The Love Triangle (2023)

This page is about the relationship between the three main characters of Vampire Knight: Kaname Kuran, Yuki Kuran, and Zero Kiryu.


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Yuki has love for both Kaname and Zero in different ways[1]and they both love her, but Yuki is partially Kaname's sister. Kaname and Zero have a fundamental antagonism towards each other because they are inherently archenemies. Kaname occasionally expresses a little jealousy over Yuki's attachment to Zero in front of Yuki.


Yuki has loved Kaname ever since she was a child during her human life because he was her first memory when he saved her from a Level E Vampire during a blizzard. When it was discovered that she was a Pureblood Vampire, it is also revealed that Kaname is her older brother and that they had pledged to marry each other to be like their parents, who were also siblings. Currently, she is his fiancee. As a human, she fell in love with him and Zero constantly reminds her that she cannot be with Kaname because Kaname is a pureblood vampire. She also has a strong attachment to Zero, which helps her overcome her fear of being bitten so that she can offer her own blood to him in the form of a "forbidden act." Their bond is so strong that Kaname does not kill him, in concern for Yuki's emotions afterwards.

In the aftermath of the Shizuka incident, Zero asks Yuki what he means to her. Yuki has no response for him, and never truly answers his question. Kaname soon after confesses his love for her, and she later agrees to become Kaname's lover in exchange for information about her past. One night, when Zero goes to Yuki's room, she suddenly tries to strangle Zero (due to her hallucinations), and she was shocked as Zero didn't struggle to escape her hands that were strangling him. She says to Zero that he was the victim, that she only used him to make herself feel better about her lost past. Zero tells her that the one she needs is Kaname, not him, but says that why does Yuki's argument sounds like he is the one she needs. Shortly after, Kaname turns her back into a vampire, revealing that he is her older brother and are betrothed. Yuki and Kaname argue over whether or not they should leave during Rido's attack on the academy, and Yuki convinces Kaname to let her go with a kiss, promising to return to him when she is done. Together with Zero, they fight and kill her uncle, Rido Kuran.

After the death of Rido, Zero declares Yuki his enemy, though he admits that she's done nothing wrong. When Kaname arrives on the scene, Zero shifts his attention to him, they threatened one another until Yuki runs between them. Kaname admits that he has the desire to kill Zero but cannot stand the idea of Yuki hating him. He walks away telling Yuki that she knows where she belongs. Yuki confesses to Zero that the old Yuki he knows and the "new her" are merging, and that her mind is filled with the desire to drink only Kaname's blood. Zero admits that his own desire is to drink only Yuki's blood and devour her life. He bites her and then kisses her for the first time.

While parting, Zero makes sure Yuki is already free of her worries and fears, then says she should be with the man who will live as long as her, and if they ever cross paths again, he will kill her. Yuki declares she will run away from him forever, so he will live on, and they part. Before she leaves with Kaname, she realizes the reasons behind his actions from the past four years and decides to lock part of her heart that is connected to Zero away. Afterwards, Yuki cries over the loss of Zero, and actually says she didn't want to be separated as enemies. Furthermore, she says that she "wasn't the right person for him". Yuki rejoins Kaname at the Kuran mansion and he tells her that he understands that half her heart belongs to Zero and that he is fine with that since she is by his side. Yuki doesn't believe that Kaname can be happy with simply that but doesn't press the issue.

During the one year time skip, Yuki is kept inside the house while she deals with her inability to bite and desperate hunger. Yuki finally admits that Zero is also in her heart, thus her hunger/thirst cannot be quench by Kaname alone. Yuki then asks if its alright for her to stay by Kaname's side.[2] Kaname readily agrees since Yuki wants to be with him always. He impresses upon her that he cannot be without her and would rather die which Yuki agreed saying that she also feels the same way towards him. Yuki later apologizes for what she said and that she can clearly see her path.

Prior to the ball, Kaname expresses a little jealousy over Yuki's trust in Zero to do his duty, but is fine with Yuki meeting up with Zero. During the ball, Yuki attempts to stop a fight breaking out between Zero and Sara over Yori. Zero lashes out at her, and takes Yori away before she can speak much to either of them. Later that evening, Yuki finds Zero and Kaien standing over the dead body of a dead Hunter girl. When Zero tries to shut her down, she firmly declares that she will find the culprit before Kaname interrupts and sends her home.

Yuki decides after the ball to offer her services to the other purebloods as a grim reaper of sorts—mostly due to Kaname telling her about the fates of vampires as well as her memories of both Kaname and Zero placing their lives in her hands. After meeting the first Pureblood on the list, she decides to take a short stop to visit a grave. Aido tags along so he can protect her.

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At the graveyard entrance, the Pureblood Toma attacks her, and afterward Zero appears. He fends off Touma, and then carries Yuki to a hunter safe-house when she faints. Yuki, half-conscious, nearly bites Zero, but stops herself. In shock, she asks Kaname's bats to take her home, leaving Zero alone with Aido.

