Tsukishima Kei × Reader (2023)

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Tsukishima Kei × Reader (1)

Pairing: Tsukishima Kei & Reader

Word Count: 6541

Fandom: Haikyuu!!

Original Post Date on ao3: 30/04/2021


You met Tsukishima Kei for the first time while yelling at bullies for making fun of your best friend back in middle school.
Yamaguchi Tadashi and you made quite the interesting pair. Both of you were shy but it wasn’t a surprise to anyone when you suddenly became best friends. You kept to yourselves for most of the time, but when one of you is being bullied or made fun of, yeah be prepared to have an enraged best friend who’s suddenly no longer shy.

You were a bit late to leave your shared classroom with Tadashi, so when you left to meet up with him at your usual spot, you started fuming when you saw three classmates surrounding him and throwing their backpacks on him. You actually lost it when you heard Tadashi crying. You stomped your feet and ran to him, yelling at the top of your lungs for them to leave your best friend alone. You were still afraid of them, coming close to crying when you saw them, but you had to stay by your best friend’s side. The bullies were not backing down. They were making more fun of him.
“Oh little Tadashi needs a girl to defend him, because he’s such a baby.”

“I want to see someone coming to your defense if you were bullied.”
A voice came out of no where. They expected you to answer them, but you were actually looking behind them with your mouth hanging open.
Tsukishima Kei, one of the tallest kids in your middle school, was actually helping you defend Tadashi. When they saw the taller boy, the bullies began stuttering and tripping because of their attempt at running away. They left, leaving the three of you behind.

“Th-thank you Tsukishima-San. Thank you for your he-help.”
“I wasn’t helping you. I just wanted to say that cause I don’t like them.”
Taken aback, you couldn’t help but look back at Tadashi, and the two of you stared up at the tall boy in front of you, eyes shimmering from adoration. Best to say, that he left you two behind without a second thought.

After that fateful day, you followed Tadashi as he made it to the gym, looking at all the kids practicing volleyball. You knew right then that you wanted to play that sport for as long as you could. Still staring, you failed to acknowledge the real reason you came here. Tsukishima came in through the doors followed by an overly excited Tadashi, who’s trying to talk to him about his shoes? You weren’t really sure cause you were not focusing on them.

You just saw a group of girls on the court, and you knew you wanted to play with them. With a determined look on your face, and a couple of quizzical ones from both Tsukishima and Tadashi, you made your way towards the girls. Bowing politely, you asked them if you could learn how to play with them. They looked at you fondly, and accepted your request. You look up so quickly and started jumping and thanking them, with a wide smile.

What you didn’t know is that when you started jumping around and thanking the other girls, there was a certain boy that was looking at you, taken aback by your sudden interest in volleyball. He couldn’t help but notice how his heart started fluttering, seeing how excited you were to play. He dismissed that feeling to the overwhelming heat, and went to keep on ignoring Yamaguchi and practicing his blocks.

With all the time you three spent in the gym, you began noticing some things. First is that you’re actually pretty decent as a middle blocker. Being above average height for your age and kept on growing, you found your perfect spot on the girls team. Second is that Tsukki was quite famous among the girls, even if you still were in middle school. Third is that well you were also harboring feelings for him. Playing the same position as him was your excuse to keep talking to him whenever you want. Even if sometimes you were just ignored, that never stopped you wanting to talk to him.

Tadashi and you were actually the only two people others saw conversing with Tsukki, and they’re shocked almost every time when they see him actually answering you two, even if for shutting you up. They get confused as to why you still talk to him, but they actually don’t know that you liked him, only Tadashi knew that, even if you don’t actually hide your feelings from the others.

One day, Tsukki invited you both to his brother’s match, proud of him being the ace of his high school team. You were giddy because you got invited, but the feeling quickly changed to horror and pity when during the match you noticed Tsukki freeze cause he saw his brother on the opposite stands, cheering on his team instead of being on the court playing. You tried to put a comforting hand on his shoulder while Tadashi was shutting up a classmate, that was here to prove his point that both his and Tsukki’s brothers were not playing. Flinching away from your act of kindness, he left you both behind, making his way home. Looking at each other, you held Tadashi’s hand and ran after him.


