Uniqlo Signs 10-Year Partnership With Roger Federer – TennisLadys (2022)

In 2017, Uniqlo announced that it had signed a 10-year global partnership with Swiss tennis player Roger Federer. The partnership is one of the most lucrative endorsement deals in tennis history, and it will see Federer become the global face of Uniqlo Tennis. Federer will wear Uniqlo clothing at all tennis tournaments, starting with the 2018 Australian Open. He will also have a line of signature tennis apparel with Uniqlo, which will be available in stores and online starting in spring 2018. The partnership is a major coup for Uniqlo, which has been aggressively expanding its presence in the global tennis market. In addition to Federer, Uniqlo also sponsors Japanese star Kei Nishikori and rising French player Lucas Pouille.

Swissman Roger Federer has signed a $300 million contract with Uniqlo. The world’s top-ranked tennis player has not worn Nike gear in his long career. It is a subsidiary of Japan’s Fast Retailing Co., which is also known as Fasten. According to the deal, it is estimated that it will be worth more than $300 million over ten years. Bob Barker has a simple explanation for why Nike did not match the offer. In fact, I do not believe that you played in even the first round of Wimbledon, despite having heard that you did. Rob Laver is only the second man to win the Australian Open twice, and he did it in both cases. The tournament is skewed because Emerson was an amateur and Laver was a professional, but Emerson won it a number of times. Emerson had a record for most Grand Slam titles until Pete Sampras surpassed him in 1999.

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Is Roger Federer Sponsored By Uniqlo?

Uniqlo Signs 10-Year Partnership With Roger Federer – TennisLadys (1)

As of September 2019, Roger Federer is sponsored by Uniqlo. He has been with the company since 2017 and his current contract runs through the end of 2020. In addition to clothing, Uniqlo also provides Federer with a travel stipend and a coach.

Getting the big break. Roger Federer had been with Nike for more than 20 years when he announced his retirement from the company in 2018. Despite the fact that Roger Federer still earns about $10 million per year as a Nike athlete, the sportswear company decided to let him go. It is unclear why Federer has dropped his sponsorship, but it is possible that he did so because of the way it was used. Switzerland signed a new contract with Adidas and a new contract with Rolex. Adidas is in a 10-year contract worth $270 million, while Rolex is in a 10-year contract worth $200 million. These transactions have a combined value of $600 million. With Federer’s new sponsorship deals, Adidas and Rolex both stand a good chance. Adidas will be able to sign a well-known athlete on its team, and Rolex will likely be able to sign one of its most lucrative deals. Federer’s decision to leave Nike shows that he is still capable of becoming a dominant player, despite all of his success.

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When Did Federer Switch To Uniqlo?

In June 2018, Roger Federer signed a deal with Uniqlo, a Japanese clothing company, after previously being sponsored by Nike. The terms of the deal were not disclosed, but it is believed to be worth tens of millions of dollars per year.

Roger Federer has signed on with Uniqlo as his clothing brand sponsor. It is expected to pay more than $300 million over the next ten years, not just because Roger Federer is playing. Swiss tennis star Roger Federer offered Nike the chance to match the price, but the American clothing company decided not to take it. Federer joins Uniqlo after Nike ended its sponsorship of his tennis shoes. What could be the strategy behind Nike to go for younger customer base? Regardless of the circumstances, I will always enjoy watching Roger Federer compete at Wimbledon. Following Wimbledon, the hardcourt season begins, and this partnership will be intriguing.

Uniqlo Signs Tennis Icon Roger Federer To Three-year $30 Million Deal

According to the terms of the agreement, Uniqlo will pay Roger Federer $30 million after the three-year contract is completed. Uniqlo clearly sees great potential in Federer as a brand ambassador, and the contract is three times that of Nike. Swiss tennis star Roger Federer explained the origins of his signature logo as Uniqlo announced the launch of RF-branded apparel for the first time since the 20-time major champion left Nike in 2018.

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How Much Does Nike Pay Roger Federer?