The Love Triangle (1)

Following the near-bite incident, Kaname tells Yuki that she was good in that she refrained from biting Zero and drains quite a bit of her blood. He then reveals to her that he is her ancestor, not her brother, and proceeds to have her dig deep into his memories to learn about his true self by having her drink so much blood.

Yuki, after learning about Kaname's past, informs him that though she now fully knows who and what he is, she would like to restart with him. Kaname agrees, and then heads out on a mysterious errand, despite Yuki begging him not to go. Yuki chases after him, only to arrive just as he executes Aido's father Nagamichi. Kaname cryptically informs Yuki that, although he wavered over the time he spent with her, he has chosen to execute his original plan. He apologizes and thanks her, then vanishes.

Yuki tries to give chase but is stopped by Kaien Cross, her adopted father, who takes her back to the Hunter's Association. There, she decides to follow after Kaname once she's established herself among the vampires. She restarts the Night Class in an attempt to form allies while worrying over Zero falling to Level E again.

While trying to catch a vampire, she traps him with her scythe, Artemis, until the vampire's girlfriend appears with a knife on Yuki's neck. Zero then appears with the Bloody Rose, shoots and finishes the vampire off. His girlfriend abruptly faints onto the ground. Zero then states that she should make him submit to her with the bracelet that she is still wearing. Later, Maria interrogates Yuki with the question that she doesn't want Zero anymore and claims that she will snatch Zero away one day. In response, Yuki says nothing.

At the end of the third arc, Yuki is found behind Kaname, holding her scythe. Kaname and Yuki fight and in order to make them stop fighting, Ruka created an illusion for Yuki and Yuki fainted afterwards. Kaname headed to where Sara was.

In the final chapter, when Kaname threw his heart into the furnace in order to succeed as the next parent to create new and more anti - vampire weapons for the Vampire Hunters, Kaname says to Zero and Yuki that they belong together and hugged them both close to him before he lost his consciousness.

The Love Triangle (2)

After the war and a thousand years later, it was seen that Zero and Yuki ended up together. They raised two daughters, the oldest one being Kaname's daughter.

The Love Triangle (3)

Yuki was seen visiting Zero's family grave and she left the fragments of the Bloody Rose in there, for Zero had already turned to dust because he's not a pureblood after all. While reminiscing her memories of Zero, she said that though they had a lot of quarrels, Zero made her happy. Afterwards, she went where Kaname's body was kept, and decided to awaken him as a human so that he can experience the happiness he had been longing for as a human and have a happy human life. She sacrificed her life in the process, giving him her heart and left her children with Kaname. She also left a message to Kaname, to whom she loved wishing that his thirst will finally be quenched.

In the Anime

Today Yuki stands outside the Moon Dormitoryat twilight trying to keep a herd of girls back from the building. The gates open and a number of beautiful and attractive individuals exit, the Night Class. The school girls overwhelm and crush Yuki. She is helped up by Kaname Kuran.Yuki jolts to attention, confronted by her crush, also the boy who saved her ten years ago. She thanks him and smiles at her and says that her formal manner towards him makes him feel lonely. Yuki protests its because he saved her life. Kaname tells her not to worry about it and he jostles her hair, but his arm is torn away by an angry Zero Kiryu.He coldly tells Kaname that class has started and Kaname tells him he is scary. A Day Class girl comes up with Kaname and asks him to accept her rose. He accepts the rose and thanks her for it. Zero looks at Yuki sideways and tells her its not his business if she likes Kaname, but she has to understand. Yuki pouts and says she knows that they are different from them, because they are vampires. Yuki and Zero continue their job and Yuki beats up Zero when they are finished, telling him off for being late.

Yuki jolts to attention, confronted by Kaname Kuran, also the boy who saved her ten years ago, and asks if she is alright. She thanks him and smiles at her and says that her formal manner towards him makes him feel lonely. Yuki protests its because he saved her life. Kaname tells her not to worry about it and he jostles her hair, but his arm is torn away by an angry Zero Kiryu. He coldly tells Kaname that class has started and Kaname tells him he is scary. A Day Class girl comes up with Kaname and asks him to accept her rose. He accepts the rose and thanks her for it. Zero looks at Yuki sideways and tells her its not his business if she likes Kaname, but she has to understand. Yuki pouts and says she knows that they are different from them, because they are vampires. Yuki and Zero continue their job and Yuki beats up Zero when they are finished, telling him off for being late. ==The headmaster is delighted that Yuki understands his pacifism of wanting humans and vampires in harmony. Zero leaves amidst the Headmaster's flamboyant rant. Yuki left behind says to the Headmaster that she understands where Zero is coming from. The Headmaster comments on how vampires attack humans and if people found out the truth it would cause an uproar. Yuki protests that Kaname is different and therefore with vampires like him, pacifism is possible. She tells him that things will be okay and happily jumps out the window to return to her patrol. Yuki reflects on how she has no memories before she was saved by Kaname, that night he took her to the Headmaster who looked after her ever since, that incident she suspect is why she wants humans and vampires to be friends.