Ever since that day, Tsukki showed his feelings less and less, but that was in no way an obstacle to your bubbly personality around him. You promised him that he’ll never get rid of you. You kept good on that promise, because on the day you knew all three of you got accepted at Karasuno, Tadashi and you jumped up and down around Tsukki wanting some excitement to rub off on the boy, but he just looked up and looked back down to his books. But secretly, he was happy that both his best friends are going to the same high school as him, he would never admit that though, so he continued to roll his eyes at yours and Tadashi’s excitement.

On the very first day of your high school journey at Karasuno High, the first thing you did was check if you are all in the same classroom. To your immense sadness, you were placed in Class 1-1, aware of your relationship with academics, you hung your head low when you heard Tsukki’s teasing.

“Tsukki!! Don’t be so mean to Y/N! You know how she gets when you tease her. She’s gonna be down for the entire day now. It’s the first year where she’s not in our class, and now with your tease, she won’t do well when she wants to show her skills to the volleyball team.”
“Wow wow. No one said I’ll flunk my show of skills to the volleyball team. Those two are completely different things. But yeah I’ll be down cause Tsukki doesn’t like me enough to comfort my poor fragile heart.” You said that while batting your eyelashes towards Tsukki.
“Both of you stop calling me Tsukki! And Tadashi, Y/N never lets her feelings get in the way of her playing volleyball and you know that. So I can tease and make fun as much as I want.”
“Sorry Tsukki!!” Tadashi and you replied, snickering to yourselves, while ignoring his comment about his name.

You weren’t going to admit it, but you did feel kind of sad when you sat down in your seat in your Tadashi and Tsukki-less classroom. You were seated behind a fiery orange haired boy. When he saw you sit down behind him, he turned excitedly and introduced himself.
“Hi! My name is Hinata Shoyo, but you can call me Shoyo! Wow you’re really pretty! How tall are you? Do you play any sports? I noticed the left over bruises on your knees and arms, so I assumed! I want to be part of the volleyball team because the Little Giant played on this team and you know I can jump really high!! I really wanna beat a boy I meant when I was in middle school. He was really-”
“Wow wow slow down please. I can barely keep up!” You exclaimed, needing to interrupt him so you could answer his questions. Looking at you sheepishly, he quieted down and waited “patiently” for your answers.

“My name is L/N Y/N, and you can call me Y/N. Thank you for calling me pretty, you’re quite adorable! I’m 168 cm tall, don’t know why you need to know but that’s my height. I do play a sport! I was actually a middle blocker on my middle school team! I also want to apply to the volleyball team! We can walk to our respective gyms together if you want!”
“Wait, you also play volleyball?! That’s so cool!! A pretty girl that also plays volleyball. I’m in heaven. And yeah of course we’ll go there together! You want to have lunch with me?”
“I’m sorry! But I usually have lunch with my two best friends. We’ve known each other since middle school. And they also play volleyball! I think you’ll see them in your team too!”
“No way that’s awesome! I love this school already!”

Silently laughing, you quickly ended your conversation because class was about to start. You were quite shocked, but you thought to yourself, being in this classroom and this whole school was something you never thought you would enjoy.

When the end-of-classes bell rang, you excitedly jumped with Shoyo, wanting to run to the gyms to see their courts. Not bothering to check up with Tadashi and Tsukki, you sprinted towards the gym, turning the whole ordeal into a race against Shoyo. Panting when you arrived to the boy’s gym, you failed to notice the gasp that left Shoyo’s lips when he saw who was already in the gym. Before they got into a fight that you did not want to be a part of, you bid Shoyo goodbye after introducing yourself to the boy whose name was Kageyama Tobio, and raced to the next gym, nearly bumping into a second year, by the looks of it.

“I’m so sorry, I wasn’t looking where I was going! I was just escaping a fight that was about to happen in the gym. My name is L/N Y/N! It was nice to meet you, but I need to run to the next gym for girls volleyball!”
You rushed to the second gym without looking back.
Full of energy and adrenaline, you burst into the gym. Panting a bit, you catch your breath, and exclaim loudly: “MY NAME IS L/N Y/N, AND I WOULD LIKE TO JOIN THE GIRLS VOLLEYBALL TEAM IF YOU WOULD HAVE ME!” Bowing, you looked up gingerly, hoping you didn’t make a fool out of yourself, but you only see who you can only assume to be the captain of the team, beaming when seeing you.