While Roger Federer was earning around $10 million per year as a Nike ambassador, he ended up with two lucrative deals that now total $600 million

Roger Federer has signed a $300 million, 10-year contract with Uniqlo, making him the most valuable sports player in the world. It sells well-designed basics and high-tech lifestyle products in Japan. He will face a Japanese player in the match. On the main court tonight at the U.S. Open, Nishioka will compete. Because he believes in style on the court, he wants to increase the diversity of the game on the professional circuit. When Federer announced his collaboration with the brand, Nishikori was in awe, because he grew up idolizing him.

Roger Federer has been one of the world’s wealthiest athletes as a result of his lucrative endorsement deals. Federer has a long history of partnering with brands, as well as signing contracts with a variety of companies over the years.
He signed a new five-year Mercedes-Benz contract worth approximately $5 million per year in 2018. The two parties had previously agreed to a $20 million contract, but it was renewed a year earlier. His contract with pasta maker Barilla, which he regularly appears in heartwarming videos with Federer, is estimated to be worth around $40 million.
Rolex re-signed him for an estimated $8 million per year after the contract expired in 2016. Federer, who is among the world’s most popular athletes, has made a name for himself in the sport by endorsing various products. The consistent loyalty of his sponsors is clear, as is his long track record of working with brands.

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How Much Does Roger Federer Make From Sponsors?

Between June 2018 and June 2019, that figure was approximately $86 million in endorsement earnings. The $90.6 million in earnings Federer earned in that year was primarily from endorsements, but he was out for much of the time due to a knee injury for much of the time between August 2020 and August 2021.

Djokovic’s Net Worth: $128 Million

Novak Djokovic, the world’s number one tennis player, has a net worth of $128 million. Tennis, endorsements, and business ventures are all ways in which he can earn money. Djokovic has endorsements from many different companies, including Adidas, Lacoste, Head, Adidas Jacob’s Creek, Peugeot, Uniqlo, and ANZ, and his earnings have topped $28 million.

Does Nike Own Roger Federer Logo?

Despite Roger’s ownership of his signature and use of his name, Nike registered the logo as a trademark in several countries, including the United States, Italy, and the European Union. Nike also registered the logo in the United States.

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Nadal’s Raging Bull Logo

Nadal’s nickname, “The Raging Bull,” is given credit for the bull logo. The bull represents masculine strength and power in both the physical and spiritual aspects, demonstrating its importance as a symbol of masculine strength. He has dominated the game for many years, and his bull logo is a fitting reminder of this.

How Much Is Uniqlo Paying Federer?

In terms of Federer, Uniqlo will award him a $30 million check upon his retirement from tennis at the age of 46, well after he has become one of the greatest players in history. As a comparison, Nike paid Roger Federer $10 million per year in his prime.

Djokovic Continues To Be Sponsored By Lacoste

Since 2017, the Serbian athlete has been sponsored by Lacoste, which has extended its contract until 2025. Novak Djokovic has had a fantastic season thus far, winning the Australian Open, the French Open, and the Wimbledon. The sports industry relies heavily on sponsorship, which is why it is encouraging to see Novak Djokovic receive such strong backing. The support of the well-known and reputable brand will go a long way toward assisting Novak Djokovic in achieving his goals on the tennis court.

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What was Roger Federer Uniqlo deal? ›

The result: Federer shocked the world, signing a massive 10-year, $300M deal with Uniqlo — or 3x more than the $10M Nike was paying him annually.

How much does Federer get paid by Uniqlo? ›

In 2018, Federer signed a 10-year, $300 million deal with Japanese apparel brand Uniqlo following a split with Nike.

Is Nike still sponsoring Federer? ›

Federer and Nike parted ways in 2018, allowing the Swiss star to find a new clothing and footwear deals elsewhere.

Did Roger Federer get his logo back from Nike? ›

Tennis great Roger Federer once again obtains the rights to his "RF" logo, Tennis.com reports. The 38-year-old athlete was not allowed to use the logo for the past couple of years since he left Nike and signed a lucrative $300 million deal with Uniqlo.

