Mirtha Jung - From Ruins to Riches (2023)

The world of the rich and famous is not what we all think it is. Just like a coin, it has two sides. They have the front, but they also have the back activities they don’t tell the world about. While some rise to fame because of show business or some highly-known corporates, being a drug lord or smuggler may also make one known throughout the land.

Mirtha Jung became famous because of her involvement with her husband, who was a drug dealer.

Who is Marth Jung? What makes her renowned aside from having a husband who’s a drug dealer? Let’s read through to find out.

The Wife Of A Drug Lord

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Mirtha Jung was born on December 3, 1952. Her family lived in Cuba, where she lived most of her early days.

She was raised in a low-income family, a reason that led her to drug consumption. Aside from poverty, she has lived in a dangerous part of Cuba, where all sorts of crimes happen. By the time she was in her 2nd year of high school, Mirtha was influenced by her friends to use drugs. Unfortunately, she became a drug addict shortly after that first try.

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Dating And Marriage

Long before Mirtha met her husband, she was already deep into drug abuse. It seems like she couldn’t live without it, and her life depended on it.

Lucky for them, they met at a party and were introduced to each other. Mirtha was 22 years old at that time, while George was already in his 30s. Their interest in drugs made them click right away, despite the 10-year age gap. In February of 1975, the two started dating. It was a kind of courtship where drugs were involved.

Two years later, in 1977, they decided to get married. Mirtha couldn’t say no to George since her main interest is to find money to pay for her needs and habits. And she found all that in George. Soon after their marriage, Mirtha got pregnant. She was always reminded and advised by her doctor not to take any drugs because it might affect her pregnancy. But Mirtha, as stubborn as a child, couldn’t resist the temptation a drug offers her. She continually used cocaine even during her pregnancy. Fortunately, nothing grave happened to her child.

In 1978, Mirtha gave birth to a beautiful daughter, Kristina Sunshine Jung. Eventually, her life took a slow turn, and she now sees life from a different perspective.

Both their dating and marriage life revolved around drugs and crime. But because she did not want her daughter to be exposed and involved in such a dangerous world, she divorced George Jung sometime in 1984. A mother’s love for her child can amount to any sacrifice she could give, whether it is her life or any other desire she cannot seem to let go of.

A year after their divorce, George remarried. Meanwhile, Mirtha focused on raising their child the best way she can, despite all the setbacks and shortcomings she had.

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Now, Kristina Sunshine Jung is happily married to Romain Karan. Mirtha Jung is now happy and content with how her life turned out to be. Spending time with grandchildren is such a feat for grandmothers. The life she thought would stay in ruins, beautifully turned into riches. Riches that nothing in this world could amount to.

Career And Works

Mirtha Jung once worked as a waitress after her matriculation in college. But then she met George Jung, and that turned her life upside down. She further went deep into using drugs in any possible way. Her husband introduced her to the world of drug smuggling, which she became famously known.

She got involved in the Medellin Cartel drug smuggling business of her husband. She helped him smuggle drugs into the United States. Unfortunately, like all villains, the two were caught and imprisoned.

While in prison, Mirtha did her best to get rid of her addiction to drugs. She wanted to live a better life for her daughter, who was just three years old when she went into prison. She was then released in 1981 and never again turned to drugs when things seem hard. Meanwhile, George stayed in jail for a long time.

Mirtha is now a professional poet, entrepreneur, and writer.

Life After Divorce And Imprisonment

Life without the drugs had been difficult for Mirtha. But her aching and longing heart for her daughter changed the way she lived. After she was released from prison in 1981, she parted ways with her husband three years later. Even though she no longer has the same wealth as before, she was content with how her life is now.

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The last time the public saw her was in 2001 during the premiere of the movie “Blow.” The film depicted the life of George Jung. Penelope Cruz played her character. Since then, she has been quiet about how she is faring in life, although we can assume that she is now doing good because she has not been in any crime-related incidents.

Even though many people have raised their brows with the kind of lifestyle Mirtha has lived her life before, she never let it pull her down. She is determined to retain the love and trust of her daughter. George is yet to gain her daughter’s love.

Mirtha Jung’s Net Worth

Despite all the incidents and setbacks she had before, Mirtha managed to get back up and start a new life. With a stable career as an actress, writer, and businesswoman, her net worth is approximately $1 million. Some say that it is unlikely since it is possible that George gave her settlement money when they divorced. Little do people know that George lost most of his ill-gotten fortune despite having a net worth of $100 million from his drug cartel business.

Hobbies And Interests

Her main interest before was drugs. All she ever wanted was money to support her habit. And since Mirtha grew up in a less-privileged family, she desired to have a lavish lifestyle. Upon marrying George, she gained the two things she wanted – drugs and a wealthy lifestyle.

But now, the interests of Mirtha Jung are no longer directed to what interested her before. She no longer desires a lavish lifestyle, but she seeks a quiet and peaceful life away from the judging eyes of the world. She is now inclined to reading and spending time outdoors. Mirtha and Kristina enjoyed their evenings watching movies together, like how she dreamed of what a mother and daughter should be.

Undoubtedly, Mirtha’s favorite actors are Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz, mainly because of their portrayal in the “Blow” production.

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Living life with a drug business is quite dangerous. It could lead to bloodbaths and killings. But Mirtha paid no mind to that. As strong as she is, she supported her husband in any way she could, although she knew that what they were doing was unlawful. She can be seen as an independent and strong woman.

Her courageous act continued to be displayed when she left George, a decision that is not easy to make. Choosing between being a wife and a mother is a choice that proves to be hard to choose from. But as we all know, we are our boss. So, Mirtha took the steering wheel and voyaged through the darkness until she saw the light she was longing for – her daughter. She chose a life worth having with her child.

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