“I never met someone so excited about volleyball! You would be a perfect addition to this team, but we still need to check and test your skills. But I have no doubt that you’re a terrific player. My name is Michimiya Yui, and I’m the captain of the girls volleyball team! What position do you play?”
“I was a middle blocker back on my middle school team! And I also used to practice with my two best friends who are also middle blockers and they are really good! So they shaped me into the player I am today!”
Beaming proudly at the mention of your best friends, you cannot wait to show off the skills that you have been nurturing for years.

“Okay girls, time to test the only first year that decided to join our club, in a practice game! To start off we’re playing a 3-on-3 match. Y/N, you’re going to be with us, the captain and vice-captain. We’re going up against 3 more players, but don’t underestimate them, they are great players!”
“Of course! I never underestimate my opponents, because I never know what they might be hiding under their sleeves!” Smirking while saying that, you also have some tricks up your sleeve and cannot wait to showcase them.

Creeping towards the end of the set, you were quite literally on the losing side. But that never dented your enthusiasm, and you still had your tricks that you learned while watching Tsukki block. Looking back at your senpais, you had an overly happy smile on your face, making them even more excited, and they doubled up their efforts. It was Yui’s serve, it was received effortlessly, and sent to the setter perfectly, who sends it to the wing spiker. You watched it all super carefully, taking every single detail into consideration, and when you saw where the ball went, not missing a beat you jumped to it and successfully blocked it, and awarded a point to your team. The whole process is called read blocking. You tried your very best to perfect it with Tsukki and Tadashi. So you’re very proud of how it turned out.

Not seeing your teammates, too focused on your hands that were able to block your opponent’s spike, you failed to notice the gleam in everyone’s eyes. You’re going to be a formidable addition to the team, and they cannot wait to play an official game by your side.
By the end of the set, you end up losing, but you were still overjoyed because of how much you missed playing.
Wiping the sweat of your forehead with a towel offered by the wing spiker you managed to block, you had the biggest smile on your face when you thanked her.
Yui came up behind you, clapped her hand on your shoulder, and announced loudly so that everyone could listen, “Let’s all welcome Y/N to our team!! She’s going to be a perfect addition to the team and I cannot wait to play a game by her side!”
Eyes wide, your turn to your now-captain, not believing your ears, and gave her the biggest hug ever.
“Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Thank you so much for this opportunity! I will not let you down!”
“I know you won’t! The only thing you still need to do, is sign the club admission paper and present it to our sensei. It’s late now, let’s clean up and go home!”
“Yes captain!”


After clean up, you were practically still bouncing because you were officially a member of the volleyball club at Karasuno High. But before going home, you had to tell Tsukki and Tadashi. You knew they were still here because they also went to sign up for the volleyball club. So looking around campus, when you were so close to giving up and tell them tomorrow, you heard a “I’m sorry Tsukki!” and you knew that was Tadashi’s voice. Speeding up a bit, you saw a blond tuft of hair, and began sprinting while shouting “TSUKKIIIII!!! TADASHIII!!! SHOYOoo? Kageyama? What is going on here?”

You stood frozen in front of the 4 boys, Tsukki holding a volleyball high in the air, Tadashi next to him mid-laugh, Shoyo fuming but also happy you’re here, and Kageyama was seething, not caring that you showed up. Using the distraction you provided, Shoyo jumped so high that he snatched the ball from Tsukki’s hand before any of them could react.
“Wow, you really can jump Shoyo.” you whisper, loud enough for all 4 boys to hear.
Shoyo’s eyes were sparkling when he heard you, “Didn’t I tell you I could jump?”, puffing his chest proudly.
“Okay okay, Y/N how do you know these two?”, asked both Tsukki and Kageyama at the same time, resulting in similar glares towards each other.

“Tsukki and Tadashi are my best friends since middle school. And Shoyo is in the same classroom as me, as for Kageyama I met him briefly while sprinting to the gym with Shoyo.”
“That explains why the tangerine is that stupid, he’s in class 1-1.”
“Tsukki! I’m also in class 1-1! Are you insinuating I’m stupid too?”
“Well… yes. I already made myself clear when we first found out.”
“Tsukki you’re just mean, but I’ll forgive you cause I like your salty ass. Anyway, what I came here to tell you, I only wanted to tell Tsukki and Tadashi today, but might as well tell you all. I got accepted into the girls volleyball team!!”
You were jumping up and down, excited about it. And soon enough Tadashi and Shoyo joined you, excited for you. Kageyama, with a scowl still on his face, congratulated you, Tsukki just offered you a nod.

