The Most Stylish Baby Girl Names You've Ever Heard (+ meanings!) (2022)

If you’re looking for a stylish baby girl name, you’ve come to the right place. Some of these names have made the most popular baby names list, but not all of them.

I think we all want to find that middle ground between a name that’s overused and a name that’s strange. We hope you enjoy this list!

The Most Stylish Baby Girl Names You've Ever Heard (+ meanings!) (1)

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Ada: (German) Ada’s a great choice for many families. It’s a great trendy baby name alternative to Ava, and it’s also considered a Biblical name (if you’re looking for that). It means noble and kind, which is something we want all of our girls to live up to.

Adelaide: (German) Adelaide means “nobility” and has French origins – and neither of these things surprises us. It’s definitely an “older” sounding name, but many of these are making a true comeback and is in the top 500 list of names.

Adina: (Hebrew) Adina is a super fun name that also means delicate which is very true when it comes to your newborn bundle of joy.

Adley: (Hebrew) Adley is a stylish baby girl name that is not currently very popular, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see that change in the coming years. It translates to “judicious.”

Aida:(Italian) Meaning happy, this name is short, sweet, and adorable. It’s a really cool first name or even middle name choice, too.

Ainsley: (Scottish) Ainsley is of Scottish descent, and comes from a surname that means “wood”, “clearing”, “meadow”. This is one of my favorite baby names (although I’ll admit that’s probably because I’m partial to A names!)

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Alice: (French) Some places list Alice as meaning noble, whereas other places list it as meaning truthful. It has been listed in the top 100 baby names, but it seems to be moving further away from that #1 spot.

Amberly: (Arabic) Amberly is a beautiful spin-off of the name “Amber”. It’s a great option if you want your little one to have a pretty nickname to match. It’s either considered to be of Arabic or English descent.

Angelique: (French) This beautiful baby girl’s name means “angel” and is one of the most true statements, ever.

Annalee: (English) Annalee is a stylish baby girl name that translates to “grace, pasture”. Its origin is English and is beautifully feminine. Make sure you like the nickname associated with it, as I imagine she’ll be called a shortened version of this often.

Ariana: (Italian) This name has grown in popularity because of the pop singer Ariana Grande, and has risen into the top 100 baby names (although don’t worry – it’s not super high on the list. The name means Holy.

Arya: (Hebrew) Arya is a favorite of any GOT fan, and it’s one of the only Game of Thrones baby names that I would personally name a baby. This name means “noble”, and it wasn’t in the top 100 names as of 2018 (although I wouldn’t be surprised if this name has become more popular).

Audrey: (English) Audrey is a classic name that’s making a comeback. It translates to “golden”, and I’m a little partial to it since it’s my name!

Auralee: (German) Auralee is a beautiful baby girl name that has a ton of options in regard to nicknames. Personally, I think this is a beautiful name, and it’s definitely uncommon (for now).

Auri: (Finnish) Auri is a unique name and doesn’t even make it in the top 1000 baby names. I know a young girl who goes by Auri, and I think it’s the cutest baby girl name. It’s a derivative of the English name Aura which means “wind” (which any Name of the Wind fans know is quite exciting!)

Aurora: (Latin) This classically beautiful name has exploded in popularity over the last few years. The word Aurora is Latin for “dawn” and is most commonly known by the cute Disney movie associated with it.

Austyn: (Latin) The name Austyn is listed primarily as a boy name but has been used for girls more and more frequently. This specific spelling of Austyn makes it a bit more feminine. The name means “majestic” in French.

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Avery: (English) Avery is a great gender-neutral name and sounds adorable for both boys and girls (although it’s more commonly seen in girls now). It originated during the Middle Ages, but has exploded onto the top 100 baby name list.

Ayla: (Turkish) The name Ayla is beautifully feminine. Short, easy to pronounce, and ranked the 232nd most popular baby name make it a good choice for parents that want something unique.

Beatrix: (Latin) Beatrix is a playful and more stylish version of Beatrice and has its own origin. Personally, I know this name from the famous Quinton Tarintino film “Kill Bill”, whose main character is named Beatrix Kiddo.

Blair: (Scottish) Blair is a snappy baby girl name that means “plain, field”. It also happens to be a. a popular name on a few different soap operas I’ve watched and is in the top 1000 baby girl names.