Why is Federer sponsored by Uniqlo? ›

Swiss tennis icon Roger Federer has explained that his decision to end a two-decade association with Nike in favour of a new agreement with Japanese clothing company Uniqlo came as a result of the latter's commitment to continue working with Federer after his retirement from the sport.

Why did Federer switch to Uniqlo? ›

The biggest reason for Roger to leave Nike was the money. The Swiss star had a deal with the company, which gave him $10 million a year. However, the agreement with Uniqlo offered him three times that amount.

How much Rolex pay Roger Federer? ›

When the deal ended in 2016, Rolex re-signed him for an estimated $8 million annually.

Why did Uniqlo drop Djokovic? ›

Novak and Sergio Tacchini mutually parted ways after the Masters tournament in Rome. “It has been mutually and amicably decided that, as of the 2012 Roland Garros Grand Slam, Novak Djokovic will no longer be the brand ambassador,” the Italian company said in a statement.

How much does Roger Federer make from sponsorships? ›

Apart from that, he also amassed a whopping $90 million (approx RM 409 million) from his brand endorsements with brands like Mercedes-Benz and Rolex. Federer retired with an estimated $1.1 billion (approx RM 5 billion) in earnings from his career.

Is Federer still sponsored by Uniqlo? ›

UNIQLO is proud to partner with Roger Federer. Not just because he's a champion. But because he's never stopped being a champion.

Does Roger Federer own Uniqlo? ›

Tennis Superstar Roger Federer Ditched Nike for Uniqlo. Here's How Much He'll Make On the Deal.

Does Rolex still sponsor Roger Federer? ›

After a 20-year partnership with Roger Federer, Rolex leveraged its athlete ambassador alliance around the 20-time Grand Slam Champion's retirement with a 30-second video tribute to his astonishing career which subtly mentioned the watch brand Federer so often promoted and wore by hailing its global brand ambassador's ...

How much was Federer Nike deal? ›

Roger Federer had been with Nike for more than 20+ years, becoming one of the most decorated athletes in sports history with 20 Grand Slam titles. But when it came time to renew his $10 million annual sponsorship deal with Nike, things got interesting.

How much does Roger Federer get paid by Nike? ›

In 2018, he left Nike, which had paid him roughly $150 million over the course of two decades, to sign an apparel deal with Uniqlo reportedly worth up to $300 million over ten years.

Does Nike Own the RF logo? ›

On the one hand, the “RF” trademarks and relevant registrations remained the exclusive property of Nike, and absent a formal agreement between the tennis titan and the sportswear behemoth, any use of the logo by Federer would likely be an infringement of Nike's trademarks.

What is the purpose of Uniqlo? ›

UNIQLO is a clothing apparel company, which was originally founded in Yamaguchi, Japan in 1949 as a textiles manufacturer. Now it is a global brand with over 1000 stores around the world. Redefining clothing, with a focus on quality and textiles which has been unwavered since the company's origins in 1949.

Did Uniqlo drop Djokovic? ›

Novak Djokovic partnered with Japanese clothing and sports equipment manufacturer UNIQLO in 2012, but their alliance ended in 2018. Subsequently, French company Lacoste signed the 21-time Grand Slam champion to be their new Brand Ambassador.

How much does Federer donate to charity? ›

Federer and his wife, Mirka, personally donated more than $1 million to vulnerable families in Switzerland.

Why was Uniqlo so successful in Japan? ›

Uniqlo has a clear vision of its brand.

To provide high-quality, performance-enhanced, basic casual wear at the lowest prices. Its clothing is up-to-date and fashionable, but not trendy. Its fabric innovation and in-house design provide exceptional and unique functional performance.

Who is Uniqlo owned by? ›

UNIQLO is a member of the Fast retailing group, along with several other brands such as COMPTOIR DES COTONNIERS, Helmut Lang and Theory amongst others - all of which you can find information on via this page.

How Uniqlo is different from their competitors? ›

Unlike its competitors who sell a large variety of trendy fashion inspired by the global runway, Uniqlo focuses on producing a few styles of urban practical basics. The company also runs a highly robust supply chain.