“Tsukki, I think my read blocking is what made them accept me this quickly! Thank you so much for teaching me!” You went in for a hug, but received a hand on your forehead stopping you. “Aw Tsukki! Why don’t you like me as well?”
“Stupid, how can I like someone as dumb as you? Anyway congrats on making the team. At least all the time you wasted payed off in the end.”
“By the way, what are you all doing here this late at night?”
“Well Y/N, we just discovered Tsukishima and Yamaguchi are going to be our opponents tomorrow, in a match that will determine if Kageyama here can play as a setter or not. He’s the only one that has something to lose if we lose tomorrow. HAHAHA-OW Kageyama! Why did you hit me with your elbow?”
“Stupid Hinata! If you can’t keep up with me, I won’t set the ball for you!”

Leaving both Shoyo and Kageyama to their weird antics, you follow your best friends after bidding the other two boys good night.
Linking your arms to Tsukki and Tadashi, you lean in and rest your head on Tsukki’s arm, sighing contentedly. You were part of the volleyball club. You’re steps closer to achieving your goal of playing volleyball on a professional level.
“Are you guys happy for me? I would even more happy if you are!”
“Of course we’re happy for you! Right Tsukki?” you failed to see Tadashi’s wink towards you cause you were solely focusing on Tsukki’s answer.
“Sure whatever. It’s not like you’re not good and got it out of luck. You worked hard for it and got it. So I don’t see why you doubted getting in. They need you more than you need them.”

Saying that you’re shocked cannot convey your true emotions after Tsukki’s statement. You froze in the middle of the road, making the two boys stop with you, looking back at you quizzically. You cannot help the flow of tears that escape your eyes, and you hug Tsukki, not letting him stop you like before.
He stood there unmoving, but you don’t care, it was the first time he told you something decent about your skills. Finally you let go of him, dabbing at your eyes, you look up to him with the biggest smile you could muster.
Trying to hide his growing blush, Tsukki put on his headphones, and continued walking not caring that he left you both behind him.

Squealing, you linked arms with Tadashi, and the both of you began running after the blond, screaming, “WAIT FOR US TSUKKI!!”
Tsukki internally groaned but did slow down his pacing, letting you catch up. When you sided next to him, you linked up arms again, and walked back home.


Because of your volleyball practice, you barely saw your two best friends during school time, occasionally seeing them in the hallway or when you ate your lunches together, but other than that, you were too busy with classes and practice. In fact, because you wanted to be a good player all around, you stayed way later than the rest of the team to practice on your serves, and if someone stayed with you, you practiced on both your receives and spikes.

Tadashi noticed something different with Tsukki. Ever since you became a volleyball club member, they barely saw you. Tadashi understood why you couldn’t be with them all the time, but Tsukki had a hard time with it. He once heard him mutter, “The stupid tangerine sees her more than us.” Tadashi thinks that was the first time Tsukki wished he wasn’t that good at academics that way he could’ve been in your class and seen you more.
The moments they did see you, Tsukki’s whole demeanor changed, from scowling all the time, to having a teasing smirk on his face. And you? You never stopped your flirting with Tsukki, not even trying to hide the fact that you actually liked the blond boy.
Tadashi knew about your crush on Tsukki ever since middle school. He knew Tsukki knew about it as well, but what surprised him is how Tsukki never tries to put you down or outright reject your advances. That makes Tadashi think that maybe Tsukki actually likes you back.

Maybe that’s why he’s so different when you’re not around.
Deciding that he needed to ask Tsukki about it, he did that while going to volleyball practice.
“Tsukki? Do you like Y/N?”
“Well duh she’s our best friend. I wouldn’t be best friends with someone I don’t like.”
“No I mean, do you actually like like her? Like do you want to be together with her?”
“What?! What makes you think that? Why would I want to be with her?”
“Well you always are scowling and gloomy when she’s not with us. But when she is, you’re completely different. And I didn’t miss the look you sent her when she excitedly told us about being accepted in the volleyball club, you thought no one saw you, but I did. I saw the proud look in your eyes, the soft smile on your lips, and the light blush on your cheeks.”
Gaping like a fish out of water, Tsukki just huffs, put on his headphones and continued walking towards the club room to change into his sports uniform.
Smiling cheekily, Tadashi followed him, content to finally have an answer to his question.