Cecily: (Latin) Although Cecily sounds pretty – it’s meaning is somewhat lacking as it translates to “blind” in Latin. It’s definitely growing in popularity but hasn’t hit the top 1000 baby girl names yet.

Celine: (French) This fun name means “heaven” and is also the first name of the famous singer, Celine Dion.

Charlee: (German) Charlee is considered a girl’s name and translates to “free man”. This is definitely a more unique spelling, and is often used as a nickname to other baby names.

Charlotte: (French) This name translates to “petite” and “feminine”. It’s a name that is used often for royalty, but has grown a lot in popularity for us “commoners”. 😉

Chiara: (Italian) Meaning “light, clear”, the pronounciation of this word really does make it stand out as unique and stylish.

Chloe: (Greek) This name means “blooming” and is one that can be spelled a few different ways as well.

Clara: (Latin) The trendy baby name Clara is best known for her role in The Nutcracker, as well as one of the Doctor’s most recent companions (Doctor Who). The name means bright and clear.

Clarke: (English) Clarke is a very stylish baby girl name, and this is a great option if you want something that isn’t super popular – as it’s not even in the top 3,000 baby names.

Cleo: (Greek) Cleo is of English origin and means “glory”. It was used more frequently in the 1800s and has been declining in popularity since then.

Cora: (Greek) Cora initially became popular due to “Last of the Mohicans” in the 1800s. That means this trendy baby name is a little old-fashioned, but it was in the top 100 baby names of 2017 so it’s definitely well-loved.

Coral: (Latin) Meaning “small pebble”, this stylish name for girls is really cute and simple. It’s a great option for consider.

Danae: (Greek) “God is my judge” is the meaning of this unique and fun name.

Demi: (Greek) Maeaning “half”, this girl’s name has gained a lot of popularity from the fame of Demi Moore.

Eden: (Hebrew) This name means “delight” and is also a very big name in the first portion of the Bible.

Eliza: (Greek) The name Eliza was the 140th most popular baby girl name in 2017 – so while it’s somewhat popular, it still isn’t in the top 100. It was originally a pet name for “Elizabeth”, so it’s definitely been around a long time.

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Ella: (English) For me, the name Ella will always make me think of the book Ella Enchanted – which was a spinoff of a Cinderella storyline. The name means beautiful fairy or light. Some sites list it in the top 100 baby names, whereas other sites do not so its popularity is difficult to gauge.

Ellie: (Hebrew) Ellie is another beautiful and stylish baby girl name that has grown in popularity over the last ten years. It’s also a great nickname for many long names. It means “shining light”, and is of Greek origin.

Emelia: (English) A name that means “industrious or rival” in Latin, Emelia is something we suspect will climb in the charts. It’s a gorgeous name that’s getting a lot of visibility among GOT fans.

Everly: (English) This name translates to “from the Boar Meadow”. Channing and Jenna Tatum named their daughter Everly in 2013, and it has grown in popularity since. It’s moved into the top 100 baby names, but just barely.

Evie: (Hebrew) “Lively” is the meaning of this name and that’s one thing that your baby is certain to be.

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Fallon: (Irish) Fallon is of Irish origin and translates to “leader.” It’s not in the top 1000 most popular baby names but is also not obscure – making it a great stylish baby girl name.

Farrah: (Arabic) This name means “happiness” and we think it’s a fun spelling and has a great vibe to it, too.

Finley: (Scottish) An adorable girl name whose meaning is derived of Scottish origin. The name translates to both “white”, “fair” and “battle”, hero”. It’s in the top 500 popular baby names.

Grace: (Latin) This name first became popular in the 17th century and refers to divine grace. It’s turned into one of the top baby names for girls, so you run the risk of having more than one Grace in your child’s class if you go with this one.

Harleigh: (English) This specific spelling of Harleigh is seen as more feminine and is thus more common in girls. It’s of Old English origin and means “hare meadow”.

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Harlow: (English) This stylish baby girl name is of English origin and means “army”. It’s within the top 500 baby girl names and seems to be gaining in popularity, but it’s still uncommon enough that your little one will probably be. the only Harlow in her class.

