Milwaukee-area restaurants that permanently closed in 2022 (2023)

Milwaukee-area restaurants that permanently closed in 2022 (1)

Adriatic Fresh Seafood & Steaks

11200 W. Burleigh St.

The restaurant, in the Mayfair Collection, closed Aug. 15, just six months after its official opening. The Mediterranean-style restaurant featured an open kitchen.

The owners,Ben and Kika Saliu, said they were never able to ramp up business because of a lack of staffing and the soaring costs of food and supplies.

The Saliu brothers have two other restaurants still serving: Golden Nest Pancake & Cafe at the Mayfair Collection and Sunview Restaurant in Beaver Dam.

Milwaukee-area restaurants that permanently closed in 2022 (2)

Benno's Genuine Bar & Grill

7413 W. Greenfield Ave.,West Allis

Marty and Suzie Weigel closed the business June 5 after 41 years, saying they're ready to retire and travel. The bar-restaurant was known forBenno Burgers, Friday night fish fries, Super Tacos and craft beer.

Mayor Dan Devine signed a proclamation declaring June 7to beBenno’s Genuine Bar & Grill Day in West Allisandpresented a plaque to the Weigels.

The couple lived above Benno's, and they plan to sell it, once they find a new place to live.

Milwaukee-area restaurants that permanently closed in 2022 (3)

Bonobo American Bistro

4518 N. Oakland Ave., Shorewood

The bistro closed in August, posting a note on the door: "We are currently looking for a new restaurant to occupy this space ASAP."

Spencer Stewart bought the former North Star American Bistro in 2019, remodeled it and opened in 2020 with new menu items.

Milwaukee-area restaurants that permanently closed in 2022 (4)

The Brown Bottle

221 W. Galena St.

F Street Hospitality, which owned The Brown Bottle since 2020, closed the restaurant on Aug. 15. No reason was given.

Schlitz Brewing started the restaurant —in what is now Schlitz Park —in 1938, and in recent years it had closed temporarily and then reopened. Crestlight Capital of Detroit and TPG Real Estate ofFort Worth, Texas, bought Schlitz Park in 2019, closed the restaurant and then worked with F Street to reopen it.

Milwaukee-area restaurants that permanently closed in 2022 (5)

Butch's Pub and Eatery

9140 W. National Ave., West Allis

The pub was the last in a series of restaurants operated by Bernard "Butch" Schettle, He turned 80 this year and has retired.

The pub closed in June after seven years and was quickly bought by a twocustomers and reopened asHenry Flach's, a steakhouse.

Milwaukee-area restaurants that permanently closed in 2022 (6)

Egg & Flour Pasta Bar, Tosa

6700 W. State St., Wauwatosa, inside Metcalfe's Market

After opening in 2021,Chef-owner Adam Pawlak citedthe coronavirus pandemic, inflationand staffing shortages.

Pawlak said the closure would allow him to focus on his other restaurants and other opportunities.

Egg & Flour locationsinCrossroads Collective food hallon the east side andin Bay View remain open.

Milwaukee-area restaurants that permanently closed in 2022 (7)

Fool's Errand

316 N. Milwaukee St.

The Third Ward restaurant closed Aug. 1 after being open for a year and a half. The owners said business was too slow.

"June-July was our nail in the coffin," said Chef and co-owner Dan Jacobs.

Fool's Errand aimed to be a neighborhood restaurant serving comfort food.

Jacobs and Dan Van Rite, two of Milwaukee's top chefs,also operate the American Chinese restaurantDandanand the tasting menu restaurantEsterEv, also in the Third Ward.

Milwaukee-area restaurants that permanently closed in 2022 (8)

Iron Grate

4125 S. Howell Ave.

The south side barbecue restaurant closed Nov. 20 after six years in operation. The restaurant was perennially on the Journal Sentinel's list of top restaurants, and it finished with a flurry of sold-out days.

"I'm ready to take some time," said chef-owner Aaron Patin. Having the slow-cooked meats ready to serve by lunchtime meant starting work in the middle of the night.

The restaurant's meats came from local producers, and the side dishes were all made from scratch.

Milwaukee-area restaurants that permanently closed in 2022 (9)

Jackson Grill

3736 W. Mitchell St.

This steakhouse —with a supper club vibe —closed for repairs March 3, and then on March 28 the owner announced it wouldn't reopen.Co-founder Heidi Schmidt blamed high prices for meat, produce and power, as well as difficulty finding workers.

The classic neighborhood restaurant had been open for 20 years.

Milwaukee-area restaurants that permanently closed in 2022 (10)

Loaded Slate

1137N.King Drive

The sports bar closed June 19 after 11 years of business. Loaded Slate was a popular gathering spot for service industry workers.

"We are closing our doors," said owner Doug Daul. "That's about all I can say right now. It is kind of emotional."

Milwaukee-area restaurants that permanently closed in 2022 (11)

Milwaukee Ale House

233 N. Water St.

The Ale House was a major attraction along the Milwaukee River for 25 years. It closed Sept. 11, saying its lease was up.

The Ale House was the home of Milwaukee Brewing Co., with popularbeers such asLouie'sDemise, MKE IPA, Outboard, O-Gii and more. The future of the brewery is unclear.

On Facebook, the Ale House said"hopefully, it’s not goodbye forever, it’s just goodbye for now," keeping open the option that a new location could arise.

