Transport Fever 2 - Shinkansen Guide (2023)

Transport Fever 2 - Shinkansen Guide (1)


  • Guide to Shinkansen
    • Overview
    • Prepare Sections of Rail
    • Deliver Materials
    • Build the Rail
    • Test Runs
    • Testing Emergency Stops
    • Bringing the Maintenance Crew
    • Bring the Railroad into Operation
    • Having Financial Success
    • Satisfying Customer Needs

Guide to Shinkansen


This is one of the hardest missions in the entire Transport Fever 2 campaign along with Baghdad Railway, Liberated Markets and Mega City (If you go with planes on that mission that is) as it involves track building through mountains and bridges involved, along with the infamous Japanese high-speed engine costing 47 million in cash as well as a budget that drains easily. But how do you complete this mission? That is what I will discuss.

Prepare Sections of Rail

This is the beginning stages of the mission. After you are briefed, you need to prepare parts of the railway in which the trains will run on. With the tunnel construction site, you have to haul stone from the extraction site to the construction area near the city of Mishima. With the bridge construction, you have to haul construction materials from the construction materials plant to the construction site near the city of Nagoya. It is recommended that you use trucks for the cargoes. Even if you use trains, transporting them over a short distance won’t cover their operating costs and the ones you have at your disposal apart from the Shinkansen (The Russian Class P36 and Russian Class TE3) are somewhat expensive. So trucks are recommended for the job. 80 stone and 80 construction materials are needed to be delivered to their respective sites.

Deliver Materials

This is the next objective of the mission. It only requires for construction materials and steel to be delivered to the Main Office for the objective. Build some roads to link the Main Office to the steel mill and the road the trucks are using to deliver the construction materials. You can use the same line to deliver construction materials to the Main Office or have a separate one to the Main Office. 80 steel and 80 construction materials are needed. Note: The steel mill is near the town of Hamatsu and when you build the road and send the trucks, try to take care on how the road is built due to emissions your trucks make.

Build the Rail

This is the next leg of the mission and requires connecting the following cities: Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka. This leg of the mission requires to build a tunnel, bridge and link the stations. When building the line, use high speed tracks. You can either start in Osaka or Tokyo. When building the tunnel near Mishima, make sure that it stays clear of the road vehicles and stays in the marked zone, and the same goes for the bridge. After completing the segments between Tokyo and Nagoya, continue the construction to Osaka. You’ll notice that the 3 stations have double tracks so while connecting the stations, use the other track and link it to the network while placing switches and signals. You might also notice that when building the tracks, whether it is with curves or the bridges it might say

Cornering Speed may be too low! This indicates that the Shinkansens won’t get up to their speeds and will have to slow down to the speed the track is set at. To tackle this issue, here is what to do:

For the bridges, use the steel bridge as it’s speed limits are near the 300 kmh the tracks can do. The stone bridges only make your trains do 90 kmh.

Try and straighten out the curves to be near or at 300 kmh. If the curves are too tight, demolish them and redo the track plan. You’ll get it eventually don’t worry.

Test Runs

This is the next part of the mission as it requires you to send a train on the line back and forth with a specific number needed to be met. The Doctor Yellow train fits that purpose. Build train a depot anywhere as long as it is linked with the tracks and create a line with the following order :Tokyo-Nagoya-Osaka-Nagoya, or the other way around. Send the Doctor Yellow Train onto the line and wait. The specific numbers that need to be met require the distance traveled in tunnels and bridges that you built on the train. Tunnels 2000 meters and 1000 meters fro bridges. Let Doctor Yellow run for a few times before the 2000 meters and 1000 meters are met.

Testing Emergency Stops

After that part of the leg is done, it is recommended to sell Doctor Yellow as it doesn’t generate a profit at all. Using your depot, you are meant to buy 3 trains, send them along the tracks at a high speed and stop all 3. Here’s a good tip. After you send all 3 trains and they are at their speed, pause the game, open the vehicle window of the Shinkansen and click the power button, which stops the train. Repeat this for the 2 other Shinkansens before you unpause the game. Then, the game should recognize that all 3 have been stopped and you’ve completed this part of the mission.

Bringing the Maintenance Crew

This is the more easier part before the rest of the mission becomes harder. You just have to set up a bus line that takes people to the Main Office. You can edit the truck stop to have a bus station or make a separate one next to the truck stop. Set up a bus line in Nagoya, which is the closest to the Main Office, build a line and send buses all around. It is optional to do it with just Nagoya or Hamatsu. The Main Office will require 30 workers for the objective to be completed.

Bring the Railroad into Operation

This is where the next legs of the missions will become even harder as it requires to run even more Shinkansens for several reasons. To increase capacity to 600, keep the average speed above 90 kmh and keep the waiting time under 45%. If you still have the 3 Shinkansens form the emergency testing, then that is a great start, when keeping the waiting time under 45% and the speed, but not in capacity. 1 Shinkansens in-game only have capacity of 160. 3 Shinkansens only have 480 capacity in total. So, just add 1 more Shinkansen, which is a capacity of 640. So it is somewhat easy to complete this objective for the time being.

Having Financial Success

This is where the mission begins to get more tough. The voice over mentions about the construction debts not yet being paid and says to transport more people (400 to be precise) to increase the amount of cash you have to gain to pay the debts. 5 construction debts to be exact. The best thing to do, just let the trains transport the people and the trucks to keep transporting the cargo in order to earn enough funds to pay the debts, instead of paying it all at once. Just be patient, is all I’m saying.

Satisfying Customer Needs

This the hardest part of the mission as it requires a huge amount of money, trains and trucks for this. It requires to add more trains to reach a minimal frequency of 120, no overcrowded train stations and have food brought to the Main Office. While the overcrowded stations is easily achieved, the frequency part makes it so hard. 4 Shinkansens on the line isn’t enough for a minimal frequency of 120. Essentially, if you have enough cash, you’ll have to cram more trains into the line. But, keep an eye on your cash. The Shinkansen in-game costs 47 million to run and it’s running costs are 7 million a year, waste the money wisely. If you have the funds, you can do the food objective easily. Just for the Shinkansens, if you don’t have enough money for more, just wait and eventually, the frequency might maybe get to 120. You just need to be patient. Then, that’s the end of the mission.

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