Inter-High was looming around the corner, you barely saw anyone outside your classmates and your teammates. Every lunch break you went to practice, and stayed way too late after school to practice as well. Shoyo was the only one to know where you are and what you were doing, so he relayed everything to a worried Tadashi, missing his best friend dearly. But they also had practice so he understood why you were absent.

Tsukki on the other hand, had trouble keeping you out of his head. After Tadashi’s revelation, you kept on popping up in his head, replaying all the moments you had together, from the moment he saw you stand up for Tadashi, crying more than him, there was also the moment where you pestered him to teach you read blocking, and how you leaned slightly into him when you laughed with them. Your crush on him did not go unnoticed, since you don’t actually try to hide it. He knew that his feelings aren’t totally on the friendship side, but he won’t let them come between him and his practice for the inter-high tournament, being a starting player after all.

Today was the day of your first match with your volleyball team. You tried your hardest to practice well, even if some of the players were not as enthusiastic about it, you tried to make up for them, which brought a smile to your captain’s face.
Wearing your uniform, the beautiful black jersey with the number 11 on the back, you couldn’t help but be happy to be where you are right now. Knowing that the boys team was also here, you excused yourself to your captain and teammates, wanting to go and find your best friends before the match starts.

Frantically searching for them, they were nowhere to be found. You were so close to just going back to your team, until you heard an excited “Y/N!!”
Turning around you notice an overly happy Shoyo running to you. You meet him halfway, jumping together and hugging, happy to have your first official matches in your high school volleyball careers.
“Ahh Y/N! You look so cool in your uniform! You even have the same number as Tsukishima! And look I’m one number behind you!”
True enough, Shoyo’s number was indeed number 10. Gushing together, you failed to notice Shoyo’s team gather up around you.

“Well well I didn’t know Hinata knew a pretty girl like you.”
Looking up, you came up face to face with the second year you almost ran into on your first day of school.
“Oh! It’s you!! I almost ran into you while running to the second gym! I didn’t even catch your name.”
“Ohh you’re the Y/N I’ve been hearing all about during practice! I’m Tanaka Ryūnosuke. Don’t worry about almost running into me, I saw how excited you were to go apply for the team!”
Bowing gently, you also noticed the other members from the team. The captain even congratulated you when he heard you were a starting player on the girls team.
“Yui must be proud to have such an excited player on her team. I’m glad you decided to join!”
“Thank you Sawamura-San! I’m really happy to be part of such a great team!”

Turning around, you looked for Tadashi and Tsukki, and when you saw the blond tuft of hair, you excused yourself and ran to them.
“TSUKKI!! I have the same number on my jersey as you!!”
Jumping next to him, Tadashi soon joined you, and that irritated Tsukki, which made him scold you, but you still stuck by his side, being happy to finally see your best friend and crush again.
The boys in the volleyball team were so shocked that this lively ball of energy that you were was actually friends with the walking salt shaker. But soon enough they noticed your not-so-subtle flirting and the redness of Tsukki’s ears, and they immediately knew you both had a crush on each other but did nothing about it.

Looking at the time, you quickly excused yourself, wished them good luck on their match, and ran to join your teammates before your own match starts.
Feeling extremely happy, you couldn’t wait to play on a court with an audience, and your teammates by your side.
After your official practice time was over, and a quick pep talk from your captain and vice-captain, you lined up and bowed, before starting your first game.


Despite all the blocks you managed, you still fell short, and barely scored. Which resulted in you and your team losing the game and being eliminated. Trying your hardest to stay positive, you cheered your team on with your captain.
“It’s alright! We had our ups and downs. Unfortunately, the downs outweighed the ups, but you all played beautifully today! Don’t let today’s result, get in the way of you wanting to play more. It’s true that us third years won’t be able to play more with you, but remember that you have a wonderful collection of second years, and an amazing first year! Don’t you dare make her feel like this team is not worth nurturing, she could definitely be the player this team needs to succeed! Promise me you’ll continue playing volleyball, and reach nationals next year!”
“We promise captain!”
“Captain! Sensei is calling you!”
“Wow our captain is so strong!”
“She’s only strong in front of us,” you whisper more to yourself than to the others. “She said all this to make us feel better, but when she’s alone, she’ll let out her cries.”