Milwaukee-area restaurants that permanently closed in 2022 (12)

Mr. Wok

2128SilvernailRoad inPewaukee

The longtime Pewaukee stalwart, which had been at itsSilvernail Plaza location for 33 years, closed in March when the owners retired.

Mr. Wok served the area’s only Malaysian fare along with a Chinese menu, and it was repeatedly listed onthe Journal Sentinel’s “Milwaukee 50” list.

Milwaukee-area restaurants that permanently closed in 2022 (13)

Pizza Studio

6969 N. Port Washington Road,Glendale

The pandemic virtually erased lunch business and cut half of the dinner business at Pizza Studio, which opened in 2018, said owner Aaron Hurvitz. PPP fundsand new menu items helped it survive for a while, but it wasn't enough.

The Glendale restaurant, the only Pizza Studio franchise in the state, closed Feb. 28.

“If the pandemic never came and my establishment had solid ground to develop, the story could've been different,” he said.

Milwaukee-area restaurants that permanently closed in 2022 (14)


4016 S. Packard Ave., St. Francis

The Milwaukee area's only Polish restaurant closed Sept. 25, with a full dining room in its final weeks.The owners, Aleksandra and George Burzynski, were ready to retire.

The restaurant was a longtime favorite in the Polish community and beyond, open since 1983. The Burzynskis kept it personal, as he cooked and she made the rounds talking to customers.

"We have so many great relationships," Aleksandra Burzynski said before the cl. "I cry every day. You know why? When I am responding to all the emails. People have so many memories. They are so kind."

Milwaukee-area restaurants that permanently closed in 2022 (15)

Restaurant to be Named Later

1 Brewers Way

The Milwaukee Brewers scrapped their restaurant concept with the end of their season. Restaurant to be Named Later opened in March 2020, but was quickly shut because of the pandemic. It was partially open in 2021.

The Brewers said major renovations were underway, but the team didn't say what it planned to do with the space.

Milwaukee-area restaurants that permanently closed in 2022 (16)

Riverwest Filling Station

701 E. Keefe Ave.

Early in the pandemic, the Filling Station scaled back the menu and shifted to takeout. Then the restaurant announced that it was closing for the summer in 2022. On Sept. 27, the Filling Station said on Facebook that it was permanently shut.

The restaurant opened in 2013. The post did not give a reason, nordid owner Brian Atinsky in an interview.

"We are deeply grateful for the many years of history made at the Filling Station: from first dates ... all the way to children being born and growing up playing in the back area!," the restaurant's post said.

A new restaurant,La Cocina Del Sur Empanada Bar, is planned for the site.

Milwaukee-area restaurants that permanently closed in 2022 (17)

Ruby Tuesday

5320 S. 76th St., Greendale

The last Ruby Tuesday in Wisconsin closed in the first few days of 2022.

Ruby Tuesdayspecializesin ribs, steaks, seafood, chicken, appetizers and a garden bar. Representatives did not return calls for comment, but the restaurant chain has focused on cutting costs since emerging from bankruptcy protection in early 2021.


10352 N. Port Washington Road,Mequon

The restaurant closed in April after seven years. "The time has come for us to focus on family and health and to be able to have a day off once a week — therefore we’ve made the decision to close Sobelman’s NorthShore after a 7 year run," the owners said on Facebook.

The originalSobelman’sPub and Grill, a longtime Milwaukee favorite at 1900 W. St. Paul Ave. in Milwaukee, remains open.

Milwaukee-area restaurants that permanently closed in 2022 (18)

Soup Brothers

209 W. Florida St.

The restaurant closed in July after 24 years in Walker's Point.

"In the 24 years I've been here, Walker's Point went from tumbleweeds rolling down the street to them completely redoing SecondStreet and adding condos and reusingthe factory spaces," owner Richard Regner said.

Regner cited the struggle for staffing and customers after years of theCOVID pandemic. He also said the building needed updates and he was ready to retire.

He still owns the nearbyBoo-Boo’s Sandwich Shop,405 S. Second St.,

Milwaukee-area restaurants that permanently closed in 2022 (19)

Sussex Inn

N64 W23300 Main St., Sussex

The Sussex stalwart closed Oct. 30 after 26 years. The owners said they wanted to spend more time with family.

"We look forward to finally being able to spend more time together as a family and welcoming our first grandchild in December," they said on Facebook, and later posted: "Who knows, maybe you'll see US out having a fish fry some Friday evening."

Sussex Inn was known for its Friday fish fry, plus pizza and Saturday steak nights.

Thai Bangkok Express

9201 W. Capitol Drive

The express restaurantclosed at the end of April after five years. The owners said on their websitethat their lease was ending and they wouldn't renew. They didn't give a reason.

"We’ve enjoyed getting to know each and every single one of you and feel honored to have served you through the years," they said.

The original location of Thai Bangkok, 9112 W. Brown Deer Road, remains open.

Milwaukee-area restaurants that permanently closed in 2022 (20)

Tosa Bowl and Bun

7212 W. North Ave.

The restaurant closed in late July; it openedas Venturi's Market in 1997. It drew its name from the bowling alley that used to be in the basement.

"Weraised our kids here, and they both worked for us, and I think it's just time;these last few years have been kind of brutal, and we survived all of that, which is amazing, but it just came time," said Sue Venturi.

Milwaukee-area restaurants that permanently closed in 2022 (21)


1801 S.Third St.

Triskele's closed in early October after serving only pickup and delivery for a while. The restaurant had been open since 2008.

Co-ownersJoLinda Klopp andLynn Winter sold the building. They didn't give a reason for the closing.

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