NISSAN KICKS TEST DRIVE - AutoLife Nepal (2023)


Nissan KICKS has been on our radar for quite some time now. If you have visited our news and product watch section, you will surely know what we are talking about. This car is specifically designed for the millennials and surely Nissan has met with the beautiful build design, plushness and comfort, along with a powerful performance in accordance with the high expectation we all have in this day and age.

We all crave for the exotic hyper European car that we see in movies but when it comes to buying one, Japanese build cars is where we Nepalese trust our money with. And, surely an investment into Nissan, one of the biggest and well respected car manufacturing company will bring you happiness down to every penny you spend.


In the pictures, you can see that the 2019 Nissan KICKS looks sporty and exciting with all the right curves for beauty and with just the right amount of sharp edges to make it sporty. However, what you won’t be able to see is, how huge the car really is. The Nissan KICKS is 53mm longer than the Terrano while they both share the same wheelbase while also having a remarkable 210mm ground clearance. This is where the metaphor “Don’t judge a book by its cover” comes to life.


We were surprised by how much the car really succeeded to surpass our expectation in terms of design, comfort, performance and handling. Keep reading to find out how. Also, we would like to recommend you to visit the showroom to get the complete idea of what the car really looks like.


The exterior design of KICKS is remarkably sporty yet elegant with its curves. However, if you are wondering if the design of the kicks look similar to something you might’ve seen before then you are right. The design elements of the Nissan Kicks derives inspiration from the Nissan Juke. Elements such as the rear angular boomerang tail lamps and the upfront LED headlight cluster separated by a Nissan signature V-motion chrome grill. Now, the noteworthy thing here is the front exterior which looks smooth and sporty and at the rear the KICK looks sharp and aggressive. Finally, for the grooming touch up, Nissan has added a sweet 17 inch sharp rims which gives a nice SUV presentation.

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If that wasn’t enough, Nissan has put something extra that SUV Crossovers in the Nepalese market misses out. Yes, we are talking about the duel tone paint job that gives a rather unique sports appeal to the car and the roof rails. Also, as we have mentioned earlier, the tall 210mm ground clearance gives the entire vehicle a muscular and tall profile.

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The overall looks of this car is perfected with smart and efficient design. The more you look at the Kicks, the more it grows on you.


As much as the car looks sportier on the outside, Nissan has been successful to make sure to deliver the same quality and feel on the inside. The interior ticks all the boxes with good design minus the compromise on the premium feel or the tech you expect for the price.

The overall interior for the most part, is finished in a carbon fiber pattern as well as the touch points, instead of the usual mainstream plain black plastic or gloss finish. Another noteworthy thing here is the first in class floating 8.0 A-IVI touchscreen with speed sensing auto volume control, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility and automatic climate control.

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From the pictures you might be wondering that there are no multimedia controls on the steering wheel. This is because we were doing a review on the S trim of the KICK. Don’t be alarmed though, the multimedia control stick are still there behind the adjustable steering wheel. Although it’s a bit unusual at first, but the multimedia stick is comes in pretty handy and is easy to use as you don’t have to keep looking for the buttons. However, we did feel that the steering wheels weren’t in the idea position.

As we said, we were on the trim “S” of the Nissan KICKS, the seat are in cloth trim yet it gave a plush feel. The driver’s seat is adjustable and comes with a comfortable arm rest. There is no complain in the comfort department. The same can be said for the available space. Now, let’s talk about what every SUV must have, i.e. boot space. Well, this sweet machine comes with 400 liters of boot space making it compatible for long drives and adventurous trips.


Under the hood of this sporty machine is a well refined and groomed 1498cc 1.5 H4K Petrol engine producing 104.55bhp of max power at 5600rpm and 142Nm of torque at 4000rpm. Although the engine is derived from the Renault Captur and is under the same MO platform as the Duster, the KICKS seems to suit the engine better and feels more natural. The 5 speed gear box is rev friendly and is mated in a short ratio, which means it’s peppy and wants to go fast at mid-range Rpm.

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Surely if the torque maxes out at 5600 Rpm it means it doesn’t have much initial acceleration. However, the true power come in at the mid-range and once you get there it’s hard to put your foot off the pedal. The car excites you with thrill and adventurous torque. This doesn’t mean that it isn’t well behaved. The power delivery and drive quality is smooth and linear if you want to cruise inside the city.


Japanese brands are famous for ticking every box in the list of feautes and surely Nissan has kept everything in check. As much as the car looks huge from the outside, with the 4384mm length dimension, the inside has enough leg room for both the driver and passenger. The seats for both the passengers and drives is comfortable and relaxing. There are AC vents at the rear which regulates the cabin temperature thoroughly. Also, the cup holder at the front and the back gives a nice premium touch.


Now, Nissan has been bragging about the ground clearance in the international market and why not? With the 210 mm ground clearance, the Nissan KICKS can handle anything that our roads can throw at it, even going off roads are hassle free as you don’t need to worry about anything hitting the bottom. The McPherson Strut suspension at the front and torsion beam suspension at the rear, promises a smooth and easy ride on bumpy roads. Moreover, the wide section 215/60 R17 tubeless tire gives you maximum traction on high speed and sharp turns combining this with precise power steering and you have a one confident drive anytime, anywhere.

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The all new Nissan KICKS has been built from taking the best bits and pieces from different cars. The design is somewhat inspired from Nissan Juke and engine is derived from the Captur. However, this doesn’t change the fact that it’s one hell of a Masterpiece. The KICKS gets a sporty feel both inside and out and also performs well. It ticks all the right boxes on a Compact SUV must have at while providing it at a reasonable price. Furthermore, the ground clearance on the KICKS makes it a suitable vehicle for the Nepalese roads.


Although Nissan KICKS is designed for millennials, the strikingly amazing look and the features it offer makes it suitable for everyone. On the safety feature, the car is equipped with ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), EBD (Electronic brake force distribution), and Airbags for both driver and passenger, Front Impact Beams, Parking sensors and other essential features. This makes the all new Nissan KICKS a perfect family Compact SUV capable of limitless thrill and adventure.


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