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Harper: (English) Harper has grown fast in popularity as a stylish baby girl name and is currently within the top 100 baby girl names. It means “harp” and is of Middle English origin.

Haven:(English) Meaning “place of safety”, this is one name that is for certain to be not overused and different than all the other options out there.

Hazel: (English) This name started being noticed when Julia Roberts named her child Hazel. It’s been growing in popularity ever since but is still not in the top fifty popular baby names so you don’t have to worry about it being overused. Yet.

Henley: (English) This name means “high meadow” and has started to gain a little popularity but isn’t too popular as of yet.

Hensley: (English) Hensley is a great gender-neutral name meaning “ambitious”. If the spelling seems too masculine to you, consider a different spelling like Hensleigh.

Indi: (Australian) Indi is more commonly used as a dog name, but it’s growing in popularity in the human variety of baby too. The meaning translates to “Indian”, but personally, it reminds me of a certain genre of music I love.

Indigo:(Greek) Meaning “Indian dye”, this name might mean a color but it’s a beautiful choice as well.

Isla:(Spanish) “Island” is the meaning of this shortened name for girls.

Jocelyn: (German) Meaning “member of the Gauts tribe”, This name can be shorted into other nicknames as well.

Kambrie: (English) Kambrie has been slowly increasing in popularity but isn’t even in the top 1000 baby names yet. Nobody knows for sure what the origin of this name is, but there’s thought it is of Old English origin and means “angel”. Pretty much I think this means you can make it up if you want.

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Kendra: (English) Meaning “knowledge”, this name is one that has a nice sound to it.

Kenzley: (unknown origin) Kenzley first hit the baby name charts in 2010, but is still considered a unique baby girl name. Its popularity seems to be declining, so it’s pretty safe to say there won’t be a ton of Kenzley’s in your daughter’s school.

Khelsie: (unknown origin) This spelling of Kelsey is not super popular, which makes it a great option if you’re looking for something different – but not too different. Personally, I think this spelling makes it’s a very stylish baby girl name.

Kinsley: (English) Kinsley is of English descent, and translates to “kings meadow”. It has been moving up in the rankings of most popular baby names (it’s in the top 100), and I wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t slow down.

Lainie: (Scottish) Laine is a name of Scottish origin, and translates to “serves John”. Personally, this is another one of my favorites. It makes a great nickname if you choose a longer name related to it.

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Layla: (Egyptian) This trendy baby name can mean “wine” or “dark beauty”. It’s grown incredibly popular, in the last twenty years, and doesn’t seem to be slowing down in popularity.

Lena: (Hebrew) This name means “illustrious” and is a beautiful short name to consider.

Luna: (Latin) Luna became more popular after we met the well-loved Harry Potter character Luna Lovegood. It means “the moon”, and is a great option if your baby is born under the sign of Cancer because it’s ruled by the moon.

Lyric: (French) Lyric is a beautiful name choice, and not too common. It seems people are at odds about whether this is a boy or a girl name (with many people thinking it’s a girl name), but as a commenter pointed out here,there were over 200 boys named Lyric in 2017.

Maeva: (French) This name means “welcome”. It’s a unique name and quite beautiful.

Maisie: (Scottish) Meaning “pearl”, this name is so cute and has such a fun sound to it! I love this one!

Malika: (Arabic) “Queen” is the meaning and you better believe that your little princess will one day grow up to be this.

Marin: (Latin) The meaning of this name is actually “of the sea” and we think that the name sounds like mariner as well.

Maylin: (Chinese) “Beautiful jade” is the meaning of this wonderful and feminine name.

Medley: (English) While the meaning is “unknown”, this would be a great choice for a musical family!

Mila: (Russian) This stylish baby name means “gracious or dear”. It’s in the top 100, but has lost steam in the current year. Mila also makes a great nickname for a lot of baby girl names with cute nicknames.

Millie: (English) Meaning “mild of strength”, this name can also be used as a nickname as well.

Monique: (French) This name means “Madonna” is often is spelled a few different ways, too.

Nora (Italian) Nora seems to have grown in popularity and is within the top 100 baby names. The meaning for Nora can vary, but the two most common are honor and light.

Paulette: (French) Meaning “humble”, I love how this name can be broken up into different nicknames and options.