They discuss how the Night Class is the first of its kind. Yuki stands watching Kaname from afar. Zero standing watching in another direction, asks Yuki how Kaname is. Yuki protests, saying she was only checking that everything was okay. Zero tells her how he doesn't trust the Night Class and is looking to find the best way to kill them. Yuki reflects on how Zero hasn't changed in the four years he lived with them.

Yuki yells at Zero to stop, but as Aido says he's already tasted Yuki, Zero shoots. Yuki pushed Zero's gun out of the way in time, shocking Aido and Kain. Kaname appears and asks Zero to put away the bloody rose. Kaname takes Kain and Aido away, asking Zero if it is okay and telling Kain off for not stopping Aido. Kaname asks Yuki if he could take the girls to the headmaster after getting their memories erased. He apologizes to Yuki for scaring her. She protests that she is fine, reaffirming in her mind that Kaname is different from the rest of the vampires. Zero grabs Yuki's hand and uses his tie as a bandage on her hand. He tells her they are leaving, Yuki reflects that for the last four years Zero hides something. Zero tells Yuki that the proof that they are beasts is in the fact they are attracted to the smell of blood.

The guys can't help but get jealous because the girls all prefer the students of the Night. Sayori confesses that she doesn't fancy anyone in the Night Class and would prefer the Day Class. She asks the same of Yuki after noticing Yuki's ribbon. Yuki confesses her homemade chocolate didn't turn out and she had to resort buying chocolate. Sayori asks who Yuki is giving it to and noticing Zero's angry aura. Zero bursts out in anger from behind knowing Yuki is going to give chocolate to Kaname.

At this time, the doors open to allow the Night Class students to exit causing the Day Class students to scream in excitement and push Yuki out of the way. As the Night students walk by, they stop to stare at Zero, and Kaname asks how he is feeling and tells him to take care of himself. This makes Zero mad and causes him to threaten Kaname. Yuki has no clue as to what is going on.

Yuki decides to make chocolates that night while thinking about Kaname. Zero watches, but then heads off on his own only to suffer from an attack.

Yuki awakens after sleeping during school. She tells Sayori that her hand-made chocolates didn't turn out all that well, so she just bought some instead. Zero criticizes Yuki, but it is time for them to return to their job as prefect. On the way, Yuki is bothered by what is going on between Zero and Kaname, but shakes it off.

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Kaname accepts chocolates until his hands are full and begins to leave. As Yuki realizes she missed her chance to give her chocolate to Kaname, she gets shoved over by the crowd of Day Class girls and drops her chocolate. Zero picks up her chocolate and throws it to Kaname telling him he dropped it. Kaname thanks Yuki for the chocolate. Yuki punches Zero for giving it to Kaname without her permission and he tells her he was getting irritated for delaying. Yuki thought she would be inconveniencing him and admits that his world is so different from hers.

Before they went into the Moon Dormitory, Yuki demands Zero what he was putting away when she came to him earlier. Zero says that it was nothing. But Yuki thinks he's hiding something from her then trips and falls. Zero catches her and they both fall to the ground. In the midst of it all, Yuki manages to grab the tablet box Zero has. She first think it was medicine. Then Zero swipes that away from from her hand and walks off. Yuki goes after him. Some of the Night students, including Kaname, watch as Yuki chases after Zero instead of inspecting the Moon Dormitory.

The boy escapes Zero and once again attacks Yuki, but this time Yuki is saved by Kaname who appears at just the right moment. Kaname covers Yuki's eyes, and then a gust of wind appears out of nowhere seeming to come from Kaname. The vampire is now gone, and Kaname explains that those vampires were Level E vampires. After he lectures Yuki on leaving Cross Academy alone, Yuki admits she was searching for Zero, but Kaname lies by telling her Zero, who was nearby, has already headed back to the dorms.

Zero says Yuki's name and takes a step closer, Yuki trembles, staring at Zero still. From down the stairs, Kaname says Yuki's name and jolts her out of her shock, Kaname gets angry as he takes in the scene of a bloody Yuki and Zero. He pulls Yuki behind him protectively asking Zero if he's reduced to being a beast. Yuki has a sudden memory flash of her first encounter with Kaname killing the other vampire. She jumps out in front of Zero, afraid Kaname will kill Zero. The effort drains Yuki and she slumps into Zero's arms. Kaname takes Yuki out of Zero's arms blaming him for draining her too much and asks if her blood was that delicious while glaring at Zero.

Kaname takes Yuki to the infirmary, Yuki is now sitting up and protesting that she is fine. He checks her puncture noting that the blood has stopped but the wound is deep. He asks if it hurt noticing that she is now crying. She is surprised by her tears and shakes her head. She thinks to herself that she is confused, but now believes she hurt Zero. Kaien knocks at the door and advises Kaname to return to class to calm down the Night students who are able to smell blood while he talks to Yuki about Zero.