Does Roger Federer have a private jet? ›

In September 2022, Federer announced that he was retiring from the sport after more than two decades of dominance and winning 20 Grand Slam titles. In retirement, the athlete can enjoy more time with his wife, Mirka, and their four children in their beautiful homes and travel on private jets.

How much does Rafa Nadal earn from Nike? ›

Despite his modesty, the partnership with Nadal is worth a lot to Nike who pay him more than $10 million per year for the association. Nadal also has sponsorship deals with Santander, Emporio Armani, Babolat, Heliocare, Telefonica, Banco Sabadell, Tommy Hilfiger, Mapfre and luxury watchmakers Richard Mille.

How much do Mercedes pay Roger Federer? ›

In 2018 he signed a new five-year deal with Mercedes-Benz worth about $5 million annually while a year earlier he renewed his agreement with Lindt for a reported $20 million. His contract with pasta maker Barilla – who regularly features in heartwarming videos with Federer – is worth about $40 million.

Is Uniqlo owned by Nike? ›

Uniqlo Co., Ltd.

(株式会社ユニクロ, Kabushiki-gaisha Yunikuro) (US: /ˈjuːnikloʊ/ YOO-nee-kloh; Japanese pronunciation: [jɯɲikɯɾo]) is a Japanese casual wear designer, manufacturer and retailer. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fast Retailing Co., Ltd.

Is Lacoste still sponsoring Djokovic? ›

The 34-year-old signed a five-year deal with Lacoste in 2017 after ending his partnership with Japanese supplier Uniqlo. And last year, they extended the agreement until 2025 amid a phenomenal season, in which he won the Australian Open, French Open and Wimbledon.

Is Djokovic still sponsored by Seiko? ›

He's been aligned with two different brands in his career so far – Audemars Piguet and Seiko. Despite Djokovic's Seiko deal officially ending in December 2019, he's remained a fan of the Japanese watchmaker; I've spotted him recently wearing both an Astron chronograph and the fan-favorite Seiko SPB143.

Is Roger Federer the richest athlete? ›

This is a list of the highest-paid athletes in the world as ranked by Forbes magazine.
2020 list.
NameRoger Federer
Total$106.3 million
9 more columns

How much does Barilla pay Roger Federer? ›

In 2017, Federer announced his partnership with the Italian food company Barilla. The food company is known for its pasta and is relatively below some of the high-end brands he is involved with. The deal, though, is a handsome US$8.1 million a year which runs till the end of 2022.

What percentage of on does Federer own? ›

On launched in 2010, and Federer invested in 2019 as part of an endorsement agreement following his split with Nike after two decades. His stake, which is less than 5% based on SEC filings, is estimated to be in the 3% range and valued at more than $300 million after Wednesday's warm reception in the market.

Who does Uniqlo sponsor in tennis? ›

Japanese fashion brand UNIQLO is to continue its title sponsorship of the International Tennis Federation's (ITF) Wheelchair Tennis Tour for a further three years until 2024.

Who designed Roger Federer logo? ›

Lukas Scherrer is the principle of the San Francisco-based design firm Shibuleru. He is originally from Zurich. It looks like this is one of those icon designs where success (and with that, sponsoring contracts) came very quickly.

Does Roger Federer own a company? ›

Federer has been long-planning for life after professional tennis. In 2013, he and his agent Tony Godsick co-founded player management agency Team8. The tennis legend is set to retire after next week's Laver Cup in London. The tournament, which became an official ATP event in 2019, is owned by Team8.

How much does Wilson pay Roger Federer? ›

Wilson has been associated with Federer since 1998 when the Basel native become a professional. The company has a lifetime contract with Federer and Roger "only" earns $350,000 from it.

What does Tiger Woods pay Rolex? ›

Tiger Woods' relationship with Rolex began in 1997, when he signed a 5-year, $7 million endorsement deal.

