PLDT Home Wifi Prepaid Review (2023)

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PLDT Home Wifi Prepaid Review (1)

PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi is one of the best prepaid wifi across the country as it comes with 10GB data for 7 days upon activation. This is a plug and play device that can provide instant internet service for up to 5 devices and this is ideal for small household. PLDT Prepaid WiFi best fits the subscribers who are not into having commitment on regular internet postpaid plans or lock-up plans, and are looking for a cheap prepaid internet service with high speeds up to 42 Mbps. This device is a Smart LTE signal capable.

Where can you buy PLDT Home Prepaid Wifi?

Buy PLDT Home Wifi Prepaid at your nearest PLDT Sales and Service Centers and also at SM Malls. Since this is an LTE Wireless powered device, you need to make sure that your location can accommodate a Smart LTE signal. You don’t need to have a technician visit, you can just use a smart simcard to be inserted on your LTE mobile phones to identify the availability of the LTE signal.

There are lots of resellers of this PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi, just be careful to whom you’ll buy it too. Link above is trusted seller and you’ll get a discount too.

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What comes with the Box?

This deviceis priced at 1,995 PHP, which includes PLDT Home WiFi Modem (with pre-installed LTE sim), Ethernet/LAN Cable (RJ45), AC Power Adapter, Device Stand, and Home WiFi Device Quick Start Guide.

PLDT Home Wifi Prepaid Review (2)
Power– When the device is turned ON
Lan– When connected to the Lan Port
WiFi– Blinking when WiFi connection is in Used.
Signal– Should be blue to indicate a good signal strength
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Things you can find on the right side of the device:

  • Reset Button
  • Turn on/off Button
  • Ethernet Port
  • AC Power

How to Setup PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi

Here is the illustration of how you can easily set up the device. This illustration is also available here PLDT User Guide.

  • Attach the stands on the bottom of the device to make it sturdy. There are hooks on the back of the device if you want to mount the device on a wall
  • Plug your PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi and turn the switch on the side. Make sure to place the device to where it can get a better reception. Signal color codes: Blue-Best, Green-Good, Red-Bad, Blinking Red-No SIM/Signal)

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  • Connect to the Default WiFi signal being broadcasted by the Modem. The default network name and password can be found at the back of your modem.
    1. Once connected, change your PLDT Home WiFi name and password for security purposes.
    1. Open your internet browser then go topldthomewifisettings.netand log in using the default username and password: pldthome.
    2. It will open the PLDT Home WiFi Dashboard and show the device connection and network status.
    3. Under the SETTINGS tab, click WiFi Settings on the left-hand pane.
    4. Change your Network Name and Password then don’t forget to click on APPLY.

PLDT FamLoad Promos as of October 2019

These are exclusive promos for PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi subscribers. These promos arestackable, meaning you can register to a Fam Load Promo while you’re registered with another. Data allocations will be added together and the validity of the promo will follow the longest subscription. There’sno limit on registration. Users can load via the new FamLoad packages that comprise of the following:

Families with 3 to 5 members

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  • FAMLOAD199 –12GB of data for 7 days

Families with 6 members and above

  • FAMLOAD599 –40GB of data for 15 days
  • FAMLOAD999 –65GB of data for 30 days
  • FAMLOAD1499 –100GB of data for 30 days

Budget FamLoad promos

  • FAMLOAD 15 –1GB of data for 1 day
  • FAMLOAD 50 –3GB of data for 3 days

To easily register the PLDT Home Wifi, simply download the “myPLDT Smart” mobile application available on Google Playstore and connect your PLDT Home Wifi number to register.

You can also load via:

PLDT Sales and Service Centers nationwide

PLDT Smart loading station (sari-sari stores, etc.)

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Pasaload from any Smart/TNT number

All 7-Eleven convenience stores nationwide

Final Thought

I am so pleased with the service I am getting right now. The reason I bought this is that I needed it as a backup connection. Apparently, this is way better than my primary internet service which is Globe Wireless LTE 10Mbps with 500gb. As seen in the image below, It can give you more than what you expected with this simple and tiny device. The only problem I got with this Wifi is the data plan isn’t enough for me. I hope that sooner they could offer more Data allocation.

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Looking for WiFi extednder? Tenda AC11 is something you can rely on!

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