Kaname apologizes to Yuki and tells her that he likes her just the way she is. Kaname does not want her to come to the Moon Dormitory alone anymore, so he tells her to have Zero escort her in return for taking her blood. As Kaname directs Yuki to the door, she asks why he doesn't treat Zero very well. He replies that he is upset that his "precious girl" has been bitten by someone else. Yuki begs Kaname not to put Zero in with the Night students, but Kaname cannot follow her wishes. Before Yuki runs off, Kaname tells her the sad truth that Zero will eventually turn into a Level E vampire.

Meanwhile, Zero takes his Bloody Rose out. He holds it against the side of his head just when Yuki walks into his dorm room. Yuki tries to stop him, but Zero puts her in a position where Yuki is holding the gun to Zero's neck. He tries to get Yuki to shoot him, but Yuki cannot make herself do such a thing. Zero leaves the gun with Yuki as he leaves the room, but Yuki puts it down and chases after him. She catches up with him, and says that she will never be afraid of him and will always be his ally. As Yuki silently hugs Zero from behind, Kaname watched them from his room.

The scene changes to Headmaster Cross's office at Cross Academy where the Headmaster gives Yuki a bracelet that, when touched to Zero's tattoo, will cause Zero to be paralyzed temporarily. This is to stop Zero if he ever loses control and tries to bite someone on the condition from Kaname if Zero wants to remain in the Day Class.

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The purpose for the gathering ended up being a birthday party for Takuma. Takuma reveals that he killed the Level E vampire from earlier because they aren't the same as the vampires that Yuki is used to seeing. They were once human. Yuki asks about the incident from before when he saved her from the malicious vampire and that they were the same. Hanabusa, who knows about the incident, says that the vampire was a Level E (ex-human vampire) and Takuma goes forward to explain the different vampire levels. Yuki is surprised with all the information that she's learning, such as how Aristocrat and Pureblood vampires can control lower ones.

Kaname and Seiren arrived. Kaname reveals that he was the one who sent Takuma and Senri after the vampire. Kaname calls Yuki and Zero over and requests that Yuki sits next to him where he pulls her closer to him. He reveals that it is forbidden for a human to be made into a vampire, but, long ago during battles between vampires and vampire hunters, humans were used for military power.

Kaname and Seiren. Kaname says how he instructed Takuma to dispose of the Level E vampire who attacked Yuki. He asks her why she didn't say anything about it to Headmaster Cross and she says that it didn't seem important, and also because she'd like to report it herself. He sits down on a couch in the nearby room and asks Yuki to join him, which she reluctantly does. Kaname puts his hand on her shoulder and says that the safest place for her is to be beside him. Kaname and Yuki talk about the incident and Yuki says that it's all her fault, as she was being careless. Kaname then talks about how Ex-Human vampires should have never existed and goes to explain Purebloods and the vampires below them in status and long ago during battles between vampires and vampire hunters, humans were used for military power.

Kaname believes it is the Noble and Pureblood vampires' job to destroy the Level E vampires, but Zero disagrees and believes it is the vampire hunters' jobs. Then, Kaname mentions that the reason why Zero didn't attack that Level E in the alley earlier, causing Zero to be surprised. Kaname uses his powers to take away the pain from Yuki's wound from earlier by kissing it. Kaname asks if Zero sympathized with the Level E. Zero becomes angry and tries to attack Kaname by pulling out the Bloody Rose from his jacket pointing it at him. However, Zero didn't pull the trigger because Seiren had her hand up against Zero's neck. Kaname tells Seiren that it is alright as it's his own fault anyway for provoking Zero. This causes the Night Class students to get a bit upset for what Zero did to Kaname. After all of this, Takuma insists that they continue to celebrate.

Back to the party, Yuki is feeling uncomfortable watching the other vampires interact. Yuki looks at Kaname for a moment before she looks away when he looks at her. Takuma decides to cut his birthday cake and lets Senri do the honors, but Senri simply cuts Takuma's hand and starts drinking blood from it. Once Zero leaves, Yuki insists on leaving, too, even though Hanabusa tries to stop her. When asked if it's okay for her to leave, Kaname replies that Yuki will eventually come back to him.

The next morning, she sees that Zero isn't at school. She sees Yagari walking in the hallways and demands to know where her friend is and is told that he is being quarantined. Yagari says it's to ensure that any violent attacks to possible come would not be in effect. Yuki asks if he's still okay and asks where he is. Yagari simply ignores her question and leaves, saying that Kaien has instructed him to act as the Night Class' new teacher, much to Yuki's surprise. When Kaname walks by Yuki, he tells her that he hasn't seen Zero at all today and she should withdraw her plea as his place was in the Night Class before going into the classroom.

At first, Zero was hesitant, but he does what she says anyway. After awhile, Zero finishes. Zero states that he is a hideous being who can't control his urges for blood. He then tells Yuki to just abandon him and that the blood tabletsare only a temporary measure. Yuki refuses to abandon him, and she also says that Zero is still Zero and that it's fine to hate vampires or even her, and that those are ways of not giving up. Zero says that he couldn't possibly ever be mad at her and asks her if she is alright. Not knowing that Kaname sensed them.

