Love Thy Neighbour-Tsukishima (2023)

Scenario featuring certain Haikyuu!! boys and the main moments that make them fall for their neighbour. All characters are aged up. I have a couple more of these planned but feel free to request your own or any other scenarios.

A/N: Another part of the Love Thy Neighbour series. This time I tried my hand at writing Tsukishima. The next will probably be Kuroo or Iwaizumi, I haven’t decided yet but feel free to suggest others for me to do. **Requests are open!**

Warnings: none

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Love Thy Neighbour-Tsukishima (1)

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“You sure it’s okay that I move in a day early?” Tsukishima asked looking up at the large complex appreciatively before looking to Bokuto, the one responsible for doing him this massive favour on such a short notice. He was being transferred to work at the museum in Tokyo for a year and needed a place to live fast. Thankfully Bokuto was able to help. He was moving to a new place so his old palce was up for grabs, the only downside was he’d be living with a complete stranger. Although the owlish man had reassured him it was all going to be fine he still wasn’t convinced.

“Course, it’s all good!” Bokuto grinned as he hefted one of Tsukishima’s boxes into his arms and headed towards the building. “Last of my stuff got moved out a few days ago, the room’s all ready for you. Don’t worry Tsukki I bet you’ll enjoy living here.” From behind him Kuroo snickered, holding a box of his own.
“Yeah and we all know you’re saying that.” The raven-haired man commented, the grin never leaving his face. Even though he felt out of the loop, Tsukishima said nothing rationalising that whatever it was they were talking about would soon become clear to him.

Stepping inside the apartment Tsukishima was impressed at the large amount of space there was. Now he saw what Bokuto meant when he said he’d be able to keep his own space and not feel crowded while living with his mystery roommate. With this much room and his work schedule he’d probably see them more as a neighbour than a roommate. Now that he was here he began to wonder about who they were. It was quiet so they were probably out to work.

Bokuto led him passed the living area and all three men stopped when up ahead they saw your figure step out into the hallway. Your very wet, and very naked form. At first you were oblivious to the intrusion as you idly ran a towel through your damp locks but then you heard a thud and turned. With a scream you clung the towel around your body and stared at your former roommate and his friends in horror. Kuroo and Bokuto were staring at you with mouths hanging open but the blond in the middle who had dropped his box of things and had his back to you, you didn’t know.

“Tsukki I’m sorry but I don’t want to move out anymore. You can have my new place.” You heard Bokuto tell the blond seriously with a solemn clasp of his shoulder before throwing you a swift thumbs up and broad grin. Kuroo also seemed to recover and adopted his classic smirk and winked at you. Seeing this fuelled the adrenaline through your body and both their expression fell when you slowly walked towards them with the cold look of death in your eyes.

“Get. Out.”
“B-but we’re showing Tsukki where his room is.” Bokuto tried to reason and smooth things over by being his carefree and joyful self.
“I’ll show him.”
“I think you’ve shown him enough.” The words were out of Kuroo’s mouth before he truly evaluated the situation. Even though he loved to get a rise out of people he knew that he’d greatly overstepped.Tsukishima glanced as the two men quickly left the boxes they were holding, scrambled backwards and out of the apartment while shouting out a mix of apologies and best wishes.

When the door shut he made a slow tentative turn towards you but kept his eyes set firmly above your head. No way was he going to risk glancing down even with you now –although barely- covered. Given his height it was extremely hard but he managed to follow your silent form as you strode down the hallway. You paused briefly to throw open a door and make a vague gesture to the room that would now be his before continuing to your own room.

Safely in his room he pressed his forehead against the wall and made sure to compose himself properly. Though it was incredibly difficult given what he had just seen even though he, Kuroo, and Bokuto weren’t meant to. Just how was he meant to live with you for a year after that?! By the time he went back for his boxes you were clothed and reading on the sofa. On his arrival you looked up and confused him by smiling broadly.

“Hi! We haven’t been properly introduced.” You stated with a tone Tsukishima found too light and cheerful given what happened. Shifting the weight of the box in his arms he squinted at you suspiciously.
“Uh are we just going to forget what I saw?” he asked, you nodded and he arched an eyebrow at you. “You’re happy with that? Seriously?” With a crisp snap the book in your hands shut and you walked towards him, the smile still on your face.

“Well the way I see it there’s only two possible options for getting over that unfortunate incident.” Tsukishima wouldn’t have exactly called what he saw unfortunate but let you speak without an interruption, unable to tear his eyes away from your face. “The first is this, we call this moment right here our first meeting and go about our lives as normal. Or…” you trailed off to slowly rake your eyes over his body before returning them to his golden eyed gaze. “You strip and we even the score.”
Tsukishima couldn’t help but smirk and suddenly felt more at east about living with you. “Nice to meet you.” he conceded.