You were trying to keep your tears in, after the heartfelt words your captain said about you. And you made a promise that you’ll do anything to go to nationals.
You’re not gonna lie to yourself, you were devastated, all the hard work you put into your spikes and blocks was not enough to make you win the match, and you immediately lost.
You somehow knew the boys won their first game, and were now playing their second one. Wanting to cheer for your best friends, you followed your team to the stands around the court where the boys where playing. You made it in time to see Tsukki blocking an opponent’s spike, and you couldn’t help yourself, you shouted, “TSUKKI! NICE BLOCK!”

Upon hearing your voice, the boy turned around and faced you, gave you a nod and then turned around. Not being able to contain it, you beamed, and saw Tadashi look up at you from the sidelines. Waving like a madwoman, you were equally as excited to see him.
Seeing the match unravel in front of you, you couldn’t help but feel a bit down, after losing your own match, but that did not come in the way of your cheering, shouting at the top of your lungs for your friends.

When the final whistle blew, announcing Karasuno’s win, you turned around and grabbed your teammates hands and start jumping up and down, happy for the boys that just won. Not waiting anymore, you rush outside and stood in front of the door from which the team came out, hugging Shoyo, trying to hug Kageyama, congratulating the third and second years on their win, you stood in front of your best friends.

Extremely happy for their win, you approached them to hug and congratulate them on their win, but you stopped in your tracks when Tsukki asked you, “Why are you sad Y/N?”
“What do you mean I’m sad Kei? How could I be sad when my best friends won their game?”
“Well I know you’re feeling down. What happened?”
“Ah not that big of a deal. We just lost our match and were eliminated in the first round. It’s alright, I’ll have more. I’m just sad for my senpais because it was their last match with us, and I wasn’t able to take them to at least a second one.”

You don’t know what happened, but you just felt warmth around you, and you realized that Tsukishima was actually hugging you, not you hugging him, not him hugging you after you scold him to do so. He was hugging you because he chose to do it. Not being able to respond fast enough, the hug was already over, and he stood by your side. Tadashi came to hug you, and this time you were prepared. You hugged him back, and start silently crying unto his shoulder. You felt a hand on your head, softly patting it, but you were too lost in your tears to look at who it belonged to.

After crying for a good five minutes, you finally looked up, apologizing for ruining Tadashi’s uniform, but he softly hits your shoulder, claiming nonsense.
You turn around and see all the boys team look at you with worried looks on their faces. Blushing, you apologize for causing a scene. But the third years know the feeling after losing a match you desperately wanted to win, going through that themselves, and told you it was perfectly alright with what you’re feeling.

“Okay okay, enough tears and sadness. I’m really happy for you guys! You made it onto day two! Make Karasuno proud!”
“You bet Y/N!”
“I’ll win just for you Y/N-chan!”
“Nishinoya! You don’t even know the girl that well!”
“Well she’s a pretty girl, and I’m a fantastic libero, don’t be jealous Tanaka!”
Smiling, you thank them all, saying goodbye because your team is waiting for you.


Being in school the next day was really upsetting, especially since Shoyo’s desk was empty, with him being on court playing and scoring some points for his team… unlike you.
You brush off the negative thoughts, and wait for the end of the day, to go practice on your own.
Picking up some volleyballs, you start practicing some jump serves, wanting to incorporate them in your next games.
You heard the squeaking of shoes on the court but you were in the middle of a serve, so you didn’t see who it was.

“We lost.”
Upon hearing that, you missed your serve, the ball ended up hitting your head. You turn around and you find Tsukishima standing by the sidelines, looking down.
“Hey, Kei, are you okay?”
“Yeah I’m fine. I just didn’t think we would lose this early. But at least our senpais will stay with us until the Spring Tournament. So it wasn’t their last match with us.”

You silently made your way to him, when he was talking. You lifted your hand up and wiped a stray tear that escaped his crestfallen eyes, shocking both you and the boy in front of you. You looked at him with a sad smile, knowing exactly how he felt. That was the trigger for him to scoop you up into a hug. Not knowing what to do, you wrapped your arms around his neck, and your legs around his waist.
You felt the small movement from his chest as he was silently crying. You slowly brushed his hair aside, softly kissing his forehead, and whispering some nonsense to try and make him feel better.

