of Enfield is a relatively cheap part of London in which to buy or invest in property. Overall, Enfield property prices are around 15% lower than the London average. Across the London Borough of Enfield, the average property price is currently only around £453,500 according to HM Land Registry.

What is the crime rate in Enfield? ›

Compared to the national crime rate, Enfield's crime rate is at 85%. Violent crime makes up 27.9% of all crimes reported in the postcode area. The total number of "violent crime" is 10.2k, and this number has increased by 2.2% when compared year-over-year in the period of October 2021 - September 2022.

What is the most beautiful town in Connecticut? ›

Greenwich. Home to numerous parks, shopping districts, finest architecture, historical hubs, sandy beaches, world-class restaurants and art galleries, Greenwich is amongst the most beautiful towns in Connecticut. It is also known to be one of the richest towns in the United States.

What is the most affluent area in Connecticut? ›

Incorporated county subdivisions
RankTownPer capita income
1New Canaan$105,846
38 more rows

What is the safest part of Connecticut to live? ›

Safest Cities in Connecticut, 2019
RankCitySafety Index
3New Canaan0.86
80 more rows

Which is the No 1 train in India? ›

As of 2022, the fastest train of India is Vande Bharat Express with a top speed of 180 km/h (110 mph) , while the fastest operating train is the Gatimaan Express with a top operating speed of 160 km/h (99 mph).
Definition and terminology.
<160 km/h (99 mph)Conventional rail61,050 km (37,930 mi)
2 more rows

Which is the No 1 railway station in India? ›

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus or CST is the busiest railway station in India and is remarked as UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is formerly known as Victoria Terminus. The Chhatrapati station holds 18 platforms.

What is the strongest train in India? ›

Saharanpur based WAG-12B at Purulia Jn. With a power output of 12,000 HP, the WAG 12 is twice as powerful as its immediate predecessor, WAG-9, and is among the most powerful freight locomotives in the world.

What happens if you jump in front of a bullet train? ›

Wikipedia quotes a 90% mortality rate for jumping in front of a high speed train (not when it is slowing down as it comes in to a platform though), and 67% for subway/underground trains, as people are generally jumping as the trains are slowing down coming into a station.

What does a train do when it hits someone? ›

When a train hits someone or something on the tracks, Davids says, the first thing the crew does is record the time and call the train dispatcher to report an incident. Dispatch then alerts emergency responders while the train crew runs back to the point of collision to see if they can help.

Are bullet trains safer than cars? ›

Car accidents in the U.S. cause 1 death every 11 minutes,and an injury every 18 seconds. ITS TIME FOR CHANGE High speed rail saves lives, and is proven safer than all other modes of transport.

Which country is famous for bullet train? ›

This dreamlike experience is will soon be a reality thanks to Japan's famous Maglev bullet trains, the fastest train in the world. Japan is already well known for its extensive Shinkansen train system, which has been in operation since 1964.

Which country invented bullet train? ›

The first high-speed rail system, the Tōkaidō Shinkansen, began operations in Japan in 1964 and was widely known as the bullet train.

Which is India's fastest train? ›

New Delhi: India's homemade Vande Bharat Express train clocked a speed of 180 kmph during a trail run on Friday.

Which trains will be Cancelled tomorrow? ›

Tomorrow Cancelled Trains
Train [Name][SRC-DSTN]Type
106 more rows

Can I get on another train if mine is Cancelled? ›

If the train you purchased a ticket for is cancelled or is delayed and you still decide to travel, special arrangements will be made to accommodate you on another train (although a seat cannot be guaranteed).

Why are trains being Cancelled? ›

Why do trains get rescheduled or cancelled? Since India has a large rail network, it is difficult to maintain and operate all the tracks efficiently. Thus, operational and maintenance glitches result in trains getting delayed, diverted and even cancelled.

Can rain stop trains? ›

Sometimes flood water doesn't stop trains running, but if water levels rise above the rails, trains have to reduce their speed to prevent damage to the train, which in turn can cause delays. Heavy rain can overwhelm the drainage systems on the railway, known as culverts, and make flooding more likely.

Why do trains sway side to side? ›

Railway wheelsets. A classical hunting oscillation is a swaying motion of a railway vehicle (often called truck hunting or bogie hunting) caused by the coning action on which the directional stability of an adhesion railway depends. It arises from the interaction of adhesion forces and inertial forces.

What are my rights when a train is Cancelled? ›

You can get a full refund if your train journey is cancelled. If you're delayed and arrive at your destination more than half an hour late, you'll usually be able to get some money back. Some train companies will also give you compensation if your train is more than 15 minutes late.