Do Wimbledon winners get a Rolex? ›

After each Wimbledon tournament when Federer (and other Rolex-sponsored winners) raise their trophy, you can spot them wearing a Rolex watch. This is perfect product placement or Rolex (Assuming one of their ambassadors win), and it also aligns perfectly with Rolex's iconic slogan ”A crown for every accomplishment”.

How much did Nike pay Serena Williams? ›

In 2004, she signed a $40 million endorsement deal with Nike. Her contract also had a three-year extension option that would see her earn $55 million provided she met certain performance incentives.

Who has a billion dollar Nike deal? ›

James, a high school senior at Sierra Canyon outside Los Angeles, joins his father LeBron, who signed a lifetime deal with Nike in 2015 that is reportedly worth more than $1 billion. Athletes in 2021 were given the ability to profit off name, image and likeness.

Who has a billion dollar contract with Nike? ›

Nike Inc.'s (NKE) latest headline deal with soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo—a lifetime contract worth $1 billion—is a prime example of these shifting marketing strategies, offering firms greater reach at a lower cost.

Who is richer Ronaldo or Roger Federer? ›

Federer, who is a 20-time grand slam champion, boasts the best endorsement portfolio in the world of sport, with $100 million of his earnings coming off the court. He leapfrogs football stars Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi to secure top spot.

Who has made more money Federer or Nadal? ›

Thanks to his 22nd Grand Slam title at the French Open and the $2.5M that came with it, Nadal has surpassed Federer on the all-time career prize money list for men's tennis.

Why is Roger Federer so rich? ›

Federer's net worth is said to be as much as $550 million after a career which has seen him earn almost $1 billion in endorsements and over $115 million from playing tennis. That income has primarily come from a mixture of earnings on the court and endorsements of brands in advertising and wearing their clothing.

What happened to the RF brand? ›

A dispute arose about Federer's logo after he switched from Nike to Uniqlo, because Federer was apparently not allowed to take it with him when he changed his contract. Although he appeased that it would have to be returned to him at some point, nothing was known about the exact situation.

How much does Nike pay for their logo? ›

This symbol, one that helped take the company from a side-hustle to a multi-billion dollar sports brand, was purchased from a graphic design student for a mere $35. Carolyn Davidson was first approached by Nike co-founder Phil Knight in the late 1960s.

Does Djokovic have a logo? ›

Novak Djokovic Logo

The video explains the construction and origin of the logo. Incorporating his initials, the logo refers to the Greek and Serbian alphabet in addition to flying birds. Although it is not tennis specific, it is a simple and classy design.

How much does Nike pay Roger Federer? ›

Federer decided to end his endorsement with Nike in 2018. The company was paying him $10 million annually and he was the face of the sports brand for over 20 years. And there is an unwritten rule in the world of sponsorships — you don't spend over 10% of overall revenue on athlete sponsorship deals.

How much does Federer get paid by Rolex? ›

The 10-year, $15 million deal earned him around $1.5 million each year and was one of the largest endorsement deals ever made for an athlete at the time. When the deal ended in 2016, Rolex re-signed him for an estimated $8 million annually.

How much does Roger Federer give to charity? ›

According to Forbes, the Swiss legend has amassed more than $50 million (RM 227 million) in charity for his foundation Roger Federer Foundation. His foundation has also provided for one million children in Africa.

Is Roger Federer the richest tennis player? ›

Roger Federer - $550 million

For the second year in a row, Roger Federer has been ranked the world's second-richest tennis player. As a youngster in Switzerland, Roger developed an early love for the game that has carried over into his professional career. Roger Federer's net worth is currently $550 million.

Who is the most paid Nike athlete? ›

Top 10 Most Expensive Nike Shoes Endorsements: From Kobe Bryant To Tiger Woods
  1. Michael Jordan: $60 million/year.
  2. Rory McIlroy: $25 million/year. ...
  3. Tiger Woods: $20 million/year. ...
  4. LeBron James, Basketball: $15 million/year. ...
  5. Rafael Nadal, Tennis: about $10 million/year. ...
  6. Derek Jeter, Baseball: $10 million/year. ...
2 Oct 2022


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