The next day at school, she thinks about her proposal. Yuki knows that it's forbidden as she's offering her own blood to keep a vampire alive, and is determined to keep it a secret. She encounters Kaname from the opposite side, asking where she's been. Yuki asks about the Night Class lessons and Kaname says that he's finished, so everyone's left. Kaname asks to visit Kaien but Yuki informs him that he's not in his quarters. Kaname then walks over to Yuki and notices that her hair is wet, asking her if she's washed it. Yuki realizes that Kaname knows the truth and silently begs him not to look at her neck as he's gently touching it. Much to her surprise, Kaname hugs Yuki and wonders when she's started keeping secrets from him, noting how it's all that's changed in their relationship within the past ten years. Kaname lets go. They bid each other a good-night and Yuki leaves, wondering why her heart is aching despite wanting to keep her promise with Zero.

Toga Yagari approaches Kaname from the trees. He comments on the gentle hug that Kaname gave Yuki. Yagari says that he doesn't care why Yuki is so special to him, but says that Kaname does know what's happening between her and Zero. He asks if Kaname is furious. Kaname doesn't reply. Yagari realizes that Kaname doesn't plan on doing anything and asks why he won't kill Zero. An array of wind attacks and cut Yagari's cigarette. Kaname finally replies and says that he plans to keep silent so that he wouldn't lose Yuki then he continues forward.

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During his target practice, Zero remarks by saying it wouldn't be an issue if someone else had bitten her and that she'd probably want Kaname to drink her blood anyway. He adds that he knows how she feels about him and also about her blood's taste. Yuki calls Zero a pervert and goes away, saying she doesn't like to be spied on. She runs away and tells herself how she doesn't like people commenting on her relationship with Kaname. She then says how she knows her feelings for him better than anyone else.

In the present, Zero finds Yuki asleep and is tempted to drink her blood when Kaname catches up to Zero, explains to Zero that the only reason he has not killed him is to keep him alive for Yuki's sake; and for Zero to be Yuki's "shield."

Kaname and Yuki are recalling memories when they encountered each other the night Yuki first offered Zero her blood. Zero is recalling what Kaname told him about him letting Zero live because he will never betray Yuki.

Suddenly, Yuki arrives and comments aloud on the peacefulness of the school and tries to ask Asato something, but cannot remember what she was supposed to say. Asato decides to ask Kaien Cross about the matter. He then asks if a well-known Vampire Hunter came to the school recently. Before Yuki can answer, Zero arrives and tells Asato that Kaien asked them to bring Asato to the headmaster. Asato begrudgingly decides to go and asks Zero to lead him. Yuki tries to go with Zero but is stopped by Kaname, who congratulates her. Yuki thanks Kaname from yesterday and running off, confusing him.

When the Night Class comes out, all the girls are so energetic that Yuki gets dragged along with them as they head towards the Night Class. Hanabusa sees Yuki and pulls her into the building, while listening to the jealous outcries of the girls left outside. In there, Kaname tells Hanabusa to stop bothering the Yuki reminds Yuki not to push herself and to be more careful. Zero then angrily comes in to get Yuki out, scolding her for getting abducted. Members of the Night Class talk about the ball while walking in the hallway.

Presently, he and Yuki are on duty for the Night Class, but the evening is quiet due to upcoming exams. Maria reaches out to Yuki’s face, but Zero pulls Yuki back. Maria then smiles. Alone together, Zero again tells Yuki to avoid Maria.

Yuki realizes that Maria is the reason why Zero has been acting all strange recently and runs after him. Zero faces down Maria but can’t kill her. She says he can’t kill his master, who made him a vampire. She tries to kiss him, but he jerks back. She and Zero fight. Alarmed, Yuki calls his name, but Kaname puts her asleep. He erases Yuki's memory of that night, saying that he cannot lose Yuki but that Zero can die if he’s that weak. Zero faints from an injury, and Maria tells her bodyguard to carry him away.

Elsewhere, Yuki struggles with Maria’s proposal;she visits Zero’s empty room, thinking of Zero’s isolation and Kaname’s kindness.She then heads for the auditorium to help set up the decorations for the dance as her class got the lowest score; the Class President continues to yell at her for not heading his warning about taking the test seriously.

Zero does without resistance, something Yuki notices is different. She quickly questions Zero why her blood tastes like, only for him to ask why she would want to know before continuing drinking herblood.Yuki remembers Maria saying that to save Zero; Yuki must either give Maria her blood or kill Kaname. Alone afterwards, Zero is filled with self-disgust.

Yuki runs off to find Kaname, being told by Akatsuki he's on the terrace.Finding Kaname, Yuki dances with him on the terrace. Yuki accuses Kaname of treating her like a child by putting her to sleep and erasing her memories the night before. Kaname hugs her, saying that he only wanted to protect her. Yuki makes her decision about Maria’s bargain and runs off. Zero comes looking for Yuki. Kaname tells Zero coldly that he’s supposed to protect her. Zero runs after Yuki. Seething, Kaname breaks the glass pane behind him; he tells Takuma to tie him down before he does something rash.

