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Tuxedo shirts

The tuxedo is a traditional tuxedo jacket combined with a tuxedo shirt, a bow tie, and matching trousers. The tuxedo is also known as a black-tie. You wear it during evening events, as a dinner suit or dinner jacket. Officially it only can be worn after 6 p.m. The tuxedo is black, midnight blue, or white. You can recognize it by its satin or grosgrain jacket lapels and the same stripes on the trousers' outseam. You have to wear it with a white dress shirt with a wing-tip or turndown collar. The shirt is always a double cuff, and you combine it with a black bow tie. You could add a cummerbund in the same color as your bow tie.

History of the dress shirts

The white dress shirt is traditional, not just any white shirt. There are a couple of specific requirements before a shirt can be called a dress shirt. The classic shirt has a bibbed front that was either pleated or Marcella. Pleated is also known as a shirt with ruffles. The wing collar is the most traditional. Officially it disappeared in 1920 when men preferred wearing a turndown collar. Then back in 1980, it became popular amongst Americans. For aesthetic reasons, a lot of style authorities still want the wing collar to remain. This type of collar should be tall and stiff. You could choose an attached or a detachable collar. It is perfect for your bow tie to maintain the bow tie in the same place.

Buy your perfect Tuxedo shirt

To start, you need to know your collar size. You can measure the neck but not too tight. We advise you to measure it up by holding one finger behind the measuring tape. The amount of centimeters is the size of your shirt. After knowing your size, you need to try different brands because the perfect fit is only perfect it complements your body. We offer the following brands, Suitable, Olymp, Profuomo, and Seidensticker. In between those brands, there is a lot of differences.

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Olymp tuxedo shirts

This German brand has the broadest range of Tuxedo shirts. Let's start with the different fittings. Olymp offers three different fittings:

  • Body fit - Level five, the slimmest and skinniest fit
  • Modern Fit, a normal to a slim fit
  • Comfort fit, regular to wide fit

They also offer the Tuxedo shirt in extra long sleeves, which is extremely important to get a perfectly fitted shirt when you have longer arms. Olymp is well known for its iron-free shirts. They were the first ones to offer men iron-free or wrinkle-free shirts. Because of a particular treatment of these cotton treads, non-iron shirts always remain non-iron. It works very easily. After washing these shirts, you just hang them on a hanger. The more prominent wrinkles will disappear by themselves. While wearing, the heat of your body will ensure the smaller wrinkles disappear and stay away. You are guaranteed to wear a perfect shirt that will remain wrinkle-free.

Suitable dress shirt

Suitable has two models of tuxedo shirts. The first one is the classic model with a pleated front, a wing-tip collar, a covered button closure, and made of 100% cotton. We named this specific shirt the Plissé. This shirt is 100% cotton and has long sleeves with a double cuff. We have this particular shirt ranging in sizes from 37 to size 47. This model is a slim fit in the smaller sizes, and as larger the size, the more regular fit it gets.

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The other model is a two-ply cotton shirt. It has no pleated front but removable black and silver studs. Because of those black studs, we call this model the Black Pearl. This more luxurious shirt is made from 100% cotton. We offer them from size 38 to size 43. This model has a double cuff and a slim fit. Because it is woven in a two-ply-cotton, it will give the shirt a more elegant look. The fabric feels very soft.

Profuomo dress shirt

This Dutch brand stands for high quality and will always make you feel confident. This tuxedo shirt of Profuomo is a bright white shirt. It has traditional details so you will always look stylish. It has a wing-tip collar, double cuffs, and a pleated front, and covered button closure. It has a luxurious appearance, and this slim-fitted shirt compliments your body. And this shirt is made out of 100% cotton, so it feels very comfortable.

Seidensticker tuxedo shirt

This is a German brand that is a specialist in manufacturing men's shirts. They offer many different tuxedo shirts, all of them are bright white, and one thing they have in common is a covered button closure. They do have various sorts of collars:

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  • A wing-tip collar with or without pleated front
  • Classic Kent collar
  • Widespread collar

There are two fittings, the slim-fit, and the modern-fit. Modern-fit is looser on the body. They all have double cuffs and are made out of 100% iron-free cotton. So after you wash the shirt, you can easily hang it on a hanger and let it dry. The more prominent wrinkles start to disappear.

Tuxedo white shirt

At Suitable, you can choose your white tuxedoshirt from many different brands likeOlymp, Profuomo, and our private label Suitable. The perfect white tuxedo shirt has a couple of requirements though.

  • The collar is or a wing-tip collar or a turndown collar. The wing-tip is nice because it maintains the bow tie upright. It is more classic than a standard turndown collar.
  • Instead of regular buttons, find a dress shirt with shirt studs. It is a decorative fastener that fits in the buttonhole on the front of a white dress shirt. If you want it more classic, go for the blindness button shirts. You can find them in Suitable with a plissé or without.
  • Double cufflinks are required. You can add a personal touch by buying them in gold or silver.

Find your perfect fitted shirt

Above all, the most crucial part of the white dress shirt is the fitting. Make sure the shirt fits nicely on the shoulders. There where your shoulder ends, the shirt should end. The length of the sleeve needs to end on the wrist, not on your hand. Take a good look at the chest. You need enough space to move but make sure your shirt fits closely on your body. Too much space on the chest looks messy. The shirt needs to have enough room for you to feel comfortable while sitting at a dinner table on the waist. Too much fabric hanging loose on the waist makes the complete look messy. This can be adjusted by any tailor, for this and expertise about the fitting of your tuxedo, just visit us at our shops we would love to help you.

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Extra long sleeved tuxedo shirt

A taller man needs longer sleeve shirts. We call those shirts extra long-sleeved shirts because of the length of the sleeves. A normal tuxedo shirt is around 65 centimeters. An extra-long sleeve shirt has approximately 70 centimeters. A sleeve needs to be at least 1 cm or 0,5 inch visible underneath the jacket's sleeve.

Accessories: Bow tie

The history of the bow tie, as we know it, started around 1650. Back then, it was named a Jabot and was made in white. Officially it was only worn by aristocrats on formal occasions. Later in the 18th and 19th centuries, they were also manufactured in many other colors.

When the dress code recommends a Tuxedo. They can call it a black-tie, that doesn't always need to be a black-colored tie. You can also choose to match your partner better and choose the color they wear in their outfit. For example, when your partner wears a red dress, you can match that using small details as a red pocket square or a red bow tie. Make sure the etiquettes for that specific occasion are not too strict.

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A traditional bow tie is the one in which the wearer has to tie the bow tie by hand, also known as a 'self-tie.' We offer these in 100% silk quality and many different colors. Apart from this one, we also sell 100% silk quality in a pre-tied edition, you only have to adjust the size, and after you click it, you are ready to go. It saves time, and you don't have to take that much effort to get a perfectly tied bow tie. Silk quality feels soft and is a shiny fabric.


This material is a synthetic fiber that makes producing products cheaper. That doesn't mean it isn't good quality. Polyester is strong and easier to use. We offer many colors and prints in this fabric. It is a bit cheaper, but perfect to match with your partner for a specific occasion. You will find them in shiny gold glitter, silver, and many other colors, fun for every occasion.


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