But what you didn’t know was that the fact that he was hugging you, and you were playing with his hair, made him better instantly.
Suddenly, he pushes his head away from your arms, looks up at you and says without a single doubt, “I like you Y/N.”
Not being able to help it, your eyes widen and you jaw drops.
“Close up your mouth, flies will fly into it, and I have no desire to hear you whine. I know you like me too, so do you want to go out with me?”
“Wait wait. You. Like. Me? Me liking you isn’t something new, I wasn’t exactly hiding my feelings from you. But I didn’t know you liked me enough to ask me out? What happened to the Tsukki I know that always makes fun of me?”

“Don’t call me Tsukki. Call me Kei. Only you can call me Kei. And I always had my eye on you ever since you stood up to Tadashi back in middle school, even though you were more afraid of them than him. But when I knew I liked you was when you excitedly told us you made it onto the volleyball team. You being this excited, made me want to stay by your side through everything. When I saw you had the same number on your jersey as me, it made me feel empowered and proud of you. Seeing you crying because you lost your first official match, made me forget about everyone, and I just wanted to hug you to tell you I’m by your side. When Hinata was patting your head while you hugged Tadashi, it made me want to brush his hand aside and just be the one to comfort you. I noticed that I loved you after all these. I noticed that I wanted to be with you because you are honestly the only person I tolerate enough and love to stay by my side forever.”

Not knowing what to say to this beautiful confession, you just gently grabbed his face, making him look at you, and lowered your face so that your lips gently pressed against his. Looking back up to his eyes, you see an unreadable expression, and one of the hands that supported your thighs came to the back of your neck, and forcefully brought back you down to his lips, not satisfied with the half kiss you gave him. Softly moaning because of Kei’s eagerness, you grab a fist full of his hair, and tugged, making him gasp, and you slip your tongue against his.

A yelp makes you break the kiss, much to your dismay, you look behind you and find a shocked Tadashi, who was, you think, looking for Tsukki. Not caring that their best friend finally saw them kiss, Tsukki brings you back down to continue your kissing session. Not being able to break it off, you melt into his arms and continue kissing him, not wanting to pause it again after waiting for so long.
“Well as much as I want you to continue kissing after you finally figured out your feelings, captain wants to see us Tsukki. And you know how he gets if we piss him off.”

Feeling Kei tense under you, you know that the threat was a real one. Giving him one last sweet kiss, you whisper this to his ear only, “Well we can always continue this later. I’ll be waiting.” You bite just below his earlobe, and feel him tighten his hold on your thighs, he drops you and runs after Tadashi, but not before looking back at you and wink at your disheveled look.
Flipping him off, you smile at him, and went back to your practice, occasionally touching your lips, happy that Tsukki is finally your boyfriend.

What you didn’t know is that at the meeting after you confessed, Tsukki’s teammates crowded him once they saw his swollen lips and disheveled hair. They knew he went to look for you after their loss, so they immediately assumed you finally confessed to each other, and kissed the heck out of each other.

They kept on teasing him until he once brought you to practice, and played a game of 3-on-3. Being on Tsukki’s team with Tanaka-San, you made the opposing team run for their money, with all the blocking you managed and your half-good setting to Tanaka-San that he somehow still managed to spike and score. In the end you won, and all the boys looked at you, knowing why Tsukki liked you that much. You were something different. But you were also Tsukki’s, and you made an excellent team together.

“Tsukki and Y/N make such an incredible team! I feel like I’m third wheeling when I play with them.”
“Tanaka senpai!! Don’t say that!”
“Oh my God! She called me senpai. I can die in peace now.”
“Why are so dramatic Tanaka-San?”
“You should learn a thing or two from your girlfriend. At least she’s respectful towards her senpais.”

You were smiling under your hand, looking at Tsukki, winking at him. He went up to you, ruffled your hair, and whispered in your ear, “Aren’t you a good girl? Let’s see how respectful you are when I have my way with you later.”
His hold on your waist was almost bruise-like, and you inhaled so quickly, you began coughing with a full red face. And Tsukki being the little bitch he is, acted all innocent, and rubbed your back soothingly, with a shit-eating grin on his face.
Glaring at him, you tried to look mad, but you knew you never could be mad at him. You loved him even when he’s being salty and bitchy, and you knew he loved you just as much, because of the caring eyes that were looking at you right now.

How did you become this lucky? You are extremely grateful every day for having him by your side.

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