It had been over a week since he moved into the apartment and he honestly found it felt like he was living alone for most of that time. He worked all day and when he came home you were either in your office working or already in your room. Very rarely he’d come back to see you in the kitchen or living room. You would both exchange polite greetings before going back to your own spaces. While he didn’t mind the privacy and freedom to do his own thing he couldn’t help but feel curious about the one he was living with. He knew you worked from home, and as much as he tried not to think about it he knew you looked great naked but that was as far as his knowledge went.

On his day off when he was watching tv he was surprised to see you emerge from your office at the other end of the apartment looking frustrated. At first he thought it was because of the volume of the documentary he was watching but when you threw yourself down onto the other end of the sofa he realised that wasn’t the case. Glancing to the side he noticed how you were tense, the knit brows and blank stare, and slight shake of your leg as you ran the edge of your thumbnail across your bottom lip. With a short sigh he paused the program and frowned at you. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” You answered with a shrug keeping your eyes trained on the screen as you waited for the program to continue. “I just get frustrated when I hit a wall. Nothing to concern yourself with, all I need is a break and then I’ll go back to work.” Tsukishima arched an eyebrow at you.
“What do you do exactly?” You blinked and turned your head to look at him, only now realising that he didn’t know much about you besides your name.
“I write and illustrate children’s books.” You told him watching his eyebrows rise slightly but other than that he gave no reaction. In every way possible he was definitely the opposite to Bokuto. While you loved the enthusiastic man that you’d known since childhood this change was a pleasant one.

Suddenly a thought came to you and you looked to your roommate hopefully. “Do you know anything about dinosaurs? Kotaro said you worked in a museum so I know it might not be your area-”
“What do you want to know?” his question interrupted the beginning of your ramble and you looked to see his expression was it’s usual calm and slightly inconvenienced display but in his golden eyes were glinting with interest. “Although why you can’t look online is beyond me.” You let out a scoff and rolled your eyes as you got to your feet.
“Would you trust everything you read online?” you retorted as you headed back to your office.

At first Tsukishima thought you’d changed your mind about asking for his help because of his comment but you returned in no time at all with some of your things; sitting closer now you balanced your notebook on your propped up knees. Flicking open the notebook Tsukishima looked down at the list of dinosaurs you had for original concept ideas. “Really what I need to know are their sizes and preferred terrains. I also need to know which existed in the same periods.”
“You’re really putting this much accuracy in a kid’s book?” He asked, he wasn’t trying to be belittling but his blunt way of speaking couldn’t be helped. You laughed softly not taking any offence to the question.
“Just because they’re kids doesn’t mean I’m going to treat them like idiots. I’d like to keep some educational value in my work.” Tsukishima couldn’t help but be impressed by your answer and took the pencil from your hand and began to annotate your notes, given his height compared to yours he had to lean down, his body pushing closer against yours. Neither of you really noticed the proximity until you turned your head to thank him and found yourself against his chest. Shifting you returned your attention back to the notebook with a small clearing of your throat that wasn’t lost on Tsukishima.

“This is great. Thanks.” You smiled looking over the notes. “Though I still need help with their sizes.”
“I know and I’ll help with that too but there’s just one condition.” He stated sitting back with a smile as he tried to ignore the lack of warmth that he was suddenly aware of. You looked at him with a questioning tilt of your head. “I get to watch you draw.” It wasn’t the first time you’d been asked that. Bokuto loved to make you work outside of your office and cheer you on as you worked. Knowing the blond man in front of you was going to be more reserved and after being so helpful, how could you say no?

Tsukishima watched as you circled the coffee table were his dinosaur figures were placed, staring at each of them analytically and appraisingly. Each were made by the same top tier company that made them to accurately show the differences between the other models unlike other toys that would just be any random size. He was appreciative that you handled each of the figures with care as you inspected them and moved them around the table until you were satisfied.

Finally you sat on the floor, your back against the sofa he was currently lounging on and began to sketch giving him a clear view of your work. In no time he was completely entranced, watching your hand move skilfully over the paper in elegant and gracefully hypnotic movements. Occasionally he would tear his gaze to your face and get equally caught in the extreme focus and passion for your work shining on your face.

“No way.”
“Yes way!”
You rolled your eyes at that and turned away from him to begin washing the dishes in the sink. “Tsukki what possible reason would I have for lying?” You asked incredulously not seeing why he was being so stubborn about this. With your back to him you missed his thrown look at you calling him by the nickname. With a sigh at his lack of an answer you continued. “Why is it so hard to believe that I’ve never had a thing with Bo? I’ve known him since we were little. Just friends nothing more.” You didn’t know why you were going so far to reassure him. What did it matter what he thought about your relationship with your old roommate? More to the point why was he so fixated on it?