Meanwhile, Yuki is patrolling and meets Kaname. She says she is worried about Zero and confides her guilt about Zero's pain to him. Jealous, Kaname nevertheless leaves to visit Zero, who has been chained in a dungeon-like cell. Zero is losing to his Level E instincts. Toga and Cross were visiting Zero before Kaname came but rushed away upon hearing a disturbance, suspecting that the Senior Council had come. Kaname gets Zero to drink his blood, saying that his Pure blood will save Zero from madness and claims that keeping him alive is for Yuki's sake.

Zero comes back while Yuki is guarding for the Moon Dormitory. Yuki then falls and is caught by Zero mistaking him with Kaname

The Night Class students kills one of them. Kaname asks one of them what they were doing at Cross Academy. One of the vampires answered that it was because the Vampire Council had ordered them. Kaname then badly hurts him and he orders the other vampires to leave. Once they've left, Kaname went over to Yuki and asked her if she was okay, and was about to touch her face, but she backed away. Yuki then told Kaname that she didn't want to be treated like a child and won't speak to him until he truly admits that Zero is innocent. When Takuma joked about the scene, Kaname became angry and accidentally burns a hole in a tree that missed Takuma's head.

Yuki had been having trouble realizing what really happened between Zero and herself, also Kaname pops in her head, she tries to shake it all off.

Yuki wakes up on a couch, in the middle a room that doesn't have any windows. Wanting to know where she was, and finds Kaname on a chair close to her, waiting for her to wake up and became relieved that she managed to wake up. Yuki was surprised and tries to protest against Kaname for saying that she didn't know what happened. She stood up quickly and lost her balance as her vision became blurry for a moment. Kaname catches Yuki before she could fall. She thanks him and he respond with noting that she was wasn't speaking to him, overlong that conversation about Zero. Then Kaname checks her heartbeat and says that her heart has skipped a beat, saying that she knows exactly what he meant by that.

Yuki saw Zero and again the same image of him almost kissing her came back. Kaname enters the room, with everyone bowing except Zero. Afterwards, parents from aristocratic families offer their daughters to Kaname for marriage. Kaname noticed Yuki watching when she left.

Yuki and Zero return to guardian duty the next morning. As he passes by, Kaname tells Yuki that he knows she meant what she had said the night before, but she should not take it to heart, not noticing that Zero heard the conversation.

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Yuki ponders if it would be a good idea for Kaname to turn her into a vampire, but Zero says he would never let her become one, even if it means becoming Kaname's enemy.

The next day, Takuma had dropped Kaname and the others from the Aido's villa (because Takuma has to visit his grandfather) returned and Yuki and Zero were there to greet them. Kaname gave Yuki a gift; a special rose encased in resin. Kaname also gave Zero a life-size voodoo doll, but Zero immediately rejects that. Yuki asks Kaname to meet her inprivate to discuss something later on and Kaname agreed.

Zero confronts Kaname about Yuki's memories. Kaname attacks Zero becausehe is a Pureblood yet Zero doesn't fear or respect like a vampire should and he hates Zero. After smelling Yuki on Zero, Kaname claws at Zero's chest causing him to loose blood. He forces Zero to drink his blood again to stop his transformation into Level E so Zero can continue to serve Yuki because he won't betray her. As Zero drinks Kaname's blood, he sees one of Kaname's memories.

Yuki resolves to talk to Kaname once more about her past. She gets angry with him for treating her like a child and not telling her what he knows. He asks her if she wouldn't rather stay blissfully ignorant of her past, but she emphatically explains she wishes to be strong and know the truth. He then expresses his concern that the truth will make Yuki hate him, and though she says she could never hate Kaname, he makes her promise to be his lover to prove her devotion before he will reveal the past. Yuki agrees. When he hugs her for comfort, he notices Zero looking at the two with his "worried eyes" since Kaname knows how much Zero loves Yuki.

Yuki hesitantly meets with Kaname during a break, with Zero standing guard, still yearning for answers for her past despite the awkwardness of the meeting.

When Yuki wakes up in a room, she has hallucinations of blood all over the room. Zero comes in to check on her, and Yuki suddenly pins him to the ground and strangles him.

After Zero offers no resistance, Yuki talks to him, telling him that she was only using Zero for her own selfish acts, Zero says that the one she actually needs is Kaname and not him. Yuki then shoos him out of the room and cries behind the door. The window opposite the door then opens in a gust of wind, with Kaname standing there. Yuki gets a shock, then runs toward Kaname and cries in his arms. Zero, disturbed by the sound of Yuki crying, races back to Yuki's room, and sees that Kaname who by this time has erased the hallucinations from Yuki's mind and she is now unconscious.

Kaname carries Yuki out of the window, looking behind him and saying that Zero will not betray Yuki. Kaname then goes out the window and brings Yuki to the rooftop. While she is still unconscious, he bites her neck. Yuki wakes up from this startled and tries to resist but Kaname does not stop as he covers her mouth. Yuki then goes unconscious again and Kaname bites his wrist. Kaname then transfers his blood to Yuki through her mouth as a kiss. Kaname then asks Yuki if she knows who he is. However, Zero from a higher level of the building saw Kaname drink Yuki's blood and aims his Bloody Rose down at Kaname, misunderstanding that Kaname has turned Yuki into a vampire.