How much money is refunded if train is Cancelled? ›

Cancellation charges are per passenger. If a confirmed ticket is cancelled within 48 hrs and up to 12 hours before the scheduled departure of the train, cancellation charges shall be 25% of the fare subject to the minimum flat rate mentioned in the above clause.

What happens to the money if train is Cancelled? ›

The money automatically gets refunded when the train gets cancelled. Thus, there is no need to file the Ticket Deposit Receipt (TDR). If the train gets late for more than 3 hours and the passenger does not travel on it, the TDR needs to be filed before the train departs.

How many hours before train gets Cancelled? ›

Cancellation Policy if the Train is Late by More than 3 Hours. In the event that a train is late by more than 3 hours, passengers can cancel their tickets. For passengers with e-Tickets, TDR needs to be filed before the train actually departs to avail full refund.

What caused the 2002 Al Ayyat train disaster? ›

The El Ayyat train disaster happened at 02:00 on the morning of 20 February 2002 in an eleven-carriage passenger train travelling from Cairo to Luxor. A cooking gas cylinder exploded in the fifth carriage, creating a fire which destroyed seven third-class carriages.

What was significant about the Staplehurst rail crash? ›

The Staplehurst rail crash was a derailment at Staplehurst, Kent on 9 June 1865 at 3:13 pm. The South Eastern Railway Folkestone to London boat train derailed while crossing a viaduct where a length of track had been removed during engineering works, killing ten passengers and injuring forty.

What caused the Great Heck train crash? ›

The Selby rail crash (also known as the Great Heck Rail Crash) was a high-speed train crash that occurred at Great Heck near Selby, North Yorkshire, England, on the morning of 28 February 2001.
Selby rail crash
LineEast Coast Main Line
OperatorGreat North Eastern Railway
CauseObstruction on line
10 more rows

Why did the Lac Megantic train crash? ›

The Safety Board identified multiple causes for the accident, principally leaving a train unattended on a main line, failure to set enough handbrakes, and lack of a backup safety mechanism.

What was the first train to crash? ›

August 11, 1837 – United States – The first head-on collision to result in passenger fatalities occurred on the Portsmouth and Roanoke Railroad near Suffolk, Virginia, when an eastbound lumber train coming down a grade at speed rounded a sharp curve and smashed into the morning passenger train from Portsmouth, Virginia ...

Has the Japanese bullet train ever had an accident? ›

None of the 75 passengers and three crew were injured during the accident. The train consisted of a seven-car series E6 train operating in multiple with a 10-car series H5 JR Hokkaido train.

Who was responsible for the Eschede train disaster? ›

In August 2002, two Deutsche Bahn officials and one engineer were charged with manslaughter. The trial lasted 53 days with expert witnesses from around the world testifying.

Why did Beecham close the railways? ›

Once the report was published, political, economic and social pressure was heaped on the government who ultimately decided whether a line or a station was to close. Many lines were saved despite being named in the Beeching Report and other services that did not appear were withdrawn.

What happened at Bickley station? ›

A person has died after an incident at Bickley train station. Police were called to the train station just after 6pm yesterday to reports of a casualty on the train tracks. Paramedics also attended and a person was pronounced dead at the scene.

Why did the Zig Zag railway closed? ›

Operation of the heritage railway was suspended in 2012 following accreditation issues with the Government of New South Wales. The railway was aiming to resume services in October 2013, but was then severely damaged during the 2013 NSW Bushfires and then subsequently by torrential rain.

What is the scariest train? ›

  • World's Scariest Train Rides.
  • Indonesia's Argo Gede Train Railroad.
  • Japan's Aso Minami Route.
  • Colorado's Georgetown Loop Railroad.
  • Alaska's White Pass and Yukon Route.
  • Argentina's Tren a las Nubes.
  • India's Chennai-Rameswaram Route.
  • Australia's Kuranda Scenic Railroad.
16 Jul 2019

When was the last major train crash UK? ›

also known as the Paddington rail crash – occurred when two passenger trains collided on 5 October 1999 killing 31 people and injuring hundreds.

How did they clean up Lac-Mégantic? ›

Between 150,000 and 200,000 litres of oil were pumped out of Lac-Mégantic before it flowed into the river, Mr. Blanchet said, and another nearly 100,000 litres were removed using skimmers and other cleaning tools in the river. "We believe that in a few days, and at most a few weeks, the stress will be removed.

Is Lac-Mégantic rebuilt? ›

Opinion: Five years after rail tragedy, Lac-Mégantic rebuilds Back to video. The process of healing a population that has suffered a major trauma requires time.

How could the rail disaster at Lac-Mégantic been avoided? ›

Nearly three years after the Lac-Mégantic rail disaster, new information shows the tragic explosion that killed 47 people could have been avoided by a simple 10-second safety procedure that Transport Canada did not require the cost-cutting railway to use.


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