Poppy: (Latin) “Red flower” is the meaning of this adorable name.

Raye: (French) This edgy name is pretty well-known and accepted, but it’s not very popular. The name literally translates to “ewe”.

Rayna: (Bulgarian) Rayna means “song of the Lord” in Hebrew. It’s definitely considered an uncommon name and doesn’t even make it in the top 500 girl baby names.

Rayne: (French) The name Rayne means “counsel; song”. For some people, this is a no-go because the pronunciation confuses some people. It’s ranked in the top 1000 baby girl names but hasn’t made it into the top 500 yet so it’s still fairly uncommon.

Reed: (English) This is actually a uni-sex name and means “red-haired” so we think it’s great for boys and girls!

Reese: (English) “Fiery” is the fun meaning of this wonderful name. It could be for a boy or girl as well.

River: (English) River used to be considered a boy baby name, but it’s grown in popularity among parents of girls too. Not surprisingly, the name translates to “riverbed”.

Shallon: (Greek) Shallon was more popular in the seventies and eighties, but it has continued to drop in popularity over the years. Shallon in British is a North American evergreen shrub.

Sibley: (Greek) Meaning “oracle”, don’t overlook this one!

Silvana: (Latin) “Of the forest”, this name is one that is certain to stand out!

Simone: (French) Meaning “”hearkening”, I just love how this has the initial spelling of a boy’s name but the added letter on the end makes it feminine.

Skylar: (Dutch) Skylar is a beautiful baby name that’s gender-neutral but is being used for girls more often nowadays. It is derived from a Dutch surname, and means “scholar”.

Suri: (Hebrew) Meaning “princess”, this name is popular because of Apple products and phones now, too!

Sylvie: (French) “From the forest” is the meaning of this name. Sometimes it’s used as a nickname as well.

Teagan: (Irish) Teagan translates to either little poet, or beautiful and perfect. It has definitely increased in popularity but hasn’t hit the top 100 most popular baby names. Teagan also works for baby boys, so it’s a nice gender neutral name option.

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Tania: (Russian) The name Tania is most often associated with a famous Polish-born abstract artist. It’s technically usually used as a shortened version of Tatiana. Be aware that the pronunciation of this name is up for debate, so you may have to correct people as she’s growing up.

Tara: (Gaelic) This name means “hill” but it’s one that is really quite unique. There is even a variation of spelling for it that includes Terra.

Tessa: (Greek) Meaning “to gather”, you’ll love being able to consider this name.

Veronique: (French) Meaning “true image”, this name is a fun one to consider. It’s quite beautiful.

Violet: (English) Literally meaning the color “purple”, if it’s your favorite color, you might want to consider this name.

Wren: (English) Wren (unsurprisingly) refers to a small brown songbird in Old English. It’s seen a more substantial gain than some names this year, but it’s hard to. say whether it will stay popular.

Zara: (Hebrew) Zara is either derived from “Sarah” or “Zahra”. This means your baby’s name means either “princess, lady” or “blossoming flower”. This name is somewhat popular and seems to be more popular among the British.

Zivi: (Hebrew) Meaning “brilliance”, this really is a fun name to have on your radar.

The Most Stylish Baby Girl Names You've Ever Heard (+ meanings!) (2)


It’s tempting to choose a unique baby name spelling – especially if you end up going with a more popular baby name.

Personally, I think stylish baby names sound more appealing than some of the more “rare” baby names, and I’m sure that’s true for many parents. Because of this, the logical thing to do would be to choose a unique spelling (because we ALL want our kids to be unique!)

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Although this is totally okay to a point – be careful about how crazy you get with it. It is often joked about in my state, as parents seem to choose spellings that are almost unrelated to the name they are supposed to convey.

Regardless, I think you’re okay if you want to choose to spell a name differently – for example “Harleigh” instead of “Harley”. As long as you make sure that the spelling easily conveys the name, you’re probably safe to use it.


Regardless of what you decide, remember that as long as you don’t name them something like Hamburger or Bulldog, it’s probably going to be okay. Watch my video above if you’re looking for more tips on choosing your little one’s name.

Please comment below and tell me what your favorite stylish baby girl name was? Is there something you’d like me to add to the list? Related:

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