Yuki rushes and blocks Zero where she claims that Kaname is her older brother and apologizes to Zero, who became shocked, before she faints into Kaname's arms. Kaname holds Yuki tightly and then tells Zero as he walks off with Yuki in his arms that he would have been much happier if he was born as Yuki's real older brother.

Kaname reveals to Zero that Yuki is the Pureblood Princess of the Kuran family and asks him what he will do because he hunts vampires. Kaname carries Yuki off to the Headmaster's private quarters, leaving Zero unable to shoot the Bloody Rose at either vampire as he was in shock. Yuki recalls her past, that Kaname was her older brother, and her mother and father sacrificed themselves so that Rido would not be able to harm Yuki. Yuki's father Haruka Kuran died fighting Rido and her mother JuriKuran used her remaining life to seal away Yuki's memories as a vampire, also turning her daughter into a human. The smell of blood alerts the other vampires of the Night Class that Yuki is, in fact, a Pureblood vampire.

Meanwhile, the Chairman and Toga meet on school grounds, but Zero interrupts, trying to get Toga to kill him, as he cannot stand Yuki being a Pureblood. Toga refuses, throwing Zero to the floor and leaving him there wallowing in his agony over Kaname and Yuki.

As Zero sits in silence in the prison cell, Kaname arrives, claiming that Zero is the "knight" he has prepared for the past four years to kill Rido. He reveals that Zero has been strengthened by drinking the blood of the three Pureblood vampires and is the stronger twin child of a vampire hunter. When Kaname tells Zero to kill Rido, Kaname reveals that Rido will hunt Yuki until he devours her and claims that Zero will never betray Yuki.

Zero is ready to kill Kaname next, but Yuki's arrival stops him; Kaname had said before that Zero would never betray Yuki. Kaname tells Yuki it will soon be time to leave. Kaname tells the Night Students that he is disbanding their classes because they were all only pawns he gathered to protect Yuki.

Elsewhere, Yuki and Zero meet on the roof, both note how bright the morning sun is. Yuki asks Zero if he remembers making her promise to kill him if he became a vampire, asking what he would do if she became one instead; he'd vowed to prevent it from happening. However, Zero says that there is noproof to prove she is a vampire. Yuki tries getting Zero to quit denying the truth, only to be toldto suck his blood to prove it. With reluctance, Yuki complies. As she drinks Zero's blood, she realizes what he meant when he told her he could tell she wanted Kaname to drink her blood instead; shesees Zero's feelings for her, learning that he's been love withher. Unable to deny the truth anymore, Zero says they next time they meet, he'll kill her. Despite the cruel promise of death by a friend's hand, Yuki says she's looking forward to it.

Zero looks off into the sky, remembering he promised Yuki he would kill her the next time they met. Yuki remembers this at the same time, saying she'll be waiting for that day to come.


  • "You'd probably wish to have your blood drank by Kaname-senpai, right?" (Zero to Yuki)
  • "He and... your daughter with him... And I'm one of the persons you love too.." (Zero to yuki)
  • "I know that your heart stopped moving that day." (Zero to Yuki about Kaname's death)
  • "You could never betray her because you are under her obligation. You are being allowed to live because of that, Zero. By me." (Kaname to Zero)


  • Yuki, Kaname, and Zero are similar to the love triangle between King Arthur, Queen Guinevere, and Sir Lancelot.
  • Yuki names both of her daughters relating to different meanings of love for Kaname and Zero, in Japanese culture.
  • Upon Zero's death Yuki's depression returns and she decides she no longer wants to live in the world without him similarly as to when Kaname "died." Yuki dies giving Kaname her heart so that he may experience life as a human and she moves on to be with Zero. Even in death, her final choices are linked to her devotion to both men whom she loves.

See also


  1. Vampire Knight Memories chapter 12, page 30. Yuki tells Ruka and Rima "He is family,He is an irreplaceable partner"
  2. Matsuri Hino removed the "forever" part from Yuki's request in the release of chapter 51 in Volume 11
(Video) Love Triangle Nightmare 2023 #LMN | BEST Lifetime Movies | Based on a true story (2023)


What are the 3 component of the love triangle? ›

The triangular theory of love explains the topic of love in an interpersonal relationship. Psychologist Robert Sternberg's theory describes types of love based on three different scales: intimacy, passion, and commitment.

