The 10 Best Anime Of Fall 2021, Ranked According To MyAnimeList - Shogi Pineapple (2023)

The fall season is generally the time when the most new anime is produced of the year. Dozens of new series often appear for fans to fall in love with, but only a few make their way and become mega-popular with anime fans as a whole and not just within their community.

This season has a mix of series that return to end their seasons, combined with new projects for those looking for something new. And judging by the MyAnimeList rankings, there is plenty of variety for fans looking for more than the usual isekai or shonen offerings.

10 World’s Greatest Assassin Introduces a New Kind of Isekai Protagonist – 7.71

World’s Finest Assassin is another isekai anime series, but it takes some of the hackneyed tropes of this well-worn genre and manages to make something new out of them. This time, the protagonist is not a nerd teenager, but an experienced assassin who has been summoned to another world by a goddess.

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He has been reborn in a new world with all his memories and even with new special abilities. There is only one thing to do: kill the hero, who the goddess believes will end the world after he defeats a powerful demon lord. What also helps the series seem new is that the protagonist is clearly much stronger than most … but it remains in a distant third place for both the hero and the demon lord, who can only be killed by the hero himself.

9 Blue Period focuses on a man pursuing his dream as a painter – 7.75The 10 Best Anime Of Fall 2021, Ranked According To MyAnimeList - Shogi Pineapple (1)

There are not enough seinen series on the market, but at least when they premiere, they tend to be great. Blue Period is about Yatora Yaguchi, a young man with a talent for everything but no passion for anything … until he begins to paint. When people recognize him for his abilities, he is quickly invited to join the Tokyo University of the Arts, a school so prestigious that it only accepts 1 in 200 people who apply. Despite the difficulty, Yatora is not intimidated and continues to do her best to get into college.

8 My Senpai is a Romantic Comedy at the Office – 7.86The 10 Best Anime Of Fall 2021, Ranked According To MyAnimeList - Shogi Pineapple (2)

Anyone looking for a romantic comedy has an easy choice with My Senpai is Annoying. The protagonist is Igarashi Futaba, a woman who just accepted a new job and has a really annoying older co-worker, Takeda Harumi. At least she dice which is annoying, but it really just bothers him how tall he is and his boisterous nature. This series has a ton of wholesome moments and all the pat on the head people could want. It is a great break from the usual anime that become very popular.

7 Takt Op.Destiny Is A Magical Girl Series Involving Classical Music – 7.91The 10 Best Anime Of Fall 2021, Ranked According To MyAnimeList - Shogi Pineapple (3)

Long ago, the world forgot what music sounded like. A strange group of aliens known as D2 appeared for whom humanity had no defense, and the only thing they could do was ban music, something that the D2 intensely hated. Over time, humanity created the Musicarts and Conductors, who together had the power to defeat the D2.

Pick up.Destiny Follow a trio of characters on their way to Symphonica headquarters, taking down as many D2s as they can in their path. If people liked it Symphogear but thought their costumes were too fanservicey, or they prefer classical music over pop music, rateon.Destiny it will be the series for them.

6 World Trigger returns for a third season to end the B-rank wars – 8.15The 10 Best Anime Of Fall 2021, Ranked According To MyAnimeList - Shogi Pineapple (4)

World Trigger has been one of the most popular shonen anime series since its launch in 2014. It was loved enough to get an order for 70 episodes from the start, even if it meant it was going to have a fairly long filler arc and pacing. it wasn’t exactly the best.

And despite taking a break of several years, from 2016 to 2021, the popularity of World TriggerIt hasn’t seen a huge decline, as fans re-watched the second season in January and the third this fall. The series continues to grapple with the long arc of B-rank wars, but will presumably end at the end of this season.

5 Komi Can’t Communicate Follows An Eager Girl Who Wants To Make Friends – 8.39The 10 Best Anime Of Fall 2021, Ranked According To MyAnimeList - Shogi Pineapple (5)

This vital cut series came straight out of Shonen Sunday, proving that there is more to the shonen genre than action series. Komi Can’t Communicate it has a very attractive and straightforward hook. Shouko Komi is seen as perfect in her school thanks to her looks and grace … but it turns out that she has such excruciating anxiety that she can’t even speak, and can only communicate by writing on the blackboards.

Komi has a dream of making a hundred friends in high school, something she wouldn’t have much of a chance of fulfilling if it weren’t for Tadano, who agrees to help her and becomes her first friend.

4 Demon Slayer: Infinity Train Chapter is the TV version of the movie – 8.44The 10 Best Anime Of Fall 2021, Ranked According To MyAnimeList - Shogi Pineapple (6)

All thefans de Demon Slayer They are waiting for the new arc to start in December. But for now, there is a TV version of the Mugen Train arc. It is divided into seven episodes, but it is obviously not a direct rip of the movie. The first episode gives Rengoku a bit more prominence, while the other six have added new animations, as well as new music. And while everyone has seen this arc by now, that doesn’t stop them from digging into this shortened version to jog their memories before the next arc begins in December.

3 Mushoku Tensei Part 2 Ends Rudeus’ Journey Through the Demon Continent – 8.65The 10 Best Anime Of Fall 2021, Ranked According To MyAnimeList - Shogi Pineapple (7)

Mushoku Tensei it was a resounding success during the winter. The series is considered the light novel that kicked off many of the isekai tropes that fans have fallen in love with today, with Rudeus Greyrat being the reincarnation of a nerd who risked his life to save someone else. In this new world, Rudeus is committed to doing his best.

In the second season, Rudeus tries to leave the Continent of Demons with his friends Rujierd and Eris, but the fact that he manages to escape does not mean that no more adventures await him. Studio Bind has done a good job transforming this light novel into anime, and we hope that fans will have many future seasons in store.

2 86 was one of the most beloved series of the spring – 8.65The 10 Best Anime Of Fall 2021, Ranked According To MyAnimeList - Shogi Pineapple (8)

86 It remains one of the most popular anime not only this season, but of the year. The series takes place in a world where the Republic of Saint Magnolia has convinced the rest of society that all its wars are fought with unmanned drones. But in reality, his war against the Empire of Giad is fought with a group of humans from Sector 86 of Saint Magnolia, people considered less than human. In season two, the Federal Republic of Giad grants humanity to members of Sector 86 … but is it possible that that would fix decades of treatment of a group as mere weapons?

1 Ousama’s classification is the best study of ingenuity – 8.79The 10 Best Anime Of Fall 2021, Ranked According To MyAnimeList - Shogi Pineapple (9)

Ousama Ranking follow Bojji, a deaf prince who has no talent for combat. However, that doesn’t stop Bojji from trying his best in hopes of being king one day. Eventually, Bojji befriends a shadow named Kage, who was previously a murderer but has changed his lifestyle to be a thief. The Ousama Ranking focuses on the growth of this young prince as he meets new people in his life. This is one of the highest rated anime on MyAnimeList, demonstrating not only the love people have for the protagonist, but also the quality of Wit Studio’s brilliant adaptation.

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