It’d been two months since he helped you with starting your work on your new book and things had definitely gotten friendlier between the two of you. Your routines had shifted to actually spend time together whether it was having meals together, watching movies together in the evening, or the most common was you working in the living room while he watched while listening to music. You don’t even remember how you got onto this particular topic but you were here now and it made you uneasy for some reason. It was almost like you feared talking about this would change things between the two of you.

Your body tensed as you felt him appear behind you. Gripping the bowl tighter under the water you watched from the corner of your eye as he reached around you to place his dishes in the sink. Feeling his body heat radiate into yours you supressed the small shiver threatening to creep up your spine. “Maybe I was just looking for peace of mind.” He stated in a low voice and you kept your eyes trained on the water as a light dusting of red crept over your cheeks. “Last thing I’d want to do is break an unspoken rule.” Your eyes widened and you bit your lower lip, preparing to turn and face him all the while knowing what would happen next if you did.

However before you got the chance his phone rang from the other room effectively shattering the heady, electric tension. Tsukishima clicked his tongue in annoyance at the disruption but went to answer the call knowing it was most likely work. Sure enough it was his boss. He called out he’d be back later and left.

With him gone you let out the breath you’d been holding and tried to calm your rapidly beating heart and slow your dizzying thoughts persistently tumbling through your head. Meanwhile as he journeyed to work, Tsukishima silently berated himself for how he acted. Had he no self-control? Things were good as they were, why did he go and begin to try to make a move on you when you’d made no sign of having any interest in him? There was no way you possibly could. Anything to suggest otherwise was just his hopeful thinking and imagination.

When he returned that night he was surprised to see you’d clearly waited up for him but had fallen asleep on the sofa. At first he was going to just drape a blanket over you but he didn’t want to leave you like that. Silently he walked over and stooped down to slide his arms under your legs and shoulders lifting you effortlessly so you were cradled against his chest. He felt you shift in your sleep and kept perfectly still watching as you let out a content sigh, nuzzling into him.

Scowling at the unfairness of it all he couldn’t help but look at you with a soft fondness and carried you to your room. Adjusting his hold on you, he lay you down on your bed and carefully pulled the covers around you. As he straightened and walked towards the door he heard your voice drift through the air. “Tsukki…” slowly he turned expecting to see you had woken but no, there you were still peacefully dreaming and saying his name in your sleep. Hearing that made it a whole lot harder to convince himself you didn’t feel as he did. Harder, but not impossible.

You didn’t know what you’d done wrong. It seemed every chance he got Tsukishima avoided you. If you were spending time together he was distant and didn’t engage with you like he used to. You rationalised he was busy with work and just stressed so you said nothing about your worries so as not to annoy him. However by doing that and letting your own insecurities build to the point it affected your work. You couldn’t get into the rhythm and effortless flow of your work you had been in the last couple months until the worst times, which meant you weren’t sleeping or eating properly.

The change in you didn’t go unnoticed by Tsukishima and he was worried. However with you being so close to the end of your deadline he saw it as part of the process of finishing a big project. So the two of you spent two and a half months dancing around actually voicing your concerns for the other and let the uncomfortable tension mount. Finally it came to a head when you came home from a meeting with your publisher.

Tsukishima had been lounging on the sofa and jumped when you slammed the front door angrily. He sat up in shock and met your furious stare, watching as your breaths were slow and heavy, hands shaking in rage. Oh no, the meeting didn’t go well. He wanted to comfort you but never got the chance. Through gritted teeth you stormed past him throwing a large envelope at him as you went. He caught it effortlessly and was out of his seat following you. His hand caught your wrist as you walked down the hall, stopping you from retreating to your room.

“Let me go.” You hissed glaring at the floor. “I want to be on my own.”
“Why? So what if your stupid publishers didn’t like the book? It’s amazing and if they can’t see it then submit to someone who will actually appreciate your talent, don’t hide away.” He lectured with a frown that deepened when you let out a humourless laugh and shook your head.
“They loved the book you moron,” you told him finally lifting you head to look him in the eye. “They said it was quite possibly my best work and I should expect it to be a best seller.”
“That’s good though why are you so angry?” he asked wondering if this was a massive case of imposter syndrome.

“Because as soon as I heard them say that all I could think about was running home and telling you. Because you’re the one responsible for it being my best.” You tore the envelope out of his hand and pulled out the mock up of the book and opened it to the dedication page and showed it to him were two words read ‘For Tsukki’ “Because you are the one who inspired me and in spite of all of that you seem to hate me even though I like you so much and it just made me so-” you were abruptly cut off as Tsukishima pulled you against his chest and captured your lips with his. All of the tension and anxieties between the two of you melted away in the fiery intensity of the kiss. Finally when you both broke away light-headed and breathless he smirked against your skin.
“I’ve been wanting to do that since the day I moved in.”

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