What is a love triangle relationship? ›

A love triangle is a relationship in which three people are each in love with at least one other person in the relationship. [journalism]

What is a love triangle example? ›

Some famous examples of love triangles include:

Wickham (Pride and Prejudice) Bella Swan choosing between Edward and Jacob (Twilight) Katniss Everdeen choosing between Peeta and Gale (The Hunger Games) Celaena Sardothian choosing between Dorian and Chaol (Throne of Glass)

What is the most famous love triangle? ›

Full List
  • Rhett Butler, Scarlett O'Hara and Ashley Wilkes.
  • Elizabeth Taylor, Eddie Fisher and Richard Burton.
  • Woody Allen, Mia Farrow and Soon-Yi Previn.
  • Butch Cassidy, the Sundance Kid and Etta Place.
  • George Harrison, Eric Clapton and Pattie Boyd.
  • Joey Ramone, Linda Ramone and Johnny Ramone.
Sep 24, 2022

What usually happens in a love triangle? ›

The term "love triangle" generally connotes an arrangement unsuitable to one or more of the people involved. One person typically ends up feeling betrayed at some point (e.g., "Person A is jealous of Person C who is having a relationship with Person B who, in Person A's eyes, is "their person.").

What are the 7 types of love? ›

According to Greek philosophy, here are the 7 different kinds of love:
  • Eros – Romantic, Passionate Love (Of the Body) ...
  • Philia – Affectionate, Friendly Love. ...
  • Storge – Unconditional, Familial Love. ...
  • Agape – Selfless, Universal Love. ...
  • Ludus – Playful, Flirtatious Love. ...
  • Pragma – Committed, Long-Lasting Love. ...
  • Philautia – Self Love.

How do love triangles typically end? ›

Love triangles are usually resolved in one of four main ways: The most common way is for two of the characters involved in the triangle to end up together, and the other one being eliminated through death, turning out to be unworthy of whoever they want, or stepping aside so that their beloved can be happy.

How common are love triangles in real life? ›

The poll shows that one-third of Americans (33%) have experienced a love triangle, where two people compete against each other for the romantic attention of another person.

What is the psychology of love triangles? ›

The triangular theory of love holds that love can be understood in terms of three components that together can be viewed as forming the vertices of a triangle. The triangle is used as a metaphor, rather than as a strict geometric model. These three components are intimacy, passion, and decision/commitment.

What are the 3 types of love? ›

The three loves that she came up with are the following: Lust, Passion, and Commitment. These three loves occur in different parts of the brain and occur independently from each other. For instance, you can be “in lust” with someone but have no perceived commitment to them (e.g., one night stands).

How do you spice up a love triangle? ›

10 Tips for Writing Better Love Triangles:
  1. Fully develop each character involved in the triangle. ...
  2. Make both suitors a viable choice for the protagonist. ...
  3. Don't drag out the decision or go back and forth too much. ...
  4. Have your protagonist actively choose someone to be with.

Are love triangles healthy? ›

In fact, they can be downright unhealthy. “These images are far from reality,” Maximets said. “In normal life, a love triangle causes suffering. While in a relationship, many people hide the third person, and when the truth comes out, it hurts everyone involved.”

What is a love triangle between 4 people called? ›

A love cube is like a love triangle, except way more complicated and messy. Where a love triangle concerns three people -- like three corners of a triangle -- a love cube concerns four.

Does first first love have a love triangle? ›

Netflix original "My First First Love” season one ended and the love triangle between JiSoo, DIA's Jung ChaeYeon, and JinYoung is getting viewers torn apart.

What are the 3 most important aspects of love? ›

All healthy relationships share the following three core components:
  • Mutual respect.
  • Mutual trust.
  • Mutual affection.

What do you do in a 3 way love triangle? ›

  1. Recognize your role in a triangle relationship. In a triangle love affair, you can find yourself in different roles. ...
  2. Understand the purpose of a triangle relationship in your life. ...
  3. List your alternatives. ...
  4. Accept there isn't a perfect solution. ...
  5. Focus on caring for yourself.
Feb 2, 2021

What are the main components of love? ›

Sternberg (1988) suggests that there are three main components of love: passion, intimacy, and commitment. Love relationships vary depending on the presence or absence of each of these components. Passion refers to the intense, physical attraction partners feel toward one another.

What are the components of true love? ›

The 4 Aspects of True Love
  • MAITRI or METTA (Loving-Kindness) The first element of true love is MAITRI, which can be translated as loving-kindness or benevolence. ...
  • KARUNA (Compassion) The second element of true love is KARUNA, which roughly translates as compassion. ...
  • MUDITA (Joy)
  • UPEKSHA (Equanimity or Freedom)

What are the red flags in a relationship? ›

Red flags in a relationship include excessive jealousy and frequent lying. You should also be wary of a partner who frequently criticizes you or puts you down. Another major red flag is an unwillingness to compromise — relationships shouldn't be one-sided.

What keeps a relationship going? ›

Relationship tips. Work on communication skills. Strong relationships are built on effective communication. Make an effort to really listen to each other and share both positive and negative feelings to keep the environment honest and open.

What are the 3 types of true love? ›

The three loves that she came up with are the following: Lust, Passion, and Commitment. These three loves occur in different parts of the brain and occur independently from each other. For instance, you can be “in lust” with someone but have no perceived commitment to them (e.g., one night stands).

How do you break a love triangle? ›

"The key to breaking out of a love triangle is to establish boundaries with the other affected people. Communicate your intentions openly, (either with the person you're trying to pursue, or the person that's trying to pursue you) and agree on the dynamic of your relationship," says Dr Vowels.


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